January 08, 2012

خواجہ معین الدین چشتی رحمتہ اللہ علیہ کا وصیت نامہ اور روحانی تقاضے

'Testament/Will' or 'Wasiyat Nama' of Hazrat Khawajah Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri (Rehmatullah Alaih) is posted below. Its first time on internet for public to read and get vision from it. Its a warning for corrupts and glad-tiding for True Believers. A short note on Pakistan's spiritual demands & future and Testament's historical background & foreground is also added. (May Allah accept our humble effort and forgive our shortcomings)

Please read the post complete to fully understand the context. All the extracts/pages after our introductory note is taken from Book "Haqiqat Gulzar-e-Sabri" by Authoritative Gnostic "Janab Shah Muhammad Hassan Sahib Sabri Chishti RA"

Download Book PDF: Haqiqat Gulzar-e-Sabri

For Further Details Must Read Part 1: here

Khawajah Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri RA's advice to Muizz-ud-Din Saam (known as Shahab-ud-Din Ghauri) to follow Testament.

Pages 558 to 568

Testament Of Sultan-ul-Hind Moinuddin Chishti (RA)
Page 561

Page 619

Bayan Hukumat Batini Arab-o-Ajam
 Page 621
Spiritual Rulers of World

Page 626

Page 627

Note: Please be respectful and consult above-mentioned book for details/queries


  1. I really like the posting. I wish we have a proper school of thought in which we can learn Illm-e-Ludni and Rohhaniyat.

    1. You must accept the "BAYAT" of Silsila-e-Chiishtya. You can find one if your "NIYAT" is pure.

    2. 786
      Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      As Salam Alaqum RehmatAllah Wabarakat hu,

      Whoever are interested in Illm-e-Ludni,Rohhaniyat or Sufisim can witness himself to an extent but for higher levels you need a guide who has an access to the Mehfil-e-Rasoolullah(SAW).

      For that a Honorable Murshid to be reconize by following
      basic checks:

      1. He will completely follow Sharyaatullah.
      2. When you sit in a Mehafil or association you
      will feel like you should sit more gain more heavenly
      3. There will be noor-e-Haqqe on his face and whenever you
      try to look in his eyes you will not be able to look
      you will lower your gaze.
      4. And when you are with him you feel the Devine blessing
      fall upon you and around you.
      5. When you attend a Mehfil-e-Zikr Allah after Zikr you will
      feel some load have been set off from your spirtual body.
      6. After attending continues 3 Zikr Allah (SWTA)you will
      InshaAllah witness the spirtual and physical changes falling
      upon you and around you. And you will witness the symptoms of
      Hub-e-Rasoolullah (SAW) in yourself InshaAllah.

      Bayazid Bastami RematAllah Ala changed 99 Murshid to find
      Murshid Kamil. Who is Murshid Kamil? The one who has the
      access to the Mehfil of Rasoolullah (SAW).

      "Mark my Words it is the people who need a Murshid not
      the Murshid need Mureeds"

      Tareeqat may be Chiishtya, Qadirya or Naqshbandi, Awaseya all channels lead to a focal point that is the hand of Rasoolullah SAW). So choose wisely.

      I am Al hamduillah Mureed of Sultan Alwiya Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil alhaqqani Q.S who live is in lefke - Cyprus who is grandson of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Q.S (R.A) from father side and mother side Mawlana Rumi R.A. He is Hassani and Husseni.

      You must make research then take bayaat.
      There many things which we can discuss and share for now time
      is very short.

      For more knowledge please visit of following websites:


      May Allah (SWTA) bless endlessly the person who read this message and took Hadiya and to the person who made this forum and his team and his family or team families. Allah Humma Ameen, Allah Humma Ameen, Allah Humma Ameen.

  2. Subhan Allah very beautiful the heart and soul realy very fresh to read ur bayan and advice Allah PaK hum sub ko es pr amal ki taufeeq de Ameen

  3. what happened all blogs finished or there is no more to upload.
    future of Pakistan till not exists until we will changed our self.
    let us change our self first then only we bring future of our country.

  4. Assalam-o-Alikam,

    Why this site is not being updated any more? Last update is of Jul 2012