June 01, 2012

There Will Be A Decisive War Between Hindustan And Pakistan (Shah Nematullah Wali R.A.)

 Translated By Warrior

Article 'Chonka Dene Wali Paishangoiyan' By Mian Muhammad Afzal (Sayara Digest Dec 2001). English translation of article page no. 20 to 26 is presented below.

Page 20


The predictions foretold by Hazrat Nemat Ullah Shah Wali in connection to the rise and fall of the regimes of the Sub-Continent, Afghanistan and Iran are astoundingly renowned. A period of more than 800 years have elapsed since the death of Hazrat Nemat Ullah Shah Wali. He is presumed to have hailed from Kashmir and has penned poetry in the Persian language about the events of the future. This master piece poetry of Hazrat Nemat Ullah Shah Wali contained more than 2000 verses however only 250 verses survive today.

Page 21
Shah Nemat
Out of the remaining 250 verses, there may be reason to belief that some of the verses are not part of the original manuscript but were added later on by other persons. On the flip side it is also believed that much of the predictions contained in the original manuscript has been deliberately destroyed by incumbent kings and regimes which were timorous of the uncanny predictions and premonitions pointing so diametrically towards them. (This may have been due to the immense importance kings of all ages have attached to the document). For instance, the advent of the English in the Sub-Continent and their subsequent 100 year rule therein was clearly prophesied by Hazrat Nemat Ullah Shah and history is now witness of the event. The manuscript also pre-warned the British that their rule in the Sub-Continent would not exceed a 100 years, upon discovery of which the English prohibited the publication and circulation of the document.

(The English will rule over Hindustan for 100 years, O dear, do remember this point of mine!)

Timur Lenk
Unfortunately the available writings of Nemat Ullah Shah Wali lack a sense of organization and it is greatly required that intellectual effort be infused to edit and index the same so that it may be read and comprehended with lucidity. The writings are also in desolate need of revision so that the verses which appear to have been merged to the authentic document may be removed to bring it back to its original form.

The portents about the distant future contained in this document are extremely interesting and full of intrigue. The portents talk of the conqueror 'Timur Lenk' attacking Hindustan as well as the Mughal Empire staring from its genesis laid down by Babur to its ultimate demise along with all key characters. Also of note is the discussion of Nadir Shah who plunders Delhi and baths the citadel in blood.


Ahmad Shah Abdali
The 3rd battle of Panipat, the righteous king from Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Abdali and the horrendous ill fate of the Marhatas in this battle are all overtly mentioned in the treaties. Besides this event, the document notes the invasion and consequent rule and expulsion of the British from the Sub-continent. Interestingly, the very extenuating circumstances that led to the British evacuation have also been notified; i.e. her economic exhaustion accredited to the two World Wars. One of the most astounding and coherent predictions, which holds present validity is the division of the Sub-Continent into two distinct geographical entities namely Pakistan and India and the ill fated genocide of the Muslims during their exodus. The following verse edifies the reader of the above mentioned events to take place.

(When Hindustan splits into two, an unfathomable chaos and mayhem will follow and many human lives will be lost)

Nemat Ullah Shah Wali has prophesized many events after 3 decades (1970s) of the formation of the new Muslim state i.e. Pakistan. The Dhaka debacle and the resultant civil war culminating in the creation of Bangladesh is but one such premonition. Rationale dictates that some of the predictions of Nemuth Ullah Shah have been fulfilled while others await fulfillment. To say whether they will play out in the near future or the distant, is any ones guess. As mentioned earlier, the poetry is in the Persian language, the translation of which are as under.

Page 22

“Under the rule of a western minded ruler (in Pakistan), oppression and tyranny will reach their pinnacle, and acts of religious sacrilege will be prevalent. In such a dire time and circumstance, a man from the west (possibly Afghanistan or Hejaz) will come as a savior. He will punish the transgressors, free the oppressed and put an end to the tyrannical unjust rule and will install true Mohammedan Law (Shariah). A bloody war will be fought during this period which will account for much loss of life. However, this king (from Afghanistan or Hejaz) will ultimately surmount and overcome the opponent forces. Following this crucial incident, Islam will prevail in the Hindustan for 40 years after which the Dajjal will appear from Ispahan (Iran). This will be the time when the world will witness Hazrat Issa AHS and Hazrat Imam Mahdi AHS

Some more portents in connection to the end times are as under:

“I see commotion and war in the regions of Khurasaan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, and a confrontation between the Turks and the Tajiks. A sagacious man will emerge who will control the helm of affairs. As the years of ‘ghaiyen’ and ‘rey’ have elapse I see bewildering scenarios. Fierce battles of epic magnitudes will be fought which will darken the moon and wound the sun. (nothing is known as to what Nemut Ullah Shah Wali refers to through the years ‘ghaiyen’ and ‘rey’. However they may be inference to the Russian and Arab countries and their respective regimes. The analogy of the moon and sun may refer to a radiation spill over resulting from a nuclear attack.) After this turmoil and great tribulation will come, an era of peace… A conqueror who will install Mohammedan Law and Islam will spread like the fragrance from a garden of beautiful flowers. This conqueror will be the Imam, and his name will be Mohammed. I see the Mahdi, the Imaam al Asr, the Imaam of the Time and Hazrat Issa AHS and see this world as a global village!”

Incidentally, Nemat ullah Shah Wali has prophesized about a huge earth quake in Japan, which will consume two thirds of this country.



Nemat Ullah Shah’s portents include the news of a great and conclusive war between the two arch nemesis India and Pakistan, which will last for 6 months. The opening theater of this war will witness Pakistan loosing a lot of its land to the Indian forces, these may include Punjab, Lahore, Kashmir, Attock among other domains under Pakistani sovereign. Then, Turkey, China, Iran and Afghanistan will send reinforcements and armed contingents for Pakistan’s help. An extraordinarily large armed contingent will come from Kabul to fight along side Pakistan for this holy Jihad and the Muslims will stand decisively triumphant.

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Page 24


On further peruse of the poetry, one can easily decipher that Nemat Ullah Shah predicts that the Attock river will become crimson with the blood of infidels, not once but thrice! It can be comprehended hence, that some where near the coordinates of present day Attock, a fierce and possibly final encounter between India and Pakistan is due. A critical element to understand is that Attock is the border city of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa. This war will be the precursor of World War 3, as a result of which England will cease to exist on the world map. Even the renowned European future teller Nostradamus has also clearly predicted the total annihilation of England!

*Note: Attock is very close to Afghanistan and FATA or Af_Pak area, the recent surge of the Indian forces are currently being noticed in Afghanistan, and despite the reiteration of the US about withdrawal of troops, a contradictory swell in troops and military equipment is taking place. Therefore it could very well be that The Indians along with NATO/ISAF may launch an attack in side Pakistan where they will be dispatched to hell near Attock, all plausible during a next world war.


Hazrat Nemut Ullah Shah Wali also talks exclusively about the US in his poetry. He predicts that China will attack Russia in the opening theater of WW3, but ultimately peace negotiations will come into play, converting these two warring enemies into allies. With a new concerted effort, they will train their guns towards a great power “Alif” (this can no doubt be none other than America or the USA). He further goes to claim that the US will be obliterated only to be remembered in the annals of history. Such will be its destruction!

 Then after in the month of Zilhaj and the congregation of Hajj, The Mahdi will take the coveted pledge thus also heralding the emergence of the Dajjal from Isphahaan. Nemut Ullah Shah Wali has also predicted about the decadence and debauchery of the Muslim world due to western influence. Some of his predictions are so vivid that it seems that he had literally viewed the future with a bird eye view! For instance, the diminished discernment between Halal and Haram; and the steep rise in the humiliation of humanity and women kind, growing animosity and belligerence, women being used and viewed as an object of sexual desire, the adoption of scant clothing by Muslim women, an over all moral degradation of the Ummah and unabashed adoption social and moral vile and materialism have all been clearly described by Nemat Ullah Shah Wali who also adds that the religious scholars will get corrupted with greed and Muslims will start living the lives of infidelity.

Since the works of Nemat Ullah Shah Wali have been under study and scrutiny, it has also undergone alterations from individuals having ulterior motives. Due to the contamination in the original works, the original arrangement has been rearranged, hence building coherence between successive verses are a bit obscure. However careful examination in totality of the verses relay many geo-political developments of vital importance. According to these verses, a war of epic proportions between India and Pakistan is has been reiterated. Advantages in the early stages of this war will go in India’s favor and Indian forces will ingress all the way up to Pakistani Punjab. A deadly and decisive battle will be fought near Attock. Answering this call to Indian aggression, Pakistan’s unwavering resolve will receive reinforcements from the Muslims of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran and even China. The tables will then be turned and victory will fall in Pakistan’s favor. This very conglomerate of the united Muslim forces will take this war over to India where the world will witness the unmitigated end of Indian Hinduvta. 

*Note: This is in line with the ‘Theory of Strategic Depth’ that Pakistan Army adheres to and is the reason of being wary of Indian Designs. The Indian Cold-Start military doctrine also personifies similar intentions of the Indians i.e. to breach Pakistan and cut in into two all the way to Afghanistan. It is indeed a matter of trepidation for the armed forces of Pakistan as Pakistan lacks depth from its eastern to western borders.

Page 25

Following this defeat of India, an era of peace and brotherhood will prevail under the grand leadership and alliance of this new found Muslim concentration. The verses of Nemat Ullah Shah Wali however also impart knowledge about a third world war consequently after the last battle between India and Pakistan. This war will engage all the countries of the world which will result in the annihilation of either England or America. This war will also see the use of the most deadliest weapons known to man kind, and certain verses also describe the destruction in this war only akin to that of a Nuclear War. There after, the arrival of the awaited Mahdi and Dajjal will be heralded.

Allah discloses esoteric knowledge about certain events to His chosen deputies. These auwliya are gifted with a ‘sight beyond sight’, a highly developed spiritual inner eye that allows them to view events before they are manifested in the real world. However, these saints are not allowed to openly disclose Allah’s plans and therefore talk of these upcoming events through indicative hints and allusions. Qalanders are the most overt when dispensing such esoteric knowledge of the unseen, but there statements and words are often not taken with heed or recorded for further deliberations. Khawaja Mohammed Suleman Taunsvi (R.A) is one such Qalander who veiled away from this worldly adobe some two and half years back. He was a saint of high pedestal of the Chishtia Order and would occasionally dispense such forth coming events. Once, he foretold his disciples that in the time near the Day of Judgment, many diseases would infect mankind of which no cure would be found despite exhaustive research. Man will not find respite from these life endangering endemic diseases. These premonitions have been recorded in his book entitled ‘Nafa-us-Salikeen’ (meaning Profit from the Saints). Pandemics like Aids, and Anthrax and two of such examples.


 The intellectual and literary stalwart of the Urdu language Mumtaz Mufti describes a meeting with a woman in his memoirs ‘Alakh Nagri’ (meaning, The Unseen World). Domiciled in Karachi and having a highly educated background, this lady was known by the name of Atiya. The two met via Qudrat Ullah Shahab, another noteworthy intellectual of Pakistan during the early stages of Ayub Khan’s reign. This was the time when Karachi was the capital city of Pakistan. The respected lady Atiya was blessed with ‘sight beyond sight’ and Mumtaz Mufti records some of her revelations in his book, and excerpt from which is as follows: “ I said, Madam, how is it that you see certain events to be unfolded in future? She smiled and answered. Sometimes I sense them, other times I have visions, still other times, I am told of these events of the future by a voice; and at rare occasions as if a feature film is projected in front of my eyes. I’m only a seer, not a doctor and what ever I see I try to express it in words. Nor do I (Madam Atiya) claim of the certainty of my visions. While I do have these visions of events yet to unfold, I am unaware of their time of occurrence. Whether they will unfold tomorrow are after a decade is beyond the scope of these esoteric and arcane information I receive from my visions.”

Lady Atiya also informed Qudrat ullah Shahab that conspiracy to overthrow Ayub Khan was taking place. She even pointed out some people who have planned to assassinate Ayub Khan by poisoning him. After furtive investigations, these warnings were recognized to hold veracity and people implicated eventually also confessed of this assassination attempt.

Page 26

Yet another excerpt from the same book 'Alakh Nagri' bearing coherence to this topic is as under: “Lady Atiya says that certain of my visions are repetitive in nature. I have seen the same visions many times and incessantly but am unaware of its period of manifestation.” Mumtaz Mufti inquired for an example and Lady Atiya replied: For instance, I have seen many times that Suharwardi will be arrested.” (this event finally took place in Pakistan’s politics). She further added,

“I have seen many times a green eyed bearded man will assume the leadership of Pakistan. He is very firm and strict in his ways and will be a true dictator. He will come and punish all the malicious elements in our society and will sort them out. I have seen in-numerous times that as a result of a very gory war, East Pakistan will be severed from us, and Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan. The geographical boundaries of Pakistan will expand till Delhi and beyond.”

Lady Atiya’s predictions which were unfavorable to Pakistan, i.e. East Pakistan seceding has already been fulfilled. These predictions had been made by the lady ten years before the Dhaka debacle. The same prediction had also been made by Allama Mashriqi so much so that he had also highlighted that it would happen around 1970. Allah grants knowledge to some scholars such that they are at least shown of events that are to be implemented by Allah in the near future. Similarly, lady Atiya was also a blessed seer and was dispatched information of the Stern bearded green eyed dictator who will straighten out the miss-doings in our society. This portent also somewhat matches those of Nemat Ullah Shah Wali but has yet to manifest itself.


The ancient Divine scriptures and the glorious Quran Majeed also offer predictions to its readers. (However it would be apposite to term them as ‘news’ rather than ‘predictions’) Rasool Allah SAW has discussed in vivid detail the age near the time of dooms day and can be found in the books of Ahadith Shareef. But before getting to these important portents about the end times, it would be prudent to delve into the verses of the Torah and the Bible.

Hazrat Daniyal AHS (Prophet Daniel) appeared at a very delicate epoch of human history. (At the time, Palestine was occupied by many different tribes of Jews). The chapter ‘Daniel’ in the Bible dispenses some such predictions. It was a time when the land of Palestine was brimming with social and moral decadence diabolic practices were at there highest. Therefore, Allah Almighty sent the King Bakth Nasr of Babel to Palestine in 586 BC as a punishment to the Jews. He devastated the Jewish settlements and destroyed Jerusalem and the Mosque of Hazrat Sulemaan (commonly known as the Temple of Solomon). He chained and imprisoned many of the Jews and spared no one from his destruction. Many among them were also intellectuals and sophists. Despite Hazrat Daniyal’s AHS advice and instructions, the Jews had maintained their ignominious life style of diabolic practices which is way the Jews had to face this terrible destruction of life and property.


* Notes are not part of the original script but translator's commentary. He thought that they were coherent and decided to write them down as well.


  1. Thanks "Warrior" Saheb!
    Very well done!!

    1. Yes all credit goes to brother Warrior. I just arranged the text on blog. Warrior is a student of defense studies. Once he told me he has a degree in these studies. but due to family problems he was worried about his future. May Allah give him courage to come out of his problems.

    2. Amin, may Allah help him with his problems!!

      BTW, Faqr Saheb, the text presentation is impeccable, Thanks!!


    1. These are alphabets of Urdu... "GHAIYEN" is "gh" as in "ghareeb"... "REY" is "R" as in "Raees".

      I don't know their numerological meaning...

    2. Abjd Values of Ghaiyen and Rey


      GHAYN = Heavenly value is 1000 and dunya order of letter is 19
      RA = Heavenly value is 200 dunya order of letter is 10

  3. some ppl say about this naimat shah prediction that india will conquer punjab till attock.but at attock mujahideen of islam will stop india and from there indian defeat will start.what makes me tense is that even one day under hindu rule will be big azaab for muslims of pakistan.
    we should repent

    1. well the truth is that both india and pakistan will have ample land but no human beings to live in. do you think that 90 to 100 nuclear bombs on both sides will leave anyone alive and my friends after that radiation will take care of all of us.

  4. i think Pakistan has been conquered by India, we can see decline in cultural and social values and our younger generation are suffering from lack of patriotism. i personally think they are worried about the integrity but not the boundaries. so the azaab is here for us when our children have left us stranded and they do not agree. they are more interested in west rather than east. the older generation will have to rethink and plan to save this country. no one has damaged this country more than the MUNAFIQUEEN. we have been defeated and pray that we dont go through war. as muslims we must say our ghaibana bait on the hand of mahdi and see who comes out of the spiritual curtains. i beg pakistanis to humble themselves or the azaab is here, stop thinking themselves as great and powerful with atomic bomb,this atom bomb culture has gained nothing except destruction. please humble yourself.

    1. Truly agree with you brother. I am from India and I do believe that Pakistan should start focus more on its development and benefits for countrymen, rather than engaged itself into taking revenge with india as the only prime object. Both india and pak have their own part of Kashmir. This jihad and all will not bring peace but only destruction and destruction. As far as my knowledge is concerned India has always raise hands of friendship towards Pak, but everytime political leaders of Pak and ISI have not let it done.

    2. IT is India who is forcing Pakistan for war it is clearly evident and in future only extremist Hindus were responsible for war. INDIA has habit to settle in others teritory (kashmir) which belong to Pakistan by all rules of Partition. Even in India where muslims community is living in poor system. Muslims are targeted and force them to accept hinduisim.
      Muslims who ruled the world had never discriminate between religions. India made atom bomb before Pakistan and threat their borders, Indian pm Modhi want nuclear war. India will be responsible for nuclear war not Pakistan.



    ADNAN OKTAR: ...With the Prophet Jesus (as) coming to the Earth, America will embrace Islam and the beauty and luminosity of Islam will pervade everywhere in America, and America will become Muslim from top to bottom, insha’Allah. Therefore, if being divided is what they meant, America is already divided into states, but there will not be such a division in that sense, but there will be a unity of belief. Since they will all be Muslims, there will be no separatism or problem, insha’Allah.

    1. Alif aisay tabah hoga k tareekh ke kitabon mai iss ka sirf naam reh jaiga.

    2. After destruction and split America will become Muslim from top to bottom. With the Prophet Jesus (as) coming to the earth everyone will become Muslim or come under Islam, Insha'Allah.

  6. The Future Of Islam In India, Pakistan & Bangladesh By Sheikh Imran Hosein

    by SheikhImranHosein 6 hours ago

    fresh lecture

    1. Sheikh Imran Hussain seems to be against the creation of Pakistan. He also seems to be against Iqbal's vision of a separate independent Muslim country. Though Iqbal warned us about nationalism when he said something like;

      In taza khudaa'on main bara sab se watan hai,
      jo pairhan is ka hai, wo mazhab ka kafan hai

      Sheikh sahab must have missed these sort of ashaar, and the one in which Iqbal criticizes democracy. We have read, and listened many times, on this forum and others that creation of Pakistan had a spiritual meaning and it was exactly according to the will of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Ain't it written in Islamic books that when an area becomes difficult to live and to practice Islam, then either stand up against the oppression or do hijrat to a muslim country. What our rulers has done to this land, this gift of ALLAH, is a separate matter, but to say the creation of Pakistan was a debacle on Muslim's part is not digestible to us.

      When someone says, I will die for Pakistan, he means for a country which was made in the name of Islam, and he is participating in a war or whatever just to satisfy ALLAH. That soldier says ALLAH-o-AKBAR, not Pakistan-o-Akbar. So, where he is doing shirk. In every Pakistani Muslim's heart, ALLAH and his Rasool (S.A.W.W) comes first and then the country. Its just that we believe Pakistan is a gift from ALLAH and we should do whatever in our might to defend it. Islam is attached to Pakistan and Pakistan has no value if Islam is detached from it.


    2. imran hosain has understood somethings.but his many beliefs have no bases in quran and hadeeth.
      also i think iqbal understood quran better than imran hosain.iqbal was a human so he did make mistakes but imran hosain is in no position to criticise iqbal.

      also anyone who is against creation of pakistan is a big munafiq in my eyes.if pakistani politicians and gnerals have not let pakistan become an islamic country than it does not mean that creation of pakistan was wrong (as most indian muslims say now though they themselves live in wosre slavery of hindus).
      rather we must try to rise up and bring an islamic revolution here which will make pakistan a super power in no time

    3. @ Anonymous & Kashif:
      Well personally I only like Imran Hussein's ideas or expertise in Islamic Eschatology "Ilm-ul Akhiruz-Zaman". Plus I like his lecture style. Apart from that, I don't take him as an authority on other subjects much. For that I refer to the works of other "Giants" or "Heavy weights".

    4. From C.M. Naim to response to Prof Naim on Niamatullah Wali, to Zaid Hamid, destruction of India , Muslim slavery in India , 200Millions Muslims -slaves ? Nuke War , really all the stuff is crazy , I shall prefer to accept Prof Naim, in the matter of eschatology , I think , Imran hosein has much better explanation than others , I have watched Prof Ahmed Rafeeque Akhtar too, perhaps he is a bit reasonable , Zaid Hamid is just an idiot on our pay roll , doing his job perfectly , his anti dote is Hassan Nisar , God help this community which is suffering from self delusion, West is not going to fight a nuke 's war as they are aware of the consequences , they invented it , we just copied , our position is very clear ''No first strike '' Of course Pakistan can use it , if our forces are at Attock , by the time , Alif shall be able to equip their drones with small nukes , rest is just intellectual exercise , makes no sense .

    5. We shouldn't criticize scholars and other Muslims.

    6. read your books under the guidance of a fakir and not under a pseudo danishwar and you find that astrology[najoom] exists but it is unreliable,secondly Pakistan can be destroyed by three atom bombs but India 30,Pak has only mainland ,Bharat has many archepelagos.India has as much muslim as Pak plus 100 crores others.In Pak and India Barelvis outnumber Deobandis and both places in India.Pak army is second most powerful after Egypt keeping a firm controls on state affairs it cannot cede powers to criminals at its disadvantage.Bro,fools believe in fate and brave in righteousness.there are innumerable aishgahs of Emirrate people in Pak and Pak depends upon Arabian zakat

    7. htpp//kramasww@wordpress.comOctober 28, 2013 at 9:40 PM

      The view or hadees is written by State of Pakistan making Bharat alert and stronger,let us hope for the decisive war during our own lifetime and if Pak wins Pak army will become stronger killer of Taliban,but if Bharat wins there will be no Pak but only one Bharat and if Pak not merged in Bharat then Taliban will overrun army and will rule themselves what they wish now

  7. what abt green eyed man?? will he come after ghazwa e hind??

    1. Imam Mahdi will have green eyes he will come before Ghazwa-e-hind

    2. Imam Mahdi and his multiple helpers may have green eyes. If Imran Khan accepts Imam Mahdi after his appearance and if before appearance of Imam Mahdi, Imran Khan proclaims that Imam Mahdi will appear soon and bring justice and peace in world then he will suit :)

  8. Before it.

  9. Warning to Muslim World specially to the people of Egypt....

    The Age of Mahdi (as):

    Mawlana Sheikh Nazim reminds the Egyptians that we have entered in The Age of Mahdi (as). Mawlana reminds them of their honorable position throughout history, and also of their past mistakes and points to the way out of their present dilemma.


    1. Why the hell , all these Arab tribes are in fore front of all the events who are incapable to invent the bloody syringe .?

    2. Because of communism and nationalism / fascism in Arabs. These are two horns of Satan.

  10. bakter na jo basarat so na hi hai.aghar asa ho ja haitu ye pure pakistan k liya ahzaz ho ga.

  11. mausiyoon aur parsaniyun main giri ho wa pakistani kyam ko bakhter na khush khabri sona hi hai.allah k faisal per itraaz karna walo ko allah sa daar na chiya.

  12. Jinn speaking about Illuminati, Dajjal,[ anti-christ - false-Messiah ] Hinduism ( French-Englich):


    Interesting facts revealed by a Jinn who is son of Iblis:

    ...Illuminati is the biggest work done by Iblis. It is the biggest power that Iblis owns. Sooner or later, his son the greatest Dajjal will come. Illuminati is preparing Dajjal.... Presidents and kings of Arab countries are with them who are doing many many sacrifices for devils (Shyateens) for example they are killing humans and that best, the greatest sacrifice is to kill a BABY....

    We can understand easily why they are killing children in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan... only for Dajjal.

    1. Arrogance of devil:

      Be aware that is the very thing that the Shaytaan (devil) loves and also fully practices. Once Moosa (Moses pbuh) came across th...e Devil crying and asked him why he was crying. The Devil told him that he was scared of going to Hell. Moosa (pbuh) told him to ask Allah for forgiveness , but the Devil told Moosa to ask for him. When Moosa (pbuh) asked Allah , he was told not to be fooled by the Devil. Allah told him to tell the Devil that all he had to do was to go to Aadam's (pbuh) grave and prostrate and Allah would forgive him. What did the Devil say to this ? "I never bowed to Aadam when he was alive , why should I do it now he is dead

    2. Standard approach of Imran hosein.?

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  14. Aaj phir musalsal kia dino say Dajjali mulk America ke dajjali hatyar drone k hamlay may pakistan k 10 musalman shehri shaheed ho gae jo aik ghar par taziyat k liae jama hoi thay. Lekin afsoos pakistan k buzdil aur naam k musalman fauj aur awam par jin mai koi bhe aisa maai ka laal nahi jo iss zulm aur laqanoonuat ko rokh day lagta hai k sab nay choryan pehan rakhi hai. Aisay buzdilo mai koi Imaam Mehdi nahi aaingay inn par sirf Allah ka azaab he aa sakta hai.

  15. Kafir musalmano ko kiro makoro ke tarah mar rahain hai magar magar kisi ke islami ghairat nahi jagti. islam ke daae inhain sirf sonay ka dars day rahain hain

  16. Adnan Oktar pen name harun yahya. protect yourself from him he is big satan. logon ko gumra karne wala banda hai. Harun Yahya's Shaykh is shaitan! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKZP_Q-Q9zE Zionists are using Harun Yahya to change Islam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y97fv3JDRrU&feature=related

    1. @Shamas Shafiq Butt Osmanli

      After this video Sheikh Nazim who is grand Master of 'Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi' said Harun Yahya is his spiritual son...

      His Highness Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi's latest statements about Mr. Adnan Oktar, whom he calls his "spiritual (manawi) son":

      @"Zionists are using Harun Yahya to change Islam"

      Do you think Zionist are more powerful than Allah (Nauzbillah) who will change Islam????

      Do you know what Harun Yahya have said about Zionist???


      Sheikh Nazim said in 1986 whoever will be against Harun Yahya he/she will be finished.

  17. well the river Attock prediction is interesting and my conclusion is different .its important to undertstand where will be the attack come from
    and how such a huge land will be captured by India
    e.h entering from Lahore border and capturing everything till Attock ??
    entering from Kashmir border and reaching Attock ??
    entering from Afghanistan border and reaching Attock ?
    or a proxy war like situation which may turn into a big war
    is it a possibility that Indian army can defeat A nuclear Pakistan and take control of whole punjab and kashmir ????

    or Naimuttulah shah wali describing something else or its a event spreading across different time frames

    The Battle of Attock took place on 28 April, 1758 between Maratha Empire and the Durrani Empire. The Marathas under Raghunathrao and Tukoji Rao Holkar were victorious in the battle and Attock was captured. The battle is seen as a great success for Marathas who hoisted Hindu flag in Attock after centuries of Muslim rule. Raghunathrao left Punjab after three months appointing Maratha sardar Narsoji Pandit with 4,000 Maratha troops to guard the fort from Afghans.[1]

    After capturing Attock, Raghunathrao sent a letter to Peshwa Balaji Bajirao on 4 May 1758 :[2][3]
    “ Lahore, Multan, Kashmir and other subhas on this side of Attock are under our rule for the most part, and places which have not come under our rule we shall soon bring under us. Ahmad Shah Durrani's son Timur Shah Durrani and Jahan Khan have been pursued by our troops, and their troops completely looted. Both of them have now reached Peshawar with a few broken troops... So Ahmad Shah Durrani has returned to Kandahar with some 12-14 thousand broken troops. Thus all have risen against Ahmad who has lost control over the region... we have decided to extend our rule up to Kandahar.

    On 8 May 1758, the Marathas defeated Durrani forces in the Battle of Peshawar and captured the city of Peshawar. Marathas had now reached the Afghanistan border. Ahmad Shah Durrani got alarmed with this success of Marathas and started planning to recapture his lost territories.

    i do believe as we don't have full Qaseedas of Naimutullah shah wali and are missing so its creating confusion but this is not the big picture

  18. Naimatullah shah wali's predictions about a war which will start from Gilgit,Skardu(Tibbat),Yaseen and nangaparbat.
    I am resident of Gilgit I witness the same conspiracies and CIA,RAW nexus here.Recently US ambassidar visited Gilgit-Skardu and met some suspected people including the karakurm Int'University VC Dr.Najma najam an Ahmadi,Qadiani who might be the master mind of the sectarian violence here.
    India is preparing to invade Gilgit-Baltistan in order to debar china from KKH( karakorm hihgway).
    The war has already erupted and heavy weapons are used in Gilgit city.
    India has established a big aircraft strip near siachin which could be used against Sino-Pak forces and india has deployed 4+ generation jets there.
    It is rumored that RCC bridge damaged on gilgit river and Attabad lake was due to use of some certain chemical by CIA to block Chines entrance.

    this is a crystal clear fact here.

  19. Cool that most of you guys are from/in Pakistan. Thank God for big mercies i.e. sparing us from nutcases.

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  21. All predictions of future are not right! only those things are right which are mentioned in Quran and Hadith
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  22. The problem with our beloved Shah Wali's prediction about Pakistan becoming victorious in the near future is the absence of any date. I researched a lot and could not find anyone who could come up with a year when this will happen.

    One of the things that purples me is how can Indian Army reach all way to Attock against a Nuclear Pakistan. Logically, war is the last thing we want between Nuclear armed nation. This defeats the very core of the value provided by nuclear deterrent - to prevent a war.

    1. Now its getting obvious with the recent development in Afghanistan.

  23. Even a no brainer knows Pakistan would be obliterated in any war with India

  24. This it's nothing more than fit of imagination

  25. No one knows the future, only the creator of all universes Allah Taala knows that. Shah Naimat Ullah, Nostrodomous, any prophet knows nothing about the future, only Allah Taala has the knowledge of GHAIB.

  26. The wishful thinking exists on both sides: India thinking Pakistan will get defeated and vice-versa. There are prophets in India too, not just in Pakistan. War is a stupid idea overall. Mankind just doesn't know how to live peacefully. Why think of war, why not peace between both countries?