June 06, 2012

Prediction about Re-establishment of Khilafat & Last Wish of Quaid-e-Azam





Quaid-e-Azam knew the Ahadith about re-establishment of Khilafat before Qiyamah 


  1. Prophet Muhammad (saas) created Caliphate in Medina without any bloodshed. He (saas) and His companion (ra) used Quran for Dawah and did great struggle. Similar Imam Mahdi (as) will create Caliphate from nothing without bloodshed. He will also use Quran and will use great struggle. Insha'Allah.

    Allah gave us Pakistan for creating a model of Caliphate but we failed. Only Imam Mahdi will be able to create Caliphate. If we don't follow Imam Mahdi then we should wait for punishment. Allah ney Hujjet pori kerdi hai Pakistan bana ker mager hum wada pora nahi keya. This year can be last year for us.

    1. this year can be last year for us......? will you kindly elaborate ur saying plz! u dont know how much i am worried about pakistan in particular n muslims in general, i come to this blog everyday ,just to see if there s something new ,if there s something good, my heart is in constant pain n i am so worried, though i hope for the best ,but waiting n experiencing miseries in surroundings is v hurtful. may LLAHA be merciful to us n forgive us all, may these painful days pass by quickly n good times n smile come to every face.

    2. hadeeth about imam mehdi says otherwise.they say that a mother of all battles will be fought between muslims under mehdi and jews and christians combined.this war is labelled as mulhamtal kubra.in this war so many people will die that a bird will try to fly over these dead bodies for days,but wont find a place without dea bodies and will die.
      even muslims will be shaheed in such big number after victory,that every family will loose many of its sons.

      so harun yahya,s this concept that mehdi will conquer the world without any war and bloodshed is wrong,according to many ahaadeeth.

      prophet sallalahu alihe wasallum participated in 30 jihads (which he led) and in these wars many people got killed too.so mehdi will follow his prophet.pbuh.
      without surgery of cancer humanity cant survive.its lesson number one

    3. @Anonymous... This year is last year of dead line. It means from next year bad happening will occur to all corrupt Muslims who are opponent of system of Mahdi. Bloodshed of innocents is already present in Muslim world. In next year Sufyani may emerge who will start wars. Russia may also emerge in support of Sufyani who may also start wars against Muslim countries.

      Sura al-Isra', 15

      “Whoever is guided is only guided to his own good. Whoever is misguided is only misguided to his detriment. No burden-bearer can bear another’s burden.” So much for assuming the burden of someone else’s sins! There can be no question of doing that. “We never punish until We have sent a Messenger.” A Mahdi.

      But when the Mahdi comes, Allah will punish them, to bring them to heel. Our Prophet (saas) is the greatest.


    4. @kashif

      What I wrote in my first comment is related to article 'Khilafat ala Minhaj ul Nabuha'.. Caliphate will come at footsteps of Prophet hood. Can you tell me which Ghazwa Prophet Muahammad (saas) did before creating Caliphate???

      @"so harun yahya,s this concept that mehdi will conquer the world without any war and bloodshed is wrong,according to many ahaadeeth."

      I didn't use name of Harun Yahya in my first comment and didn't say Imam Mahdi will conquer the world without war. I wrote "Imam Mahdi (as) will create Caliphate from nothing without bloodshed. He will also use Quran and will do great struggle. Insha'Allah."

      Creating Caliphate and conquering world is different..... Can you tell me who will kill Dajjal?? Imam Mahdi or Prophet Isa (as)??? Only Isa (as) will kill Dajjal?? Why??? because... if you read all Hadith then you may know that duty of Imam Mahdi will be preaching of Islam and duty of Prophet Isa (as) will be in political side. Imam Mahdi will defeat Dajjal intellectually and Prophet Isa (a.s) will kill him.

      @"mother of all battles will be fought between muslims under mehdi and jews and christians combined.this war is labelled as mulhamtal kubra"

      Wrong...Why you are corrupting Hadith??? Jews and Christians are not mentioned in Hadith of mulhamtal kubra which will be fought between alliance of Muslims and Banu Asfer (may be Nato) with common enemy (may be Russia). After break of treaty it will be fought between Muslims and Banu Asfer.

      Here is Hadith...

      'Auf bin Malik reported: "I came to the Prophet, Allah blessed him and granted him peace, during the battle of Tabuk while he was in a leather tent, and he said: 'Count six things before the last hour: my death, then the conquest of Jerusalem, then the pestilence that will overtake you like the disease of cattle, then the excess of wealth, so much that when a man shall be given a hundred dinars he shall remain dissatisfied, then revolution from which not a single house in Arabia shall be spared, then a treaty between you and the Westerners (Banu Asfar - the Romans), but they shall cheat you and march against you under 80 banners with 12000 soldiers under each banner. (Bukhari)

      Zu Mukhammar said I heard the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم say, " You will make a Hudna (Truce Agreement) with the Romans (Europeans), and together you and them will invade an enemy (located) behind you. You will be victorious, take much booty, and you will leave. Then, you will camp on a hilly pasture. When one of the Romans will approach (the Muslim army), raise a cross and says "The Cross has won", one of the Muslims will get angry and take off the Cross. Then, the Romans will trick (bluff or deceive) you, and gather (prepare) for the Malhama (War). They will gather an army against you and come against you with eighty banners, each banner followed by 10,000 (or 12,000) men." (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah)

      Several Hadith mention the term بني الاصفر Bani Al-Asfar (Descendants of the Yellow or the Yellow People). Commentators said that Bani Al-Asfar refers to the Romans. Some suggested that this name is due to the blonde hair color of the Romans.

      First Muslims and Romans (Bani Al-Asfar) will fight together against common enemy (may be Russia) to retake Istanbul from Russia. Sheikh Nazim said Russia will capture Istanbul soon. After break of treaty and defeat of common enemy, Romans will attack on Muslims.

      If your read all Hadith you will find Sufyani will attack on Mahdi, Russia (common enemy) will attack on Istanbul, Romans (Nato America etc blond people) will attack on Muslims. Please tell me who did bloodshed? Imam Mahdi or Sufyani/Russia/Romans? Imam Mahdi with help of Prophet Isa (as) will defend Caliphate just like Prophet Muhammad defended Caliphate by doing defensive wars.

    5. do understand one thing.it will clear most of your doubts.

      shedding the blood of a beast (before it kills you and other muslims) is a task of naiki.or reward.you agree with it i am sure.so a kaafir who has killed thousands of muslims ,will his killing not carry reward also?
      whether you kill someone in defense or aggression,it is same ,in both cases you kill someone.but in aggression it is mostly wrong but in defense it is right.

      yes mehdi will fight mostly a defensive battle,but some of his battles will be aggressive too.for raising the flasg of islam all around the world,(because it is in this worlds benefit that kufer (system of injustice)be ended and islam (system of justice)rules over the world.
      read this quranic ayat too,


      once khilafat is established you have to fight the kufars to end system of kufer and establish allah,s deen (islam is blessing for all mankind,not just muslims)around the world.

    6. Yes Mehdi (as) and Isa (as) will do defensive wars to protect Caliphate and also they will send troops in all direction for peace and to stop bloodshed like Ghazwa-e-Hind.

      Imam Mahdi (as) will not do any bloodshed to create Caliphate just like prophet Muhammad (saas) created Caliphate in Medina without bloodshed and wars.

      Imam Mahdi (as) will do wars like Ghazwa-e-Hind to defend Caliphate and to stop bloodshed of Muslims in Hind and Sindh just like Prophet Muhammad (saas) did Ghazwahs to defend Caliphate. Prophet Muhammad (saas) did Ghazwa-e-Khyber because tribes of Khyber did help Mushrikeen of Makkah against Muslims of Medina in Ghazwa-e-Khandaq. They were enemy of Caliphate.

      Harun Yahya also said Imam Mahdi (as) will create great battle force in the world. No one even whole Europe would not stand against this force....

      ADNAN OKTAR: "Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (pbuh) commands to Mufassal as follows; "Certainly, 12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive." The hadiths refer to the flags of the European Union. Look, "12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive."

      Do not the stars on the [EU] flag resemble each other? They are all stars and they are all the same with the other. These represent 12 flags but none of them are the exact same with the other, so these are separate countries, completely different countries.

      "Mufassal became uneasy when he heard this. And when asked why he had been uneasy like this he says; "Because you commanded this; 12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive." Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (pbuh) commanded looking at the sun that passes through the clouds; " He raises his head to the skies and the sun is passing through the clouds at that moment." He commanded looking at the sun; " Do you see this sun?" he says to Mufassal. "And he replies; "Yes"." Imam Jafar As-Sadiq is the grandson of our Prophet (saas) and he says; "By Allah," he takes an oath, "our light [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] will be more radiant than the sun." So he says twelve states coming together will not mean anything. Neither the European Union, nor this nor that would have any impact, neither would the global forces. There are some cowards who come up and say; "global forces, sociological events.. " None of those would have an effect he says. He says that "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be more radiant than the Sun," insha'Allah. So he says; all those would mean nothing against the Power of Allah.

  2. Well, brother kashif, from Hadiths it is shining clear the personality of Imam Mehdi and his struggle for establishing khilafat. We does not need to learn islam from Haroon Yahya sitting with immodest women and dancing and they consider that they are doing great khidmat for islam and giving muslims the lolly pop of constantly sleeping.
    The holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is a role model for whole huminity, even the holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH fought Ghazwat in the path of creating islamic system, due to the dheet pan and jahiliyat of kufar. Than how can be it achieve in this age of kufar and fitna without following the path of holy prophet. We should be prepared for the worst conditions to come in the future and follow the teaching of holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)of "Jang ke liay har waqt ghorhay tayyar rakho"

    1. @TARIQ.... I didn't use name of Harun Yahya in my first comment. You only hate him and me. You can't reply to my comments so you always start defaming him and abusing Muslims women....

      Did Prophet Muhammad (saas) and his companion (ra) kill anyone BEFORE establishing Caliphate in Medina????? Please tell me any incidence??? Read my above comment to Kashif carefully and leave bigotry.

    2. islam is the most peaceful system in this universe.even jihad is fought mostly to create peace and justice and stop fitna.i agree with you.but imam mehdi will be a khalifa,and its a khalifa,s duty to spread islam by jihad too.(though most of mehdis initital jihad will be self defense,as jews,christians will fight mother of all battles at hermajadoon...where the aggressors will be kufars.
      see .hazrat omar raziallah unhum fought jihad and conquered almost 20 lakh square km,s for islam!hazrat omar conquered iran,and balochistan and afghanistan under islam,and defeated the kufars their,in this jihad many kufar lost lives too.

      also i have read in hadeeth that in imam mehdis era war ,so many people will die from both sides ,that world will never have seen such loss of lives before.thats why these wars will be labelled "mother of all battles" or mulhamatul kubra!
      hadeeth tell us the number of killed too in estimate in these wars.do read hadeeth about end times.(molana asim omars book dajal aur teesri jang e azeem and mufti abulubabas book dajal have many hadeeth about mehdi and dajal compiled,they are must read.

      so jihad is mandatory and in it bloodshed also occurs,its unavoidable.we must read sura altauba and sura alanfaal,and we must read sunnah of our prophet (sallalah u alihe wasallum),these are our best guides and till we seek guidance from them ,we cant get misguided.

    3. Yes, The most hated and fearful thing for kuffar is the islamic concept of jihad, in the path of Allah. So the kuffar and their local minions labeling jihad with terrorism. for this purpose they themselves target and kill civilians and blame it on Muslims or mujaheddin. The media either local or international are fully in the control of Zionists except very very few minority. In fact the media is a big weapon of the system of dajjal's deceptions.
      Mr. Faisal Farooq and Haroon Yahya and other people of their kind supporting American role in Afghanistan and they think Mustafa kemal ataturk as a hero(of course israeli hero) and they love and consider brother the Israelis, this is their deception and this is the fitna.
      Ya Allah! saray musalmano ko shaitan aur dajjal ke fitno se mehfooz rakh.Amin

    4. @kashif

      You are right initial wars after creating Caliphate will be fought for self defense. Armageddon (it is biblical term) is name of multiple wars in middle east of Kuffar against Muslims. All gulf and Iraq wars, coming wars of Sufyani (tribal wars), coming war against Russia to free Istanbul, war with Romans after break of treaty (mulhamatul kubra) are all parts of Armageddon. These all war will be fought for self defense. Kuffar will attack us. We will not attack on them... After win these wars, Imam Mahdi will have great Islamic force in word.

      Hazret Omer sent troops to capture land after Caliphate. Before caliphate we can only fight defensive wars to protect Muslims.

      So no bloodshed will be involved in all work of Imam Mahdi. He will only stop wars and conflict. He will fight defensive wars.

      War and Anarchy

      In a hadith, the Prophet (saas) described the End Times in this way:

      Allah's Messenger (saas) said: "The Harj (will increase)." They asked, "What is the Harj?" He replied, "(It is) killing (murdering), (it is) murdering (killing)."(Bukhari)

      The meaning of harj mentioned in the above hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is "utter confusion" and "disorder," which is not to be limited to one particular area, but will be widespread throughout the world.

      The Hour will come when violence, bloodshed, and anarchy become common.(Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)

      The world will not come to an end until a day would come to the people on which there will be general massacre and bloodshed.(Muslim)

    5. @Tariq

      @"kuffar and their local minions labeling jihad with terrorism. for this purpose they themselves target and kill civilians and blame it on Muslims or mujaheddin"

      You didn't read books of Harun Yahya so you don't know what he wrote against propaganda of west "Islamic terror"....


      Can you point any wrong thing in above article??????

      @"Mr. Faisal Farooq and Haroon Yahya and other people of their kind supporting American role in Afghanistan"

      We are saying we Muslims welcomed American by start fighting with each other. When in Afghanistan Muslims started bloodshed of other Muslims in name of Islam then we provided chance to Kuffar to come here.

      @"and they love and consider brother the Israelis, this is their deception and this is the fitna."

      Believer Jews and Christen who are not against Muslims are our brothers. Atheist Jews, Christen and Muslim who are against us and do bloodshed are our enemy. They are follower of Dajjal.

      Ya Allah humey TTP key followers se Mehfooz Rakhey jo dusrey Muslimano ko Islam key naam per Qatal Ker rahey hai jesa ke Atheist Jews Judaism ke naam per Muslimano ko Qatal ker rahey hai. Ye sab dajjal aur Satan key followers hai.

    6. Islamic Peace Force against Looters


  3. Faqar bahai zaberdast I love my Quaid

    1. every true muslim n pakistani love our azeem quaid. may allaha bless him higher ranks in jannaha and make us good muslims n pakistanis. ameen

    2. bohat achi dua ki aameen Hum load shaiding aur apnaemutalbaat kae leyae ghar sae nikal saktae haen hum Allah kae deen ko qaaim karnae kae leyae keyon ehtajaj nahi kartae ?????????????????????????

  4. Five girls sentenced to death by the local clerics over dancing at a wedding ceremony with two men:


    Supreme Court takes suo moto notice of Kohistan killings:


    Three thousand years old traditions, breeding and nation against women....



    This sinister mindset people try to ascribe to Islam is BIGOTRY, not real Islam at all. The bigot claims to act in the name of Islam. But he is loveless, with a dark soul, fanatical and without understanding. He is the enemy of all beauty, art and science. He is even the inimical to life itself; and to joy and happiness.

    The bigot regards all kinds of beauty with hatred. He hates flowers, and children, and cats, and dogs and rabbits. His spirit and soul are empty. As revealed in one verse of the Qur’an, such people are, “like propped-up planks of wood” (Surat al-Munafiqun, 4). There is nothing even resembling love in their souls. They attach no value to human beings and no importance to any living thing. There is no room for consideration, love or compassion in their hearts.

    As a result of all this, the bigot also hates women. One of the main features of bigots is their enmity toward womankind. Treating woman as third-class citizens is a fundamental characteristic of the bigot. Communists, Darwinists and those who to date have regarded Islam with a hostile eye have made verbal assaults against Islam, accusing it of a supposed hatred of women. But this enmity toward women that they oppose is a characteristic of fanatical and backward bigots, not of Islam, which attaches the greatest value to women and praises and protects them.

    You can find more information about the importance attached to women in the Qur’an from here.


  5. An article giving splendid news!


    Its curtains for crusader beast for sure now!

    1. Wow, that's totally new piece of information to most of us I think!

      May be we should arrange an attack on it or pray that the tunnel caves in by itself some day, very soon :)

  6. A comment by a brother at FB:

    "Dear Faqar Bahi please spread these points in your blog as soon as possible.

    Dajjal k fitno sy bachny k lye Rohani tadbeer are as follow,

    1.Har qism k gunaho sy touba kre.
    2.Allah (SWT) pr yaqeen aur is sy taluq ko mazboot krna aur deen (Islam)par qurban hony ka jazba paida krna.
    3.Akhri zamany ky fitno k barey ma janna aur in sy bachny k lye nabwi(PBUH)hidyat sikna aur is par amal krna.
    4.Duao ka ihtmam krna Allah (SWT) hum sb ko in fitno sy bachay.
    5.America aur europen countries k bajahy gulf countries ma jae kyun k khooni larahi ma zameen ka yeh issa mulims ki jae panah hai aur dajjal in ma enter nhe ho saky ga. agr aesa mumkin na ho tho apny shahro(Cities) ma rehty heo jaiyad ulema (ulema e Haq) k halko ma jury reh.
    6.Pabandi sy zikr kre. Suba sham (teesra kalma, Durood sharif aur astagfar) ka kasrat sy zikr kre.
    7.Hazrat Essa (PBUH)k nazool par yaqeen kamil hona.
    8.Jab Imam Mahdi ka zahoor ho aur ulema haq in ko sahi Hadis ma byan krda alamat k mutabiq pahy tou har muslim in ke baith ma jaldi kre. Batil parast aur gumra be-deen log Dajjali quowato k jin numandy ko jo khud dawa kre k wo mahdi ha un sy door reh.
    9.Friday ky din Surey KAHAF ki tilawat karna. iski shuru aur akhir k das (Ten) ayat ko Hifz krlena.

    I request my all muslim brother please follow the above mentioned points.

    Special thanks by Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor.

    Duao ka Talabgar
    Fahim Al-Baloshi

    1. MashaAllah! This is haq. I fully beleive it

      I actually believe in all points mention above. Because for quite some time i was feeling it. I pray to ALLAH that he forgive us and show us the right path because deception is everywhere.

  7. @ FG & BN:
    I am so delighted and content to hear the "Basharat" that Baktare Noor Sb delivered that I also think that this blog has served its purpose for me (Just as Faqr Sb said that he may not be maintaining it anymore)...

    Ap sub ka boht boht Shukria!!

    1. @Junaid

      You know Allama Iqbal had the 'Khabar' of this event years ago. This 'Basharat' was the turning point of his poetry...!!

      Dikha Doon Ga Jahan Ko Jo Meri Ankhon Ne Dekha Hai
      Tujhe Bhi Soorat-e-Aaeena Hairan Kar Ke Chorun Ga

      I will show the world what my eyes have seen
      I will surely make you also bewildered like a mirror

    2. Junaid Bhai Allah aap ko aur sab momineen mukhliseen ko apni bey karaan rehmaton ki chadar main lapetay rakhay. Ameen sum Ameen

      Insha Allah ul Aziz yaqeenan aur bohat jald!

    3. Dear Baktar e Noor! still waiting for more good news from you

    4. Thank you both for your love and devotion to the cause!!

      Allah hamen us Bandae-Khuda ka saath dene aur uski ma-iat (company) ka sharaf ata farmae!!

      Allah apne is daur ke "Kutbe Irshaad" ka Haami-o-Nasir ho (And Allah actually is, Alhamdolillah :))!!


    5. @Faqar and @Baktar-e-Noor

      What kind of "Basharat" ? are you talking about?

    6. In this world there is one Qutb al-Aqtab and a Qutb al-Irshad. Imam Mahdi (as) is the Qutb al-Irshad and Qutb al-Aqtab (Head of Saints) is Sheikh Nazim.

      Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani

    7. The Mahdi's Spiritual Army in This World


      Some of the text....

      Islamic scholars have stated that this spiritual fervor, spreading in waves across the world, will stem from the Mahdi’s attributes of being “Qutb al-Irshad” and “Qutb al-Aqtab.” Qutb al-Irshad is one who provides a means for the world to awaken from heedlessness, who leads it to guidance and the true path, and who is the true heir of the Prophet (saas)—a great individual who inherits his knowledge and manners, his task of purifying souls by means of light, his work of turning hearts towards Allah, and his art of taming lower selves and giving balance to life. The Qutb al-Aqtab is one who brings order to the world, a means whereby people discover the true path through the greatest mentor of their time:

      . . . Indeed, [Qutb al-Madar] always exists, and it also exists in our day. It had also existed in the time of the Prophet (saas). Such people are also called Qutb al-Aqtab. However, they need seclusion. No one knows them. Furthermore, sometimes, they even do not know themselves. The duty of protecting Islam is granted to that blessed person called Qutb al-Irshad. Guidance and faith is granted to everyone through . . . that person, who protects Islam, so it does not remain vulnerable. The enemies of the religion cannot dare to demolish or change it.

    8. Sorry link has changed. New link is...

      The Mahdi's Spiritual Army in This World:


  8. Quaide Azam was a secular person and not a Mullah as to dream of KHilafath in Pakistan. He knew Muslims are too much divided into various Sects, Maslak, Figah, Silsila, Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Aalims,Aamils Wasila, Mazar worship,party and groups,Shirk, Bidah, cults and Silsila basis to form an Islamic State. Gen Zia tried to impose Sunni laws which were resisted by the Shias resulting in bloodshed and he had to modify the Hudood laws accordingly. A Sunni thief hand will be cut for theft but if he is a Shia only a finger will be cut. Sunni will pay Zakat while the Shias will not pay Zakat to the government etc. Hence establishing Islamic Nizam particularly Caliphate is impossible. The Arabs have given up the Caliphate and toppled the Turkish Caliphate ruling them. The coming of Christ, Mehdi, Kana Dajjal and other fairy tales based on bogus Hadiths and ultra thinking should be given up as these people lack Quranic knowledge and live in a world of make believe. No such coming of Christ, Mehdi, Kana Dajjal etc. are mentioned in Quran or any authentic Hadith. Allah has clearly ordered that none and not even our Prophet was authorised to change/amend or deviate from the Quran except preaching Islam and ask the non believers to come to the right path of AllAH (10:15,64/18:27). Even we could not give up 'interest' banking inspite of so many Mullahs/Aalims discussing this issues, holding conferences and blackmailing the government to make money. Don't live in a world of make believe.Read Quran and follow it along with only such Hadiths which are in conformity with the Quranic guidance. This is Islam.

    Moulvi Saeed Siddique

    1. Or rather 'approved' by chudhry ghulam Ahmed pervaiz and dumb deviants following him...right mullah jee?

      Congrats! you just made it to the top of 'fail blog'... ;)

    2. Maulvi Sb,
      Allah aap ko hidayat de, thanks for spending a concerned effort.

      Bahar haal, aap ki daal yahan nahin galni, you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Better, you spend your efforts spoiling your like minded people.

      Aap jaise logon ke baare mein Wasif Ali Wasif Sb ne kaha thaa, :YA ALLAH, ISLAM KO MUSALMANON SE BACHAA.."

      Never mind.

    3. Congressi Mullaon ko Allama Iqbal ne in alfaz mein samajhaya tha magar afsos..........!!

      Mullah Ko Jo Hai Hind Mein Sajde Ki Ijazat
      Nadan Ye Samajhta Hai Ke Islam Hai Azad!

    4. @Moulvi Saeed Siddique
      Get out from hare. No one is believing you

    5. Hai Jurm ager Watan ki Mitti Se Muhabbat...
      Ye Jurm Sada Mere Hisabon mai rahega....!!!

      @ Mullah Je...

      Parwaaz hai Dono ki Isi Ek Fiza Mai..
      Kargas Ka jahan Aur hai Shaheen ka Jahan Aur..!!!

      Alfaz o Ma'aney mai Tafawat nahin lekin...

    6. @"He knew Muslims are too much divided into various Sects, Maslak, Figah, Silsila, Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Aalims,Aamils Wasila, Mazar worship,party and groups,Shirk, Bidah, cults and Silsila basis to form an Islamic State."

      Imam Mahdi will finish all sects, Maslak, Fiqah, Silsila,..... including Naqshbandi Tariqa...

      All of the religious sects will end with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the most perfect way:


      @"The coming of Christ, Mehdi, Kana Dajjal and other fairy tales based on bogus Hadiths:"

      Accounts regarding Hazrat Mahdi (as) are 'Mutawatir':


      MUTAWATIR HADITH: A hadith regarding which a group of narrators could not have combined in a lie, which they have transmitted in every generation from a community like themselves, and based on something heard or seen.

      It expresses certain information, its fulfillment is essential, its denial implies blasphemy, and it is beyond questioning or criticism.

      The Ahl-Al Sunnah sources that transmitted these hadiths are, in order:

      1- Abu Baqir Ahmad ibn Muhammad Askafi (dec. H. 260), Fawaid al-Akhbar.
      2- Abu Bakr ibn Haythami (dec. H. 279), Jam al-Ahadith al-Warida fi al-Mahdi.
      3- Abu al Bakr Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Kalabazi Bukhari (dec. 380), Ma'ani al-Akhbar.
      4- Abu Qasim Abdurrahman al-Suhayli (dec. 581), Ravd al-Anf, Sharh al-Sira, Vol. 2, p. 431. (narrated by Malik ibn Anas from Muhammad ibn Munkadir from Jabir).
      5- Yusuf ibn Yahya Maqdisi al-Shafi (dec. 685), Iqd al-Durar fi Akhbar al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 157, al-Askafi, Fawaid al-Akhbar and Sharah al-Sirah from Abu al-Qasim al-Suhayli.
      6- Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Hamwini (dec. 730), Fara'id al-Simtayn, Vol. 2, p. 337, No. 585, Maani al-Akhbar from Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ibrahim.
      7- Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani (dec. 852), Lisan al-Mizan, Vol. 4, p. 147, Egyptian edition; p. 130, Haydarabad edition, Maan al-Akhbar.
      8- As-Suyuti (dec. 911), al-Arf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi, p. 161, from Fawaid al-Akhbar.
      9- Ibn Hajar al-Makki ash-Shafi (dec. 974), Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 56, copy in a manuscript in the Zahiriye Library in Damascus and in the Ayatullah Marashi Library in Qum, (transmitted from Fawaid al-Akhbar and Sharh as-Sira).
      10- Ibn Hajar al-Makki, al-Fatawa al-Hadith, p. 37.
      11- al-Muttaqi al-Hindi (dec. 975), Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman.
      12- Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ahmad Saffarini al-Hanbali (dec. 1188), Lawami' al-Anwar al-Bahiyya, Vol. 2, chapter titled «al-Faidah al-Hamisa» concerning the Mahdi; from Hafiz Askafi. (The reliability of the narrator Jabir ibn Abdullah is praised.)
      13- Sulayman al- Qunduzi (dec. 1294), Yanabi' al-Mawadda, Beginning of 78th chapter, transmitted from Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari.
      14- Sayyid Muhammad Sıddiq Qanuji al-Bukhari (dec. 1307), al-Iza'a Li Ma Qâne wa Mâ Yaqun al-Bayna Yaday -as-Sa'eh, p. 137, from Jam al-Ahadith al-Warida fi al-Mahdi from Ibn Haythami and Fawaid al-Akhbar from Askafi.
      15- Abu al-Fadl Abd Allah ibn Muhammad Siddiq (dec. 1308), Al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar, p. 94 and from Fawaid al-Akhbar.

  9. @Faisal Farooq and all
    I want to fully exprose your falshood and dajjl Mr. Faisal Farooq .You are a big liar . I read your comments on this blog thoroughly. From your comments on this blog i want to expose your falsehood to everyone .,.,.,
    You say that you are an employ of an American company as a software engineer and you have to spent 3 or 4 hours to reach your place of the job, and there you should at least work for a minimum of 8 hours( as i know one of my relative working in a USA company as software engineer in Islamabad).
    Now I want to ask you some questions. You spent a lot of time in this blog in copying and pasting from internet websites and always trying to mix truth with falsehood and preach false interpretations of Islam quoting Haroon yahya and trying to defend Haroon yahya all the time(as anyone can see your comments all the time 24hours) How is possible for you that in a limited time you spent 8 hour in your job and 3 or 4 hours of journey from one side to your job place and thus spending 6 to 8 hours in double side journey from your residence to your office and back to your residence. Now you have lift 10 hours in which you should have to sleep, eat and care your parents and family and also to do prayers. Now please tell me how can it possible to spent a lot of time in this blog for you. it is totally in contradiction to your own statements in this blog in your own comment.It proves that you are full time employ of some foreign country but not developing software but spreading false beliefs and misinterpretations of islam and doing publicity of misguided beliefs of Haroon yahya.Thus, your are doing dajjl and trying to misguide and deceive people. Alhamdulillah! i will never believe your falsehood and misinterpretations of islam. Alhamdulillah

    1. @Tariq

      I am waiting answers of my questions raised in my replies to you and Mr Kashif. If I quoted any wrong Hadith you can point it...

      Dr A. Q. Khan who made Atom Bombs for you gave me first prize in Software competition in 1997 and you are saying I am not Software Engineer :(


      Alhamdulillah you can expose me but can't answer my questions :)

      I never hide my identity and already posted address of my Facebook group where anyone can see my identity and reach to me. Helpers of Mahdi never hide their identity :) You can see I am active in my own group too...


      Yes from several years I am posting articles of Harun Yahya in Yahoo groups, Yahoo Answers, Google groups, Facebook groups and now this blog. It takes my several hours. Proof is present in my linkedin profile. In past 12 years my designation is not changed :)...

    2. @Tariq,

      Please do some correction.... My job hours are 9 and one side travelling time is 1.5 hour i.e 3 hours double side.... Nature of my job is research and development so I get time during job for replying you :)

      Mahdi Never Sheds Blood:


      You are calling me Dajjal.... Biggest sign of Dajjal is doing bloodshed but I am permuting peace and you bloodshed. Kya Yeh Khula Tazad Nahi Hai.

      Hadhrat Imraan bin Husain (R.A.) relates that,

      “I heard Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) saying: “Since the birth of Adam (A.S.) till the advent of Qiyamah there is no fitnah (evil, test) much greater that of Dajjal.”

      Dajjal is the greatest fitnah of the world as mentioned by the prophet. It is believed that he would lead people to fire. He would give rise to conflict, war and bloodshed.

    3. @Tariq Brother you badly damage his reputation.He is unable to give answers of your question and start his bloodshed bullshit talks again.
      It seems that there are many people busy in the nick name of Faisal Farooq of his group.
      I am not supporting him longer.very good

    4. @"He is unable to give answers of your question"

      Konsey Quenstions??? Tariq didn't give answers of my questions :)

      @"It seems that there are many people busy in the nick name of Faisal Farooq of his group."

      One man army :)

      @"I am not supporting him longer"

      Did you support me before??? I don't know.

      I posted my linkedIn address above. Any one can sent message to my linkedin profile. Simple Test :) to prove it is my own linkedin profile.

  10. @Faqar e Ghayoor
    Brother please check spam folder
    some comments of mine are not showing

  11. Brutalities of international crusaders criminals in Afghanistan


  12. Afghanistan ke asal haqaiq jannay ke liay Islamic Emarite of Afghanistan ke official website mulahiza karain


  13. Salam Pakistan

    Please read this interesting article and try to make sense in the context of establishment of KHILAFAT. As Allah said in QUARN "All non belivers (Christians, Jews, Buddhist etc)are one against you (ISLAM)". Its a test of these countries.... I am very much keen to read your feedback in regards to this article....

    Jazak Allah and Allah Bless Pakistan and All Muslims

  14. Salam Pakistan

    Please read this interesting article and try to make sense in the context of establishment of KHILAFAT. As Allah said in QUARN "All non belivers (Christians, Jews, Buddhist etc)are one against you (ISLAM)". Its a test of these countries.... I am very much keen to read your feedback in regards to this article....

    Sorry here is the link to that article

    Jazak Allah and Allah Bless Pakistan and All Muslims

  15. Sorry here is the link to that article

    1. Yeah, so they are making a bloc against NATO/Western Powers... Which is a good thing anyway and in our favor... Specially considering dwindling-by-the-minute economic conditions of the West/ Nato countries...

  16. All kufar countries USA,NATO,Britain,France,Germany,Russia,china,Israel and India are united against Muslims. It is time to Unite Muslims under the Banner of Islam and choose a pious Muslim leader like Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid.

    1. True... Only Islamic Union of all Muslims can stop bloodshed of Muslims:

      ADNAN OKTAR: The time when there is no Turkish-Islamic Union will always be one of suffering. There is no way around it.We see it in the Caucasus and elsewhere. We can still see it. It cannot be stopped, the bloodshed cannot be stopped. The only answer is the Turkish-Islamic Union. Any delay will leave people suffering a great scourge. We must strive for this with all our might, as a nation, as the Turkish nation. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, East Turkestan, all the Turkic states, Kyrgyzstan, we must all come together and resolve this as a matter of urgency. Every passing day works against us, may Allah forbid. It is the lack of a Turkish-Islamic Union that lies behind the bloodshed in Georgia, the troubles in Abkhazia, the sufferings of the Russians and all the rest. If Turkey were to propose today to Azerbaijan that we unite as "two states, one nation," believe me that a positive response would be forthcoming within 24 hours, insha'Allah. The same with Syria, and with Iraq. There is no Islamic country or Turkic country that will not accept it. One would have to have a psychological disorder to reject such a plentiful, excellent and peaceable union. It is inconceivable. We are proceeding in the favour of the whole world, and insha'Allah this union will come about. Allah is showing us the signs. As well as what happens in the lack of such union.

  17. JazakAllah ..... Nice post MashaAllah ..... May Allah(swt) bless our Quaid's Sould (ameen) !


  19. Assalam o Alaikum

    This forum has some good info on harun yahya



    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      This link is against Harun Yahya but I found very good comments about him in this link :)....

      Is Sunniforim website authentic??? What about these links...

      Ghamdi, Maududi, Israr Ahmad


      Tahir ul Qadri and the Minhaj ul Quran Movement


      In this forum you will find hatred articles against all scholars....

      Hatred, bloodshed, killing of children & women, School bombing, Acid throwing, Fatwa of killing for only clapping on wedding... All these actions are belonged to followers of Dajjal....


    2. I just wanted to present my point brother, any ways

      I hope we can stop mud throwing and satisfy other users authenticity of harun yahya rather then beating around the bush.

      Remember we share common ground when it comes to resurrection of ummah, all i am saying is that in all this hue and cry lets not forget that stick to Ahl e haq and any one that comes near ahl e batil mostly will get cought by dajjal fitna.

      Just negate on this very forum what ever written on that thread is lie or not.

      Allahumma arinal-haqqa haqqan warzuqnat-tiba'ah, wa arinal-batila batilan warzuqnaj-tinabah

      Duaoo ki darkhast

    3. @Zia

      @"I hope we can stop mud throwing.."

      Yes brother it is my point that we should not throw mud to others. When I never criticized anyone, any scholar and any sect then why these people have problem with me. They never answer my replies but only mud throwing.

      They assumed their own Harun Yahya against to Jihad and Hijab but I proved them he wrote in favor of Jihad and Hijab. Not only he is in favor Jihad against disbelieve but his ancestor fought against Russia. Imam Shamil who is ancestor of Harun Yahya did Jihad against Russia and changed the history. You can find resemblance of their faces.

      Imam Shamil:

      Imam Shamil-The Tiger of Islam, The One Who Changed History:


      The Great Shamil, Imam of Daghestan and Chechnya, Shaykh of Naqshbandi tariqah:


      Harun Yahya also wrote many books against Communism of Russia and China and Insha'Allah he will fight against Russia when Istanbul is captured by Russia.


    4. well.i have myself read that harun yahya s against taliban and he labels jihad against america as terrorism...so its difficult to convince that he is for jihad.also soviet union has died now and usa is now dajals deputy,why harun yahya does not say anything against atrocities od united states in afghanistan?perhaps because turkey itself is sitting inside afghanistan as part of NATO troops.
      haroon yahya claims that mehdi will rise from turkey.i have heard it myself...this is a total baseless thing.mehdi will be arab and will emerge from khurasan is most ulema,s belief.how can a secular nation as turkey raise mehdi?

    5. @Anonymous

      Well post the article....

      When you can believe Imam Mahdi will come from Pakistan or Afghanistan (Khurasaan) then why you cannot believe Imam Mahdi can come from turkey. Please post any Hadith supporting your claim.... A man who will come from Khurasaan he will be Shueb bin Salah (Mansoor). He will be lesser Mahdi who will support greater Imam Mahdi. They both are not Arab as according to Hadith they ruled over Arabs.

      Imam Mahdi will start struggle against Dajjal who cannot enter in Hijaz (Makkah and Medina). So Imam Mahdi will not start his struggle from Makkah and Medina where Dajjal is not present.

    6. Finding the real source of terror


  20. @Faisal Farooq... keep up the good work! In future perhaps if any one questions you about Harun Yahya or for that matter about anyone (or personality) do not reply back or argue just says "salam alaikum" and get down to what you are doing.

    Peace & Kind Regards.

    1. Thanks you :) Insha'Allah I'll do it. So no more reply from me to any hatred comment.

  21. Please watch this video how ttp guys killing passengers in a bus. I am not sure why they killed everyone in the bus ?



  22. Dear respected brothers,

    we are witnessing momentous and grotesque times.

    Illusions and deceipt are wrapped over the truth.

    Of course Allah most high has plans that will reach fruition. All else is conjecture, the othmania caliphate had a great past but turkey has no future and the islamic turkish union is bogus.

    Today on the door steps of turkey, muslims are butchered in syria and palestine, yet the turkish people are paralysed at best or actually not carring about the situation of these people, as they were, when similar calamities befell the bosnians and the chechens.

    From the course of events it is clear that the lead of the muslim will fall, reluctantly with pakistan. The chaos that is unfoulding internally is a precursor to change. The harsh words and deeds towards pakistan and its people by the enemy of the muslims also points to their assessment of the same.

    The enemies of Islam have even gone as far as defining, the Khorasan region as mentioned in the hadith, as the afpak region.

    And Allah most high knows best.

    1. Very good point there of AfPak = Khurasaan

      But we know that nothing is shrouded in mystery from our Creators point of view and His plans are the best and His plans always come to pass...

      Ye Qaum aap hi apne Khanjar se Khud-kushi kregi
      Jo Shaakhe Nazuk pe Ashiana banega, Na-paidar hoga

    2. The Turkish-Islamic union is becoming a reality


  23. from where ever relief comes, we will accept it by Allah's command. but turkey my dear brother does not have a major part in it.

    a recent trip to istanbul showed the reality of modern turkey. a highly nationalist non practicing bunch of people. alcohol and promiscuity promoted and not a jot of charecter.

    a very sad sight of thousand of red flags signifying a secular turkish identity and a similar number of portraits of ataturk the founder of this new turkish identity.

    i found a jami on istaqlal st. to pray isha, and including the imam and the visitor there were 5. the pubs and clubs were brimming.

    individually, there will be many who are obedient servants of the almighty, how ever the collective is rubbish. it is always the collective that counts. all intelectual trends and directions are manufactured in cities and not the country side.

    the mehdi will be a hashmi and as such can come from any where, but turkey can not be the locus point of change. the slight wealth that the turks have acquired and the prestigee that gives, has poisoned them. all things are a test.

    the holy Prophet saw, said that we do not give authority to those who ask for it. the turkish people believe that authority is their birth rite and so the harun yahya institution advocates this with adnan otkar being the head.

    how the bosnian, chechens the uigurs must have prayed for help from their turkish brothers. but they have nothing to give. stamping of feet by erdogan infront of perez does not help the palestinians.

    a muslim is a tree under which others find shade and protection. a muslim community offers that to others. never has the modern turkish state provided any one with succour.

    i am only showing a picture and in no way have less love for the turks. but the reality of the islamic turkish union is that of fraud.

    1. @ anonymous:

      Thanks for that valuable insight!!

    2. Turkish islamic Union(secular westeren islamic union)
      There is no difference in turkey and a european country.
      jewish leader mustafa kamal ke rules ke waja se to aap turkey mai parda bhe nahi kar saktay. aur na arbi mai azan day saktay hain.
      khuda bachai aisay islamic union se agar khudanakhawsta aisa howa to musalmano ke rahi sahi deen ka bhe janaza nikal jaiga. Iss ke bajai hum Arabian,Pakistani ya Afghan islamic Union mai rehna pasan karangay. Insha'Allah jab Musalman bahir se mujoda turkey ko fatah karaingay to yahan par islamic nizam ko nafiz kia jaiga aur jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal ke rules ko raddi ke tokri mai pehkha jaiga.

  24. I think that these articles and websites are meant as a dose of opium to pakistanis, trying to convince them to do nothing and just *WAIT* for good times as they are *JUST AROUND*. Things like this have been around ever since the British invaded sub-continent. Wouldn't be surprised if they still have a hand in some of these works on this website.

    We really have to get up and work hard to get anywhere, just relying on predictions to do our job without lifting a finger will not get us anywhere.

    The prediction(s) by our holy prophet are of course sacred to us and we believe in them. Our job shouldn't however be to just sit around, reading articles and doing nothing.

  25. Asalaam alikum wr wb;

    Someone just said quaid e azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was secular, which is a very big misconception, distortion, deception and propaganda by those class of people in Pakistan who carried slave mentality influenced by the dajjali, zionist and western secular systems. There is so much verified documents, public speeches of Quaid e Azam on youtube that clearly state that he wanted khilaafat e rashida system in Pakistan. Syed zaid hamid has magnified and promoted all this authentic material regarding Quaid e Azam in several programme videos which removes any doubt that there maybe in one's mind.

    All those who think you sideline Pakistan's miraculous birth and the powerful spiritual forces behind Pakistan's rise as a military power and a very important player in the muslim world and the whole world are fools and have no knowledge. Despite several flaws and rampant corruption , pakistan's glorious golden era is around the corner but after some severe sacrifices and removal of filth running in government, media and parts of judiciary. Allama iqbal gave good tidings of Pakistan leading the islamic world in future. Others like iran, turkey, arab nations, indonedia, malaysia will play important roles too but Pakistan will lead and awliya have confirmed this. Any other theories/ false interpretations which minimise Pakistan's role are worth putting in dustbin.

  26. The Light Reloaded Pt. 4 (The Rise Of Turkey)


    Many things had changed in turkey and they are continuing to grow and develop. Do not underestimate this.

    1. Masha'Allah... We Pakistanis believe on what is told us in our childhood. Turkey has changed significantly in last decade. Their Govt. is working for Khilafat....

      Shaykh Nazim, Abdullah Gul and Tayyip Erdogan


      Turkey's official state policy is Turkish Islamic Union.


    2. Turkey has learnt modern piousness from us. Muslims are now able to proudly say that they are Muslims:


    ہے يہي بہتر الہيات ميں الجھا رہے
    يہ کتاب اللہ کي تاويلات ميں الجھا رہے

    ڈاليں جس کي تکبيريں طلسم شش جہات
    ہو نہ روشن اس خدا انديش کي تاريک رات
    ابن مريم مر گيا يا زندہ جاويد ہے
    ہيں صفات ذات حق، حق سے جدا يا عين ذات؟
    آنے والے سے مسيح ناصري مقصود ہے
    يا مجدد، جس ميں ہوں فرزند مريم کے صفات؟
    ہيں کلام اللہ کے الفاظ حادث يا قديم
    امت مرحوم کي ہے کس عقيدے ميں نجات؟
    کيا مسلماں کے ليے کافي نہيں اس دور ميں
    يہ الہيات کے ترشے ہوئے لات و منات؟
    تم اسے بيگانہ رکھو عالم کردار سے
    تا بساط زندگي ميں اس کے سب مہرے ہوں مات
    خير اسي ميں ہے، قيامت تک رہے مومن غلام
    چھوڑ کر اوروں کي خاطر يہ جہان بے ثبات
    ہے وہي شعر و تصوف اس کے حق ميں خوب تر
    جو چھپا دے اس کي آنکھوں سے تماشائے حيات
    ہر نفس ڈرتا ہوں اس امت کي بيداري سے ميں
    ہے حقيقت جس کے ديں کي احتساب کائنات
    مست رکھو ذکر و فکر صبحگاہي ميں اسے
    پختہ تر کر دو مزاج خانقاہي ميں اسے

    YOU PPL ARE DEFINITELY PUKHTA. and treating each other very maturely indeed. not to mention the time spent here.

  28. Sitting around and waiting for a saviour is not going to do any good to this country and where is it written that pakistanis have thaikka of muslim world? - let us first clean our own house. and not live in dream world of criticising europeans all the time.

    what are you doing practically to do small good deeds in society even?

    GET REAL. and get off this ghairat brigade against India.

  29. @Faisal Farooq
    "Believer Jews and Christen who are not against Muslims are our brothers. Atheist Jews, Christen and Muslim who are against us and do bloodshed are our enemy. They are follower of Dajjal".
    What the hell is this some kind of joke what do u mean by calling jews and christians"believer(imaan waley)"they are all mushrikeen and kufaar one can't be a jew or christian until one believe that Hazrat Isa and Uzair Alaihimus Salaam Maaz Allah are sons of Allah Ta'ala this is basic belief and who are u calling brothers don't u know Quran says oh muslims don't consider ahle kitaab(christian and jews)ur friends they are all ur enemies and friends to each other.u can't call them believer they are all kufaar ok mind ur language if they aren't against muslims their religion islam still they will stay what they are that's disbelievers kufaar o mushrikeen u can't change that it is what it is,stop this non sense first go learn some basics these haroon yahya mr container tahir canadi and x mr exclusive nazim their so called khalifa e islam king Abdullah ii jordani sufiyani possible their new Ammani religion is not bigger than ijma which is simply proven from Quran that no christian and jew is believer they are all disbelievers to be called a believer one must be muslim follower of only true religion Islam how can u call anybody believer who don't believe in wahdaniyat of Allah Prophethood Of Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad Suallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam His commandments Holy Book Quran u must haven't read commandment"lam yalid walam yulad".