June 13, 2012

Allama Iqbal: Spiritual Dimensions & Mystical Experiences (Part 2)

اول آں بنیاد را ویراں کنند

Part 2: Referenced Books : Rozgar-e-Faqir, Apna Greban Chaak, Aftab-e-Walayat Sawaneh Hazrat Waris Ali Shah (r.a.), Rijal-ul-Ghaib & Urdu Kalam-e-Iqbal

Read Online: Rozgar-e-Faqir By Faqir Syed Waheed-ud-din


A Saint's reply to Allama Iqbal

Meaning of this Persian couplet (Poem Khizr-e-Rah)

Said Rumi: Before they can repopulate any ancient ruin,
Do you not know that first of all they must destroy the foundation?

گفت رومی بر بنائے کہنہ کہ آباداں کنند 
 می ندانی اول آں بنیاد را ویراں کنند
ترجمہ: مولانا رومیؒ فرماتے ہیں کہ پرانی تعمیر کو تب تک آباد نہیں کیا جا سکتا جب تک کہ پہلے اُسے بنیاد سے ویران نہ کیا جائے.



Allama Iqbal's reply to a question of F.C. College Principal



A Saint's dialogue with Allama Iqbal



Allama Iqbal (r.a.) - A True Aashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.)

Excerpt from Book: Apna Greban Chaak By Justice (r) Dr. Javed Iqbal.
Pages 36, 37

Same event narrated by Junaid Saleem of Hasb-e-Haal



Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) and Allama Iqbal (r.a.)

Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.)

Excerpt from Book: Aftab-e-Walayat Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) By Prof. Fayyaz Kawish Warsi, Page 106

Note: Above photo of Haji Waris Ali Shah (r.a.) is also included in ShahabNama at the end of Chapter 'Governor General Ghulam Muhammad'


Allama Iqbal's meeting with Hazrat Khizr (A.S.)

Pages from Book: Rijal-ul-Ghaib. It is about famous Poem Khizr-e-Rah which Allama Iqbal wrote after meeting with Hazrat Khizr (AS).

Pages 172-176 contain complete poem Khizr-e-Rah of Allama Iqbal



Khizr (AS) and Iqbal Conversation - Not Imaginary, Its Real

Khizr-e-Rah (The Guided Path) is a poem in Urdu written by Sir Muhammad Iqbal. It deals with the subject of the political future of Muslims. The poem is a conversation between Iqbal and Khizr (The Guide). Iqbal, while sitting alone one night, sees Khizr appear before him who asks him about the cause of his loneliness and restlessness. Iqbal tells him about many things he has failed to understand in life and Khizr explains to him the secrets of those things. The three main topics of the conversation were "the secret of life", "the Governments" and the "downfall and rise of Muslims". Visit Complete poem here

Few couplets from Urdu Poetry of Allama Iqbal related to Hazrat Khizr and his message.

علامہ اقبال اور حضرت خضر، کلام اقبال سے چند اشعار 


There that would‐measuring courier I had sight of—Khizr,
That ancient in whom youth’s colors fresh as the daybreak dwell.

وہی بزرگ (حضرت خضر) جن کا ذکر قرآن پاک میں ہے

That innocent life, that poor man’s boat, that wall of the orphan,
Taught Moses’ wisdom to stand before yours wonderingly!


To the workman go, the toiler, and to him this message tell:
Words not mine (Khizr) alone, a message that the world’s four corners swell—


By the leader’s suggestions love of education developed in me
Obeying the command of Khidr is incumbent on the wanderer of the wilderness


 Thus Khizr to me did speak last day on river banks.
ʺAre you in search of cure for venom spread by Franksʺ?


 Khidr, on the bank of the river, spoke to me thus in confidence:
all are the ways of sorcery, be the actor a king of dervish.


How could Khizr tell, and what,
If the fish were to ask, “Where is the water?”


Khidr, standing by the Wooler, is thinking:
When will the Himalayas’ springs burst forth?


Ask Khizr of blessed steps for the secret of life
Everything is alive with un‐achieved effort


دیکھا ہے جو کچھ میں نے 

 I will show the world what my eyes have seen
I will surely make you also bewildered like a mirror

 Give piercing vision to those deprived of sight,
and show to others what I have seen. 

 My heart’s mirror shows me both world’s secrets
I relate exactly what I witness before my eyes



  1. Assalamoalikum!Faqar bhai, Iqbal(RA) nay ghazi ilm din shaheed k baraiy main kaha tha k, Iqbal tun gallan kerda reh gaya tay loharan da munda bazi laiy gaya. Faqar pa gi, asi gallan kerdaiy reh gaiy aur tusi bazi laiy gaiy. only Allah (SWT) can give you jaza for all your time and effort trying to revive the ideology of Pakistan, Islam and spreading hope and optimisim in these times of distress and hopelessness. aap k liyaiy bahut see duain, adaab. I wanna hug you one day inshAllah.wassalamoalikum

    1. Wa Aliekum Assalam

      JazakAllah, Allah ap sub ko khush rakhe aur apne hifz-o-amaan mein rakhe. Ameen

      Allama Iqbal rehmatullah aliah ki to itni baatain hain k aesi kai posts ho sakti hain. wo shayar nahin thay, Wali allah thay aur bohat bara maqam hai bargah-e-Rab-ul-izzat mein un ka.

    2. thats so true mashallaha

  2. Mehroom e tamasha ko phir deeda e beena day
    Dekha hai jo kuch main nay auron ko bhi dikhla day!

    And when the 'sight' will be given to the people...or rather the 'scene' will be allowed to reveal itself, then 'mehroom e tamasha' will have no other indulgence but 'tamasha' itself!

    Zamana aya hai bey hijabi ka aam deedar e yar hoga!

    The 'Big Bang' is very...very near. Amr e Rabbi aa chuka hai!

    1. Masha'Allah Allama Iqbal(r.a) was indeed great man.
      Bari mushkil se paida hota hai chaman mai deedawer paida
      @Baktar e Noor Hamain to dosra koi tamasha dikhai nahi deta laikin Malak Riaz scandal koi bari tabdeeli ka nuka e Aaghaz sabit ho sakta hai.
      Allah hi behtar janta hai.

    2. @ Baktar e Noor
      You are right. Big bang is very near. Ab achanak hi wo ho ga jis ki koi umeed nazar nhi a rhi.

      @ Tariq
      bhai ye tu chhotay chhotay sy scandals hein. in sy sirf wo chehray expose ho rhy hein jin ko log samjhtay hein k ye bohat hi achay aur dard-e-dil rakhnay walay hein. Phir bhi agr logon ko aqal na ai, aur wo madad k liay ALLAH ki bajaey in munafiq logon hi ki taraf bhagay tu phir Azaab ka intizaar krna chahiay. Jo is Pak Sarzameen ko pak saaf kr dy ga.

  3. Luckily I visited for fateh At Miami sahib first time. Wasif sahib, ghazi Liam din shaheed and Murshad of syed sarfraz shah. Today seminar about Wasif Ali Wasif at awan iqbal. Try to join. Urs Faisal kn

  4. A really eye opening article by Ahmed Qureshi:


    Read especially the last 4 paragraphs.

  5. Asalaam Alaikum, great post about Allama Iqbal... He is great Muslim scholar whose poetry words are inspiration from Allah as he told to Christian principle Dr Locus. I also heard this incidence in Dr. Israr Ahemd's lectures.

    Not only words put also great discoveries are inspirations from Allah. Whenever we are in difficult problem then a solution comes suddenly in our mind which solves our problem. This solution is inspiration from Allah to help us. Software designers and programmers like me often receive help from Allah when we stuck in a problem.

    Today's all technologies are depend on inventions of Nikola Tesla who raised in Ottoman empire (Croatia region). He was an inventor who obtained around 300 patents worldwide for his inventions including light bulb, electro magnetic AC motors, coil, wireless communication, radio, robotics, logic gates, devices for ionized gases, high field emission and charged particle beams, bladeless turbine, aircraft and many more.....



    "He suffered a peculiar affliction in which blinding flashes of light would appear before his eyes, often accompanied by visions. Much of the time the visions were linked to a word or idea he might have come across, at other times they would provide the solution to a particular problem he had been encountering; just by hearing the name of an item, he would be able to envision it in realistic detail."

    "Tesla would visualize an invention in his mind with extreme precision, including all dimensions, before moving to the construction stage; a technique sometimes known as picture thinking. He typically did not make drawings by hand, instead just conceiving all ideas with his mind. Tesla also often had flashbacks to events that had happened previously in his life; these began during his childhood"

    Adnan Oktar: Everyone acts upon inspiration but would not be aware of this.

  6. Behind the camera - Interesting :)

    Malik Riaz Planted Interview with Mehar Bukhari and Mubashir Lukman


    1. Saw it, shows the real faces.

      But the question is, why and who did release this bhind the scene fiasco to the public?

      Is there any end to deception? Media is the most powerful weapon of mind control, we must understand that these very people are trying to control our minds with the information 'they' select for us for indoctrination.

    2. We can also use same most powerful weapon 'Media' against them. Prophet Muhammad (saas) used all resources of His time like giving first dawah from a peak of mountain, dinner parties to Quresh's celebrities, writing letters to rulers of other countries etc...

    3. Also see this
      A record of payments allegedly made to 19 senior-journalists of Pakistan, by the Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz has surfaced on the social networking site Twitter, Aaj News reported.

      Renowned names of various news television anchors and journalists like Dr. Shahid Masood, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan, Nusrat Javed, Meher Bokhari, Mubasher Lucman, Hamid Mir, Javed Chaudhry, Sana Bucha, Sohail Waraich and Asma Shirazi among a few others, are present in the lists below.

      An account of favors given to these journalists in shapes of money, cars and property etc is recorded in these trademarked letterheads of Bahria Town.


    4. Insha'Allah, every hypocrite will expose and collapse....

      There is no need for hypocrites to expose themselves in times of trouble in order for them to be revealed and recognized. If Allah wishes, He gives believers the ability to see hypocrites’ two-faced natures. Believers possessing that ability may sometimes treat a hypocrite with tolerance, imagining he may change his behavior. Hypocrites thus imagine they are able to conceal their true selves, but this is a grave error. Believers will also turn their backs on these people when they realize they are totally determined in their hypocrisy.

      Allah reveals in the Qur’an that hypocrites can never remain hidden:

      "Or did those with sickness in their hearts imagine that Allah would not expose their malevolence?

      If We wished, We would show them to you and you would know them by their mark and know them by their ambivalent speech. Allah knows your actions.

      We will test you until We know the true fighters among you and those who are steadfast and test what is reported of you.” (Surah Muhammad, 29-31)

      Allah will expose and punish the hypocrites:

  7. situation is bad not just now but its bad since day one of pakistan creation,it is so because we unfortunately never tried to islamise our society.we remained seraiki ,jutt,rajput,pathan,sindhi,mohajir and balochi but never became muslim.inshalah now is the cleaning time,it will be painful but it will be best for this ummah and islam,inshalah.

    let me tell you my experience from my collage days 15 years ago.in our class (in lahore) seraiki,sindhi and other nationalists also studied.they used to abuse allama iqbal and jinah a lot infront of me,also they said that "muhammad bin qasim was a terrorist and an arab invader,and our real hero is hindu raja dahar! who was actual son of indian soil !",
    They abused muhammad bin qasim for bringing islam to subcontinent,they said that muhammad bin qasim was an arab so he was our enemy and our hero is raja dahar,(the hindu rajput raja who married his own sister and who was defeated by muhammad bin qasim).

    (after 15 years i am a jobless and a failed person while these anti islam nationalists have become specialist doctors!though they were not that intelligent!this is our nations system!).
    so my brothers!in a country where a large number of people have muslim names but are from heart with hindus and against islam.how can such nation thrive or progress?we are in present mess as majority is not on islam but are hindus at heart.
    so let this surgical operation take place,which i hope will inshalah cleanse pakistan of present mess,it will be painful but remember that to save a patients life doctors cut the diseased part of body by knife!!!!

    1. It is due to racism and romanticism with land just like Nazis did with other race that local race is superior and other races who came later are aliens. They believe Muslims are invaders and they are son (سپوت) or defender of their mother land.

      Romanticism is weapon of Satan:

    2. @kashif bhai aap ney sahi kaha ye mulk jo ke islam ke nam per hasil kia gia iss mulk mai kabhi bhe(siwai minor cases ke) islam ko nafiz karnay ke koshish nahi ke gai. Iss mulk mai shoro dino say bigray hoi nam ke musalman aur bedeen qisam ke logo ko aham uhday diay gaiay jiss ka silsila ab tak jari hai, aur jiss ka result ham log iss mulk mai ghurbat,mehangai,laqanooniyat,qatal o gharat,loadshedding,fraud,aur beinsafi hai.Aap moujuda hukumat ke logo ko dekhain. PPP mai aksar shia sect ke log barsar e iqtidar hai agar aap kisi shia ke pakistan ke nazria ke baray mai khiyalat(rawaiti takiya ko chor k) jaan lain to ye log aksar pakistan ke nazrya se koi gharaz nahi raktay inn logo ke pakistan mai rehtay hoi bhe sari hamdardi iran se hoti hai mai khud aisay shia logo ko janta hon dosri taraf sind mei MQM ke govt hai jo asal mai bharat ke ghulami mai rehna pasand kartay hain inn logon ke sari hamdardyan India ke sath hai aur islam ka to inn ka door ka bhe wasta nahi, tesri taraf ANP jo ke shoro din se Ghandi ke wafadar hain, ke hukumat hai inn logo ke wafadaryan pehlay india aur USSR ke sath the aur ab USSR ke tabahi ke bad ab USA ke taraf apna qibla mor lia hai. ye log pakhtonon ke naam par badtareen dhoka aur khayanat kar rahain hei, inn logo mai pakhtoono ke aik bhe aadat nahi balke ye log Amriki ghulami ko pasand kartay hai aur islam aur nazria pakistan par chalnay walo se shadeed nafrat dil mai rakhtay hain.
      Aap dekhanin zardari and co k govt mei jo sab se ziada corrupt hai oss ka naam merit list mei sab say oper hai aur oss ko he baray baray ohdon sey nawaza gia hai jinn ka mission aisa lagta hai ke sirf adaron ke tabahi hai.
      Inn sari masail ke waja shaid ye hai ke Pakistan mei jo musalman ya patriots hai ye inn ke kamzori hai jinhon ney aksarayat mai hotay hoi bhe bedeen qisam ke logo ko hukumat aur aham uhdon par chora howa hai aur wo islamic partyan bhe zima dar hai jin ka mission he is mulk mai islami nizam nafiz karna hai jin ko ghairo ne ye bachgana patti parahi hai ke ham aman ke throug inqaliab lain gey agar ye kise qabil hotay to ab tak buhat kuch kar saktay thay magar inn logo ne bhe awam ko bewaqoof banaya.Ab waqt aa gia hai ke Pakistan ke musalman aur patriot aagay barhain aur bazor e bazo inn currupt aur ladeen logo ko apnay anjaam tak puhnchain aur Pakistan mai sahi mano mei islam ka nifaz karain. INSHALLAH

    3. AOA Brother. I can understand where you are coming from. I had such confusions too. But this is in the Quran that in the age of Yajuj and Majuj things will be opposite. May Allah Most High forgive me for galat bayani but when Dhul-Qarnayn travelled west he said that he would reward good people with good and bad people with punishment and the same would be done when they go up to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, that is harmony in the law here on earth and in the heavens. When he is travels north in the end and is confronted with people who are worried with Yajuj and Majuj, they are opposite, that is bad people are rewarded here on earth and good people are punished (bhalai ka zamana hi nahi wala scene) - and this is exactly what is happening.

      You might want to read Sheikh Imran Hosein's book and Gog and Magog for more details and the hadith explaining that Yahjuj Majuj were released in the life time of the Prophet ṣall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam. The above is what I understood from his lectures.

      Urdu Translation: http://www.imranhosein.org/books/urdu/305-islamic-view-of-gog-and-magog-urdu-translation.html

      English Original: http://www.imranhosein.org/books/131-an-islamic-view-of-gog-and-magog-in-the-modern-age.html

      May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala guide us all, always.

  8. Latest American spy weapons spy insects,beetles,cyborg etc. They can spy indoor and underground instalations even in to bedrooms.It is only an example USA have much more tiny,nano secret spy technologies. It proves the end of the world or at least end to this dajjali technology is very near.........
    Allah in sab shaitani ejadat ke shar se har musalman ko mehfooz rakhay. Amin!




  9. sood-o-ziyan se bertar hai .. explanation Pls

  10. we must realize that these very individuals are trying to manage our thoughts with the details 'they' choose for us for indoctrination.

    Miami Kia

  11. Asslam o Alaikum. I am Atiq from the blog "ALLAMA Muhammad Iqbal". your blog is very impressive.

  12. iqbal huzoor alyslatslam ki nigah se faiz yab thay. aik duty di gayi thi iqbal ko jo unho nay nibhai. or ab next level mai iqbal ka pakistan ja chuka hai yanni pakistan ki roohani takmeel. k is pakistan se puri dunya k faisly hua karain gay. INSHALLAH...