June 15, 2012

Akhiri Ma'arka Kahan Lara Jaye Ga (Article By Orya Maqbool Jan)

آخری معرکہ کہاں لڑا جائے گا؟

An evergreen article by Orya Maqbool Jan Sahib (29th June, 2009 Express Newspaper). Read English translation of this article here

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  1. A good piece of news:


    Yeh sab kuch chhor kar bhaag bhi sakain gay ya zillat ki maut maray jaen gay?

    1. Wow mashAllah :)
      I always had this in the back of my mind in regards to Naimat-Ullah Shah's predictions, that an army with good military hardware would come for the help of Muslims of Pakistan (something along the lines...). I was always thinking on these same lines that they would barely get their troops out of there, as sky is going to fall on them all of a sudden...

      BTW Baktare Noor Sb, could you please give me an estimate as to when those meetings took place, where our "Peer-e-Zamana" was congratulated by various personalities?! This is a bit important for me, both for my own little spiritual journey as well as, for the reason that I have to connect certain dots here... I mean in terms of months if could say something!

      If you don't want to, then that's fair as well, never mind!

    2. Mujuda badtareen halaat ko dekh kar Ufq par marshal law ke sai nazar aa rahay hain

      Orya Maqbool jan latest reveling article


    3. @ Bro Junaid Shahid,

      The first visit by Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah AS was in Ramadan of 2010 (followed by Dr. Israr sb after sometime) then the second visit was in Ramadan of 2011.

      Latest message is: "Amr e Rabbi aa chuka hai".

    4. Thank you Sir!! JazakAllah!!

      May Allah be very Kind to us all!!

    5. Very important brother baktar-e-noor

      A saint in sindh, he mentioned a child who born in 1398-98 hijri will change the world. The saint name was "Shaheed abdur rahim girhori (ra)" in his poetry book.
      Now as you are saying the imam is now 33 years of age. It's my personal opinion.


  2. Peace Be Upon Him
    Peace Be Upon Him
    Peace Be Upon Him

  3. Pakistan's next leader is Imran khan

  4. Read column of Irshad Ahmed Arif in today's Jang "Sharr sy Khair ka Zahoor". Especially read last paragraph in which he mentioned words of Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahab about current situation.


    1. Yes, I have given update of this last paragraph on FB page, See FB or


    2. Allah Hum Sab ko yeh change mubarak kary. Ameen

  5. MashAllah! Faqar brother one of the great articles by Orya Maqbool jan sahib
    Huzur(s.a.w.s) ney ahadiths mai jo peshgoiyan(khususan Khurasan aur Asfahan ke baray mai) bayan farmai hain, onn ko aaj ke zamanay mai hum log apnay ankho se dekh saktay hain. Ab ye dosri baat hai ke jo iss ko na samjhna chahain to ye inn ka apna faisla hai.
    Yahoodi jiss ko apna King Messiah(Asal mai Antichrist,dajjal) kehtay hain, aur jiss ke intizar mai ye log duain mangtay hain, wo haqeeqat mai Massih Dajjal hai, iss baat ko mashriq o maqhrib ke learned scholar mantay hain.
    Israel ke qiyam se pehlay yahoodi ye dua mangtay thay ke ae khuda hamain apne sarzameen mouaud(Israel) mai wapis jaga day do,1948 mai israel qaim honay ke baad wo ye dua kartay thay ke hamain Jerusalem dey do 1967 mai Masjid e Aqsa par israel ke qabzay ke baad inn ke ye dua bhe qabool ho gai. Ab yahood ye dua mangtay hain ke hamara King Messiah jald zahoor kar day, jo sari dunya par qom e Israel ke hukumrani yaqeeni bana day. Inn ke peshgoiyon ke mutabiq jab Baitul Muqqadus ke tesri tameer hoge to in ka Messiah zahoor karay ga iss maqsad ko panay ke liay israelyon ney Bait ul Muqqadus ke bunyadon ke nechay surangain kude hain take ye ibadat gah dha jai aur ye log iss ko tesri bar tameer karnay ke peshgoi pori kar dain aur inn ka King Messiah iss dunya mai inn ke hukumat qaim kar day.

  6. Iqbal Diwan Saheb FB Comment:

    Iqbal Diwan ‎"There would be no Holy Cow left in Pakistan .." A buzrg Tariq Durrani said this in last week of May this year. Chiragh sub key bhujein gey hawa kisi ki nahin......The SC will act as an Agent of Change

    1. Faqar Saheb, could you elaborate what "...hawa kisi ki nahin..." means?!

    2. Yani jab insaf aur ehtisab ho ga to sub ka ho ga. sub se aik jaisa sulook ho ga. (hawa istaaran use kiya hai to denote impartiality)

  7. Seal of Prophet Solomon (David Star) is used in Islamic History. It has not link to Dajjal or Anti-Christ.

    The emergence of the Beast from the Earth, carrying the Staff of Moses and the Seal of Solomon, who will speak to the people, telling them they did not believe with certainty in the Divine Signs. [Hadith]


    The design above is an Islamic
    motif. In the exalted
    religion of Islam, everything
    carries a meaning and conveys
    contentment to the human soul.
    This is the unique property of
    the exalted religion of Islam.
    See the handmade Islamic motif
    above. It is a handmade masterpiece
    that comforts the spirit. In
    the exalted religion of Islam every
    form has a meaning as well
    as a hidden wisdom.
    Look at the six-pointed star in
    the center of the design above.
    It is SOLOMON’s SEAL.
    Some of the so-called scholars,.....