June 29, 2012

All India Will Become Muslim (Prediction about Indo-Pak War)

ہندوستان تمام مسلمان ہونے والا ہے


Prediction about Indo-Pak War by a Saint



 ILHAAM (Revelation)

 Deendar Anjuman Website http://www.deendar.org Says

“All India will become Muslim"

That means Deendar Anjuman is not the creation of a man's mind, but its formation is based on the authority of Allah and on ILHAAM (revelation), i.e it’s a pure Spiritual Islamic Movement.

Below Excerpt from Booklet "Hai Haqeeqat Maan Na Maan"
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Read Article "Hindustan Mustaqbil Ke Aaeene Mein" From Magazine Deendar, Jan-Mar 2011, Page 20 (Download here)


برصغیر پر پھر اسلامی جھنڈا لہرائے گا

Articles By Maulana Muhammad Akram - Ameer Tanzeem Al-Akhwan

آنے والے دور کی دھندلی سی اک تصویر دیکھ 

June 22, 2012

Pakistan Kahani By Abdaal Bela (New)

پاکستان کے اصلی وارث ابھی آئیں گے

Pakistan Kahani

Kashmir Kahani

Allama Iqbal (r.a.) and Pir Jamaat Ali Shah (r.a.)

June 19, 2012

Aik Sahib-e-Irfan Ki Baatain (Article By Sajjad Mir)

وہ دن دور نہیں جب ہمارے برے دن ختم ہونے والے ہیں

This article is published in 'Nai Baat' Newspaper, written by Sajjad Mir Sahib, referring spiritual talks of  Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah Sahib and many other spiritual personalities. (Dated: 18th June 2012)

Source: http://www.naibaat.com/ePaper/18-06-2012/details.aspx?id=p2_01.jpg

Note: Islamabad: Eminent poet and Naatkhwan Bashir Hussain Nazim passed away here on Sunday (17 June, 2012) due to cardiac arrest at the age of 75. He was laid to rest at the H-11 Grave. He felt chest pains when he got back home and was taken to Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, where he breathed his last. (Read more here)

A Tribute to Bashir Hussain Nazim Sahib, article on his death, published in Nawa-i-Waqt. (Read here)

Lets listen this great Ashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.) once again.

June 18, 2012

Faqeer Rang Aur Pak Bharat Jang (Basharat By Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah)

انشاء الله تعالیٰ پاکستان دنیا میں سر بلند ہو گا

Two important questions and their answers regarding Pak India War, Ghazwa-e-Hind and Pakistan's Future from Book 'Faqeer Rang' by Spiritual Scholar Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah Sahib.  

Article by Ghias-ud-din Janbaz published in Nawa-i-Waqt (18th June, 2012)


Faqeer Ke Daire Par By Abdul Qadir Hassan
19 June 2012 Express Newspaper

June 17, 2012


Urdu Article with original analysis by: Orya Maqbool Jan
Translated by: Syed Roman Ahsan

Why has this land become the center of violence, oppression and pains? There is a never-ending series of hardships which are appearing one by one. Fire and blood, smoke and gunfire have become rampant. The generations of people in this country are being brought up in an environment of chaos, migration and expulsion from their own land. There are more than fifty countries in the Muslim world. Life in most of these countries proceeds with an air of absolute peace. They are gifted with abundant oil reserves. Some Muslim countries like Malaysia are enjoying ample economic progress causing pain to the West while rich Muslim countries like Brunei are making their inhabitants lead carefree lives full of pleasure-seeking activities. Compared to these, the Afghans have neither wealth, nor resources and not any economic progress which can threaten the outer world. Their land has Rocky Mountains, deserts, loud water streams and ponds or people living in tents. For ages they fought with the British, their land was divided with two portions of the tribe living on two sides. Water well on one side and those who wanted to quench their thirst being on the other side. Then Russia came and entered Afghanistan with all might. For fifteen years these people were scattered yet kept on fighting. Fifteen lakh of these people were killed and it is difficult to keep count of those who were rendered crippled. 

These people had not yet heaved a sigh of relief when USA attacked the country. The bodies of Afghans started being torn into pieces. Daisy Cutter and Cluster bombs started destroying their dwellings. Whole of Afghanistan was surrounded in this fire. Who were those that sided with the killers against the inhabitants is another story but the region of this destruction and the frontiers of this battlefield crossed even the divider line created by the white people themselves. If a missile destroyed a village in Kandahar then it used to wipe out a house in Waziristan as well. And if a drone used to reach its target through a bomb on one side then on the other side the corpses of men, women and children lay without being offered any rituals of burial. I used to often think what mistake this nation has committed that its punishment is not ending? Sometimes they are called ‘Mohajirs’ (immigrants) upon leaving their country and sometimes they have to act as immigrants in their own country being scattered everywhere, but last week this story from Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” connected all the dots in such a way that the truth came out in the open. This report was about renovation of the worship places of the Jews that are located in the city of Herat in Afghanistan.

These worshiping places are centuries old because the Jews started settling in Iran and Afghanistan 720 years B.C. When Israel came into being in 1948 then there were about three hundred Jew families in Afghanistan and the total number of Jews was five thousand. All of them spoke Persian language and used to associate themselves with this royal language. After the formation of Israel, they left this land. Only three hundred of them were left behind and after the Russian invasion most of these also left the land but ten Jews preferred to stay behind with these worshipping places. After the attack by USA, two brothers Zahbloon and Isaac were dwelling in a Jewish temple in Kabul, both claiming it to be their inheritance. When these Jews settled here, at that time Afghanistan was part of a great Iranian empire. If you pass by the Firdousi street of Tehran you will find many shops of Jews there. Before Israel’s creation there were about one and a half lakh Jews in Iran but they eventually moved to Israel. However, they did not leave one city which is Isfahan which currently boasts off a figure of between thirty to thirty-five thousand Jews who have a representation in Irani parliament with one seat. 

At present Siamak Morais race of Jews has a representation in the Parliament. There are eleven Jewish temples and three Jewish schools in Iran. They take out their own newspaper “Difaa-e-Bina”. They have their own central library and Iran’s largest charity hospital is owned by the Jews. Although this hospital is run by the charity of Jews but most of its patients are Muslims. According to them, the burial place of Prophet Danial (PBUH) is also here. This tomb is always covered by a green quilt which has the same star on it as found on the Israeli flag which is called the ‘Star of David’. Apart from this the Iranian Jews have many other tombs which they attend regularly. In May 2008 when I reached a hotel in Tehran after attending a conference in “Chah Bahar”, I met a Rabbi Jew from Australia who was wearing his conventional dress. I asked him as to why he was there to which he replied “I have come here to attend 'Bain-ul-Mazahib' conference.” I asked him why the conference was being held there. He replied, “According to our books our Messiah will appear from here and will help us take back Jerusalem.”

I was without any astonishment by then that Jews from all over the world especially Europe and Africa had made a dash to Israel but these few Jews are still lying in Iran.

Then the prediction of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) clears all the confusion about this issue. He (S.A.W.W.) stated: “Dajjal will have 70,000 Jews from Isfahan as his accomplices.” But the group that will help Syedna Hazrat Mahdi to fight them also has to assemble here. The Prophet (S.A.W.W.) said: “People bearing black flags from Khurasan will accompany Syedna Mahdi to fight alongside him.”

Khurasan is that region which lies in Afghanistan from Ghazni to Helmand and in Iran from Mushhad to Nishapur. In this context the nation which has to participate in the last encounter between good and evil has to pass through tough trials to make it strong enough. They have to face migration, get scattered, pass through the ordeals of oppression and brutality to become an iron wall that can face the perils of Anti-Christ (Dajjal). The same perils about which our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) has said: “Since the creation of this world there is no greater trial than the trial of Dajjal and every Prophet has sought refuge from this trial.” Even the Prophet (PBUH) himself used to seek refuge of Almighty ALLAH from this trail through 'Dua-e-Masura'. If this is the battlefield and the land of the Mujahideen as well, then who would want to let this territory lie in peace?

Dua-e-Masura (A Dua to protect against the Fitna of Dajjal‏)
دعاۓ ماثورہ
 اَللَّهُـمَّ إِنيِّ أَعوُذُ بِكَ مِنْ عَذاَبِ جَهَنَّمَ،وَمِنْ عَذاَبِ الْقَبْرِ وَمِنْ فِتْـنَةِ الْمَحْياَ وَالْمَماَتِ وَمِنْ فِتْـنَةِ الْمَسيِحِ الدَّجاَّلِ اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ الْمَأْثَمِ وَالْمَغْرَمِ

حضرت ابوہریرہ رضی اللہ عنہ سے روایت کرتے ہیں انہوں نے بیان کیا کہ نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم یہ دعا مانگا کرتے تھے کہ اے اللہ میں تجھ سے عذاب قبر، آگ کے عذاب، زندگی اور موت کے فتنے اور مسیح دجال کے فتنے سے پناہ مانگتا ہوں۔ اے اللہ میں تجھ سے گناہ اور قرض سے پناہ مانگتا ہوں.

Narrated Abu Huraira :
Allah's Apostle used to invoke (Allah): "Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min ‘azabi jahannam, wa min ‘azabil-qabr, wa min fitnatil-mahya wal-mamat, wa min fitnatil-masihid-Dajjal. Allahumma ‘inni ‘a’udhu bika minal ma’thami wal maghrami. (O Allah! I seek refuge with you from the punishment in the grave and from the punishment in the Hell fire and from the afflictions of life and death, and the afflictions of Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal. O Allah! I seek refuge with You from sin and debt."

(Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim Hadith)

An important pillar of US foreign policy is the doctrine of Kissinger. Kissinger is a fundamentalist Jew by his bloodline and by his beliefs. He has said: “The welfare of America is in the political dispute between three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.” Steps are being taken in this direction to date. Who will take the side of whom in the last encounter between good and evil OR the last battle between truth and false that only the Almighty knows. But who is creating hell in the land of prophecies? Who is making the lives of the people living in this land miserable? Who is taking side of the oppressors in their game? And lastly, who is observing a cowardly silence?

See Urdu Article, Akhiri Ma'arka Kahan Lara Jaye Ga

(Note: Duas mentioned in Quran & Hadith are called Dua-e-Masura)