May 25, 2012

Pakistan & Future - Faqeer Rang By Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib

سینہ کائنات کا ایک راز - مستقبل 


A Question from Book Faqeer Rang by Syed Sarfraz Shah (Pages 145, 146, Ch. 18)

Sada Salamat Apni Basti (Express Newspaper)

Excerpt from Chapter: Prof. Abdul Aziz (Book Gye Dinon Ke Suraj By Javed Chaudhry)

(بےخبر لوگوں کا المیہ )

Red Skies & Pakistan (An Email)

Assalam-o-Alaikum! Let's sum up a few things based on what we have learnt over the years. Pakistan has definitely a role to play in the world in future and we are fast moving towards that direction. The country has a strong spiritual dimension and has come into being to avenge the atrocities and oppression committed in the world by tyrannical powers. Ghazwa-e-Hind is one of our future destinies as well and the country is going to become the center of Muslim world. But first the traitors in this country have to be removed by the Almighty. Here is message of a Saint

  • حیرانی ھے کہ اس قدر سخت عذاب اس قوم کے سر پر کھڑا ھے اور کوئی توبہ نہیں کر رھا۔ آنے والے دنوں میں یہاں قیامتِ صغرا کا منظر ھو گا اور پورے ملک میں لاشوں کے ڈھیر ھوں گے۔ میرے ملک کی پاکی کے دن آ پہنچے ھیں۔ اُن سے کہہ دو اللہ کی پناہ چاھتے ھیں تو استغفار کریں اور مغرب کے بعد گھروں سے باھر نہ نکلیں ورنہ فتنہ آ دبوچے گا اور ان کو پتہ تب چلے گا جب بہت دیر ھو چکی ھو گی۔ پھر سر پر ھاتھ رکھ کر روئیں گے۔ اللہ جلِّ شانہُ نے حجّت تمام کر دی ھے۔ اب سُرخ آندھیوں کی آمد آمد ھے۔ منافقین اور اسلام دشمنوں کے خون سے پاکستان کے دریا سرخ ھونے کو ھیں۔
(بابا کرامت اللہ ۔ مرید سید علی ھجویری رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)       



  1. دیکھ کر رنگِ چمن ہو نہ پریشاں مالی
    کوکبِ غنچہ سے شاخیں ہیں چمکنے والی
    خس و خاشاک سے ہوتا ہے گلستاں خالی
    گل بر انداز ہے خونِ شہداء کی لالی

    1. Yesterday noon, within 3 hours of receiving this email from jigar, i received astonishingly similar warning sms from a fellow with an active 3rd Eye who happens to be a friend of a colleague. We both were stunned to read it as i had already shared that email with him and in turn he shared that sms with me.

      It also speaks of the same occurrence i mentioned to you regarding Bhoja Air incident.

      Mehv e hairat hoon keh dunya kia say kia ho jae gi!

    2. I am going to share a dream that I had. I saw people who I dont know who they were, but they were flying & running to the border in direction of India, there were so many of them, the closest example i can think of is that it was like a storm of locust. I saw that they had no fear in their eyes, their facial expression I cant forget it was serious, no fear, resolute, & determined.

    3. Brother Baktar,

      I have tried to add each and every word of hope, glad tiding, alerts & warnings reached to me to awake this nation. Message is: Wrath of Allah will fall on traitors and hypocrites now, they must repent else will be destroyed. Everything occurs at its fixed time & we are gradually approaching to that fixed time. We should not lose hope in Allah's mercy.

    4. brother.when azaab strikes many not so bad people are also destroyed along with the guilty people.specially those who did not bother to do amar bil maaroof and nahi unilmunkar.

      the knowledge of unseen is only in Allah,s hands.but he gives a part of it to people too what He wills.
      i am seeing pious people very tense these birds are tense before storm hits.
      wallah u alam

    5. and Baktar e Noor ,what bhoja airline incident are you talking about?regarding this above warning?
      i remember that when in 2010 an airplane crashed into margalla hills ,that was immediately followed by worse floods we have seen in history.

    6. Assalam-0-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters

      @ Baktar-e-Noor Bhai

      Plz humain bhi us sms kay baray mein kuch to batayan, thori si hint hi dey dain.


      Aik Humwatan

    7. Brother Baktar e Noor
      Islam ka hukam hai k aap tak jo baat puhanchti hai pehlay oss ke tehqeeq karo kahi asa no ho k aap baat aagay phela dain avr wo ghalat ho. agar asa na ho to phir aap ke baat par koi yaqeen nahi karay ga. kia aap ko pata hai ke ye Email avr sms authentic hai?

    8. Asalaam Alaikum, What Syed Sarfraz Shah said is 100% correct and tonic for us to remove bigotry from ourselves.... We are enemy of ourselves. Allah can finish atheist Yahood and Hanood but they are present to test believers... Keya Hum Zalim Tu Nahi Ban Gey Zulm Ko Khatam Kerney Key Leye?...

      Prophet Muhammad (saas) ordered us to visit Bait-ul-Maqades but we banned this place in our passport... We can visit Las Vegas but holy place is banned for us from where our Prophet Muhammad (saas) ascent to heaven.. Is it plan of Dajjal? He is enemy of faithful believers Muslims, Jews, Christian, and wants bloodshed between them.

      What said by Baba Karamat Ullah about punishment of Allah is not new. Sheikh Nazim said same which I posted earlier like... Don't go out from homes after Sunset... Red storms and civil war in Pakistan. Harun Yahya also said about complete removal of bigotry from top to end.

    9. ‎"The Qur'an is a beautiful text and the hadiths, you know, they will, insha'Allah, prove that Mahdi is here on earth, he's coming with an army of Light, Light from God, Allah, and it will transform the world, insha'Allah, this year, these coming years, the next century will be a tremendous time to live; I'm very excited to be alive in this time." [Sean Ali Stone]

    10. Sheikh Nazim said couple of months ago to recite Darood Tanjina. This Durood Shareef is always a cure for all calamities in the world of worldly affairs. It was taught by Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi WA ALAYHI Wasallim) himself.

  2. I am waiting for those days when Pakistan will be peacefull country . Nice post always
    Waiting for it tell to friends as well if it possible you translate to english as well all next post and if possible previos as well ( because this web page is jewel for us) as lot of my friends cannot read Urdu but keen to read about the future of My Pakistan.
    From u.k.

    1. @Arshad

      Brother, its very difficult to translate every post as most of the posts are very lengthy but few important ones are already translated and added. Some more will be added in future.

    2. True, I cant read in Urdu as well, if possible can you please post text as well because these are images and I cant translate them. At least if it is text I can translate it using Google and get an idea of what it is.


  3. Ae Allah tu gafururraheem hae hum bohat gunah gar haen aur muaf karnae wala taerae siwa koi nahi ae malikulmulk humsab ko tubah ki tufiq ata farma aur hamari galteyon ko muaf farmadae ameen
    AUR jo bigrae howae bachae aur barae haen in ko apna farmanberdar banalae aameen

  4. @B.Noor,
    Please explain what do you mean by that Bhoja Air incident and that sms, do you think that its a hoax that people are receiving these sms in Pakistan? or any tremors, or flood is expected in near future?

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  7. @S.sarfaraz A.shah"Pakistan ka koi dushman nahi" Strange,very strange.Shah sab ne jo baat ke ke 70 ke dihai mai Pakistan ka koi dushman nahi tha aur har mulk ka visa pakistanyo ke liay aasan tha.Mujhay yaqeen nahi aata ke logo ke aaj jo naam nihaad imam banay hoi hain wo khulam khula aisy baatain kar rahain hai. Kia kisi ke saath dushmany ke liay sirf visa ke pabindi zarori hoti hai?
    Inn jesay logo ke batain aur policies hukumat waqt ke policies ke sath tabdeel hoti hain. Shah sab aaj farma rahain hain ke mai predictions nahi karta magar ossy ke kitab mai ye false prediction moujod hai ke 1993 mai Pakistan ur India mai aik bari jang hoge jiss mai lakhon log marain gay. shaayd oss waqt ke hukumat ke yahi policies hoge. Aaj kal india ke sath dosti aur aman ke asha ke batain chal rahi hai yahi waja hai ke Murgh e Bad Numa ka simat tabdeel ho raha hai.

    Kia aap log itni jaldi bhool gia ke 70 ke dihai mai India aur dusray mulkon(USA,USSR etc) ke dushmany waja sey hamaray mulk ke do tukray ho gaiy. issi duar mai hamaray dusray muqaddas tareen muqam Bait ul Muqaddas ko dushman israel ne aag lagai aur iss ko qabzay mai lay lia.
    Haqeeqat mai Israel Pakistan ka Nazriyati ideological dushman aur india hamara ideaological aur geographical dushman hai. Pakistan ke musalman iss baat se inkar nahi kar saktay. Aap in mulkon ko chahay jitna bhe dost kahain ye mulk aap ko dost nahi samajhtay aur issi dosti ke arh mai aap ko zabah karnay ke darpay hain.
    Mugar bhaiyo yaad rakhain ke ye log dushmano ke jitni bhe waqalat karain Allah ka nizam atal hai.Yahood o hunud he hamaray haqeeqi dushman hain in logo ke ( Yahood aur Hunud ke musalmano par mazalim aur sazisho ke waja sey). Akhri muarka(Baitul Muqaddas ke fatah aur Ghazwa e Hind) bhe inn Allah ke dushmano ke khilaf barpa hoga..INSHALLAH

    1. @Khalid
      App ne theek kaha brother aur Syed Sarfaraz Ahmad Shah ka sahi chehra dikha dia.
      @AllKia kisi mai himmat hai ke jo khalid bhai ke comments ko ghalat sabit kar day,agar nahi to please do not follow persons like Syed Sarfaraz Ahmad Shah.

    2. @Khalid and Anonymous

      Let me explain things so that confusion can be avoided.

      Issi blog par last year march mein Book Okhay Olray se main ne Pak India War par post ki thi (Wohi jis ka aap ne zikr kiya) post parh kar kisi reader ne Syed Sarfraz A Shah Sahib se June ke aik lecture mein sawal kiya tha iss bare mein, to unhon ne bataya tha k Mumtaz Mufti se iss topic par baat huwi thi magar jo Mumtaz Mufti ne likha woh pura sach nahin (Na Sach hai na jhoot, see post in month of august in this blog).....wohi baat jo Mumtaz Mufti ne Shahab Nama ke bare mein kahi k Shahab Nama ke pehle 57 chapter na sach hain na jhoot, Yani iss mein 4th dimension ka zikr nahin aur bohat se waqiyaat skip kiye Q.U.Shahab ne jo rohani simt se taluq rakhte thay.

      App ko ye baat pata honi chahye ke Mumtaz Mufti ki books mein jo Pak India final war ka zikr hai woh asal mein Ghazwa-e-Hind hi hai. Syed Sarfraz Shah jo prediction ki thi woh isi taraf ishara tha aur wo ye baat ab bhi kehte hain, isi June 2011 wale lecture mein unhon ne dobara zikr kiya tha final victory Muslims ki ho gi uss war mein. so
      Make it clear wo prediction Ghazwa-e-Hind ki hai, ab baat ye hai pehle halaat waise bante hain phir woh waqia hota hai. Mumtaz Mufti ne aik rasta dikha diya k asal mein taqdeer yun likhi hai , jab uss capacity ke log aa jaen ge to Ghazwa-e-Hind ho jaye ga. Woh waqiya galat nein magar time ke bare mein final authority Allah ke paas hai.

      Brother Khalid Syed Sarfraz Shah to ab bhi Pak India War ki prediction kar rahe hain aur aap ne tasleem kiya hai Akhri Maurka hona hai to baat to sahi huwi k ye hona hai.

      Aur dosri baat Pakistan ke dusmanon wali, Kya humari saffon mein ghadar nahin hain? Enemies ki strategies kaise kamyaab ho sakti hain agar apne log ghaddari nah karain to.

      Please listen all lecture of Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahib to know more about him, by just reading one page we should not make conclusions.

      Now Listen what Syed Sarfraz Shah said about fundamentalism.

      Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah replying a question about Fundamentalism in America during his Lecture. Excellent Reply to the Question asked by young American.

      I hope after listening this you will agree Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib.


  9. Please do Astaghfar as said by baba karamatullah (mureed Ali Hijveri RA)
    Mojza ka intezar woh kartay hein jo naek hun ya naek banna chahtay hun.

  10. MALIK

  11. yaar rooz tu khoon beh raha hai is mulk mein...aur is se bura kya hona hai?? :S

  12. the present day bloodshed is nothing.probability is of much bigger chaos than every level.anyway
    wallah u alam.

    above someone has written 100 percent truth as below.


  13. Apropos of Red Skies & Pakistan (An Email).......can anyone share the details about (بابا کرامت اللہ ۔ مرید سید علی ھجویری رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

    plz email:


    viewers must watch this video

  15. janab faqr sahib!
    aapko delete kernay ke liye hamesha mere comments he nazar aatay hain ???
    Taaliban ke hamnawaoun ke comments aapko kyun nazar anhi aye jis mein uss ne dr. tahir ul qadri ko "Dalaal" kaha hai.
    Kya aap ke nazdeek yeh lafz ek shaista lafz hai ya gaali hai?

    1. @hussain

      Delete nahin kiye. you can see your comments.

      2ndly, where is comment about Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri? I couldn't find above.

  16. mera ishara unn comments ki taraf tha jo mein ne zaid ahmid ke baray mein diye thay,kuch arsa pehle.
    zaid hamid ke baray mein itna he kahun ga ke ab awam ko uss ki asliyat ka pta chalta ja raha hai ahista ahista.

    1. @hussain

      Mujhe bohat si cheezon par nazar rakhni hoti hai, sometimes ap ko pata nahin hota k aap kya kar rahe ho but dosre ko pata hota hai is ka result kya ho ga. Delete na karta to koi ye link post kar deta, See Sheikh Nazim QSA in it....!!

      Isi lie mein ne delete kiye thay k baat agay na barhe.

    2. @Faqar

      Thanks for sharing this link. It is new for me...

      I already told Hussain last year, when I was new in this blog, that Sayed Zaid Hamid is Mureed of Sheikh Nazim. Some another Mureed informed this to me whose identity I cannot disclosed here. Is baat per Hussain ney mujhey criticize bhi keya key main suni sunai batey aagey phalata ho :).... After this I personally met with Zaid Hamid in his house where he also talked about his meeting with Sheikh Nazim. I didn't find any problem in Zaid Hamid. We can differ with him but he is true Muslim.


    3. but his past has been suspicious.Besides being the right hand of yousuf kazzab there have been allegations on him to be the frontman of ISI.

  17. @FAqr:
    toh aap ker dete yeh link post.
    iss link mein konsi esi baat hai jis pe kisi ko aetraz ho.
    zaid hamid ne Turkey ki chandd tasveerein lagai hui hain aur bassssssss!!!!!!
    aur Shikh Nazim Q.A.S.A ki ek 2 pics woh hain jo mein kisi aur reference se dekh chuka hun aur mujhe yaqeen hai ke zaid hamid ne bhi waheen se li hon gi.

    khairrrrrrrr chhoreiin inn baaton ko !!!!!
    jo hona tha woh ho gya.

    1. Date & time present in each picture is taken from same camera.

    2. photoshop mein sab kuch mumkin hai.
      aur sheikh nazim ki tasveer ki quality mein aur baqi tasaveer ki quality mein bhi bht farq hai.
      teesra yeh ke agar mulaqat hui he thi ,toh koi esi photo kyun nahi milti jis mein zaid hamid aur sheikh nazim donaun hon?
      janab yeh sirf apne aap ko cover provide kernay ki koshish hai.
      zaid hamid ne aaj tak iss allegation ko kabhi deny nahi kia ke woh yousuf kazzzab ka right hand tha aur na uss ne kabhi pashemani ka izhar kia iss cheez pe.

  18. @hussain

    I am not defending him. May be you are right, may be Faisal is right. I don't work for any one nor made this blog for anyone, but just for Pakistan I shared these things. Shaid agle kuch dinon mein ye blog stop kar dun aur dosre blogs ko time dun. Lets see....!!