May 19, 2012

(Pakistan & God's Will) Har Andhere Ke Piche Roshni Huwa Karti Hai

منشائے الہیٰ، تقدیراور کوشش

This post has two parts
  1. Article by Ghulam Akbar (Nawa-i-Waqt, 19 May, 2012)
  2. Excerpts from Book Hikmat-e-Rumi by Khalifa Abdul Hakim

مشیت الہیٰ، تقدیر کا صحیح مفہوم اور جدوجہد

Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim

Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakim (1896-1959) was a reputed thinker, philosopher and poet who authored twelve books and translated four from English and German. As a thinker he presented Allama Iqbal’s thoughts admirably in his works as well as Mirza Ghalib’s intellectual legacy. Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi was also his special area of interest.

Here few excerpts from his book Hikmat-e-Rumi are added related to Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi's (r.a.) explanation of the topics Allah's Will, Predestination, Working of Fate, Freedom of Choice and Struggle (Jabr-o-Qadar).

Download Books of Khalifa Abdul Hakeem on Maulana Rumi and Allama Iqbal

Maulana Rumi (r.a.)

تقدیر اور کوشش

(مشیت الہیٰ یا تقدیر الہیٰ اصل میں جدوجہد کی ترغیب ہے)



  1. You clever admins, don't remove it please!!!!

    AnonymousMay 19, 2012 6:48 PM
    this blog was came into existence to contain something. Am I correct admins? Be honest..... Especially the brains behind you can definitely shed light on it...... Only they can properly reveal the truth whom they want to contain...
    How devious they are!!!! They claim to defend the martyrs of the people but actually they always defect because they claim they have Faith in Allah and the Prophet but actually not...... They have weakness in their hearts.....


    AnonymousMay 19, 2012 7:07 PM
    When he was in trouble, they deserted him in midst of enemy of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the crisis. But he didn't desert Pakistan and its People. Allah and Prophet Muhammad Saved both PAKSITANS. So People be proud to be Muslim and always remember Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is actively protecting this UMMAH and be ready for great causes and remember these causes requires ultimately sacrifices and exemplary dedication and sincerity with Allah and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)….. Wake you sick people in uniform and start act instead of just claims. Since the independence you just claimed but never deliver. It is not you who country Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and so on it is Allah and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Who saved Pakistan…….. Be sensible and start showing some courage and Faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)……. Approximately everyone who doesn’t have no “red strip” on their collar are the correct people because they are the ones who are giving their blood not their so called superiors…….. Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Bless PAKISTANS


    AnonymousMay 19, 2012 7:24 PM
    Salam Pakistan

    This dream has a lot for the ones who are seeking the "truth"

    Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Bless both Pakistans


    1. Can anybody explain what these comments mean? What the respected reader trying to say?

      Brother please explain in simple words. Urdu mein likh dain to behter hai kyun k jab tak sawal hi samajh na aye to jawab kaise diya ja sakta hai?

      Yahan koi bhi kuch bhi comment kar sakta hai but koi logic to ho?

    2. Aur aik request aur bhi hai, pehle pura blog parh lain to behtar hai.

    3. Faqar Bahi is ki tu mery se bhi zeyada English Kharab hai :)

      I think he is trying to relate you with army or agencies....

    4. I think this respected bhai is against our Army and want them to act properly. However assuming he is right then I don't understand if army is that corrupt then why Allah and His Beloved Prophet (SAW) used them in previous wars. I think this shows that neither all the army is corrupt nor all the nation is corrupt (apparently looks like corrupt though) that's why we have all the "bisharaats" otherwise we don't deserve any of these "khush khabries" from our respected elders and sufies.

    5. Assalam-0-Aliakum Brothers & Sisters


      @ Burraq Bhai

      What are your views on collateral damage done due to a drone strikes in Pakistan? these are the vary strikes sanctioned by our top brass in the army? Do you consider people living in those northern areas where the drone operation is under way "Pakistani"?

      Now to all respected bloggers here that is: @MAJ, @Hussain, @Tariq, @Faisal Farooq, @Baktar e Noor, @Dr Urooj, @mnak.nabeel and many more.

      Just think for a moment, if God forbid any blogger's immediate relative had suffered severe injuries or had died (shaheed) by a drone strike what would be your sentiments?

      It is very true that Sufi and Saints have given us predictions that is fine and we should read them, spread them and be "pur-umeed" this is all good...BUT will you all much respected folks agree with me that in general we have become very BEHISS log.

      Mujhay achi tarhan yaad hay jab kuch maheenay pehlay afghanistan mein 16 aurton or bachon ko be-dardi say aik nato foji nay qatal kar diya tha...mein us raat bohat roya tha... :-( then since I got frustrated I did asked this to someone I know who is better then me in per him...un logon ki mout asisay hi Bari-Talah nay likhi thi and I was told kay woh sub to bohat khus naseeb thay kay un sab ko shahdat mili...

      BUT...kabhi kabhi to dil bohat roota hay or shidat say arzo karta hay kay kaash woh din bhi ab jald ayay jab hum ghazi bhi banain.

      I know I did bored all of you but please my intention was not to disrespect anyone here...I was just trying to give another rukh of the tasweer.


      Aik "Dukhi" Humwatan

    6. @Aik "Dukhi" Humwatan

      Yehi to uper aricle mein btaya gya hai aur yehi baat to mein posts ke through bta raha hun k Pakistan musalmanon ne is liye hasil kiya tha k yahan adal o insaaf par mabni Islami nizam qaeem kiya ja sake, but picle 65 saal mein Western democracy + dictatorship ke jaal phaik kar logon ko bewakoof bnaya ja raha hai. Honest log hain magar woh iss system ke through kabhi uper nahin aa sakte. Jab tak top leadership honest+eligible nahin ho gi halaat theek nahin ho sakte.

    7. @ Aik "Dukhi" Humwatan

      Ap ki ye baat kuch ziada saheh nhi hy k drone attacks Army ki marzi sy ho rhy hein. Hmaray Air chief ny kafi martaba kaha hy k hmaray pas in drones ko counter krnay ki technology hy but Govt. permit hi nhi kr rhi. Ap ko yaad hy last year US k Abottabad operation k baad jb parliament main in-camera meeting hui thi, tb bhi Air Chief ny yehi kaha tha k agr Govt. order kry tu hm drone attack rok sktay hein. But kisi politician ko itni jrrat nhi hui k ussi waqat Prime Minister ko kehta k ap abhi Air Force ko orer krein. yahan tk k opposition parties walay bhi araam sy bethay rhy. ye tu haal hy hmari Govt. ka, wo America ka khatay hein un ko kesay nuqsaan pohancha sktay hein.

      Bs ghor krnay ki baat hy k kin Pakistnioon k dil main apnay mulk sy muhabbat hy aur kon hein jin k dil Europe aur America k sath milay hoay hein.

    8. @ Aik "Dukhi" Humwatan

      رونا کمزوری کی علامت ہے. ہم کو اللہ کی عبادت کے وقت رونا چاہے لیکن ہم کمزور انسان ہے ہم کو ظلم و جبر دیکھ کر رونا آ جاتا ہے . یے بھی ایمان کا حصہ ہے. ڈرون حملے اور افغانی بھائیوں کا قتل عام دہکھ کر رونا آتا ہے مگر زیادہ رونا جب آتا ہے تب مسلمان دوسرے مسلمان کو قتل کرتا ہے . فرقوں کی بنیاد پر قتل اسلامی تاریخ میں کبھی نہیں ہوا جو اب ہو رہا ہے وو بھی گلوبلی . شرک کے بعد سب سے بڑا جرم قتل کرنا ہے.

      ہم کیوں نہیں روے جب ٨٠ کی دہائی میں صدام کا عراق میں مسلمانوں کا قتل، رفعت الاسد کا سیریا میں ہزاروں لوگوں کا قتل اور موجودہ دور میں ٣٥٠٠٠ پاکستانیوں کا قتل، سیریا میں ٨٠٠٠ مسلمانوں کا قتل صرف پچھلے چند ماہ میں جس میں بچوں کو زندہ لٹکا دیا گیا تھا

      سیریا کے اس بچے کو دیکھ کر مجھے بھی رونا آیا تھا .....

      اس سب قتل عام کو ہم جب ہی روک سکتے جب ہم گلوبلی طور پر طاقتور ہونگے - جب ہم اسلامی اتحاد میں شامل ہونکے

    9. @ Aik "Dukhi" Humwatan
      Mai aap ke Aksar khiyalat sey agree karta hon.Aajkal saray muslims ke halat bohat afsosnak hai.Hum sab ko behtari ke liay kaam karna chahye aur dosron ko bhe behtari ke targheeb dena chahye.
      Yahan par mai MAJ brother ke sath agree nahi karta MAJ"Ap ki ye baat kuch ziada saheh nhi hy k drone attacks Army ki marzi sy ho rhy hein."
      Brother meray khyal se drone hamlo mai america ko hamari fauj ke kuch na kuch madad hasil hai.Aap log zara yaad karain ke salala attack ke baad hamaray army chif sahib nay kaha tha ke agar iss ke baad pakistan ke sarhad ke khilafwarzi hoi to fouj ko ijazat hai ke wo drone waghera gira dain,magar hum nay dekha ke ye bhe aik siasy byan ke tarah hawa mai orrh gia.Agar fauj jesay idaray mai bhe rawaity sayasat bazi shori ho gai to ye apni credibility kho day gi.Aaj drone hamlay bhe jari hain aur sarhadon ke khilaf warzi bhe ho rahi hai. Agar Pakistan drone girata hi, apni geographical salimyat ke liay to america kuch bhe nahi kar sakta.kyonke UNO ke forum pe bhe Pakistan ka case mazboot hoga ye baaat UNO ke chartar mai shamil hai ke member mumalik aik dosray ke sarhadon ke khilafwarzi nahi karaingay aur har mulk ko apnay sarhadon ke difa ka haq hasil hai. Agar america kisi ko mujrim samjhta hai to osko chahye ke wo oss ke khilaf court se rajo karay aur mujrim sabit honay ke baad oss ke khilaf karwai na ke aap dusray mulkon mai ghous ker wahan per berehmana bombing karin aur asal target ke sath kai begunah bachay aur oratain bhe mar dain.dunya ka koi kanon iss ke ijazat nahi deta.
      Kuch brother beja tor par fauj ke har mamlay mai tarafdari kartay hain, iss ka ye matlab nahi ke mai fauj ke khilaf hon, balke mira matlab ye hai ke fouj ka kaam ye hai ke wo mulk sarhadon ke hifazat karain aur har shehri ke jan o mal ka difa karay. Iss ke liay osay kisi ke ijazat ke zarorat nahi. Farz karin ke agar india hum par attack karta hai to phir bhe aap naihal hukumat ke ijazat ka intizar karingay?

    10. Asslam-0-Aliakum Brothers & Sisters.

      @ Fagr Bhai, @MAJ Sahib, @ Faisal Farooq Bhai, @ Tariq Bhai

      Thanks and I really appreciated the feed back from all of you brothers. Itna kahon ga kay ... yahan sochnay ka muqaam hay ... kay ... aghiyaar nay humay charon taraf say ghera howa hay or humaray mulk kay karta dharta (politician + establishment) sub kuch jantay howay bhi injaan bani howi hay ...

      sitam ko ham karam samjhe, jafaa ko ham vafaa samjhe
      jo us par bhii na vo samjhe to us but se Khudaa samjhe


      Aik Humwatan

    11. Asslam-0-Aliakum Brothers & Sisters

      @ Faisal Farooq Bhai,

      This ashars are for you:

      maiN yah kiske naam likhuuN jo alam guzar rahe haiN
      mere shahar jal rahe haiN, mere log mar rahe haiN

      koi aur to nahiiN hai pas-e-Khanjar-aazmaaii
      hamiiN qatl ho rahe haiN, hamiiN qatl kar rahe haiN


      Aik Humwatan

  2. Faqar bhai gr8 post...

  3. Dear Admin Bhai Assalam-0-Aliakum,

    Apnay meri comments kyon remove kardyay?

    I haven't said anything against no one...just asked a simple question.


    Aik Humatan

    1. Wa Aliekum Assalam

      Not removed, sometimes comments appear after little delay.

    2. Shukriya Faqar Bhai,clarification ka...mein to sumajh raha tha kay aapney mujhay "block" kardiya hay :-)


      Aik Humwatan

  4. Assalamoalikum!JazakAllaho khair, jab say is site ka pata chala haiy, main kuch bhi miss nahen kerta, could I talk to the admin please? i need a contact number. shukriya. is site k muttaliq aik mashwara kerna haiy, bus. wassalamoalikum

    1. Wa Aliekum Assalam

      You can contact at

  5. MALIK

    1. MALIK

      Wrong comment, mein ne to aj tak Harun Yahya pe comment kiya hi nahin, kyun k mujhe uss ke bare mein ziada information nahin hai.

    2. MALIK

      Culprit is me who posted links of Harun Yahya. It is my limitation that I only know Harun Yahya. My knowledge is very limited. His all text is available free. I can find easily any information from his material. I also study Dr Israr Ahmed but his material present mostly in long audios and videos which I cannot paste.

      If Faqar wishes I can leave this group happily :)


      Ilzam tu Ilzsam hi hota hai. Harun Yahya key kisi official saathi ney nahi kaha key wo Imam Mahdi hai. Aik teenager fan ney un ko email ki key us nahi Khuwab main un ko Imam Mahdi dekha hai tu we naraz hoey aur kaha ke Khuwab Wahi key braber nahi hota aur ager hum khawabon per yaqeen kerney lagey to buhet sey nabi aur mahdi peda ho jaey gey. Harun Yahya ney Qassem Khai hain key ager unho ney zendagi main kabhi kaha ho key wo Imam MAhdi hai to un per curse ho. I have posted this video many times.


      Fana fi Shaikh ki waja sey wo Imam Mahdi legtey hai. Wo her waqt Imam Mahdi key mutaliq boltey hai tu hum ko aysa legta hain. Shiekh Nazim said only Adnan Oktar is expert in Imam Mahdi in whole world. Is ki Gawahi tu main bhi de sekta ho jo un ko kafi saal se parh raha hai. Baidzuzzaman Said Nursi per bhi yahi Ilzam laga tha keynkey unno ne bhi Imam Mahdi per buhet kaam kia tha.


  6. @ Admin, please do a post just on this video. I am surprise that this baba was so Bebaaq, confident in what he said in the video (link below) and something tells me that his words are yet another warning from spirtual world.

    Jis khait say dahkan ko muyasar na ho rozi
    Us khait kay har khosha-e-gandam ko jala do

    1. I have added this video in latest post, Please visit today's post.

    2. Thanks very much!!!

  7. We, this world, our Pakistan, our leaders and our enemies have no link with eating forbidden fruit by prophet Adam (as) and mother Eve (as). They were not driven out of the paradise because of forbidden fruit. Their come to earth was predestine before their creation to test them and to test all mankind. This world is preparation for hereafter. Allah approved their repentance when they were in Paradise. Bible says God cursed them but Quran says Allah forgave them and guided them.

    What is Destiny?

    Resignation to destiny

    All of struggles of Prophets are conducted according to Allah's will, for He created both the believers and their enemies. The Qur'an tells us that Allah made special enemies for messengers to struggle against:

    In this way, We have appointed as enemies to every prophet, satans from both humanity and the jinn, who inspire each other with delusions by means of specious words – if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So abandon them and all they fabricate. (Surat al-An'am, 112)

    The Struggle Of The Messengers

    Struggle given against evil suggestions is called a test: