May 21, 2012

EMERGENCY – Article By Orya Maqbool Jan (English Translation)

By Roman Ahsan

If somebody is ill in our house, if we are facing a court case or if someone close to us has an accident and he or she is seriously injured, then apart from using all our abilities, energies and influences we essentially attach lot of hope with our One and Only true Lord who makes the sun shine after a dark night, changes the bad times of persons into good times and blesses them. If we expect any miracle then that is from Him only. Before anyone’s operation, before going to attend a court-proceeding or at the time of admitting any of our relative in the hospital, we donate charity money or carry out ‘Sadqa’. Old ladies start reciting more of Holy Qur’an. If all the doctors in the world are not giving us hope, then a sort of emergency is applied. Everyone in the house starts offering ‘dua’. It then appears that the whole house is begging for help from one corner. A pious person is asked to pray for the ailing person or a never-ending series of charities is started. During all this process, if even a little hope is seen then the heads are bowed down in gratitude.

This attitude of people is not limited to the followers of any sect. This trend is observed in such households as well whose inhabitants are not found visiting mosques over long periods, whose whole lives are spent around their personal, financial, social and family gains. Or who are drowned in excessive entertainment activities all their lives. Even if such people are shown the door of Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, then they immediately get ready. They never argue that doctors are the ones who can make a difference only, what can prayers do? Or they do not say that we have corruption everywhere in Pakistan, police has spoilt their case. In spite of knowing everything they do not lose hope in Almighty ALLAH and approach Him for help.

 This trend is found in all of the 18 crore people of this nation, for every fatal disease, at the time of a very risky operation and in the face of every hopeless court case. However, how surprising it is, how amazing is it that the whole nation understands very well that their disease has become fatal. They have lost hope against any such person who can solve their issues. They are not able to see any hope for this court case inflicting our nation. There is a sea of disappointment and despair which is flooding the whole nation but we don’t love this country and its future as much as we love any of our blood relative. In our mosques, Madressahs, schools, colleges, courtyards of our houses and grounds, we don’t see any signs of emergency. We are contended with the thought and think that if there is not any doctor, Messiah or problem-solver available, then the patient (this country God Forbid) should die. Or as an alternative, we should slowly continue to die a painful death moment by moment. Why does anyone amongst us not fall down in solitude at night before ALLAH ALMIGHTY to seek His Divine Help?

If anyone in our house falls ill and doctors become hopeless then we give up many bad habits so that our prayers are answered. We stop indulging in excessive merry-making, do not lie, do not deceive, we are very much inclined towards helping the poor in order to earn ALLAH’s blessings, we seek forgiveness of our sins and promise to God that if He shows a miracle, if He grants health to their loved ones, if He grants them victory in their court case then we will not commit such sins again. The irony is that in the face of current catastrophic situation which we are bearing collectively as a nation, we are doing everything which is taking us away from ALLAH. We are speeding up our worldly endeavors. We are advising that we should build reservoir of stocks in our homes, shift our businesses to those parts of the world where they are safe. Convert our currency to the form of gold and silver so that you can benefit from it in future. A race is on to acquire the nationality of any other country, even if it requires selling everything we have. We are so much drowned in our worldly feats to counter the bad times that we are madly busy building up piles of corruption money and taking the best advantage of this time, we are moving towards extreme form of corruption so that the money hoarded by us today can benefit us tomorrow.

All these people don’t know that for this country Pakistan, the emergency bell had rung much earlier. When the warning of an emergency is announced then many well-wishers and organizers call out to people that they should do something, go to safe places, secure your homes, close your windows! But when due to the wrong deeds of a nation ALMIGHTY ALLAH applies emergency then the callers only raise one slogan. REPENTANCE – COLLECTIVE REPENTANCE!! ALLAH’s actions are not alterable and they fall under fate. But He has authority over His decisions and He only wants from the people to cry before Him by breaking their idols of pride and prejudice in order to seek forgiveness for their sins. People say why mercy is not being shown to us. Is God not merciful? People of faith then ask them whether they have sought mercy from ALLAH. Have you cried in front of Him for not practicing faith, for your sins and for straying away from the right path? Our attitude for this country is not even like a close friend or relative for whom when we visit to inquire about their health, we essentially pray to ALLAH for speedy recovery and never tell them that they should ask some elderly person to pray.

Nobody is aware in this country that ALLAH has launched an emergency here since two years. During this emergency He is only observing whether people turn towards Him for cure/treatment or not! How can this emergency be cured? Sayyed-ul-Anbia (S.A.W.W.) is the last Prophet. Before him other Prophets (as) used to announce an emergency that ALLAH is not pleased with you. How should we know now? Sayyed-ul-Anbia (S.A.W.W.) has told us about that also. He stated: “After me, there is not anything left in prophet hood except Mubsharaat.” Someone asked: “O Rasool ALLAH what is Mubsharaat?” The Prophet (pbuh) replied: “Good dreams which a person sees or is made to see.” (Bukhari). “And the dream of a Muslim is the 45th part of Prophethood”. (Bukhari). He said: “When the time of judgment day is near, then the dreams of Muslims will be very less refutable.” (Bukhari). These dreams are continuously being seen by thousands of people in this country. Dreams of the same kind, dreams of change are being seen by truthful and honest people in this country. That is why since two years alarm bells are being raised that this is emergency, run towards ALLAH’s help, seek the tool of COLLECTIVE REPENTANCE to seek His blessings, but on the other side people had their heads high so they ignored that call. 

Now such dreams are being seen that the patient is about to be moved to operation theatre. The tumors have to be removed from the cancer affected body. Impure existence, thorny bushes and poisonous plants are about to be treated but such an operation is very frightening.

It has been ordered to give a call once again for collective repentance. Even if they ridicule you, treat this as a joke but carry out the responsibility of the pen. Before you have to stand in front of ALLAH tomorrow for your silence and there many will be answerable to ALLAH for their worst form of silence.

Urdu Link here (12/05/2012)


  1. Subha Allah Roomi.... :)

    1. I am also very grateful to Brother Roman, he is very concerned (fikarmand) in current situation of country, so he tried to convey the message by translating Orya Sahib's article.....its better to do work rather sitting idle. This translation will be helpful to those who can not read Urdu

    2. Always at your service Brother Faqar,


  2. Recite Istighfar in abundance and 3rd Qalimah

  3. An interesting and revealing article:

  4. beautiful article.

  5. Mashaallah bohat acha article hae mae sawal karti hon kae keya iss waqt koi aesa bandah hae jo nojawan nassal ko aesa aaina daekhadae kae usae apni shakal wazah nazer ajaay takae dag dahbae door karnae uss kae leyae asan ho jaay
    facebook dekh laen nojawan nasal kin kamon mae lagi hoi hae aur mashrah bigar chuka hae aur buranyan bohat haen ALLAH hum sae kaesae razi hoga kisi ko to agae barhna hoga keya 18karor ki aabadi maen sae koi aek bhi apni qom ko iss duldul sae nikalnae wala nahi?

  6. In today's world Muslims have reduced the activity of Amar Bil Maroof Wanaheeanil Munkr. That is why we are facing all these problems. It is not the duty of a single person but a collective obligation of all of us at all levels to stop the evil and promote goodness

  7. @In today's world Muslims have reduced the activity of Amar Bil Maroof Wanaheeanil Munkr."
    It you start Amar Bil Maroof Wanaheeanil Munkr on a collective level You and other doing it will be label as Taliban, religious fanatics, and opposite force of freedom of thought and expression. That is why we should first get rid of America, a blood sucking satanic monster. In fact America is the cause of every problem from one point of the world to the other. In the presence of Dajjali socalled civilized America muslims can neither establish khilafat nor shariat law in any country,and even if they did so America will be at first against it. Even the people of non muslim third world countries of south America,Africa,Asia,etc are severly bitten by this evil bloody monster called America and they all wanted to get rid of it.

    1. @KHALID Agreed
      Aaj musalmano ko sab se bari zarorat American influence jo k slavery ke hadd tak barh chuki hai, say aazadi hasil karna hai.
      Agar musalman iss nuktay par muttafiq ho gaiay to Islamic nishat e sania ka dour InshAllah dor nahi

    2. Salam Pakistan

      I agree with you all but let me add the following.
      Who are american elite or ruling class they are zionist english. In 1947 we came out from british (english) slavery but at the same time we were trapped into american slavery. Now british again trying to contain us through people like Imran, Nawaz and few Moulvees. Remember english, americans, australasians, canadian and new zealand's ruling class are descendants of english hypocrites. It is just like same product with different names in the market to trick the customers or general public. Please note its not only america its nato(excluding Turkey) including uk and australia etc too are enemy of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S A W W). Read Surah Munafeequun and Surah Anfal's last few verses then closes your eyes and then try to solve the jigsaw...

      Salam Pakistan

    3. how you say that turkey is right in nato while others are enemies of some thinking over your shallow thinking.whoever sits with satans is himself satan.its ruling of islam.but you give a ruling against islamic principle.if turkey is in nato its as evil as other nato countries.full stop

    4. Salam Pakistan

      Jazak Allah for the correction Brother.

      Allah bless all of us with guidance...

  8. agar history par nazar daley tu pata chalta hai key numrood or fayron jaisi takutey nistunabud hogaye aur iss kay agey paighumbaro ney ghotney nahi takey. tu aisey hee koi Allah ka bunda iss waqt khara hojaayee tu inshallah Allah uss kaa sath deyy gaa. ab app kahey gey woo tuu Paigumbar thay hum tu amm bundey hai yeee tu koi baat naa howii asal baat yee hai kay hum neyyyy Nabi SAW ke Parwi karteyyy howey yee kaam karnaa haaai tuu ALlah humari madaad keray GAaaa.

    Ab app iss koo maney na maney ye appp ki marziiiiiiiiiii haiii

    ajj bhi ho jo ibrahim ka eman paida
    agg kar sakti hai andazey gulistan paida
    dekh ker rung e chamman ho na pareshan mali
    kakub e gunja say shakhey hai chumakney wali
    khuss o khushak say hota hai gulistan khali
    gul bure andaz hai khon e shuda ki lali
    rung gurdo ka zara dekh tu anabi hai
    ye nikeltey huway suraj ki afuq tabi hai

  9. oeiya maqbool is a confused person.
    1.5,2 saal pehle iss ka ek column aya tha jis mein iss ne wana ke dehshat gardoun ki tarafdari kertay huey hadees ke meaning ko twist ker ke kaha tha ke kaun keh sakta hai ke marnay wala (yani wana ke dehshat gard) shaheed hain ya Marnay wala (yani army)?
    Aur phir iss ne bht se column likhay taliban ki himayat mein.
    Iss se meri guzarish hai ke yeh Dr. Tahir ul adri ki kitab "fitna e khawarij aur dehshat gardi" ghaur se parhay.
    iss ne toh margalla plan crash ko bhi haadsa ki bjaye aab qarar dae diya tha.

    1. so you hypocrites think that taliban who are purely fighting for deen e islams greatness are terrorists?its people like you who are reason of present day azaab on pakistan.
      your army and your deviant sects are fighting against mujahideen of allah,thats why our nation is in azaab.
      in swat taliban enforced islamic laws which pained you people so much.than you ppl claim to be muslims as

    2. Hamain American ghulamo se islam ke sarbulandi ke kui tawaqa nahi.Islam ke sarbulandi aur nishat e sanya ke liay agr iss dunya mai koi amli qadam otha sakta hai to wo aaj ke dor mai beshak Taliban Mujahideen hai hain. Yahoodyon ke itehadi Rawafidh waghera he aaj Taliban Mujahideen say khofzada hai.Kyon ke ye log acha tarah jantay hain ke Imam Mehdi ka Zahoor essi kalay jhando walay lashkar mai hona hai.

    3. @ Hussain

      * Orya article was published on the morning the margala plane was crashed and thus was written BEFORE the event.
      *There has been fatawa of ulema about the un due killing of muslims by armies of kuffar and pakistanis in northern areas, go through the dalail of such fatawa. How can you justify the killing of innocents in Wana,Waziristan by terrorist pakistani army or the killing of innocent lahoris in the hand of Terrorists who are doing it in the name of jihad.

      It indeed is a time of fitna, but yet the haq will be with the mujahideen and NOT with the illegitimates of NATOs and Americans whose hands are red with muslims blood.

    4. Salam Pakistan


      May I humbly request to my brothers, please express your thoughts with respect and care. If we express our pure thoughts arrogantly and rudely then it will source hatred and defection among our own Muslims Brothers and Sisters. So please be careful and than people will listen to you and pay attention....

      Jazak Allah

    5. @Salam Pakistan
      Mai koshish karo ga ke traitors and munafiqs ke baray mai expression datay hoi apnay jazbat par qabo rakho shukurya for guidence
      Oriya Maqbool jaan is not coufused person whatever he said 4 or 5 year ago, he strongly believe in it today. I think you are more confused person because you do not show your views clearly,"kab tak takya se kam chalatay rahogay".

    6. Sabse pehle toh mein kahun ga ke janab yahan ki admin andhi ho gayee hai.
      janab faqar sahib aap ko mere woh comments toh nazar aa jatay hain jis mein zaid hamid ko ek kazzab ka right hand kaha jaata hai (aur iss cheez ka sabuut bhi maujud hai) lakin aap ko woh comments kabhi nazar nahi ayen ge jo dr. tahir ul qadri ke khilaf hain haalan ke woh iss daur ki ek bht bari ilmi shakhsiyat hain.

      aur janab khud sakhta "Mujahid E Islam" aap ne apni ghatiya zaban use ker ke apni asliyat dikha di hai.mein ne aaj tak apne views nahi chhupaye.mein apne views clearly express kerta raha hun aur rahun ga.
      aur mein afghan taliban ko kharji maanta hun aur tum jese log jo id's badal badal ker comment kertay hain unn ko bhi rayees ul munafiqeen samjhta hun.
      Jao ja ker history parho.
      kharji woh log thay jo "La hukm illAllah" ka naara lagatay thay khalifa e barhaqq Syedi Ali ibn e Abi Talib SalamUllahi alayehim ke muqablay mein.

    7. I believe that Laal Masjid Operation was a right step and was necessity of the time because kharjites were expanding their circle.these kharji mullahs of laal masjid had issued a fatwa that those soldiers of Pak army who are being martyred in Wana operation,it is not legitimate for any person to offer their funeral prayer.
      And tahir yeldeshff an uzbek commander who was present in Wana,he was very happy with his fatwa.
      These 2 mulla brothers were asked to review their decision ,but they refused.

    8. @hussain

      That comment deleted. Now I have applied moderation. Before this I couldn't read every comment but now InshAllah all comments will appear after approval.

  10. umr bhar karta raha har shakhs per main tabsare
    jhank kar kabhi apne gireban main dekha nahin.

  11. Assakam-0-Aliakum Brothers & Sisters

    After watching the clip of "Faisla Aap Ka" I can see that the count down to "cleanup" is started.

    Mujhay ab kuch itmanaan hawa hay...I did remember about reading a post on this blog about an "event" of significance is predicted to be happening in the comming month of muharram (Allah knows best).

    @ mnak.nabeel bhai

    Aonay sola aanay sach baat ki hay :-)

    Waisay kitni ironic baat hay na, kay most of us know what are the problems and mainly who is responsible to a certain extent but hum sab pehlay aap pehlay aap ka intezaar kar rahay hain...(me included)...badri ajeeb baat hay.


    Aik "Heraan" Humwatan

  12. KITNI ajeeb baat hae hum pakistani honae kae bawjood apni zuban istamal nahi kartae han agher ap kisi aur sae baat karaen jo urdu na janta ho to theek hae ap un ki zuban maen bat karaen laekin aek muhib e watan honae kae natae ap urdu maen logon tak apni baat pohnchaay shukreya

  13. Orya Mazbool Jan is very nice person and he is against bloodshed of innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Who destroyed Afghanistan and now destroying Pakistan?? Both America and Bigots (terrorists who fight with each other present in government, military and civilian)....

    MS. DIDEM: As you know, U.S. troops have massacred civilians in Afghanistan on several occasions. However U.S. officials have failed to show the proper concern for and interest in the families of martyred Afghan civilians, making do with financial reparations. A specific sum has been paid in compensation for each civilian martyred by the U.S. soldier who committed a massacre there a few weeks ago. But the families have told Karzai they demand justice from the US, not money, and have given voice to complaints on the subject.

    ADNAN OKTAR: Well my brother, see that bigotry has ruined Afghanistan. On top of those bigots, America went for them and killed and destroyed them. A bigotry fist, a fist of disbelief has ruined all Afghanistan. But the fanatics also prepared the way for that. "Come and ruin this place," they told them. They permitted no economic regeneration and no military progress. They turned their backs on science, art, technology and everything. Those bloodthirsty psychos literally turned Afghanistan into a cesspit. I consider religious sites, religious matters free of this. Then America found a place like that waiting for it. It was very comfortable going in and occupying it; it had no trouble in doing that. Because those people in Afghanistan were opposed to science and technology and art. If Afghanistan had a strong army, well-educated young people, if it were a cultivated, sophisticated, high-class country, then could America be able to go invade their land?

    Ms. EBRU: Of course they would not dare.

    ADNAN OKTAR: The same goes for Iraq. They handed Iraq over to a bunch of mafia types, to that varmint, Saddam. They have ruined Iraq. That filthy varmint with no idea of art and beauty, had vulgar palaces built for himself. Just like the one Gaddafi has had built. You know those houses built by crazy singers with ugly clothes do have. That crazy man! Well I feel uneasy thinking that I would use a bad language.
    That loutish, he turned the interior decoration of the house into.. he was horribly tasteless. He was horribly vulgar. All those yokels, churls wherever they are, have gone in and occupied Islamic countries, many of them. With a few exceptions, they have taken them all over, those scoundrels. It is easy for America to get them to fall one by one. Look at Syria, where they installed that man. He has no idea about anything. His mails appeared on the internet, sending foreign songs to one another, the man is in a dream world.

    Bigotry and disbelief have ruined Afghanistan

    Excerpts from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 26th, 2012

    1. Adnan Oktar calling bigot and religious fanatic to afghan Taliban and mujaheddin. He is nothing for us.He is in fact with the Dajjal and Israel. We never believe in his hypocrisy and bigotry.If Taliban and mujaheddin are bigot and religious fanatics than why America and his more than 40 advance allies including so-called Islamic "secular turkey" are wasting their time and power in Afghanistan and doing bloodshed there for more than 10 year. Why they not leaving them to their own. They know that if shariah law in Afghanistan succeed than their treacherous system of capitalism(Riba) will be fall on the ground. That is why they are there to stop it in the bud.But keep in mind that no one can change the plan of God.

    2. Adnan Oktar didn't use word Taliban. Bigots are present in Afghan Government, War lords, Mujhadeen, Al-Qaida and also in Talibaan. It is behavior present is every sect of Islam. By definition bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own. In Turkey and Pakistan there are also bigots in every section who are killing innocent people like KKP (Kurdish Communist Party) and TTP (Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan). Original Talibaan under Mulla Omer are not bigots. They use weapons against war lords to protect women and innocent. Bigots are hypocrites who hate women. In past bigotry was present only in Christianity. Now it is present in Muslim world too due to lack of knowledge.

      Those people who starting talking against any scholar or writer without knowing him or reading him completely are prejudiced people and so they are also bigots.

    3. The bigot is loveless He is the enemy of beauty and aesthetics

      ADNAN OKTAR:"My honorable Master, we understand that people whom you describe as bigots are people who are enemies to the Mahdi, who are against the Turkish-Islamic Union, who are loveless, violent people against science and knowledge. In addition, we know that you have a deep love for people of religious orders and that you are very precise about the Ahl Al-Sunna. Therefore, could you explain it again for those who misunderstand the word bigot?" Says Hasan.

      Look Hasan you mentioned a very important point here; he says "loveless." You can find it in that.. For instance Master Sheikh Nazim is very full of love, very joyful and very loved. Bigot is not loved. He neither loves, nor is loved. He is an enemy of beauty and aesthetics, an enemy of life and joy. When they see someone similar to Sheikh Nazim, let me say that they should follow him. He is very sturdy. His face and hands are all enlightened; that would be understood just by looking. For instance, I love Master Mahmud very much as well. You look at his face and you would understand; his hands and face are all enlightened. You look at that one and he is devilish and clown-like. For example, he is ignoble and mocks religion and faith (Allah is beyond that) in his own foolish opinion and he is very arrogant. He is trying to strangle freedom, love and beauty.

      He is against the Turkish-Islamic Union, against the Islamic Union; now this is called a bigot. He is against art and science. Go to Sheikh Nazim; he is chemical engineer, senior chemical engineer. He is a very successful person. For example, Huseyin Hilmi Isik is a chemist, a pharmacist. Huseyin Hilmi Isik is a very cultured person. He is a retired colonel and he entered all his schools with a first degree. He has beauty, love, aesthetics, courtesy and politeness all over him; he is a complete Ottoman gentleman. I believe that I have made the necessary explanation insha'Allah.

      Actually, bigot and hypocrite are one within the other; a bigot is a hypocrite at the same time. A sincere Muslim would never be a bigot. The main characteristic of the bigot is being a hypocrite. They can read the verses about hypocrites in the Qur'an, they will find the bigot. I have explicit lectures, statements and speeches about the hypocrites. They can find them on the internet. Our brothers can visit those pages and look at those so it will be crystal clear. I am telling it to the finest detail. I am analyzing all psychological aspects one by one. I am explaining them in the light of the verses of the Qur'an and the hadiths; they can understand from there.

    4. Here he is defining himself very well.////

    5. @Anonymous who hate me...

      Dear brother did I ever criticize anyone, any sect or group??? Did I ever say anyone Jews, Hypocrite, Agent, Paid person, Munna Dajjal???? Other said this to me in this blog without knowing me... Who did intolerant??? me or others??? who is bigot me or others who always criticize me??? I always respect opinions of others but yes I defended my comments whey criticize my comments, myself and Adnan Oktar because it is my rights. Who cannot defend himself then he can he defend his country? See my comments I never attacked to others. If in response sometime I used harsh words to defend myself then please forgive me... I am not good in communication.

  14. Recite Istaghfar in abundance and pray for the forgiveness of sins. Pakistan is a dream came true of various Muslims and has been formed in accordance with the wishes of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and sufi saints. Whosoever calls, thinks and works worst for/against Pakistan will be asked about such by Allah

  15. Orya Mazbool Jan's article about sectarianism.....

  16. Asslaam Aleykum, Brothers and Sisters,

    me ne ap sab se kuch din pehley bhi arz kiya tha, k plz ap apna real name

    show kiya karain, kisi dusrey k name se comments deney se kya faaida, ?

    @ Mujahid e islam :: Ap se khasusan guzarish hey k ap apney real name se comments dain, aur fatwa deney se parhez karain, yaha to ajeeb maamla hey k jazbat me aakar log aik dusrey ko munafiq aur kafir wagera bhi keh detey hey,

    hamain ye yad rakhna chahye k hamarey har lafaz ko farishtey likh rahey hain , jis ka hami ne hisaab dena hey hamarey hamsaya ne nahi,

    Wasslaam .

    1. Aap ka real name kia hai????

    2. @real Mujahid Islam

      There are many 'Mujaid' in this blog. We can know real Mujahid using his writing. Real Mujahid never use fake name and never use words of hate as he believes on Day of Judgment where he will be accountable for his every single word. He wouldn't not use fake name at Day of Judgment.


  18. @Faqar e Ghayoor and all those who know about Islam and Tasswuf kindly tell me whats goin on in this video??? Sorry it is off-topic but i posted it here coz learned people visit this blog. thanks

    1. It seems a propaganda video to disgrace Islam, the people in in this video are all actors in the makeup of mullahs.
      Ya ye kisi murtad firqay ke log lagtay hain, jesay mirzai ya Qadiyani waghaira.kamzor se kamzor eman wala bhe inn logo ko musalman nahi keh sakta. Brother meri aap se darkhawst hai ke esay fazool chezon mai apna aur dosro ka waqt zaya na karain.

    2. Inn logo ko Taliban he seedha kar saktay

    3. @Anonymous

      Brother whirling or spirituality in motion is a Sufi dance meditation which is allowed in Sufism. I have seen above video. It is not dance because dance is a series of rhythmical steps and an artistic form of nonverbal communication. In video they are experiencing electric shock which is strange or any mental behavior. I'll not say them kafir or hypocrite but it is not Sufi Dance..... You can find Sufi dance in Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan like this Afghani Sufi Dance...

    4. Yeh Silsila Saifia Naqshbandiya k log hain. jiss k zariay lahore aur girdo nawah k bahut logg change huay hain. iss Silsila k baray bazurg ka naam Saif-ur-Rehman Mubarik Sahib hai. Jo abb iss duniya se parda farma chukay hain. at present inn k Khalifa Mian Muhammad Sahib hain. Jin ko Aap Ravi Rayan Jo k Mureedkay se pehlay eik jaga ka naam hai wahan Mil saktay hain. here is the link for Wikipedia about Saif-ur-Rahman Mubarik Sahib.
      and here is the link, aik admi(Ken Lizzio, Ph.D) jiss ne Tasawuff mai phd ki, uska visit Saif-ur-Rahman Mubarik k pass. see Page 16 and onward.
      and I am going to paste something from that book. here too. a german's experience, rest you can read by yourself.....

      I came here not knowing anything about Sufism. I knew little about Islam. I was simply looking for a place
      to pray in the company of others. The day after taking bay‘a, I phoned my wife, who was in Germany, to
      tell her that I had become a Muslim. Although she was not Muslim and had never met the shaikh, she described how the previous night she had become alarmed when her heart began beating right through her clothing.

      When I first came here I was repulsed by the conditions. They were much worse than they are now. We
      had no bathrooms and we had to go out into the fields to go to the bathroom. The khanaqah was small in
      those days, and it was so crowded you couldn’t even sit on the floor. At night we slept shoulder to shoulder
      on the floor. I awoke in the morning covered with insect bites. I was so repulsed by the conditions—not to
      mention the food—that I went back resolving never to return. But I came back…six times in all.
      Each time I felt close to a nervous breakdown from the stress of these conditions. But nothing happened.
      Everybody seemed to be getting it but me. I began to doubt I would ever get it. Then one day I was sitting in a small room performing Suhba with a few khalifas and all of a sudden the next thing I knew I was
      thrown to the floor in wajd (ecstasy). Once you get someone’s else’s tawajjuh all you want to do is share it
      with someone else.

    5. Actually it's a "Jazba" or "Wajd" , when a shaikh tawajjuh on a mureed. But people who don't know the sufism definitely they will come up with irrelevant fatwa's or views. Before comment on anything first do a research on it.
      Jazba according to islam. I can give you the prove in huzoor (SA) and sahaba.
      Anyway @Muhammad Aslam sb give good detail, must read the PHD scholor article.


    6. @Muhammad Aslam

      Thanks for sharing information about Silsila Saifia Naqshbandiya....

      Sufism is not sect or school of thought but higher study of meta physics to know about real essence of matter and to become closer to Allah.... Allah gave us two eyes... not left and right eyes... but materialistic and spiritual eyes. Materialistic eye includes our 5 senses hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Using this eye or these 5 senses we make a picture of material in our brain. It is a copy of material. Using our spiritual eye we see meta physics i.e. beyond mater to know about more real essence of matter. We cannot reach to real essence of matter because limitation of our senses and spirituality.... So in spirituality we bypass our senses and we use spiritual eye.... During "Wajd" Sufies have not control on their 5 senses and body so they behave differently...

      Dajjal is blind with one eye. It doesn't mean he will not have left or right eye but he will not have spiritual eye. He or his followers will be materialist and their religion will be materialism. Believers will have both materialistic and spiritual eyes.

      This is my view about Sufism... please correct me if it is wrong.

      Documentary about Whirling Dervish Dance...!

    7. Oper anonymous nay jo video share ke hai iss ko dekh kar aik musalman ka sar sharam se jhuk jata hai aur yahan per kuch brothers(specialy Faisal Farooq jiss ke aksar views islam se mutabiqat nahi rakhtay) inn logo ko jaan bogh kar islam se jornay ke koshish mai lagay hoiy hain. Inn logo ke harkato ke waja se ghair muslim kia islam laingay ulta wo islam ka mazaaq orain gay.
      Agar aap islam ke misal lain lay to islam ke naam par iss qisam ke behodge ka zikr kahin nahi milta.Aap Huzur e Pur Noor(SAWW) ke seerat ka mutalia karin ya sahaaba e karam raziAllah ta'ala ke zindige ka mutalia karin to iss qisam ke behooda harkato ka aap onn muqaddas hastyon ke zindigyon mai tassawar bhe nahi kar saktay. Hamaray liay islam to wahi hai jo Quran aur Hazrat Muhammad(SAWW) aur aap ke sathyon nay hamain bataya hai. iss mai na to kuch kami ho sakti hai aur na he iss mai kuch ziadti ho sakti hai. islam mai jo log nai nai batain nikaltay hain wo bid'at hain. aur bid'at kitna bara gunah hai. Allah Ta'ala hum sab ko in pagal logon ke shar se apnay aman mai rakhay.Amin

    8. Brother Asad I also belonged to your school of thought 'Deoband' and never attended any gathering of Sufies and even don't go to tombs. Only recites Fatiha, Darood and Yaseen on graves. I have know some Sufies. Sufism is not shirk or bid'at. They strictly follow Sharia. If you want to know read about Sufism then please read this book of Dr Israr Ahmed....

      The Reality of Tasawwuf

      If you have no time then please read only following Hadith present in this book at page 8 about Islam, Iman and Ihsan...

      Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RAA) reports: One day
      when we were with Allah’s Messenger (SAW), a
      man with very white clothing and very black
      hair came up to us. No mark of travel was
      visible on him, and none of us recognized him.
      Sitting down beside the Prophet (SAW), leaning
      his knees against his and placing his hands on
      his things, he said: “Tell me, Muhammad, about
      Islam.” He replied: “Islam means that you should
      testify that there is no god but Allah and that
      Muhammad (SAW) is Allah’s Messenger, that
      you should observe the prayer, pay the Zakat,
      fast during Ramadan, and make the pilgrimage
      to the House if you are able to go there.” He
      said: “You have spoken the truth.” We were
      surprised at his questioning him and then
      declaring that he spoke the truth. He said: “Now
      tell me about Iman.” He replied: “It means that
      you should believe in Allah (SWT), His angels,
      His books, His messengers, and the Last Day,
      and that you should believe in the decreeing
      both of good and evil.” Remarking that he had
      spoken the truth, he then said: “Now tell me
      about Ihsan.” He replied: “It means that you
      should worship Allah (SWT) as though you see
      Him, for He sees you though you do not see
      Him.” He said: “Now tell me about the Hour.”
      He replied: “The one who is asked about it is no
      better informed than the one who is asking.” He
      said: “Then tell me about its signs.” He replied:
      “That a maid-servant should beget her mistress,
      and that you should see barefooted, naked, poor
      men and shepherds exalting themselves in
      buildings.” [Umar] said: He then went away,
      and after I had waited for a long time, [the
      Prophet] said to me: “Do you know who the
      questioner was, Umar?” I replied: “Allah and
      His Messenger know best.” He said: “He was
      Gabriel who came to you to teach you your
      religion.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

      In this connection, note that the following Qur’anic ayah also reflects the relationship between Islam, Iman and Ihsan:

      Those who have attained to Iman [faith] and do
      righteous deeds incur no blame by partaking of
      whatever they may have [in the past], so long as
      they are conscious of Allah and have Iman and
      do righteous deeds, and continue to be
      conscious of Allah and have [true] Iman, and
      then grow ever more conscious of Allah and do
      [reach the level of] Ihsan; and Allah loves those
      who have attained to Ihsan. (Al-Mai’dah 5:93)

      Today we only consider Islam and Iman. We have forget "Ihsan". , The word Ihsan is used by the Prophet (SAW) to denote the performance of an action in the best possible manner — doing something with full attention, putting one’s heart into it, taking care of the small details. Tasawwuf is doing "Ihsan" in worship. How it can be Bid'at or Shirk???

  19. Orya Maqbool Jan sahib's article in today Express newspaper about Ghazwa e Hind and Safai ka operation.

    Orya sahib pakistan ke wo wahid column nigar hain jo bar bar qom ke tawaja iss taraf dilata hain yahi waja hain ke mukhalifeen osko comfused person kehtay hain. Magar inn logo ke aqal par hairat hoti hai jo oss ko confused person kehtay hain.


  21. The hardest thing to do is sabr. That is why it is always out of fashion.

    Inn'Allah'a Ma'as'sabireen!

  22. A good article. May Allah reward your efforts.

  23. Just do Astaghfaaar ASAP and AS much as you can, leave it who said that and why said that, At least just think what is he asking for to do Astaghfar.
    is that a good thing ? think about that.
    Astaghfirullaha Rabbi min kulle zanbiun wa atoobo eleh