May 29, 2012

Chonka Dene Wali Paishgoiyan (Sayara Digest Dec 2001)

ہندوستان اور پاکستان میں فیصلہ کن جنگ ہو گی

(English translation of spiritual part can be viewed here)

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[Page 20] This prediction says that in time of the last pope (Roman Peter), the Christian papacy will experience its demise and the institution of papacy will fall. The Vatican will be annihilated and the pope will have to flee the Vatican (in order to save his life) and cross over mounds and mounds of dead bodies. A similar prediction is attributed to Mother Shipton which dictates that an Arab conqueror will move towards the cross. Now it is evident that the Vatican symbolizes, and is foremost representation of the Cross and Christianity. Therefore this Arab Conqueror along with his army will desecrate and lay waste the powers of Europe and head towards Italy where the Vatican City is situated and will break this great symbol of polytheism (shirk) i.e. the Cross. Much blood will be spilt which is why it is said that the pope will have to escape across a field of dead bodies. The incumbent pope Paul John II has become very aged and it may be not be wrong to assume that dangerous changes in the world will surface possibly in the coming 5 to 6 decades time and it is highly probable that these events (Pope John Paul II fleeing Vatican, The Arab Conqueror breaking the Cross and ransacking Europe) will precede this period of 50 to 60 years.

Note: Above prediction of Nostradamus, St Malachy and Mother Shipton is translated to tell you that it seems to be copied from Muslim sources. Please read the Hadith below and decide yourself.

Hadith about Hazrat Essa's (AS) arrival is present in Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Masnad Ahmad and other major Ahadith-e-Mubarika Books.

  • Masnad Ahmad Hadith:



  • Hadith From Sahih Bukhari (Muttafaq Alaihi Hadith)

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, 
"By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, surely the son of Mary (Jesus) will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind justly (as a Just Ruler); he will break the Cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (i.e. taxation taken from non Muslims). Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it, and a single prostration to Allah (in prayer) will be better than the whole world and whatever is in it. " Abu Huraira added "If you wish, you can recite (this verse of the Holy Book): -- 'And there is none Of the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) But must believe in him (i.e Jesus as an Apostle of Allah and a human being) Before his death. And on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness Against them." (4.159) 
(See Fateh Al Bari, Page 302 Vol 7) & [Ahmed 10944, Bukhari 2222, Muslim 155, Ibn Majah 4078]



  1. Pls read page 25 about Khawajah Suleman Tonsvi (r.a.)'s malfoozat. Baat to sach hai aj kal ajeeb o ghareeb qism ki bimariyaan aur amraaz nazar aa rahi hain.


    2. I agree with this, signs are for those who ponder on these signs and try to follow....!! End times se mautaliq Ahadith ka maqsad hi yehi hai k signs par ghaur kiya jaye aur in ke mutabiq policies banayi jaen.

  2. Dear FG
    Please publish pages of Nafe- us -Salkeen of Hazrat Khawaja Suleman Tounsvee (R.A)

    1. InshaAllah I will post these pages once i found this book.

  3. please see this also
    The Topic: Signs of the last day in Christianity and Islam
    by An Interfaith dialogue between Maulana Imran Hosein and Rev. Geof Quinlan (Anglican Church, South Africa)

    (University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa 16th January 2008)

    What are the Minor and Major Signs before the Day of Judgment in Islam?

    What are the prophetic signs of the last day in Christianity?

    Is the End Near?

    The universe will one day definitely come to an end.

    Doomsday will inevitably come as revealed in the Qur'an in a verse "And the Hour is coming without any doubt ... (Qur'an, 22: 7)

    Together with keeping the time of Doomsday a secret from man, God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad certain events and portents that would indicate the time was approaching.

    Maulana Imran Nazar Hosein and Rev. Geof Quinlan discuss the signs of the last day from the perspectives of their respective faiths.

    Alhamdullilah it was very well attended with over 500 people, Muslims and Christians, attending.

  4. Don't see this video if your heart is weak.....

    Houla Massacre...

    Abu Hurayrah has narrated that the Prophet said:
    A man will emerge from the depths of Damascus. He will be called Sufyani. Most of those who follow him will be from the tribe of Kalb. He will kill by ripping the stomachs of women and even kill the children. A man from my family will appear in the Haram, the news of his advent will reach the Sufyani and he will send to him one of his armies. He (referring to the Mahdi) will defeat them. They will then travel with whoever remains until they come to a desert and they will be swallowed. None will be saved except the one who had informed the others about them. (Mustadrak Al-Hakim)

    The Sufyani's army will go to Kufa; a city in Iraq, and from there he will launch an attack against the people of Khurasan. At the Gate of Istakhr, Shuayb bin Salih and the Hashimite under the black banners, will join forces and engage the army of the Sufyani. The battle will be extremely fierce with a tremendous loss of life and the army of the Sufyani will suffer a temporary defeat. It is at this time that a yearning for the Mahdi's appearance is on the lips of everyone.

    1. 12,460 martyrs in 383 days...

    2. Bashar al-Assad and the Ergenekon of Syria

    3. Faisal Farooq. All Muslims are coward and there is no integrity Bloody Bashar-ul-asad killed thousand of Muslims and we muslims just waiting for the NATO help and Reading Predictions this is our duty. Turkey is a neighbor of Syria but unable to help Syrian Muslim even Adnan Oktar not pass a single comments for Syrian bloody president Asad .very sahmeful condition for Muslims

    4. Can anyone please inform me what nation on earth is supporting this cannibal asad will tooth and nail?

      Can anyone tell me which country has its boots on the ground in the shape of snipers, special forces, militia, weapons, equipment and of course petro tumaans.

      They are incharge of every such massacre taking place in Syria from the the day one. They are the very ones who will backstab Ummah at every given oppertunity. Devil is such a shape shifter!

    5. @Farooqui

      @"...Adnan Oktar not pass a single comments for Syrian bloody president Asad..."

      How can you say??

      Just above your's comment there is my comment having link about "Bashar al-Assad and the Ergenekon of Syria".

      If you want to know about 'Ergenekon' organization of Freemason then see this link...

      It was Lenin who came up with the philosophy of unsolved killings:

      ADNAN OKTAR: It was Lenin who came up with the philosophy of unsolved killings. In other words, Lenin recommends political killings, stemming from a Marxist mindset. It is an idea put forward by Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin. In short, it is a diabolical idea, and one whose roots are based in Freemasonry. Freemasonry does not commit its own murders, certainly it uses puppet organizations instead. Like the PKK, or the alleged organization Ergenekon, or various communist organizations, and thus they progress by bloodshed. Bloodshed is not an attribute unique to the alleged organization Ergenekon....

      Not only Adnan Oktar condemn bloody Bashar-ul-asad but also his father Hafez Al-Assad. Please see link

      The History of Terrible Oppression Hidden From the World:

      @"Turkey is a neighbor of Syria but unable to help Syrian Muslim"

      Only union of Islamic countries can stop this bloodshed.

      The Union of Turkey and Syria would bring prosperity, abundance, peace and joy to the region:

      Syria is under the spiritual guardianship of Turkey:

    6. Fitna in Damascus before Mahdi is foretold in Hadith

      The tribulation in Sham will calm down on the one hand and flare up again on another. This corruption will not end until an angel from the sky calls: "The Mahdi is your leader. The Mahdi is your caliph." (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 63)

      Jesus (as) will return:

    7. @ Baktare Noor Sb:
      I think I know what you are hinting at... But Allah of course is a lot more knowledgeable than us all, rather He ALONE is the source of all knowledge!

    8. Yes dear bro, you are absolutely right. Lets see what is revealed in the days to come.

  5. Prophecy of St Malachy

    names of 112 popes all detail

  6. in the above Prophecy of St Malachy, the prophecy states that there will be 112 popes, current pope is 111. Perdiction about him as follows. FYI, city of Seven hills is Istanbul!!!

    [[[In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End]]]

  7. MALIK:

  8. Baktar e Noor :The Answer is Iran now officially admitted the Al-Quds Birgade Of Iran That They involve in Massacre in Syria Iran A Hypocrite Country Always Support Satanic Forces .

  9. @Baktar e Noor yes, Farooqi is right. Think about it yourself who back stab UMMAT E MUSLIMA several times in the time of crisis. Who are the biggest deceivers in our times and currently reign in the land from where the biggest deceiver(Dajjal) ol all times will emerge. Who helped kuffar and their local puppets in occupying Muslim countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. who helped the brutal militias in massacring muslims in Pul e charkhi in Afghanistan and their savage militias of mehdi army and Badr millitia in Iraq,who slaughtered thousands of innocent Muslims inhumanly due to their belief. Who established proxy militias in nearly every important muslim country like Tentacles of evil and weakening them internally and help doing the work of enemies of islam.Who back stab Pakistan which was treacherously betrayed by
    these devils in the cloak of Muslim brother in giving some proofs to USA, of sharing with them atomic technology by Pakistan thus serving the USA like their slave and maligning pakistan of nuclear proliferation in international world.
    In fact they are fitna planted by jews with their satanic powers, in the early days of islam, in order to divide Muslims and weakening them.
    Currently the are helping brutal and anti Islamic rule of Syrian regime with arms and technical support and helping the predecessor of sufyani(deceiving and killing Muslims and helping dajjali forces and achieving its goals???).
    Strangely, no Muslim country is realizing their treacherous and devilish designs due to their dajjl(deceiving) and hypocrisy. The enemy painted them as like hero of Muslim world but in fact they are deceiving muslims and serving their masters(jews) in their plans.
    Brother, i think now you will not feel dificulty in recognizing the evil face of iran. I wish to spread this message to every believer of Allah Almighty and his Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) in order to recognize the real face of the devil and his followers.

    1. @ Tariq & Farouqui Sb:
      You have mentioned some good points I think, but I think we all very well know that Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) was aware of the infighting among Muslims in the days to come... It's there in Ahadith. So...

  10. Just like any religion doesn't teach killing similarly any sect also doesn't teach killing. Hypocrites and materialistic people present in every religion and every sect who are doing bloodshed.... We cannot blame any sect or group as a whole. Peaceful and cannibal people are present in every group.... Whoever who claim he is Muslim but kills any human then he is hypocrite.... Yes some evil jews created Fitnah between Muslims in earlier age of Islam which split Muslims but we can't criticize any particular sect that they are created by an evil Jew and all millions of followers of this group in last 1400 years are hypocrites and follower of Dajjal. It is illogical and un-Islamic. It is racism.

    If Basart-ul Asad who is Alvi is killing his own people then Saddam Hussain who was Sunni also killed his own people. If Sunni Musharraf killed his own people then Shia Zardari is also killing his own people. Religion is not common between these ruler... What is common between them??? love of their chair, rule.... i.e. material.... They are not Shia, Sunni, Alvi, Muslim, Jew, Christian but hypocrites and materialistic people....

    What is commonality between Asad, Qadafi and Saddam??? It is Political Ideology... both belonged to Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party... Bhutto was also socialist.... Ba'ath party is nationalist and atheist party... Army of Syria is atheist.... I have seen a video (posted also in this blog) of Syrian army beating and killing a man who was saying 'There is no god But Allah' and army men are saying 'There is no god but Asad'.... Atheism is wide spreaded in Syrian army (not in public).... Atheist Jews and Atheist Muslims will be follower of Dajjal. K F R (Kufr or Atheism) will be written in forehead of Dajjal. Shia, Sunni, Alvi, Jew or Muslim is not written.

    If some of you are thinking that I am supporting Iran or Shiaism then it is wrong. Iran supported Syrian army (see link below) but we know extremest are present in every group including Sunni, Talibaan and Pakistan....

    Syrian army being aided by Iranian forces:

    If Iran is supporting Asad then she will see the result when Sufyani will attack on Iran in next year.

    The bloodshed of Dajjal can be stooped only if all believers in Sunnis, Shias, Alvis, Muslims, Jews, Christians get united under one flag against unbelievers in Sunnis, Shias, Alvis, Muslims, Jews, Christians who are followers of Dajjal (KFR).


    1. ADNAN OKTAR: People should emphasize on love all around the world. People are loveless in general. This is a great scourge. And people are very unhappy. I mean this is a national disaster. This is a national disaster for Turkey and also it is a national disaster for every other country. I mean this is a calamity. You know that states make declarations for disaster areas; the whole world should in fact be declared as the disaster area. Lovelessness is a great pain. Insecurity is a great pain. How is it acceptable for people to be afraid of each other? People are afraid of each other, that is a disgrace. People should love each other with enthusiasm. They should love each other with affection. They should love animals, they should love flowers, they should love each other. They are to love the mountains, they are to love meadows, they are to love the scenery, they are to love the technical equipment. All these are beauties, Allah creates them all for us.

  11. To all and sundry on this blog and beyond:

    I have been directed to relay following revelation to all people regardless of their faith, creed and nationality. The information I am about to divulge may or may not be believed by the readers, it is their sole discretion to welcome these news with either type of response, although I expect an overwhelming nagation much more. The information is regarding developments surrounding the personality of Imam Mehdi, who indeed has been born and currently undergoing various stages of spiritual augmentation:

    Here it is:

    1. Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah Alehe Salam, by the ‘Izn’ of Allah SWT came to Imam Mehdi and gave Mubarkbaad and glad tidings to him, saying that Allah SWT has chosen him as his ‘Mehboob’ amongst all humanity (for the current age).

    2. It has come to the knowledge that after his demise, Dr. Israr Ahmed (RA) (Ameer and founder of Tanzeem e Islami and Tehreek e Khilafat Pakistan) received a warm welcome by Allah SWT and was honoured owing to his pain and struggle for establishment of Khilafa. Dr. sb, who had been very eager all his life, especially during the days prior to his death and had been looking forward and praying for the appearance of Mehdi, pleaded to Allah SWT to show him the answer to the prayers of all Ummah for the last many centuries. Upon this, the All Benevolent and Merciful Lord of the Universes granted his request and revealed the visage of Mehdi to him.

    With the ‘izn’ of Allah SWT, Dr. sb visited the ‘chosen one’ and congratulated him, and told him that he knows that Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (AS) has already paid him a visit, and now he (Dr. Israr) is here with the same message for him from Allah SWT i.e. Allah SWT has made him His ‘Mehboob’ amongst all humanity for the current age.

    3. The Imam of Time is indeed from Pakistan and is currently based in Pothohar region completing his levels of spiritual ascent.

    More later...

    1. Well Imam will recieve the naqashbandiya nisbat...

    2. @Baktar

      Well....Speechless after reading this....!! (Samajh nahin aa rahi k kya likhun)........InshaAllah

      Maktoobat-e-Imam Rabbani (r.a.) mein yehi likha hai. Agay Allah behter janta hai. If you say I can post this.

    3. Baktar sahab, aap ke post ka last sentence

      " The Imam of Time is indeed from Pakistan and is currently based in Pothohar region completing his levels of spiritual ascent."

      Yeh aap Imam Mehdi ki baat kar rahe hain ya pakistani imam ki?

      agar aap ki muraad imam mehdi hain to bhai sahab , imam mehdi ka taaluq to arab se hai, aap un ko potohar main paida kar rahe hain.

      mere khayal main potohar wale sahab pakistan ke imam ya leader hosakte hain.

      2nd malik

    4. Yes, your objection is justified given its background, but believe me, I am as baffled as you are upon this news.

      I had the same thoughts and ideas until something dawned upon me. Let us just wait for a little longer and see what comes up.

      Fast paced and unexpected developments are out maneuvering all theories!

    5. In one of his lectures about Imam Mahdi in 2011, Prof. Ahmed Rafique Akhter Sb. quoted a Sahih Hadith (at the very end of his lecture), which said that Asr or time of Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa (AS) would overlap...

      So I also second "2nd Malik".

    6. Dr. Israr Ahmed wept for us in his dua few days ago of his death...

      He asked in his some last lectures that why we are not serious in work for establishing Khilafah?.... I feel he was disappointment from Pakistani people :(. I never see huge public in his lectures. Till his death I listen his Jumma Khutaba regularly in his website. I had a wish to meet with him and discussed topic of Mahdi as I had listen about all his lectures about Imam Mahdi and end of time but my bad shyness didn't allow me to complete my wish. His death was also great shock for me...

      It is good if a Mahdi came from my area Pothohar.... Just like there are lesser Dajjal and greater Ad-Dajjal... Similarly there are lesser Mahdi's and the Greater Mahdi. For each lesser Dajjal there is a lesser Mahdi and for greater Dajjal there is a greater Mahdi. Example is 'Shuaib bin Salah' (Mansoor of Kurasaan) will be a lesser Mahdi for a lesser Dajjal 'Sufyani' of Syria.

      For lesser Dajjal see Hadiths about 'Ibn Sayyad' who was not Dajjal but lesser Dajjal at time of prophet Muhammad (saas)...

      'Abd Allah ibn 'Umar said, "'Umar ibn al-Khattab went along with the Prophet and a group of people to Ibn Sayyad, and found him playing with some children near the battlement of Banu Maghalah. At that time Ibn Sayyad was on the threshold of adolescence; he did not realise that anybody was near until the Prophet struck him on the back. The Prophet (S) said to him: 'Do you bear witness than I am the Messenger of Allah?' Ibn Sayyad looked at him and said, 'I bear witness that you are the Prophet of the unlettered.' Then Ibn Sayyad said to the Prophet, 'Do you bear witness that I am the Messenger of Allah?' The Prophet dismissed this and said, 'I believe in Allah and His Messengers.' Then the Prophet asked him, 'What do you see?' Ibn Sayyad said, 'Sometimes a truthful person comes to me, and sometimes a liar.' The Prophet said to him, 'You are confused', then he said, 'I am hiding something from you.' Ibn Sayyad said, 'It is Dukh.' The Prophet said, 'Silence! You will not be able to go beyond your rank.' 'Omar ibn al-Khattab said, 'O Messenger of Allah, shall I cut off his head?' The Prophet said, 'If he is (the Dajjal) you will not be able to overpower him, and if he is not, then killing will not do you any good.'"

      Mohammad ibn Munkadir said: "I saw Jabir ibn 'Abd Allah swearing by Allah that Ibn Sayyad was the Dajjal, so I asked him, 'Do you swear by Allah?' He said, 'I heard 'Omar swear to that effect in the presence of the Prophet, and the Prophet did not disapprove of it.'"

      Some scholars say that some of the Sahabah believed Ibn Sayyad to be the greater Dajjal, but that is not the case: Ibn Sayyad was a lesser dajjal....

      For lesser Mahdi please see statement of deputy of Sheikh Nazim 'Sayyid Ahmed Ammiruddin' that Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is one of the lesser Mahdi’s we know....

      I don't know Mahdi of Pothohar is lesser (regional) or greater but I believe greater one will come from left of Hijaz. He will not come from Hijaz but will rule over Arab as mentioned in Hadith. Allah Knows Best


    7. This post force me to speculate ...
      That Bakht you are Prof Student
      & you got this info from him

    8. @ Faisal Bhai:
      I too used to visit Dr. Israr's website and at times listened to Friday lectures... I too had great love and respect for him. I became convinced of the Haraam system we live in, only after listening to his lectures (especially Tarjumat-ul Quran).

    9. @B.N
      Photoharrr? Sheikh Nazim(Q.S) said that imam mehdi has been born and currently he is in Hijaz. somewhare in a cave in hidden state. It seems contradiction. Am I right?

    10. What is the authenticity of this information?? Any clue about the source of information?
      Other day, it was heard that due to his inclination towards a particular school of thought, Dr.Israr didn't use to talk much about Love of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and is therefore not in a good state in the life hereafter. Apparantely there are different news/views/information regarding the personalities who have passed away, but people here seem to believe as if the information posted here about Imam Mehdi, Dr.Israr is fully authentic/verified.

    11. @"therefore not in a good state in the life hereafter"

      How do you know???

      Following is more important than just talking.....

    12. @Faisal Farooq
      Just as Baktar has heard some positive things about him, similarly some negative things are also afloat about him.
      Yes, following is important than talking BUT for a person whose main job is lecturing i.e. talking, he should be very careful in his selection of topics of discussion. Deliberately omitting some very important topics (such as Hub-e-Rasool (SAW) which is the basis of Eman) is indicative of lack of impartiality and doing injustice with the important job for which you are chosen.
      Allah knows the best.

    13. @Anonymous

      15 videos of Dr Israr Ahmad about 'Hub-e-Rasool(saw) k Taqazay'

      Hub-e-Rasool(saw) k Taqazay : Dr Israr Ahmad 1/15

      But you didn't give answer of my question that how do you know that Dr Israr Ahmed is not in a good state in the life hereafter?

    14. @"Sheikh Nazim(Q.S) said that imam mehdi has been born and currently he is in Hijaz. somewhare in a cave in hidden state."

      I clearified this statement from Mureed of Sheikh Nazim.,,, Cave does not mean physical cave but spiritual cave to protect from enemies just like in a cave Prophet Muhammad (saas) hided himself with Abu Bakir Sadiq (ra) for protection. Enemies were present in door of cave but they couldn't reach to them. Naqshbendi order starts from Abu Bakir Sadiq (ra). Naqsh is transferred from his (ra) heart to Sheikh Nazim's heart. Today Sheikh Nazim is helper of Imam Mahdi in cave just like Abu Bakir Sadiq (ra) was helper of Prophet Muhammad (saas) in cave. Due to naqsh (pattern) transferred in heart of Abu Bakir Sadiq (ra) nad his help in cave he became first Caliph of Islam. Allah Knows Best

    15. i'll disagree here with faisal.
      According to me all orders come through Syedi Ali alaye hi salam.
      The chain of anqshbandi order refrred to hazrat abu bakr is not consistent.
      and it seems to be forged.
      You may disagree with me.

    16. Baktar e NoorJune 1, 2012 at 9:15 AM:

      you posted this article on the above date.Amazing. Even i did not know at that time. Was it a dream or just simple intuition but what ever it was you are damn right..

  12. imam mehdi will be from among mujahideen of Allah.not sitting on some khanqah or gaddi nashhen on some grave!
    read ahaadeeth about him

    1. Indeed, a someone who strives for the sake of Allah SWT alone!

    2. You have made me speechless. InshaAllah time is very near. Thanks for sharing. May Allah increase your knowledge more and more.


    3. The month of Rajab is also here! May Allah be very Kind to us!!

  13. Dear Baktar e Noor
    Very glad news about Imam of time and it is also very strange for us to know that he is belong to the region of pothohar.
    I am not expecting from you to spread false news but may i asked that can you please tell us who share this glad tiding with you.(Doodh ka jala chach ko bhe phunkh phunkh kar peeta hai).By the way i am also born in this region of tehsil Attock but this region is not my ancestral place
    Earnestly waiting for more

    1. @ Baktar e Noor & Tariq
      I also think that this is a false news. Imam of time (Imam Mahdi (A.S.) will be from Arab. The news shared by Baktar e Noor is may be about Green Eyed man of Pakistan. Both are different persons.

    2. Masha'Allah!
      It is proven from Ahadiths that Imam Mehdi will appear from hijazz.
      This personality may be "Green eye Mujahid" of Pakistan(Allah know best). Brother Baktar e Noor may elaborate it further.

  14. Baktar e Noor kuch Time Pehlay Gober Shahi Nami Admi Nay Imam Mehdi Honay La Dawa Kiya Tha woh Admi Bhee Potohaar kay Qareeb ka tha .Imam Mehdi Arab Hey Nay KAy Pakistani Janaab Woh syria Mey Paisa Hongey Aur Mecca Mey zahir Hongay Plz janaab Ghulut News Nahee Pehlao kuu logo ko miss guide kurtay hoo aap log

    1. @Farooqui

      Brother can you post Hadith about Imam Mahdi will be born in Syria?


    P.S. - Someone referring to Dr. Israr Ahmed about his meeting with Al Mahdi when he (Dr. Israr Ahmed) was alive and citation of the region Potohar is fabricated and wholly FASE!

  16. typo: Meant to say is fabricated and wholly FALSE!

  17. False news,Never believe it. The most authentic source for muslims are Quran and Hadiths and it is very clear that Imam Mehdi will appear in Mecca during Hajj time. Nobody,even so called wali or saint can nagate it and if someone did so he is liar.
    A False Mehdi in preparation.....?

    1. @Khalid

      Brother Baktar-e-Noor never said Imam Mehdi will not appear in Mecca during Hajj time. Can you post hadith about birthplace of Imam Mahdi and place of his initial struggle?

      I also don't believe Greater Imam Mahdi will be born and start his struggle from Potohar (North Punjab) but Baktar-e-Noor didn't negate Hadith because birthplace of Imam Mahdi is secret....

      Ali Ibn Hussain Zaynal Abidin (as): "HIS [HAZRAT MAHDI’S (AS)] BIRTH WILL BE HIDDEN FROM PEOPLE...”

      (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 51, p. 135)

      Different places are mentioned in Hadiths showing his different stages of his struggle like He will appear (or migrate) to Makkah, descend to Jerusalem and emerge from place that contain banner and sacred relics of Prophet Muhammad (saas) etc...

      So calling liar to any one is not good....

  18. I am not expecting anyone to believe any of if. This is a 'basharat' being given to you. To believe or condemn it is your own right. Allah SWT is not bound by our whims and wishes. He does what He wills.

    If He wills that His last Prophet (Sal Allaho Alehe Wassallam) will not be from Bani Israel but will be from Bani Ismael then not one among His makhluq on earth can challenge that! If He wills that Quran will be revealed to an Ummi and Orphan(Sal Allaho Alehe Wassallam) of Quraish and not to the honchos of Makkah and Taef then who can challenge Him??

    It was after much contemplation that i have released this information here but only when the 'izn' was given, rather 'hukum' was given! If you smell falsehood in my words, then i pray that Allah SWT may save us all from falsehood and guide us to the truth. Ameen.

    1. Baktar,

      I have been following this blog from day 1 and I know you from the very first comments you made here.

      I have always found you a reasonable and sincere gentleman and have no reason not to trust you.

      If you permit me to ask how truthful and trustworthy is your source ? I am sure it wont be one of those anonymous text messages or emails...

      Please share details as you have left a lot of people like me in sheer confusion and anxiety.

      Peace be upon you,

      A brother in deen.

    2. Brother what is the proof that this strange news is basharat from Allah. what is the authenticity of this basharat, and if this is a basharat than why you not sharing with us the complete info regarding who is responsible for this news to reveal to the people.
      Mirza Qadiyani aur Gohar shahi waghera ney bhe daway kiay thay aur apni baton ko Allah sey mansoob kia tha.Agar aap khul kar baat nahi karaingay to shakook o shubhaat mai izafa hoga aur koi bhe aap ke baat per yaqeen nahi karayga.Sheikh Nazim kehtay hain ke Hazrat Mehdi paida ho chukay hai aur wo iss waqat hijaz ke registan ke kisi Gharr mai hidden state mai moujood hai. Iss sey kam is kam ye sabit hota hai ke ya to aap jhootay hain ya sheikh Nazim.

    3. Your argument is correct given what we have come to know about this subject and history attached to it.

      All I can say that let time be the best judge...

    4. "All I can say that let time be the best judge..."

      Sir, I think I again understand correctly what you are referring to :)

  19. Yes, you are right.Time is the best judge.How much time,,,,,,,?, How much,,,,,,,,,.???? can you tell us in how much time it will be decided?

  20. All we would say is that O our Muslim brothers do ISTIKHARA and pray to ALLAH DZUL JALAL E WAL IKRAM tO show you the truth and bestow you with meeting Dr. Israr Ahmed r.a in your dream - and there you have the correct answer.


    I solemnly say that someone referring Dr. Israr Ahmed meeting with Al Mahdi is False and infect Dr Israr Ahmed never nor any man living on this earth met Al Mahdi. Al Mahdi shall not know until a night before his appearance that he is Al Mahdi.

    The CFR, The Bilderberg, The Skull and Bones and the Black Nobility has already planned to attack Muslims and the people of Pakistan but Pakistan will survive and this Pak Land has two task to perform i.e. Ghazwa e Hind and the Victory of Al Quds. Insha Allah Ta'aala Ho Al Azeen Soon.

    Where ever the Al Mahdi shall come from must Not be the subject but rather the we shall be prepared for " Sabiluna Sabiluna, Al Jihad o Al Jihad Fee Sabeel Allah!

    Prayers from,

    A slave and mujahid Al Islam, Fee Sabeel Allah.

  21. Typo: Meant to say " The CFR, The Bilderberg, The Skull and Bones and the Black Nobility has already planned to attack Muslims and the people of Pakistan but Pakistan will survive and this Pak Land has two tasks to perform i.e. Ghazwa e Hind and the Victory of Al Quds. Insha Allah Ta'aala Ho Al Azeez Soon."

    Prayers from,

    A slave and mujahid Al Islam, Fee Sabeel Allah.

    1. There seems to be a clear notion here in all these responses that perhaps i am not aware of the consequences of saying all i did about Mahdi! Am i not aware of what fate befell the fake claimants of Mahdviyat? I have been reading all the discussions/arguments/counter arguments 'raging' on this subject on the blog quietly and let me say that all that is being said is mere speculation for none of the people arguing here are aware of the actual 'proceedings' in this regard. I know, many of my sincere brothers will be offended by this statement of mine, but believe me, i was of the same opinion on this subject as you are until very recently...something dawned upon me and the two personalities finally merged. It came to be that there wasn't two separate personalities at all but it was only one!

      Just like i have 'for now' no means of convincing you of the truth of what i say, similarly you have no means of knowing that i am perpetrating falsehood and trying to mislead sincere people.

      I have always known it, without any 'Burhan' no one will believe the truth. So be it, there will be not one but many gigantic 'Burhans' for all to see and believe. Time is not that far for it to happen.

      For those who await Khilafa and true leadership there is a hint. Khilafa has been taken away from Arabs and Turks, if truth be told, they have discarded it themselves.

      Read this couplet by Iqbal (RA) with open eyes and alert brains:

      Ata Momin ko phir Dargah e Haq say honay wala hai
      Shikoh e Turkamani, Zehn e Hindi, Nutq e Aarabi....

      More later...

    2. Wooow, mashAllah, especially that last verse!!

      May Allah be very Kind to us all!!

    3. For God sake brother please share with us who guided you to this basharat are your blessed with zayarat from a "Muqaddas hasti"
      Sory my english skill is not strong, but i hope you understood.

    4. اس سے فرق نہیں پڑتا کے امام مہدی کہا پیدا ہوے ہے . اللہ نے ان کا نام اور جاے پیدائش ہم سے خفیہ رکھے ہے ان کی حفاظت کے لیے. پہلے تو ان کو بھی نہیں پتا ہوگا کے وو امام مہدی ہے لیکن جب اللہ ان کو ایک ہی رات میں درست کر کے ان کو پتا دیگا کے وو امام مہدی ہے تو بھی وہ کبھی بھی دعوا نہیں کرے گے کے وہ امام مہدی ہے . ان کا مقصد امام مہدی بننا نہیں ہوگا بلکے اسلام کو پوری دنیا میں نافذ کرنا اور مسلمانوں کا قتل عام بند کرنا ہوگا. مہدی کا خطاب ان کی کامیابی کے بعد ان کو دیا جاے گا

      ہمارا مقصد بھی کسی کو مارنا اور ختم کرنا نہیں ہونا چاہے بلکے سب کو اسلام کی طرف بلانا اور خون خرابہ کو بند کرنا ہونا چاہے . جب تک خلافت قیام نہیں ہو جاتی ہم زور اور زبردستی سے امن نہیں قایم کرسکتے . ہم صرف تبلیغ کرسکتے ہے کے خون خرابہ بند کیا جاے . ہم لوگوں کو موبلایز کر سکتے ہے . جب خلافت قایم ہو جاے تو ہم اپنے خلیفہ اور امام کے حکم سے غزوہ ہند بھی کر لے گے . بغیر امام کے کوئی غزوہ نہیں ہوتا

      وقت اے گا تو ہم امام کی کامیابیوں سے ان کو پہچان لیے گے. اگر میں حدیثوں اور تورات سے اخذ کرو کے امام استنبول سے اپنی سرگرمیاں کا آغاز کرے گے یا پھر عرب یا پاکستان سے کرے گے تو اس سے فرق نہیں پڑتا . صرف ایک ہی امام وقت ہوگا جو کامیاب ہو گا


    5. Again please let me speculate ... if im wrong please correct me ... by the Iqbal (RA) couplet, you mean to say that , the any leader in line will be of (Turkish setteled arab, later migratted to sub-continent (pakistan)

  22. @Sarwari Qadri

    Brother your comment posted.


    Sarwari Qadri's question is for you.


    Please watch after 14:40
    It may clarify a few things...

    1. Thanks for sharing. Allama Iqbal was Mujaddid of east and Baiduzzaman Said Nursi was Mujaddid of west in last Islamic century.

    2. OK Said Nursi was influenced by (as stated by wikipedia) Quran, Imam Ali, Abdul-Qadir Gilani, Al-Ghazali, Ahmad Sirhindi, Ash'ari. That's a very interesting list of influences... Though we in the subcontinent don't even know his name, and that's a pity actually!!

  24. Let me further elucidate my concept of Mahdi.

    Once a truly enlightened scholar said in one of his treatises that "Mahdi is not about claiming to be so, but to 'prove' it to be so". "Mahdviyat daway ki cheez nahi balkeh kar kay dhikhany ki cheez hai!"

    I am thoroughly with you if you think that any claimant of 'mahdviyat' should be taken with a pinch of salt, in fact i would myself deny any such claimant because the real Mahdi will never start his work with such claim.

    Now, for a moment here, please discard anything you have ever read in the books or heard in lectures on this issue and tell me one thing.

    What if a person who brings about revolution in this country; ridding it of oppression, corruption and all ills ailing it, someone who conquers india, takes back Kashmir, routes away the crusader zoinist hordes from whole Muslim world, unites the whole Ummah under one banner from Central Asia to Middle East to South East Asia etc. , inspires billions of non-Muslims of the world to come into the fold of Islam...but... he never claims to be Mahdi and he is neither and Arab nor a Turk and is of a humble lineage, will you regard him as Mahdi indeed or merely some nice chap from Raja Bazar, Model Town or Lyari but not Mahdi?

    1. Great Mahdi is Turk, Arab, Persian or Pakistani is not important. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi stated Great Mahdi will complete three great duties which will distinguish him with earlier Mujaddids or lesser Mahdies.


      1) Here, Bediuzzaman says that there are two different kinds of mahdi. The first are the PREVIOUS MAHDIS, and the other is the GREAT MAHDI (AS) who will come in the End Times.

      2) The attributes of the previous mahdi do not conform to those of the “great Mahdi (as)” described in the hadith.

      3) Said Nursi states that no mujaddid apart from the Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be able to discharge the three tasks performed by the Hazrat Mahdi (as) at one and the same time:

      “I have many times indicated in my letters that THE SPIRITUAL ENTITY OF THE HOLY COMMUNITY THE HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) REPRESENTS has three duties. If Doomsday does not come to pass very soon and people do not totally turn away from the (true) path, then we hope from the mercy of Allah that his community and sayyids (those descended from the line of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)) will perform those duties. AND HE WILL HAVE THREE GREAT DUTIES. (Emirdağ Addendum, p. 259)


      1) In this extract, Bediuzzaman refers to the Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his blessed community. Here, it is clear that these are two distinct concepts;

      - Who represents the blessed community? The Hazrat Mahdi (as).

      - What does the Hazrat Mahdi (as) represent? His blessed community.

      2) There will be a community LED AND REPRESENTED BY THE HAZRAT MAHDI (AS). This blessed community will constitute the spiritual entity of the Hazrat Mahdi (as).


      - Here, Bediuzzaman refers to the Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will appear in the End Times having not one or two duties, but THREE DUTIES, and that he will discharge these duties together with the community he represents.

      - He reports that these three duties are some of the most important signs distinguishing him from earlier mahdis and his being the GREAT MAHDI (AS).

      - In this extract Bediuzzaman makes no distinction between the political Mahdi (as), the Mahdi of Authority or the Religious Mahdi (as), and states that the Hazrat Mahdi (as) he describes as the GREAT MAHDI (AS) will possess these three attributes together.

      ... continue ...

    2. C) … we expect from the Divine Mercy that HIS community and the sayyids (those descended from the line of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)) will discharge these duties…

      - In saying this, Bediuzzaman is making it clear that the community led and represented by the Hazrat Mahdi (as) will discharge these duties.

      D) ... and HE will have THREE GREAT DUTIES…

      - It is once again made clear that it is the HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) who will discharge these three great duties.

      …THE GREAT MAHDI (AS) HAS MANY DUTIES. HE IS ACTIVE IN MANY SPHERES, SUCH AS THE POLITICAL SPHERE, THE SPHERE OF RELIGION, THE SPHERE OF AUTHORITY, AND THE SPHERE OF STRUGGLE, and since at times of despair in every century there is a need for the likelihood that a Mahdi or kind of Mahdi will come to their assistance to reinforce spiritual power; by Allah’s mercy, a kind of Mahdi (descended from the line of the Prophet (saas)) has come in every age, and maybe every century, and protected the path described and revealed by the Holy Qur’an and revived it... (Rays, p. 590)

      In this extract, Bediuzzaman again refers to the three great duties to be discharged by the Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will come in the End Times. It can once again be seen that it is the GREAT MAHDI (as) who will have all these attributes, rather than being merely a POLITICAL MAHDI, merely a RELIGIOUS MAHDI, or merely a MAHDI OF AUTHORITY.

      Hazrat Mahdi (as) was heralded by Bediuzzaman:

      Hazrat Mahdis (as) three great duties:

    3. @ Baktar e Noor Sb:
      Again bohat khoob kaha!!

      "All I can say that let time be the best judge..." sounds very reasonable :)

      Allah is sitare (Star) ko or ziada chamak ata farmae!!

      Nigeh Buland, Sukhan dilnawaz, Jaan pursoz,
      Yehi he Rakhte Safar meer-e Karawan ke lye!!

    4. Allah Pak is Hasti ko or ziada Himat or Izzat de, Amin!!

  25. @FG thank you very much for posting my comment. @ Baktar I am following your thoughts now. However I am very eager to know the basis of the basharat you shared with us. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Peace be upon you.

  26. The Flag of Quresh is called Al Uqab( the falcon), White falcon is the Sign of Prophet Muhammad (SAW),

    And was also the sign of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani (RA), will also be the sign of Mahdi (AS).