April 13, 2012

Predictions of Allama Iqbal & Allama Asad about ‘System of Deception (Dajjal)’

لادین مغربی تہذیب اور دجال سے متعلق پیشگوئی کی وضاحت

More and more new things comes to our knowledge when we explore the books written by Saints. These noble men warned us about the ‘Age of Deception’ and explained the signs of Dajjal (The Deceiver) as described in Ahadith of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

 Allama Iqbal and Allama Asad, two great scholars of 20th century predicted and recognized the ‘era of deception/dajjal’, some 80 years ago by looking at the immoral faithless civilization and irreligious education system of the West. The excerpts posted below from Books ‘Javed Nama by Allama Iqbal’ and ‘Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad’ are eye-opener for Muslims. Urdu translation of some pages from 'Book: Road to Mecca', Chapter ‘Dajjal’ are added to explain it for Urdu readers.


Poem Link: Read Complete poem 1. (Javed Nama-35) Ahwal Doshizah-e-Mareekh Ke Dawa'ay Risalat Kardah
2. (Javed Nama-36) Tazkeer Nabiya-e-Mareekh



Chapter 'Dajjal', Pages 292-295

Note: Old English words (thee means you, art means are, thy means your, thyself means yourself, thou means you, hast means have, hath means has, dost means do)


  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum! MashaALLAH, this is one of the most credible and inspiring works on this blog. Here we have two seasoned and mature philosophers Allama Iqbal (ra) and Allama Asad discussing relevant insights about Dajjal & the perils of progress from Western civilization. JazaakALLAH! - Roman Ahsan.

    1. Wa Aliekumu Assalam !

      Thanks brother, InshaAllah with the passage of these hidden treasures of real knowledge will on surface and world will quickly move towards the Allah. 2nd part of this post will be more related to Pakistan.

  2. جزاک اللہ

  3. Zabardat yaar..May Allah bless you...

  4. Assalamualaikum

    Great post. I would like to say that when it comes to countering dajjal and dajjaliat, only knowledge will not be helpful to keep ourselves safe from the fitna. Many people have the information and idea of what is wrong and right but still they are not doing tazkia e nafs which is a must.The power of Imaan is necessary to be a part of the forces of Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa A.S. JazakALLAH khair.


  5. waqt say pehlay koi baat kuu kurtay ho bhai Allah jaanat hey kay kia honay walla hey yein humko Imam mehdi ka intizaar kurnay kaa nahee kaha gaya hey apnay apnay kaam kuro jub waqt aaye tu Allah sabit khudum rukhay hum sub ko Ameen.

    1. Ye waqt se pehle nahin hai, bulke waqt ko pehchana hai. App ko wohi milay ga jis ki koshish karain ge ya yun kehna chahye jis raste ki taraf chalain ge ussi manzil par pohanchain ge...!!

      ye Jabr-o-Qadar ka mashoor masla hai jis par history mein humesha behes huwi hai, Maulana Rumi ne issay bohat ache tareeqe se samjhaya hai.
      "Allah jo chahta hai wohi hota hai", iss Ayat ka aik matlab ye bi hai k musalmanon ko wohi kaam krne chahyen jo Allah chahta hai.

      Allah to ye chahta hai k puri dunya mein adal-o-insaaf ka nizam (yani Allah ka nizam) nafiz ho, to tamam musalmanon ko chahye iss ki koshish karain. Humain apna apna kaam hi karna hai magar konsa sa kaam? Dajjal ke under reh kar kaam ya Islam ka nizam lane ki koshish ka kaam, jo Allama Iqbal aur Allama Asad ne kiya.

      Allama Iqbal ne app ke sawal ka jawab bohat zaberdast diya hai, kisi din post kar dun ga.

  6. Excellent masha,Allah
    Indeed, Allama Iqbal(r.a)was an extraordinary person of muslim world.
    Agar hum logon ne Allama Iqbal(r.a) ke pegham ko samjha to hum aaj bhe apnay paon par kharay ho saktay hain

  7. Dear All,

    Please note while reading English pages of Book, Road to Mecca, some words are used in old English are

    thee = you
    thou = you
    thy = your
    thyself = yourself
    thine = yours
    hath = has
    hast = have
    dost = do
    'Tis = It is

    When you know the meaning of these words, all old English books and English translations of old times will become easier for you. thanks

  8. This year 14th August is on 27 Ramzan similar to 14 August 1947.
    Abdul Qadir Haasan columnist also told this in his article today, Pls look at it, may be what is destined may occur at that time.


  9. MashaAllah

    Orya Maqbool Jaan sahib launch Al-Ilm trust website


    and here is seven speeches of Allama Muhammad Asad on this website.


    Mein zaroor parhun ga. Thanks Orya Sahib. Allah bless you & your organization. InshaAllah I am with you.

  10. MasahAllah Faqar bahi zaberdast yeh jo sub jamaton nay mil kay Nato supplies khol di hay ab kia ho ga ?

    1. Kuch bhi nahi ho ga. bus govt. k akhri chand din reh gaye hain, dekhain ab tabdeeli kitne din baad ati hai. ye mulk to torne ka plan bana rahe hai, inhain shaid pata nahin Allah ne in ke liye kya tayar kar rakha hai. bus ab akhri marahil hain. Don't worry. InshaAllah.

  11. Only Qur’anic morality can put right the chaos caused by postmodernism:

    Postmodernism has become one of the most discussed concepts of recent times. Even though thinkers and scholars are not of one mind on the content of this concept, we can look at postmodernism in the light of the generally accepted definition "The stage after modernism, a trend that emerged in reaction to modernism."

    The kind of understanding that postmodernism proposes in such fields as art, science and philosophy is the subject of considerable debate. What really needs to be considered, however, is the kind of social structure that the trend foresees. Consideration of the climate of chaos, confusion and uncertainty in present-day societies is sufficient to understand that. Postmodernism is one of the most important trends shaping our world today, and with its values and views is one that constantly drags people towards chaos and difficulties. Even if postmodernism is regarded as a criticism of modern culture, which has left mankind facing a huge impasse, it is actually rising to prominence on the back of the spiritual emptiness and collapse caused by the modern age. Unless that spiritual emptiness is filled, then criticism of the contradictions within the current system is meaningless. We need, therefore, first of all to consider the concept of "modernism" that this system is built on.

    Modernism is generally regarded as largely equivalent to the civilisation built by the West and the values of that civilisation. It is a system that was born in Europe, in other words the Western world, comprising those ideologies and movements that emerged with the Enlightenment.
    The main point that makes this system that developed and strengthened during the 19th century "modern" is that with that system Europe abandoned everything to do with its history and traditions and came under the influence of a new world view. So what kind of world view was that, and what did it change in the Western world? The answers to these questions will help us understand the ideological roots of postmodernism.

    The Collapse of Modernism, or Materialism:

    Postmodernism is also Collapsing:

    Solution: The Values of the Qur'an:

    O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Surat al-Baqara: 208)


    Read full article:

    1. Why Dajjal is in anger and splitting the blood of Muslims? It is because western materialistic society is collapsing, materialism is collapsing, communism and capital are collapsing, Fascism in Muslim world is also collapsing. Next are bigotry and hypocrisy among Muslims who will also collapse which is last tool in hand of Dajjal.... Dajjal is in anger because of rise of Islam...

      The Rise of Islam:

      - Islam is on the rise
      - The fall of atheism and the rise of faith
      - The rapid spread of Islam in America -1-
      - The rapid spread of Islam in America -2-
      - Europe and Islam
      - Islam is growing in Russia and China, too
      - The rapprochement between Muslims, Cristians and Jews
      - Conclusion: Glad tidings of 21 st century


  12. Free urdu PDF Books Download Here

  13. Hamaray parliment mai aksaryat ganday andon ke hai ab in ganday andon ke tornay ka waqt aa gia hai

  14. No power on earth can defeat a Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur and a revived Khudi! If men want to remain free with dignity, no power on earth can make them slaves! Men who are born free are destined to die in this world and then live on in the next! Pakistan will soon need its sons to be like this. Right now, you are NOT prepared.

    Revive your love for Rasul Allah (sm), read and BECOME Shaheen of Iqbal, follow your salat and Zikr, Read Quran and Muslim history, earn Halal Rizq, do sadaqa, take care of your health and physical fitness and spread this mission with all your force and will. InshAllah, Allah will protect Pak Sarzameen but now, once again, we will have to give greatest of sacrifices. prepare for it! Time is very close now for those who take advice! Those who do not take naseeha, will also know soon!

    1. Well said brother... time of sacrifices has started but Muslims having bigotry and hypocrisy can't see it.... Insha'Allah they will see it in next few years and then after these sacrifices we have great golden future.... The Call has been made....

      Storm Warden
      The Call
      has been made
      foolish is he at times
      to knowingly enter
      traps set against light
      for chance of shell
      damaged beyond repair
      foolish is he at times ....
      One against many
      yet hearts cry is that of
      My Lord should thy not
      then thy enemys
      shall take such actions
      of weakness in thy faith
      and loyality to thee
      for thou art thy Lord
      thy God and thy friend .....
      The Call has been made
      and battle begun
      Allahu akbar
      for my friend ..................

  15. Some must read articles of Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and freemasonry




    Dunya ke halat aur humaray hukamrano ke tarz e amal ko samajhnay ke liy
    Protocols of the Elders of Zion ka mutalia behad zaroori hai.iss kitab ka urdu tarjuma aap ko mushkil se milay ga jo mukhtalif musanafeen neay kia hai.Muhammad Yahya Khan nami musanif ka urdu tarjuma "Yahoodi Protocols" nami kitab acha hai.
    Dosto "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" ke bary mai aap internet se bhe istifada lay saktay hai.Meri aap sab say arz hai ke sab log iss kitab ko zaroor parain take aap par dunya ke halat ke haqiqy tasveer wazih ho jai

  16. Important articles to read:





    With a looming war with Iran, a mysterious and uncalled for sectarian strife erupts in some strategically important areas of Pakistan: in the north alongwith Chinese border where our Chinese allies are building up infrastructure and initiating developments for Gawadar-Baltistan Route, and in the south where Gawadar Port and surrounding areas are developed by Chinese, where a critical Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline will have to pass as well. Balochistan and Baltistan burns with this strange strife, aimed especially towards shia community! Is that so hard to understand the motives? Killing more than two birds with one stone that is, destabilization of Pakistan, disruption in Chinese-Pakistan plans for development, marginalization of support for Iran within Pakistani masses in case of upcomming war. When you kill a shia, shia retaliates by killing you then who is going to support iran if crusader-zoinist alliance invades iran, haan? How simple are the calculations and the results, very unlike Rube Goldberg machines!

    Why the lyari has become a war zone when it has been a hub of PPP? why ppp govt. is insisting upon action in there? After all, with the massive support of lyariites, ppp candidates have won the seats in both national and provincial assemblies in all elections! From north to south, from east to west; everything seem to be erupting in front of our eyes is artificial. Read the articles, they will come as quite a revelation to most!

    1. Dear,

      This is what the system of dajjal (the greatest deceiver) is, predicted 80 yeas ago by Allama Iqbal & Allama Asad. We can see 'Denier of God' written on his forehead......!!

      Pray to Allah that the 'Awaited Man' appear on the stage of the world now, only solution for this deceptive system of dajjal.

    2. Dear Faqar, 'Denier of God' is written on forehead on Darwinism which is religion of Dajjal and which brought western people towards Atheism.

      The Religion Of Darwinism:

      Dajjal was present in time of Prophet Muhammad (saas) but was chained. You can see his religion 'Darwinism' in superstitious Egyptian beliefs, in Hinduism and in Greek. It was chained in time of Prophet (saas) but it was released when Darwin gave umbrella of science in 1850's...

      The origins of superstitious religion of Darwinism:

      Abjd calculation of verse “Corruption has appeared in both land and sea” Surat Ar-Rum verse 41 gives value 1851 the year in which Darwin declared that he did not believe in God.

    3. Assalam-0-Alaikum Faisal Brother, I requested you earlier not to quote TOO MUCH from www.harunyahya.com. We should study from different sources to arrive at the truth. Harun Yahya or Adnan Oktar is a great scholar (I have explored his site deeply, including THE END TIMES article and also philosophies on life) but he believes that Imam Mahdi will be from Turkey (because he himself is Turkish). Also he believes that the Imam will do a intellectual struggle. I have got two Urdu books from Jamia Ashrafia, 1- Imam Mahdi ka zahoor, 2- Fitnah-e-Dajjal with relevant ahadith, and it is given there that the Imam will lead the Muslim world in deadly battles against the Dajjal's forces for 6-7 years after which Dajjal will physically appear. You see evil can only be crushed with force. Do you think all these wars which the Imperial forces are conducting like on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine etc. and threats on Iran, Korea can only be countered with intellectual struggle? Please use common sense also. Listen to other scholars also like Sheikh Imran Hosein, Dr. Israr etc. and read the actual ahadith also. By the way, I have got a book PERFECTED FAITH by Harun Yahya, and it's really inspiring but I read from lots of other sources as well. One last thing - Someone shared a video here on FUTURE OF PAKISTAN which showed Harun Yahya sitting in a gathering with girls in immodest liberal dresses and they were all listening to American songs & swinging their bodies to the melodies (including Harun Yahya). After that video, I am much dissapointed in the scholar because all those things were far far from Islam. Even a Momin is not perfect, but for a Islamic scholar of such great caliber to carry out such gestures OPENLY is MOST DESPICABLE and HARAAM. That's why I consider scholars like Sheikh Imran Hosein, Dr. Israr, Justice Retd. Taqi Usmani etc. much more credible than Harun Yahya. And please note my age is 42 years, I am not a teenager who does not understand things, just to guide.

      Also, we have to make practical steps in blocking porn sites in Pakistan because they are really spoiling the youth and their emaan. I believe that is Dajjal's biggest weapon in today's times in making people lose their emaan (because it is given in ahadith that many Muslims will lose their emaan in Dajjal's times). ALLAH HAMAY ISS FITNAY SAY MEHFOOZ RAKHAY - AMEEN. - FEE AMAAN ALLAH - ROMAN.

    4. yes you are right. I always ask to faisal farooq plz stop this. but he can't. Nobody interested in these type of arguments. its irritating.
      Please I have a lot of knowledge about islam and latest tech.


    5. Wa Alaikum Salaam Roman Brother, It is good that you've read also Harun Yahya, admired his work and called him great scholar. I couldn't understand your logic that if you have some disagreement with his views then why I don't post comments from his work? I have deeply studied Dr Israr Ahmed on topic of End of Time and also listen his tafseer of Quran. I know all Hadiths you have mentioned above. Why I'm posting Harun Yahya only? because here you and others are present to share topics of different Islamic Scholars. No one was sharing Harun Yahya articles so I started sharing.... Also I found extensive work of Harun Yahya on topic of Imam Mahdi more than any other scholar. All materials are easily available in English and easy to search and share. One reason is also that I am managing his facebook page "Pakistan - Harun Yahya" so it is easy for me to share his articles.... I never said other scholars like Imaran Hosain, Dr Israr and Taqi Usmani are wrong or less caliber scholars. They also did great job....

      Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Yasin also said Imam Mahdi will be from Turkey. If people here in this blog can assume Imam Mahdi is from Pakistan without any solid basis or Hadiths then why not I do assume that he is from Turkey?

      Brother you are saying Imam Mahdi will shed blood then what about this famous and authentic Hadith that Imam Mahdi will establish Caliphate in step foots of Prophet Muhammad (saas)? Did Prophet Muhammad (saas) and his companion kill any single person before establishing Caliphate in Medina (before migration)? All ghazwahs were fought after making Caliphate to protect authority of Allah in land and to protect Muslims. All Ghazwahs were defensive. Similarly Imam Mahdi will never and his 313 followers or students never kill anyone. Hadiths tell that he will migrate to Makkah and hide himself in Kaaba. How he can kill anyone? Even army of Sufyani will be killed in earthquake who will attack on him... All the battles of 7 years mentioned in Hadiths are attacks of Atheist Romans or Nato on Caliphate and Imam Mahdi will defend his Caliphate. He will do Ghazwa-e-Hind but after creating caliphate. These battle are part of later stages. First stage is intellectual struggle like Prophet Muhammad (saas) did before migration....

      A single group cannot defeat Imperial forces intellectually and forcefully. Imam Mahdi will intellectually create Caliphate in Jerusalem of different Islamic countries. Using this force and troops of Caliphate he will defeat Imperial forces, Insha'Allah.

      I already said a lot in this blog about video of female students joying Muslic so don't want to discuses it again.... I'll say only he is not hypocrite as he never hide his appearance. He has told by someone in 1986 to change his appearance and attract young Muslims. I have his photos before 1986 with long beard and oily hairs...

      Dajjal and Ad-Dajjal are different.

      Read Surah Kehf for protection from Dajjal.

    6. @Khalid

      Masha'Allah you have a lot of knowledge about islam and latest tech.

      If my comments are irritating and are not understandably for you then simply ignore them. There is no compulsion in religion.

      Read Surah Kahf. A great fitnah and war is coming...


    7. Brother Faisal, Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked India to liberate people from the atrocities of Raja Dahir. Was that against the spirit of Islam? When I say deadly battles in case of Imam Mahdi, I do not mean bloodshed of innocent people but the arrogant and those committing atrocities. Whether those deadly battles are in the shape of defense measures or attack, time will tell and ALLAH knows best, not me or you. We don't know for sure about any intellectual efforts but surely the Imam will have great grasp over knowledge. The Anti-Christ Dajjal will be the greatest fitnah from the time of Prophet Adam (pbuh) till judgment day, so things will be very dangerous for the mankind. Try to be humble please and accept your mistakes. I am not fighting with you, but I am certainly concerned about the people who read your posts endorsing Harun Yahya all the time. Kindly do not post any of his articles because as already pointed before the way he was behaving in the video was very vulgar. May ALLAH guide you - ameen! - Roman. [Brothers Faqar and Baktar, kindly ensure that no article by Harun Yahya is posted here, this is my humble request]

    8. Brother Roman. Who said Muhammad Bin Qasim was wrong. He attacked India to complete order of Caliph of his time. Today there is no Caliphate and there is no our Caliph. We can only do DEFENSIVE WARS like we did war against USSR and USA in Afghanistan. This war without caliph was legal because many Islamic Scholar have gavin fatwa for Mujhedeen. I don't know where Harun Yahya said Jihad fi Qital is wrong??? Deadly battles of Imam Mahdi will be done after Caliphate to protect Caliphate. Before Caliphate all his struggle will be Intellectual. Give me any Hadith which say Imam Mahdi will kill anyone before establishing Caliphate. He will establish Caliphate in his older age and he will do a long intellectual struggle like other Prophets (as) did.

      [Brothers Faqar and Baktar, kindly ensure that no article permuting bloodshed and hatred with women and people of books is posted here, this is my humble request]

    9. Faisal, there is no need to share too much information here. Have you heard about the term "information overload"? You see anyone can do copy paste, but our objective should be different here. Thanks!

    10. SALAM,
      Bro Faisal, as you know so much in detail, do you also know about
      those countries which will be in danger or involve in those wars.Don,t worry about telling the truth. May ALLAH Bless you!

    11. Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Thanks first Anonymous for giving valuable suggestion :)

      For second Anonymous, source is only Ahdith. Prophet Muhammad (saas) have told all information in detail even characteristics of each ruler like Sadaam, Hisnie Mubarak, King Abdullah etc. Name of places are present in ahdith where Sufyani will attack.

    12. SALAM,
      Thanks bro,but still you did not answer my question and you want me(a lazy person)to search for it. As I mentioned before we think too much before speaking the truth.Why!
      May ALLAH BLESS you!

    13. WA Alaikum Salaam,

      About Sufyani

    14. SALAM.

  17. Please listen this lecture of Syed sarfraz shah
    after 8th min he informs about pakistan.

    Lecture 190 - Surah Rahman; Adl - 19-02-2012 - Lectures by Mr. Sarfraz A. Shah
    also Irfan ul haq sahib told some thing about pakistan on last sunday
    lecture in Lahore
    exactlly at 1 pm after lights were off.

    Time is near.............

    1. Can you share with Us?


    2. @faisal

      Can you provide me link of Irfan ul Haq Sahib's lecture.

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  19. The coming month of June will b also very important for Pakistan. As in June 1947, decision regarding independence of Pakistan was taken.

  20. Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel’s mission is a great truth

    I neither need any support of divine sanction, nor any declaration to that effect, for my mission is based on the facts of knowledge and science. But judging from the present situation of a world engrossed in the philosophy of materialism and blinded by the greed and necessity, I deem myself as failing in my mission in case I assume reticence on the point of the divine sanction of my mission. I will be brief and utter to truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the utmost of my ability, and God, the revealer of the truths be my witness, and no witness is better than God.
    Know that I was born on the 17th February, 1917 in village khabekki ,Valley Soan Sakaser, Khoshab, Pakistan and was something of a prodigy in a particular way. I remember an instance when I was but an infant a few months old. But here I will not dwell on any topic other than the dreams which I had during my life but the dreams only that are concerned with my mission. I had had the dreams in my life which are beyond the scope of Freud and Jungs and which I even today remember to the minutes details. Their interpretations I have seen fulfilled. I was the man to advance the work of Einstein, Darwin and Bacon, but Providence had a course different from theirs allocated to me, my mission had been to reveal to the world the views of the scriptures, the Quran and the Bible, regarding this modern atomismistic materialism, and it is to this effect that the divine sanction of my mission has to be linked. I absconded from the school after years of a coerced and tormented presence, without taking even the matriculation examination, and my father succumbed to the grief and died. And I to this day feel an inward sense of guilt and sorrow. Yet the matter may be considered as the will of the providence.

  21. by allama muhammad yousuf gabriel
    The First dream I saw, when I was but a young child. I saw in the dream that one of the rooms of the house of my father had no roof on it. Its walls too were around the walls as support. Presently I saw the light of two torches like the light of electric torches falling on the northern wall of the dilapidated room, and waving about as if the source of the light moved on toward the wall from the south. In the same instant a repeated sound of he word “Alarum” issued from the point of the source of the light, whence it issued. Soon I beheld the riders on horse back approaching the wall. The light of the torches actually issued from the foreheads of these riders. Their faces I could not see. They approached the room and I saw them climbing up on the eastern wall still on their horses moving on the eastern wall and traversing the northern wall made around and moving on the western wall climbed down and disappeared. In recent years I learn that Francis Bacon he son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, and the trumpeter of the modern age, while in his teens in France had seen in a dream two days before the death of his father in England, that the house of his father was plastered all over with black mortar. Indeed today the entire world is plastered with black mortar as a result of the philosophy which Bacon gave to the world. Two things deserve notice about my dream. Firstly that at that time I certainly could not have known the English word, Alarum, and secondly that I do not think I had then seen the light of the electric torch. Though the interpretation is before me, in the form of the light which I have found in the field of scriptures and that of science. And the alarum I do hear in the world as well as in my own works.

  22. Allama muhammad yousuf gabriel
    Then in the year of 1942, in my 25th year, when I was in Mussayyib, a place near Baghdad in Iraq, I saw the dream. I saw that I stood somewhere on a plane in Western Iraq or Eastern Syria, for the dark hills of Turkey I beheld in the north in the background. There facing toward the north I saw before me lying west-east with his head toward the west, and face up a ward, a very lean , tall and awarthy and looking dirty man tied with ropes, almost nude, to a bare bedstead woven with course, dirty looking material. I stood looking on him for a while, and then I saw myself a few yards to the north standing before a tree, not very tall, but round above the stem, with leaves that were broad and appeared like the leaves of the Pipal tree. On every leave sat a parakeet of green light, all humming together. The tree was on the whole wrapped in a shroud of radiance. I beheld the tree for a while and then I saw myself at a distance of about a hundred yards further to the north, face to face with two men, one of them stood a little to my left and the other a little to my right. The one on my left was of a small stature, very lean and a bit swarthy in colour, with his head titled toward his right shoulder as if exhausted with prayers, and was wearing a green turban like the one worn by Al-Hussaini the Late Grand Mufti of Palestine. The other one, that was on my right, was tall, sturdy, and handsome like a golden statue rendered by some great artist. And was beautiful and glorious, so that words fail to express. He stood upright with his gaze fixed on some very distant object toward the south, and his hair were black that reached the lobes of his ear. His beard was thick and black, but moderate in length and not I beheld him, the word, Ibrahim, arose in my mind, for the resemblance of this word and the upright stature of the man before me in uprightness. And when I stood before them, I thought I was a candidate and that the one on my left, the green turbaned one, recommended me for the post. And he without moving his head looked askance at the one on my right as if with expectation for the confirmation. No one spoke a word. The whole atmosphere was bathed in moonlight and if I do not err I felt very pleasant fragrance. I awoke with inexpressible joy and regret. Joy at the dream and regret a waking.

  23. Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabrie
    My interpretation of the dream is, that the tied up man was the symbol of my worldly desires which remained tied to the end of my mission for forty years. The tree was the understanding of the scriptures which I later had in an amazing manner. The green turbaned one was the symbol of a teacher, for thereafter all the knowledge of scriptures and science I acquired without a teacher. The green turbaned is a traditional figure to whom God had sent Moses to see a peculiar type of knowledge specially bestowed on him by the God. Moses, however, had found himself unable to learn a type of knowledge which was not congenial to his mind and his line as a lawgiver apostle. The instance is recorded only by the Quran and is nowhere to be found in rabbinical literature. The Muslim commentators of the Quran have called that person by the name of Al-khidhr because of his green dress.

  24. Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel’s mission is a great truth
    At the time when I had seen this dream, I could only read the Quran without knowing its meanings or interpretations, but late when by the Grace of Almighty Allah when I learned the meanings and the interpretations of the Quran I discovered some revealing facts about the dream I had long ago seen. Read the following from the Quran that refers to the nightly visit of the Heavens by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him):-
    “By the star when it setteth, your compatriot erreth not, nor is he led astray, neither speaketh he from mere impulse. It is no other than a revelation revealed to him: One terrible in power taught it him, endued with wisdom. With even balance stood he in highest part of the horizon: Then came he nearer and approached and was at the distance of two bows or even closer… and he revealed to His servant what he revealed. His heart falsified not what he saw. What, will ye dispute with him as to what he saw? No had seen him else another time. Near the Sidrah tree, which marks the boundary. Near which is the garden of Repose when the Sidrah tree was covered with what covered it. His eye turned not aside, nor did it wander” For he saw the greatest of the signs of His Lord”. (Quran : Liii: 1-18)

  25. Allama muhammad yousuf gabriel
    Two other dreams of significance in reference to my mission which I saw in the same period are as follows:-
    “I saw myself lying on a bare bedstead in the north east corner with my head toward the north in an empty hall made of mud, its lofty walls so exquisitely rendered and plastered that the like of which I have never seen in my life. Toward the north behind my head I perceived without looking at it the crucifix of Jesus. And I awoke. The other dream was that I saw myself standing with my face toward the south outside the gate of a very grand mosque built with blocks of brown Granite like the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore. The gate before which I stood was at the eastern corner of the mosque. I felt a severe wind coming from the west like a storm and I stepped in the mosque. There I stood in the corridor with my face toward the west and there in the middle of the mosque saw a cubical pile of the blocks having a side of about six feet and whitewashed all over.
    My mission it has been to reveal to the world the views of the scriptures, the Quran and the Gospel about this atomismistic materialism, so that this world may be guided away from the atomic hell. The conflict between Democritus and Abraham may begin, so that this world may be redeemed from the clutches of the demon of atomismitstic materialism. Amidst the blinding storm there are still signs of understanding. The words of late Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University, still ring in my ears when in the year of 1963 inquiry of a party of the Ulema about my identity after I had produced a very convincing argument about the certainty of the divine original of the Quran against a lecture delivered by the famous scholar Miss Annemarie Schimell that questioned the divine original of the Quran supposing that the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) of Islam to be the author thereof. He (Allama Alllauddin Siddiqui) had said, “This is a man who has been created in this nation by a chance. That light of the Quran which al-mighty Allah has bestowed on his breast, if this nation will not be able to take from him, Allah will never forgive his nation. Another man like him will not appear”.

    Allamah Mohammad Yousuf Gabriel
    c/o Khalid General Stores, Main Bazar, Nawababad,
    Wah Cantt, Distt Rawalpindi. Pakistan
    Dated : 7th November 1979.
    www. soonvalley.com

  26. About Allama Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel

    Mankind is facing danger unprecedented in history. The scientists have judged it as the total annihilation of life on earth, man animals and plants. But it is more than that it is the atomic hell. The author of Gabriel’s Islamic Bomb has in a missionary zeal from 1942 to 1982 made extensive studies and researches in the relative subjects of atomism and Quran, bible, sciences and philosophies. This present volume is one of the fourteen, written on the topic.

    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel is a symbol of universal peace, a model of simplicity, sincerity, sincerity and devotion, a colossal giant of ancient and modern learning, a philosopher, a scientist, a linguist a theologian, a poet and orator. He has a mission to save this world from the nuclear ruin the painful and disgraceful atomic doom of adamities. He wants to warn the mankind against the atomic hell and tries to guide them towards safety, while the appeals of the scientists and philosophers have been failed. The author was born on 17th February 1917 in khabekki village Soan Sakaser, Khoshab (Pakistan). It is very interesting thing that the author of such books has not attended any school, college or university from where he should get this knowledge.

    Rizwan Yousaf Awan



    By Allama Muhammad Yousauf Gabriel

    This earth no doubt never was meant to be an abode of unmixed bliss, or complete joy, no matter what the system, what the civilization, what the religion. This earth is a house for man's trial, and is thus the house of sufferings and afflictions. But far grievous is the state of mankind in the Baconian age. People caught up in the universal economico-industrial set-up, and being broiled in the Baconian furnace, still the victims of misunderstandings, consider this age as a great age of great possibilities, not realizing the loss of both the worlds. Their misunderstandings, however, will sooner or later be cleared, for the temperatures of Baconian furnace are fast increasing and will ultimately become unbearable. The hazards of Atomic annihilation through the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations are the trumpets of the consequential unpopularity of this Baconian culture and this Baconian progress. If, however, this Baconian system continues for long, then surely, this human race which still shows some humanitarian characteristics will, due to the dwindling resources and intensifying appetite, assume cannibalistic characteristics falling on each other to appease hunger, and tearing into bits, will devour up flesh, bone and all. Stronger individuals devouring up the weaker ones. The stranger nations devouring up the frailer ones, without a scruple and justifying their acts on this Baconian pretext or that. This is going to be the unfailing effect and the inevitable result of that philosophy which has given out the pursuit of natural philosophy for material gain as man's actual business, and moral philosophy as an impious continuation of the first transgression of Adam that of tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA St. Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan