February 15, 2012

War Between Spiritual Forces & Awaited Era (Excerpts From Book Alakh Nagri)

روحانی طاقتوں کی جنگ، بزرگوں کا فیصلہ، خواجہ خضر، اقبال، آنے والا دور

When all Saints are giving the same news that Pakistan is created by spiritual forces under the command of Allah and Rasool Allah (S.A.W.) for a special objective then there must be some mysterious spiritual dimensions of Pakistan, untold yet. Saints revealed this mystery but many aspects are still unseen. Here some excerpts from Book Alakh Nagri are posted. Strangely, Book name itself is very mysterious like the contents of the books and can be translated to ‘hidden/spiritual world’.

Mumtaz Mufti mentioned a strange dialogue between British Navy Officer and Qudrat Ullah Shahab when Q.U. Shahab was travelling to Dehli, before the creation of Pakistan. That British Naval Office was actually some famous Saint in disguise (most probably Khawaja Khizr) as we have already observed the strange role of Khajawa Khizr in 1857 War of Independence in previous post (See here). It’s our earnest opinion that Mumtaz Mufti Sahib deliberately not mentioned his name to avoid any controversies but when we read about the sudden change in Allama Iqbal’s poetry in 1906/07, it becomes clear that Saint was Khawaja Khizr in disguise. (Khizr is famous for providing guidance to the true seekers). Qudratullah Shahab was also guided by that saint in one sentence, see at the end of page 524.

Some sentences from the conversation of British Navy Officer are:
  1.  In this war, Spiritual forces of both sides are working. I am also a participant of this war. I got the spiritual powers in the forests of Kashmir, now my heart has been changed. 
  2.  The Saints of your country has decided that Britain should leave the Hindustan so we must have to exit.
  3. War history cannot be completed without mentioning my name.
  4. I also made a contact with Allama Iqbal. Without my contact, he might not become the one which he has become now. Iqbal knows me as a 60 years old Saint. (Please wait next post for further details)
He also told some strange one-liners about Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Lord Mountbatten, and some events of Q.U. Shahab's childhood specially suicide attempt of Q.U. Shahab which was avoided by direct intervention of a Saint of Dehli (That ‘Saint of Dehli’ was Hazrat Khawaja Qutub-ud-din Bakhtiar Kaki (Rehmatullah Alaih) as Mumtaz Mufti told his name at page 765 of the book, See Here). Mumtaz Mufti also wrote about a letter, sent to Q.U. Shahab by a disabled saint from Southern India and prayed for the arrival of awaited era.

From Book: Alakh Nagri

1. Q.U. S. & British Naval Officer (A Saint/Khawajah Khizr?)

2. Mission assigned to Q.U. Shahab in 1936 by 'Saint of Dehli'

3. Letter of Disabled Saint from South India To Q. U. Shahab

4. Era of Trials for Pakistan (A Letter by Q.U. Shahab in 1965)



  1. Dear Brothers & Sisters !

    Pls Don't become depressed on current situation of our country, Allah (swt) created Pakistan for a special purpose. Current situation is an indication that era is going to change soon. Pakistan is a spiritual country, passing through period of trials. Change of era/time is something destined and predetermined. All provinces of Pakistan will remain intact. Insha'Allah, I will post more about these things in coming days.

    1. May All give you more stgength! (Ameen)

    2. Insha Allah ul Aziz!

      Nazar Allah peh rakhta hai Musalmaan Ghyoor,
      Maut kia shay hai faqat aalam e ma'ani ka safar!

      There are so many things that we dont understand, and sometimes it feels they are in direct contradiction to what we believed before, there are so many questions no doubt! But faith and patience...it’s the key. Always remember Surah al Asr for if everything else seems suspicious then word of Allah will ever be a solid source of guidance and hope!

      We don’t have to pin our hopes to some personality or figure or to even an institution (that is simply not demanded of us), but to Allah and to do amal e saleh while being patient. Let us throw our weight into obedience and faith in Allah, loyalty to His Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wasallam) and our Motherland.

      Let us do what must be done at our own, individual level…be strong inside. Yes, we are weak, our hearts are bleeding and tears moan away their pleas through the corners of our eyes. Every single hope is withering away one by one…as expected, the thick dust and fog perplexes us more with every passing moment. We wonder where to turn to! The answer is, we turn only to Allah (SWT), for the time calls for turning away from everything or everyone else but to Allah (SWT). You see, an inbuilt trait in us humans is that we scarcely turn to Allah unless we are under great stress or pain. 99% of us tend to forget Him once we are at ease in our lives, so much as to forget that this moment of happiness and ease will eventually end and sorrow or pain will take hold; only that too will pass away.

      You may recall many examples in our surroundings when people have finally turned to Allah and Deen when they encountered a painful situation in their lives. How about Saeed Anwer the cricketer who found Allah after losing his beloved daughter. How about Yvonne Ridley who, from an altogether hedonistic lifestyle has turned to Allah and is even better then most of us for she is fighting for the cause of Islam and Muslims. In the West, she is the most prominent voice highlighting and fighting for Sister Aafia Siddiqui.

      I recall a lot of instances from my own surroundings, be that a lady who came to adopt strict shar’ai purdah from a carefree lifestyle because of an affliction she faced or some friend with less than admirable indulgences giving them up for fear of Allah and fear of embarrassment in front of the Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wasallam)!. Allah wishes us to be so, that is why He strokes us gently so that we keep on walking towards Him without straying away from His path. We will not be given a change unless we demand it with pure and willing heart.


    3. Do you remember how our Greatest Leader (SalAllaho Alehe Wasallam) replied to his blessed Companions (RAA) while digging the trench on the occasion of Ghazwa e Khandaq when they chanted:

      “We have pledged our lives to Muhammad (SalAllaho Alehe Wasallam) for a perpetual Jihad!”

      He replied: “Allahuma la esh’a illa’l esh’al akhira
      F’agfir lill’Ansaar wal Muhajira!”

      O Allah! There is no tranquility expect that in the akhira!
      So let the Ansar and Muhajireen be triumphant (in the akhira!)

      Simply put, Allah wants us to look up to Him, remember Him and be conscious of Him …all the time, because it is not our place to indulge in this world. We are here for only a very very short period of time and need to get united with Him in a blessed leisure! How can that be if we have spent this short span of time in exactly the opposite manner?

      Remember how Iqbal expressed his bewilderment when he said:

      “(O Allah) Although you do not need anything but require your lovers
      to prove your Oneness (Toheed) with their blood. Servitude and Love
      are two different plains. In servitude Angels take the lead – but O Allah!
      You desire mere submission from beings of Light but demands even
      more from the creatures of dirt!

      So be it! Let us acknowledge the will of Allah. Let us uphold the banner of sabr o raza in the face of adversity while doing good with a strong faith, so that we may unite with him in the blessed leisure our Greatest Leader (SalAllaho Alehe Wasallam) spoke of during digging the trench for an upcoming battle! Got my point?

      Mumtaz Mufti quoted Qudratullah Shahab sahib (RA):

      “Asal cheez to tyyari hai, aslaha bandi kay elawa Emaan ki tyyari bhi!”

      Translation: The issue worth consideration is ‘preparation’, not only weapons build up but ‘the preparation and build up of Emaan as well’!

      Go to this link for a quick revision of the lesson we need to sear in our minds for good:



      Don’t despair and never loose hope, for Allah is by your side!

      Insha Allah ul Aziz!

    4. Masha'Allah Baktar-e-Noor Sahib. Current situation is our preparation.

    5. @Baktar-e-noor

      JazakAllah, you provided the summary of the posts in few lines especially the line below is the crux

      The issue worth consideration is ‘preparation’, not only weapons build up but ‘the preparation and build up of Emaan as well’!

  2. Masha'Allah Faqar nice post.

    Satan Is the Head of The Idolaters’ Global Secret Organization, while Khidr (as) Is the Head of Muslims’ Secret Global Organization


    Hazrat Khidr (as) is a force opposed to the opponents of Hazrat Mahdi (as). He is a force that stops Hazrat Mahdi's (as) enemies. And he is a force that is seen and then disappears. That is one of the reasons for Hazrat Mahdi's (as) success. Hazrat Khidr (as) is an entity that assists Hazrat Mahdi (as). And he is also an entity that helps Prophet Jesus (pbuh). He undertakes roles in institution of states and in the collapse of states. Anyone looking at the story of Hazrat Khidr (as) can see this. Allah says, "Those cities: We destroyed them when they did wrong and fixed an appointment time for their destruction." (Surat Al-Kahf, 59) This meeting is between Hazrat Khidr (as) and the representatives of that time, I mean Rijalu-l-ghaib ("Hidden men").

    ...That is why satan is at the head of them all. Satan assumes human form, and that is the entity known as the dajjal. And he has his own team, an underground horde that is called the Shambhala. But that has been defeated in this century, and they are in wretched condition. In other words, the thing known as Agartha is the team of Hazrat Khidr (as). And thus that of the Mahdi (as). They have been defeated.

    Now, this defeat will be seen quite clearly and openly from 2012 on. This person says the same. He says, "there will be a sudden development in 2013."...

    ...Agartha is the institution that the alleged organization Ergenekon is most afraid of. In actual fact, the name of the horde of that alleged organization Ergenekon is "Shambhala." These were built up underground. Their satans are in caves beneath the ground....


    1. Who fears Hazrat Khidr (as), and why?


      Khidr (as) is among the people


  3. Why do you never translate these"?

    1. Due to shortage of time, I couldn't complete the translation. Some translations of previous posts are in progress. they will be added once they complete.

  4. thank yu faqar bhai for this beautiful post Allah aap ko khush rakhay pur kuch tv anchors balochistan k hawalay se ajeeb ajeeb baatain ker rahay hain aur ab to america ne bhi khulay aam madakhlat shuro ker di hai.Allah janay kia honay wala hai.

  5. iss mein khawaja khizr alaye hi salam ka toh zikr he nahi hai.
    bheis badlnay ki salaiyat sirf unn k sath he makhsus nahi hai.
    aur yeh ke khawaja khizr dehli ke buzurg nahi hain.
    lihaza guman e ghalib yehi hai ke HAzrat Qutbuddin Bakhtyar kaaki rehmtUllahi alayehi ka waqia hai.

    1. @hussain

      Pls read it again, you will find the answer of all questions, these are two different events. Pehle event mein Khawaja Khizr hi hain (Iqbal ke reference se dekhain) aur dusra event (suicide wala) woh different hai. Khawajah khizr ko dehli wala nahin likha.

    2. agar pehle event mein khawaja khizr hotay toh woh yeh kyun kehte ke yeh taaqatein mujhe kashmir ke jangloun mein ata ki gayee theen?
      zara sochein iss baray mein!!!!!

    3. @hussain

      There are many things, I deliberately did this post to highlight some important points
      First Khawaja Khizr is famous for giving guidance, I know this after reading 11 books of Allama Iqbal as Iqbal was guided by a Saint in early 1900 due to his 'Ikhlas' n 'Ishq-e-Rasool S.A.W'. (All the guidance comes from Allah, I am talking about worldly source). Iqbal frequently mentioned Khizr AS in his poetry. Wait till my next post.

      2nd, You see he tried to give guidance to Hitler as well (Tu azali tor par no. 2 hai, no. 1 banne ki koshish na karna). Similarly Its my opinion he tried to give guidance to Churchill, Gandhi n Mountbatten but they didn't recognize him. Iqbal recognized him as 60 year old 'faqeer', so he was not naval officer, he was some saint in disguise. that's why I wrote most probably he was Khawaja Khizr. If you read previous post you will find that reference.

      then he tried to guide Qudratullah Shahab also by saying 'Gehrai mein ghota lagao to moti milain ge'..... Actually this guidance is for all, jo haq ka talib hai ussay ghota lagana pare ga, satah par reengne wale keere ko samundar ki gherai mein paye jane wale moti nahin mil sakte.

      You see its all guidance. n Khizr is most famous for giving guidance. Its all my opinion which you can disagree. Kashmir mein taqatain atta hone ka matlab kuch bhi ho sakta hai, yani kuch ehkamat etc

      2nd event I am 100% sure That saint was Khawaja Qutab. I added page number above with reference post.

  6. Only ALLAH tallah knows everything mumtaz mufti was only a fiction writer. We must not forget that Mumtaz Mufti after all was a fiction writer... and as such what he writes should not be taken as absolute truth because he mixes facts with fiction to spice up his articles.

    1. @Anonymous

      I would be really grateful if you separate the facts from fiction? Pls post a comment with facts only from above pages.

  7. Shaykh Maulana Nazım declares "SAHİB-UL SAİF"


    This is a slideshow of pictures of Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi, the Representative of Sheykh Mawlana Nazim Adil el-Hakkani.
    Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi is Maulana Sheikh Nazims worldwide representative (Khalifa). He is blessed not only with sacred lineage, being a descendant of the Holy Prophet (AS)'s family, but he is also blessed with royal lineage of the Ottoman sultans. He was also born in Cyprus and personally raised and trained by Sultanul Awliya Maulana Sheikh Nazim. He was sent to North America at a tender age to acquire invaluable life experiences and ultimately to spread the true teachings of Islam and Sufism in this country and around the world.



  8. Who says it is not time of Imam Mahdi... Can't they see killing of innocents children in Palestine and now in Syria by followers of Dajjal and Sufyani????

    Innocent Kid


    Innocent Children


    Syrian forces attack Hama, ignore international pressure


    City of Hama?

    In the last decades, the city of Hama has become known as a center of the anti-Ba'ath (communist party) opposition in Syria, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood. The city was raided by the Syrian Army, beginning with the 1964 Islamic uprising, and becoming the scene of carnage during the Islamic uprising in Syria in April 1981 and especially in 1982, when some 25,000 people were killed in what became known as Hama massacre. The city was once again besieged by the Syrian military, as one of the main arenas of the 2011 popular uprising.


    Who is responsible???

    Every Muslim who does not strive for Islamic Union is responsible for the millions of innocent people in the Islamic world suffering oppression:


    1. Our Prophet (Saas) Related The Clashes Occurring In The Harasta District Of Damascus As A Portent Of The Appearance Of Hazrat Mahdi (As)

      “Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not appear until a village called Harasta, in the center of Damascus, is destroyed.”

      (Mar'iy b. Yusuf b. Abu Bakr ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Maqdi's “Fera Idu Fevaidi'l Fiqr Fi'l Imam al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar")


  9. Assalam-0-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters

    Aaj aik or drone humlay main 22 humwatan shaheed hogayay hain. Woh bhi kisi ki ulaad hogi kisi ka lakht-e-jigar hoga lakin main yeh baat kyon mention kar raha hon. Mujhay bhi bus baaton ka ghazi hona chahiyay or chand forum pay comments likh kar apni dunya main magan rehna chahiyay...kisi ko kiya farq parta hay...aam insaan thay...no big deal rozana martay hi rehtay han...the fire is not in my back yard so why worry...jab aag apnay ghar ko lagay gi to shayed sochay gay...pata nahi hum log umli qadam kub uthaigay...oh I am so sorry I disturb the tranquility and peace of this forum...sorry plz don't pay any attention...plz continue in your discussions...

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Brother,

      We have forgotten this valuable Hadith about Muslim Blood....

      "Muslim Blood more Sacred than the Holy Ka`ba

      In the Targhib wa’ l-Tarhib of Imam al-Mundhiri, 3/276 it has the following hadith from `Abd Allah ibn `Amr ibn al-`As (Allah be well pleased with him) that he said:

      “I saw the Messenger of Allah (saw) performing tawaf around the Holy Ka`ba saying to it: ‘how pure and good you are! how pure and good your fragrance is! how great and exalted you are! and how great and exalted your sanctity is! But by Him in Whose hand is Muhammad’s soul, the sanctity of a believer’s blood and property in the sight of Allah is greater than your sanctity!’“

      رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يطوف بالكعبة ويقول ما أطيبك وما أطيب ريحك ما أعظمك وما أعظم حرمتك والذي نفس محمد بيده لحرمه المؤمن عند الله أعظم من حرمتك ماله ودمه"

      My above comment is same about killing of innocent people including kids. To stop such brutality we have to first find reasons of these killing. Reason is mentioned in following saying..

      "Actually what is normal for people, is to live in peace. And the world does not have such a structure that could cope with wars. There is no reason to be so eager about more wars. But it’s obvious that the only way to stop more wars is to change the Darwinist materialist mindset in the world and educate people to be eager about friendship, love and compassion towards each other. In the communist, Stalinist and Leninist mindset, violence is absolutely necessary. According to their mindset there is contradiction in the society and contradiction brings about conflict. Thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis; they claim that there is naturally contradiction within the matter. They say, “Contradiction turns into conflict, and such incidents happen as a result of conflicts and thus we attain our goals.” “The society improves in one way or another; by way of conflict. We will proceed towards a communal society.” Consequently violence is the indispensable form or act of worship." [Ceylan Özbudak]

      We have to change the mindset and remove bigotry from people who are responsible for these killings.

      How a normal human can kill this innocent kid?


  10. Assalam o Alaikum brothers @ sisters
    Aap ne sahih farmaya brother "Anonymous" ke hum log drone hamlon mei shaheed honay walay musalmano ko shaid apna nahi samajhtay aur na hi insaniyat ke natay in ke himayat main awaz othatay hain. kyuon ke hum log iss ko parai ke takleef aur nuqsaan samajthtay hai.
    iss ke wajah ye hai ke hum logon ne Hozoor Pak Muhammad(s.a.w.w) ke uss hadith ko bhula daya ke kissi aik musalman ke takleef saaray musalmano ke takleef hai aur mazeed ye ke agar koi ghair muslim kissi dosray musalman mulk par qabza kar lay to jihad saray musalmano par farz ho jata hai"
    Hum log ab bhe Dajjali fitno ke baray main shukuk o shubhaat mai paray hoiy hai.Ye drone hamlay darasal dajjali hatyar hain.Amreeka ke scientist jo jadeed se jedeed hatyaron ke jo tehqeeq kar rahay hain in mai in logon ko shaitaan ke madad hasil hai aur ye sub tehqeeq ye sub new world order ke tayari darasal usi maseeha(Dajjal)ke liay kar rahay hain jiss ke baray mai inn ka khayal hai ke wo inn ka nijaat dehinda hai aur uss (dajjal) ke anay ke baad saari dunya par inn logon ke hukumat qaim hoge. Hadith ke mutabiq dajjal apnay mukhalifeen(Momineen)par aag ke barish barsai ga aur ye aag haqeeqat mai Jannah hai aur mawneen(kafir o munafiqeen) par rizq aur aasaishon ke barish barsay ga dajjal ke aag haqeeqat main jannah hai aur uss ke dunyawi jannah haqeeqat main jahannum hai

  11. Inn(drone hamlon mai shaheed honay walon) ka qosur kia hai? ye log na kebhe amreeka ya europe gaye hain aur na inhon ne kabhe wahan dehshatgardi ke hai lakin aik baat hai ke inhon ne kabhe bhe dajjali taqaton ke aagay sar tasleem e kham nahi kiya hai aur dajjali taqaton ke aagay pichlay 3-4 dihaayon se yehi log seesa pilai hoi dewar banay hoi hai.
    Amrika ke muzalim ke jo bhe mukhalifat karta hai to wo ya to dehshatgard, intihapasand,paagal ya fascist ka laqab pa laita hai
    laikin hadith ke mutabiq momineen(mujahideen) lakh malamat karnay walon ke malamat ke parwa nahi karaingay aur kufar ke saath aakhir dam tak larhtay rahingay.pichlay kai dihaiyon se Afghanistan mei mujahideen nay apnay say 100+ guna ziyada sab se advance hatyaron say lais dushmano ka jiss daliry aur istiqamat se muqabla kiya hai uss ke misaal tareekh e aalam mai milna mushkil hai aur mujhay 100% yaqeen hai ke Hazrat Mehdi(a.s)ka zuhoor insha,Allah issi giroh(Mujahideen e Islam) mai hoga kyonke in mujahideen ne jo baymisaal qurbanyan de hai to Allah Ta,Ala inaam ke tor par Hazrat Mehdi(a.s) ka zuhoor insha,Allah issi jumaat mai farmayain gey.
    AAj humaray pass 2 option hain ya Allah ke giroh(momineen o mujahideen) main shamil ho jain ya shaitan ke giroh(kuffar o munafiqeen)mai shamil ho jain iss ke ilawa koi teesrah option hamaray pass nahi bacha hai. to brothers and sister mayoss na hon agar aap practicaly jaani o mali tor par agar jihad mai shamil nahi ho saktay to kam az kam itna to kar saktay hain ke dil aur zubaan se to haq ko haq kahin aur momineen ke kam se kam darjay se to apnay aap ko na girain.aur rahi kuch blog waghaira par comments denay ka sawal to bhi ye bhe to jihad(jihad bil qalm) ke aik qism hai ke aap dushman(crusader America and its allies) ke media propaganday ka tor karain hamain har maidan main dushman ka mukabla karna hai aur hum koi bhe maidaan dushman ke laiy khali nahi choriangay Insha,Allah

    1. Assalam-0-Alaikum my brother Khan

      Aap nay meray dukh ko samjha to meray dil main kuch thandak pari. I hope there are more people like you who feel the pain...jab dunya main kahin bhi kisi bhi jaga masoom musalman ko darandagi say qatl kardiya jata hay. Allah aap kay dil ko isi taray zinda or abad rakhay Ameen.

      Aik Humwatan

  12. please wrote the well spelling of (S.A.W.W) on the top paragraph.....thanxx