February 07, 2012

The Holy Dream of a Virtuous Woman (Vision for Seekers of the Truth, Part 1)

Those Whom The Prophet ﷺ Supports Are Bound To Win

As mentioned before, Discourses (Malfuzaat) of Syed Zauqi Shah RA, ( d. 1951), compiled by his disciples Shah Shahidullah Faridi and Wahid Bakhsh Sial Rabbani are published with the title ‘Vision for Seekers of the Truth’.
Hazrat Zauqi Shah not only early predicted the creation of Pakistan but also foretold the appearance of a peace period in world and glorious future of Pakistan many years after its creation.
Here a selection from this book is posted with Urdu translation.

1. The Dream of a Virtuous Woman

2. When will the Real Pakistan come into being

Urdu Translation of some passages from same book (See earlier post in English here),
  • Divine Help of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA)
  • Pakistan came into being by spiritual support of The Prophet ﷺ of Allah
  • When will the Real Pakistan come into being


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Faqar,

    Congratulation for posting excellent post. Pakistan is came into being for Caliphate of Imam Mahdi, Insha'Allah.

  2. Faqr bhai where do i get Haqeeqat Gulzar Sabri

    1. here is link for Haqiqat Gulzar Sabri




      Paper book is easily available in any Islamic books store specially from Urdu Bazar etc

  3. Dear Friends, Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    May Allah fortify our emaan for instead of celebrating the unseen future of Pakistan, we should be more worried about spreading the message of Allah, protecting ourselves from the evil in cable TV and internet, for these are times when the western media (and our neighbor Bollywood) is spreading evil messages and obscenity in a very attractive manner. There is no 'check' on internet and cable TV in Pakistan. Hence we should be more bothered and our energies should be more focused on curbing these evils which are spoiling our youth. Otherwise, when Dajjal appears, those with weak emaan will join his forces thus losing their emaan and doomed to the ever-lasting fire of hell. That is a bigger agenda on our plate right now then being happy about a future which I tell you is going to be at a cost of lots of sacrifices and lot of effort we put to 'strengthen' our emaan.

    Fee Amaan Allah,
    Roman Ahsan (writer and journalist).

  4. Very Nice Post
    @Roman. At least someone is bringing hope to us. Your point is valid as well. But I appreciate their effort as most of the general public is hopeless and they are thinking that Pakistan has no future, Nothing left here. People say "Pakistan is Zinda bhaag" So atleast they are bringing hope to those hopeless people.
    I myself was not sure about my future here in Pakistan. I am studying in UK and now due to these people effort I have firm beleif that Pakistan will grow stronger and stronger day by day. That's why am not gonna stay here. I will come back to Pakistan and willserve my country and will contribute. Long Live Pakistan


    1. Owais brother, yes it is no doubt they are doing a good job but I only feel they should mention this also that we are heading towards dangerous times. Every Prophet has warned his nation about the trials of Dajjal, that is the biggest fitnah from the time of Prophet Adam till judgment day. Pakistan's future is with the future of Muslim world and rise of Islam. Hence we need to observe 'precautionary measures' as well!

      Best regards,

    2. @ Awais

      Subhan Allah...MashaAllah!

      Brother, your passion is most commendable and exemplary! Keep this fire burning high! May Allah swt give you steadfastness and courage in the way of Deen and in service of Ummah and our Motherland. Ameen sum Ameen

  5. Brother Owais

    I totally agree with Insha Allah tis we will return to Pakistan and Insha Allah we will make new better start forever....


  6. Aaj phir aik or drone attack howa hay or 8 masoom log is main shaheed hogayey...kuch nahi honay waala...sub predictions 25 saal baad ki han...ungareeb kuch nahi hoga...sub log behis hochukay hain...rozana aik dishman mulk apnay hum watano ko mout kay ghaat utardeyta hay...or sub haath pat haath dheray baithey rehtain hain...beghairti ki inteha hay yey...smujh nahi aati kyon logo ka khoon nahi kholta?

  7. Quid e Azam gher-aamil nhi they. molvi loag sirf khud ko aamil samajtey heN.

  8. Perhaps, only those can understand this who in real terms correctly and precisely know and understand Tasawof.

  9. Salam...Brother Faqr,i have sent u an Email about a coloumn of Mr.Fazal Haq Sahab published about 2 years back ....Kindly please check your email !
    Its an important coloumn !

    1. @Dr. Urooj

      Wa Aliekum Assalam,

      InshaAllah I will try to find that article of Mr. Fazal Haq Sahib. If found InshaAllah publish it here, Thanks.

    2. Salam..Brother Faqr i have Alhamdolillah found the links to all three coloumns :)and have now emailed them to u....Kindly plz check them out !

  10. Salam All

    Bashar Al Asad is an english pawn and being used tactily by english machinery against its own Sunni Muslims in Syria. Everyone knows what been happening is Middle East at present and over the past 15 months. Its all english hypocricy, this what what they did near 150 years back to dismantle ths Ottoman Khalafat and they are trying to stop it.

    david cameron and tony blair are the real culprits and Insha Allah they will be brouhgt to Justice and toughest sentences...

    Basar Al Asad be sensible and remember you will questioned by Allah what ever you're doing. I can understand its a difficult situation but still you ask for His Mercy......

    Pakistan be careful and alert....

    Salam Pakistan