February 28, 2012

Prediction of Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.) - Part 2 (Detailed)

مکاشفہ حضرت دانیالؑ - حصہ دوئم

Here is the detailed prophecy of Prophet Daniyal (Alaih Assalaam) from some more books. Keeping in mind some previous posts in which Saints predicted about the arrival of a peaceful era, especially the post related to Syed Zauqi Shah (RA)'s discourses in which a tradition of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is mentioned. 

According to the tradition of Holy Prophet (PBUH),
"In the days of Imam Mehdi (AS), population of the whole world will become Muslim". 
Real Pakistan will exist only then, (See here). Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.)'s prophecy also tells us that a time will come when Islam will cover the whole world. Islam is the most wide spreading religion of the world. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last and final Prophet and Islam is the last religion so one day it will spread to whole world and it will stand forever. Allama Iqbal pointed this in one couplet of poem Jawab-e-Shikwa

وقت فرصت ہے کہاں، کام ابھي باقي ہے
نور توحيد کا اتمام ابھي باقي ہے

There is no time to relax, much still remains to be done;
You have yet to fully spread the light of God, the only one.

Interesting thing is, followers of other religions are also waiting for a golden era (Mumtaz Mufti Sahib mentioned 'Golden Age' many times in his books). Arabic Scholar Dr. Safar Al-Hawali in his book Roz-e-Ghazab wrote a complete chapter on Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.)'s prophecy from scripture of Daniel, discussing it in detail. Please read the complete research about last kingdom (see page 130) which for Muslims, established 1400 years ago after the arrival of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and advent of Islam and it will grow to cover the whole world, but the followers of other religions are still waiting for that kingdom and they are trying to establish it.

English Translation of second excerpt is also added.

The Prophecy of Daniel

1. From Book: Roz-e-Ghazab (The Day of Wrath) By Safar Bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Hawali, Urdu Translation By Hamid Kamal-ud-din
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  • Download English Translation Here


2. From Book: Dajjal - Kon? Kahan? Kab?  By Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor 
  • Download Urdu Book Here
  • Visit Online Book with Complete English Translation Here

3. From Another Book Dajjal- 2 by Mufti Abu Lubaba

English Translation of the extract taken from Book Dajjal - Kon? Kahan? Kab?

The part of the prediction of Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.) we are interested in is as follows:

"A king from the North will prepare his armies, and they will desecrate the holy fort. Then they will snatch the daily sacrifices, and the state of abomination will be established there."

In the above-given excerpt, the desecration of the holy fort means the capture of the Aqsa (Farthest) Mosque by the Jews, and their drinking wine along with the samosas made of the pig meat. The snatching of the daily sacrifices means a ban on the daily prayers of the Muslims because it is prayer, not sacrifice, which is offered daily (five times a day) by the Muslims. The State of the Abomination which will be established after capturing the Holy Mosque of Jerusalem means the present Israeli state. How will this state be established? What will it do? Have a look:

"The armies will support it. And they will desecrate the authentic and holy things, and will abolish the constant sacrifice, and will replace them with unholy and destructive things. He will mislead those who will make evil plans against the Holy Scripture. But the people who 'will have Allah in their minds will do something (substantial)with the help of Allah." (Torah, page 846.... Daniel, Chapter 11, verse 31,32)

The supporting armies of the State of Abomination are the armies of America and Britain. The creation of destructive and unholy thing means the construction of the palace for Dajjal at the place of the Aqsa Mosque. Misleading the evil-minded people means duping and misleading the Christian world, and using them for Zionist agenda. The words "the people who will have Allah in their minds will do something" refer to the unprecedented resistance of the self-sacrificing Palestinian mujahedeen. This is a clear indication of their true obedience to Allah, and their worth with Allah (SWT) which is a balm for their wounds.

When will this state be established? This is the most important question of our discussion. We will discuss it with a reference to the research of some Arab scholars. We will mention this research later in this chapter. Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.) says:

"Then I heard two voices from the unseen saying: 'For how long will the desecration of the Holy Place (Aqsa Mosque) continue?' The second voice replied: 'For two thousand and three hundred days. Then, this place will be cleared( of all unholy things)." (Torah: page 846, Daniel, Ch 08, verse 13, 14)

It indicates that the State of Abomination will be established after 2300 years.2300 years, but from which moment onwards? We will discuss it later. Let’s consider that prediction, first, which tells that this state will be finished 45 days after its inception.

Hazrat Daniyal A.S. says: "Although I listened to the angels discussing it, but I could not understand it. Therefore, I prayed to Allah and asked Him: "O Allah, how will this game end?" Allah replied, "Daniyal, mind your own business. The words have been locked, and the affairs have been sealed. Now the mystery will be revealed at the end, the day when all the sacrifices will be snatched, and the State of Abomination will be established. After that 1290 days will be remaining. Fortunate are those people who will reach the end of 1335. But (O Daniyal) you are directed to carry on your affairs till the end of the world. You will be soothed" (Torah: page 847, chapter 12, verse 08,12)

The Christian and the Jews interpreters are much confused and perplexed about this point. They do not know what meaning to infer from the mention of time in this sign because there is no such state in the world as was established after 2300 days, and may have ended after merely 45 days.

But they should take help from the Torah, and should not be afraid of looking into the mirror. In the Torah, 'days' stand for years. For example, it is written in Hizqeel ( Ezekiel):

"I have made a day equal to one year for you."

Therefore, in the above-quoted verse from the Torah, 45 days stand for 45 years. Now according to the prediction, that state will be established after 2300 years. According to the interpreters of the Torah and the Gospel, the beginning of these years is the time of Alexander the Great's conquering of Asia which took place in 333 B.C. So the state of Abomination will be established 2300 years after 333 B.C.(2300-333=1967) i.e. 1967.This is the year in which the Israeli troops entered the holy mosque of Aqsa, and an incident of the terrible burning of the Aqsa took place. Although the state of Israel was established in 1948 yet Jerusalem, which was the actual target of the Jews, was captured in 1967. Now if this state is destroyed 45 years after its creation, it will be destroyed by Hazrat Mahdi, Hazrat Isa (A.S.) and the mujahedeen. And this will also be the end of Dajjal and the impudent and arrogant Jews. Some researchers of the present time like the renowned Saudi Arabian scholar, Dr. Safar Bin Abdur Rahman Al-Hawali are of the view that according to the formula of 1967+45=2012, the end of this State of Abomination or the start of the end is most likely to take place in or around 2012 A.D. (true knowledge lies only with Allah SWT). This research of Dr. Al-Hawali is not absolute and final. It is only a conjecture (keeping in mind the related predictions). The main point is that man should keep on acting upon the teachings of Islam and trying for the progress of the Muslims so that when death may come, he may have done enough for his life after death. These researches and conjectures are not meant to lead us into thinking that there will happen something after a few years so we can spend a little more time in carelessness and negligence. The Holy Prophet (sallallaho alahe wasalam ) used to mention Dajjal in such a way as his noble companions (R.A.) thought that Dajjal might be present in some nearby clump of trees though the Holy Prophet (SAW) knew well that Dajjal would appear in the later time near the Doomsday. The Holy Prophet (SAW) wished that the Muslims focus on the practical aspect of life, prepar themselves for the domination of Islam, and not forget Allah (SWT) and the Hereafter due to negligence or indulgence in the worldly pleasures. Same is the purpose of these predictions. They serve as motive and incentive to motivate us towards the attention to Allah, preparation for the Hereafter and the struggle against the evil. It will be stupidity on our part if we infer some other meaning from them, and become lethargic and careless about the Hereafter. May Allah bless all of us with profound wisdom and an obedient heart! (Ameen)

Due to the same reason and policy, the Day of Judgment has frequently been said to be near in the holy Quran though there have been more than fourteen hundred years since the revelation of the holy Quran. Allah (SWT) says in the holy Quran:

"When they wag their heads towards thee and ask, 'When will that be', say 'May be it will be quite soon" (Bani Israel: 51)

The renowned truthful scholar of the Arab world, Dr. Safar Bin Abdur Rahman Al-Hawali, who has gone through many trials and tribulations as a punishment for his straightforwardness and truthfulness, says, "This(2012) is not an absolute and precise deadline. However, if the Jews want to bet with us as the Quresh bet with Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A.), we can say without any uncertainty that they will lose this bet to us." (Yom-ul-Gadhb(The Day of Wrath): Translated by Razi-ud-din Syed, page 174)

The Jews may lose this bet or not, the year of their defeat may be 2012 or any year after it; one thing that is certain is that they shall lose the land of Palestine, and shall face a crushing and humiliating defeat. And according to the Torah, fortunate are those who will side with and help the oppressed with their heart, tongue and hand by remaining consistent with piety and jihad, and weep and pray for them in their loneliness, have good feelings for them and wish to rise with them on the Day of Judgment.

At the end of the State of Abomination, the true and noble people will sing the songs of happiness. Jerusalem will be purified. All the people of the earth and the heavenly creatures will praise Allah in the following words:


4. Extract From Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar's Interview

See Detailed Interview here

February 26, 2012

Prediction of Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.) - Part 1

 مکاشفہ حضرت دانیالؑ - حصہ اول

Mukashfah/Prediction of Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.) from two books is posted below. This Prediction is about spread of Islam all over the world. Five empires are mentioned in this dream interpretation by Hazrat Daniyal AS. A detailed version of this prediction will posted in Part 2.

1. From Book: Dalail un Nubuwwah by Abu Naeem Ahmad Asfahani (died 430 h)
Page 84, 85


2. Seerat-ul-Mustafa (SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallam) Vol-3 By Maulana Muhammad Idrees
Page 519, 520, 521

Many predictions are found in Vol. 3 of above book, one of them is prediction by Hazrat Daniyal (A.S.)

Note: Orya Maqbool Jaan Sahib and Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar Sahib also mentioned this Prophecy/Paishgoi in their writings. An extract will be added in next post.

February 23, 2012

Aik Shaam 'Inqilabeel' Ke Saath (Article by Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq)

مجاہد شماری، ایک پلٹن اور دھلائی والا انقلاب

Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq

After 'Irani Farishta', another angel 'Inqilabeel' appeared before Chaudhry Fazal-e-Haq Sahib (A very noble and pious man) and informed him that
"A sweeping (dhulayi) revolution will come in Pakistan. A group of young people will emerge and that time is not too far. He was ordered to count 'Mujahids' in first phase, soon the bloodshed order for corrupts will be issued from the Court of God"
Article 'Aik Shaam Inqilabeel Ke Saath'  was published in Jang Newspaper on 29th April 2010.

February 20, 2012

The Awaited Chief Guest (Mysterious Review By Abdal Bela: Book Piya Rang Kala)

کسی مہان مہمان کے آنے کا اعلان ہونے والا ہے

Baba Yahya Khan

“Piya Rang Kala” the novel by Mohammed Yahya Khan (A living saint) is the story of a Sheesh Nag (the king of cobras). This novel has the events of a myth as well as the hidden psychological trickery of human psyche. It is also full of the wisdom of common life.

Here 'Piya Rang Kala', book review by Dr. Abdal Bela is posted as we found Mumtaz Mufti Sahib is still sending messages from spiritual world and saying, time has come, now many secrets will be revealed and prepare, the declaration for awaited one is very near.........and that's why this 'Genie' has come out of the bottle.

Dr. Abdal Bela (Old Snap) Aksi Mufti (Son of Mumtaz Mufti)

(The Jinn out of the bottle)

Book 'Piya Rang Kala' published in 2009 and Mumtaz Mufti left this world in 1995


English Edition of the Book 'Piya Rang Kala' is available in Market, here is its book cover

A Request: If some reader finds its English Edition Online, Please post  a comment below.