January 11, 2012

Pakistan Will Never Be Leased Out, Allah Will Protect Our Country (Wasif Ali Wasif RA)

الله ملک پر مہربانی فرمائے گا اور ضرور فرمائے گا

When negative forces comes out then 'Positive Forces' automatically comes into operation

یہی اسمِ اعظم جاری رکھو کہ جس نے ملک بنایا ہے وہی اس کا محافظ ہے

Sufi Basafa Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) belonged to same Order of Saints who are giving glad-tidings about the future of Pakistan. His spiritual stature (which is hidden from most of people) and predictions about Pakistan will be posted soon but in this alarming situation of our country, he is guiding us again. (Must read the below posted Extracts from Book Guftugu-5)


  1. yeh bhi to hosakta hai ke asli pakistan bangladesh ho. Jab 1947 main pakistan bana tha to bangal bhi included tha, phir 1971 main pakistan toot gaya.
    Ajj bangladesh ke halaat pakistan se to kafi behter hain or mere khayal main deen ki samajh bhi aaj ke bangalion main achi hai pakistanio ke muqable main.

    Agar pakistan itna hi muqaddas tha to toot kion gaya?.
    Jab koi aisi batain karta hai ke pakistan qaim rehne ke liye bana hai to bari hansi ati hai. Main yeh pochna chahta hon ke konsa pakistan qaim rehne ke liye bana hai 1971 se pehle wala ya baad wala?
    agar baad wala hai to yeh bhi to hosakta hai ke bangladesh qaim rehne ke liye bana ho (sirf naam hi to different hai asli 1947 wale pakistan se).
    maghrabi pakistan ka to haal hum se ke samne hai ke shumal ka area pakistan ki amaldari main nahi hai. zara se mulk ke halaat or kharab hoye to mujhe dar hai ke shumali qabail or balushistan seperation ka announce kardain ge. wese baluchistan to taqreeban paksitan se alag hi samjhain.

    future main hosakta hai ke MQM waaqi Jinnah Pur banane ki koshish kare. Khaiber ke pathan bhi army se khush nahi hain. le de kar sirf ek punjab or sindh ka urban area reh jaye ga pakistan main.
    yeh log phir bhi yehi bolain ge pakistan to qaim rehne ke liye bana hai , is ko koi taqat nukhsan nahi puhuncha sakti. hahaha.


  2. @ Anonymous
    Ager is blog mai itni informative post parhne k baad bhi aapki aankhain bund hain to waqae sirf hansi hi aa sakti hai.

    Yahan awliya e karam k views pakistan k baare mai share kiye gaye lekin aapko hansi aati hai aur yaqeen nahi aata.to aap phir sotey rahen.

    Awliya ka kalaam haq hota hai aur ager awliya karaam ki baato ko parh k bhi aapko media ki phaylaayi hui baato pe ziyada yaqeen hai to phir Allah hafiz.!!! :)

  3. @Anonymous

    Your comment only reflects your ignorance of the subject...
    I suggest you read all other posts and then try to think logically..

    It is Pakistan which became NUCLEAR POWER not Bangladesh!, it was taken away from us by treason of Mujeeb ur Rehman and they paid a huge price..
    Today they are free because of Paikstan Nuclear weapons otherwise India would have taken over it long time ago.

    Read Naimatullah Shah wali Predictions...

    Jo hona tha woh hogaya... Musalman jab Allah (SWT) kay Ahkam ki nafarmani kartay hain to us ki saza bhi hoti hay...

    Rahi baat aaj kal kay halat ki to I can tell you it is mostly Propaganda against Pakistan nation kay balochistan alag horaha hay aur khaiber alag horaha hay...

    Don't spread disinformation

    "zara se mulk ke halaat or kharab hoye to mujhe dar hai ke shumali qabail or balushistan seperation ka announce kardain g"

    Pakistan will remain and soon we will retake what is ours once again... This time all the way to bangladesh :) there will be no other country in between trust me on this one as it is mine...

    yai baat to meray Aaqa-e-namdar Hazoor Aqdas Sallulaho Alhe Wasalum ki hadees hay jis kay poray honay ka waqt qarib hay...

    Future may yai bhi to hosakta hay kay in saron ki gardanian Islamabad kay Khambon per latki howi hon jo bhi alag honay ki baat karta hay khawah us ka taluq ksi bhi jamat say ho..


  4. @ Shams

    ["Future may yai bhi to hosakta hay kay in saron ki gardanian Islamabad kay Khambon per latki howi hon jo bhi alag honay ki baat karta hay khawah us ka taluq ksi bhi jamat say ho.."]

    You are right. Ashfaq Ahmed ny b kaha tha k Pakistan Hazrat Saleh(A.S.) ki Ontni ki trah hy. jis ny b isay nuqsaan pohanchaya us pr azzaab ay ga. Aik aur walli ny b farmaya tha k in corrupt logon ma sy koi nhi bachay ga.

    Democracy America ny start ki thi aur isay pori dunya me phailya tha. Ab boht jald America k tukray honay walay hein. aur is k sath hi Democracy b khatam ho jaey gi. Aur dunya ma badshahat dobara a jaey gi.

  5. @"Agar pakistan itna hi muqaddas tha to toot kion gaya?."

    Pakistan 1971 main 'Nationalism' ki waja se tota tha. Waha per Bangali nationalism tha aur yaha per Pakistani nationalism tha. Waha per mahroomion ki waja se nationalism phela aur yaha per gharoor ki waja se nationalism phela.

    Hum ney deen se nata toor leya to Allah ne hummey 40 saal ki saza di jesey bani israel ko bhi 40 saal ki saza di thi. Insha'Allah 40 saal key baad ager aab hum Shaitaan ka seing (horn) 'Nationalism' ko choor ker Deen sey tauluq qaim kar diey gey to humari saza khatam ho jaey gi. Hum nationalist syaasi jamaton ki tabahi dhaikh rahey hai. Insha'Allah

  6. @Anonymous


  7. @All
    1971 was the darkest year for both Pakistan and Turkey. In this year Pakistan was broke into two countries and Turkey came to the brink of a military coup. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi predicted about this dark year 20 years ago using ABJAD calculation of the verse 3 of Surat al-Falaq "the darkness when it gathers" which gives year 1971. Bediüzzaman Said Nursi refers to year 1971 in the following passage:

    “If they are counted together, they make 1971, and give news of some ghastly evil at that date. If the crops of the seeds of the present are not rectified, the blows will certainly be terrible.” (The Rays / The Fruits of Belief - Eleventh Topic - p.289)

    For detail of this year and appearance of Imam Mahdi please see following article...

    "The secret knowledge that Bediuzzaman Said Nursi revealed about our century"


    This dark year is also my birth year :(

    1. Salam Alaikum Faisal Farooq

      sab se pehle to hath milain ke my year of birth bhi almost same hai.
      Article ka link dene ka buhut shukria. Ek sahab ne wazahat mangi hai regarding this pessage""Bediüzzaman Said Nursi is referring to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the words "that person who is truly awaited and will come in a century’s time," and emphasizing that he had not yet appeared in his own day. In addition, he says that he is awaited by Muslims and will come one century after his own day. Bediüzzaman lived in the Hijri 1300s. So the century after his, the Hijri 1400s, is when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear."

      This sermon was given By sheikh in 1939 in Damascus. What I think is he meant that after 100 years of this time, Imam will appear. When he said 100 years, he must have mention this figure as a symbol (mean it will be around after 100 years). The actual year would be 2029, which is 17 years after 2012. But like I said, saying 100 years must not be too accurate.
      By his own words, Imam has been started his work in 1990s already.

      I was away from posting on this website, In the mean time I saw couple of dreams which are specifically pointing to the time when we all muslims will be united regardless of our sects and will struggle to estabilish Imam's Khilafat in the world.

      May Allah allow all of us to take part in the Imam's struggle against dajjal and it's companions.

      Syed Hussain

  8. 1971 was a dark year but it has to happen as it was destiny and written in the preserved tablet.1971 was just a one chapter. As FAqr Bhai once wrote in a post:

    "Like Saints, we should not give our final opinion until all the pieces of a picture join and never despair from the Mercy of Allah as Only Allah The Almighty Knows the 'Complete Picture and Brings Good out of Evil"

    So wait for the picture or the puzzle to get completed. just few more pieces to go.

    Faisal Bhai that dark year was your birth year and I lost 11 of my paternal uncle and aunt and my grandfather and grandmother. They were all martyred on the same night.

    May Allah bless them all.

  9. @nabeel

    May Allah bless them in Jannat-ul-Fardos.

    Yes 1971 is an event. Insha'Allah next all years will be ours.


  10. @ Faisal:

    Dear Brother, I read the article provided by you in the above link. Subhaan Allah & Jazaak Allah!

    Can you explain a little confusion in the paragraph below that I have copied from the same article?

    "Bediüzzaman Said Nursi is referring to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the words "that person who is truly awaited and will come in a century’s time," and emphasizing that he had not yet appeared in his own day. In addition, he says that he is awaited by Muslims and will come one century after his own day. Bediüzzaman lived in the Hijri 1300s. So the century after his, the Hijri 1400s, is when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear."

    Hazrat Nursi RA said that Imaam AHS will arrive 100 years after his own day. He veiled away in 1960, does that mean 100 years after 1960?? So Imaam Mahdi will come on 2060? (a century after hazrat Nursi's day?

    Please tell me Im thinking wrong because this means a waiting period of another 48 years!! :(

    Allah knows, my heart is sick because I wait for the Imaam daily! :(

    kind regards, warrior

    1. Meray aziz bhai,

      Gham kyun kartay ho, "you" are a soldier of Imam, whether you get to greet him or not! simple!

      er...well..time is not that far just FYI, so cheer up bro!

    2. @warrior

      Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1878 – 1960) wrote his Rays treatise between 1936 and 1949. Brother Syed Hussain wrote above that he gave sermon in 1939. So time of struggle of Imam Mahdi can be 1980 to 2029. In another place Bediuzzaman gave half of century from his own day for time of struggle of Imam...

      Bediuzzaman says “It is the great Mahdi of the end times who will defeat the belief in Darwinism and explain MATTER…The great Mahdi (as) would be serving (begins his activities) referring to the Hijri years 1401-1411 which is equivalent to 1981-1991” … Insha’Allah, HALF A CENTURY LATER (Said Nursi’s time); he will eradicate them all… “only Hz. Mahdi (AS) will be able to gain victory over materialist philosophy”.

    3. Dear Brother Faisal,

      U have confused me even further :P Please clarify the following points for me my akhi.

      1. from what I have learnt, 1400 will be the BIRTH YEAR of the Imaam. If my understanding is correct, then even if he starts his struggle in 1991, then he will be ten years old?

      2. If the above assumption is true. then Imaam AHS is currently 20-22 yrs of age. and If he has to be recognised at 40 according to Hadees, then we have to wait around 20 years more ( the year being 2032?

      3. In earler posts it was suggested that Ghazwa e Hind and Imaam AHS are appearing at the same time and possibly the same event. But it was also suggested by Ghulam Habib Bhai and also by you (i Think) that Ghazwa will definately be over before 2020. So if by above assumption 2032 is the Approx time of arrival of Mahdi AHS, how can Ghazwa be over by 2020?

      4. Half a Century starting from WHICH YEAR did Hazrat Nursi RA mean?

      Kind regards, warrior.

      Also I would like to talk to you on email if possible. :) And Im also looking forward to your presentation that you are workin g on. All the best, Dua go, warrior...........

  11. @All

    A lot of things to say here

    First, A good change that Blogger added is a 'Reply' against each comment, very much like WordPress and other social networking sites. Now Its up to one's discretion to reply directly to a comment or reply separately.

    Second, I haven't finished yet, many of the posts are in pipeline which you will see with the passage of time, so many of the spiritual dimensions of Pakistan are still remained to be explored.

    @PS, Pakistan ko kuch nahin ho ga Insha'Allah, app fikr na karain aur sub prediction ya khush-khabriyan issi Pakistan ke liye hain. Yaqeen karain.

    1. Testing >> Reply feature, Well many of the Typos can be fixed here :)

  12. As usual more questions as i am only good at raising questions, not the answers!!

    a- Should we believe the army in stating that memo is a reality??

    b- Should we believe the govt. in stating that memo is a ploy to oust the govt??

    c- Should we believe Mansoor Ijaz in stating that HH was involved. if yes then why is he not coming to Pakistan to face the commission.
    Whether 1. The threats to him are real?? If so from whom??
    2. Or his mission to entangle govt. & army is accomplished??

    d. Why ISI chief went on a visit of friendly countries in May, 2011 (after Usama debacle) to gauge reactions in case of a possible coup?? Does it mean that army planned this whole thing??

    e- Is our judiciary really free in its verdict NOW or is a stooge of army again??

    Who are the evil from which to beware??


  13. To all
    Bhaiyo Yahan par har eik Imam Mehdi ka muntazir dikhai deta hai, lekin aap logon ne kabhe ghor kia hai ke agar Hazrat Imam Mehdi aaj ke dor mai hazir ho jaie to kia hum mei itni akhlaqi jurat hei ke hum oss ke lashkar ke sipahi ban jain.
    chandd dino ke cheikh o pukar aur zubani dhemkyon ke baad jab gard kisse had tak baith gaie to Dajjali riyasat USA ne aik aur drone hamla kar diya
    aur humari fouj ke daway dharray ke dharray reh gaey inho ne na to iss ka koi monh tor jawab diya aur na ye iss qabil hai ke kuch kar sakian,
    Mr. Kyani ka image media mei bazahir to kafi acha hei likin haqeeqtan ye sub log aik hei qabeelay ke log hai jo hum per musallat hein.
    aap dekhein ppp ke hukumat me ziada tar sha log hein,gen,kyani bhe naslan
    Iran ke ilaqay Kyan se hai issi waja se wo ppp ko musalsal support kar raha hai sub dekh rahay hein ke PPP ne Pak fouj ka morale kitna down kar diya har mamlay mei fouj ko dabaya jiss ke misal Pakistan ke tareekh mei
    kabhe nahi milti.
    Hamain aaj Tipu Sultan(r.a) ke tarah ke leader ke zaroorat hai na ke inn loteron ke jo kachkol le kar apni na ihli aur corruption ke waja se sari
    dunya mei ghoomtay hai aur dushman hum par hanstay hai aur inn logon ke sath shareek e jurm wo mutant zombie awam bhe hai jinhon ne inn logon ko vote de kar muntakhib karnay ke ghalti ke.
    Pakistan mei Hitler ke tarz par inqilaab barpa kiya ja sakta hai jo corrupt logon ko firing squad ke hawalay kary ya phir Afhghan Taliban ke tarah ke log jo najeeb ke tarah inn currupt leaderon ko khumbon se latka day.

  14. Hakoomat fouj adlia nay kuch bhi nahi karna sirf mulk ko tabah karna hay jamhooriat bachani hay aeen ki hifaazat karni hay media bhi isi kaam per laga hay jamhooriat ki waja say adlia koi do tok faisla nahi karti fouj ka image bigar chuka hay hakoomat to ai hi mulk ko tabah karnay kay liay hay is waqt koi bhimulk ka nahi soch raha sub ko aik fiker hay kay jamhooriat kutum ho gai to sub ki dookanay band ho jain gi loot mar ka mouqa nahi milay ga DIL HI TO HAY NA SANG O KHIST GUM SY BHER NA AYA KION ??????????

  15. @AK and Anonymous

    The Matter is sub-judice before the court, so cannot make any comment :)

    Well, Match will go till the last ball, game will keep changing either this way or that but our Saints told the result. Its in favor of Pakistan Insh'Allah so why to worry.

    @To All
    Pakistan ko kuch bhi nahin ho ga. This dust is being deliberately created by......(hint, Musa, firoun ke ghar mein hi thay but ankhon aur damagh par parde ki wajah se ussay nazar nahin aye. Sahib-e-Yaqeen banain, Allah ki madad tab ayi, jab Ibraheem AS aag mein phaink diye gaye, pehle to tab bhi nahin ayi thi to ab kaise aa jaye? )

    1. I agree with you Faqar sahib. May Allah give strength to our faith! Aameen.

    2. I agree we should have a strong faith, this is the test for the iman of the momineen.. lets see who stand firm and who chicken out...


    3. SubhanAllah...

      Nor did Idol Maker (Azer) recognize that there is an Idol Braker (Ibrahim AS) being brought up within his own household!

      Yeh dorr apnay Barahim (AS)ki talash main hai
      Sanam kada hai jahan La Ilaha IlAllah...

    4. Aag hey!, Ibraheem AHS hey!, Namrood Hey!
      Kya pher kissi ko kissi ka imtehan maqsood hey?!?!

      Baktar e Noor Bhai, Aap ney mujhe bohot azzem dua dey di hey! Allah mujhe is ka ahal bhi banaye, Ameen. kyon ke,
      'Mey issi liye Musalmaan, mey issi liye Namazi'
      Is it possible to contact you via email, if ys please share ur email id.

      @ Faqar Bhai,

      Hum insaan hey kamzor imaan waley, aksar mey apney aap ko mayoos i se nikal ney ki jung mey mubtala pata hoon. Saheb e Yaqqen kese banta hey insaan?

      Duao ka talib, Respectfully.... warrior

    5. Warrior,

      Sahib-e-Yaqeen ban-ne ke liye sirf ye karna hai k App yaqeen kar kr lain k iss kainat ka Malik Allah hai, har kaam ussi ke hukm se ho rah, kuch ma'amlaat ki hikmat hum samajh nahin sakte, magar woh humari behtari ke liye hain. aur humain Ahkaam-e-Elahi ka paband rehna hai, chahe sari dunya app ko distract kare. aur ye bhi samajh lain k khushi aur gham sub Allah hi taraf se hai.

    6. Dear Bro Warrior,

      I will be honoured to receive your email, Brother Faqar has my e-mail ID, you can mail him to get my ID. May Allah give you the best of Emaan and istiqama upon it. Ameen sum Ameen.

    7. @Warrior

      Bro, you can email me at spiritualpakistanfuture@gmail.com

      I will send you bro, Baktar's email id.

  16. malik
    faqar tumhari age kia hai wese hi pocha na hai

    1. Ek Umer Mein Na Samjhe Iss Ko Zameen Wale.
      Jo Baat Pa Gaye Hum Thori Si Zindagi Mein.

      Ghubar-E-Rah Ko Bakhsha Gya Hai Zauq-E-Jamal
      Khird Bata Nahin Sakti Ke Muddaa Kya Hai

  17. @Warrior

    Sahib e yaqeen sahib e yaqeen ki sohbat me bethne se banta hai

    1. Ghulam Habib Bhai,


      Wesey tou Alhamdo Lillah merey Murshid e Paak bohot kamil hey, aur unki likhi huwi kitabey bhi mey parta hoon, lekin wo parda farma chukey hey. lehaza un sey mulaqaat tou nahi hosakti mujh jesey gunaahgaar ki. lekin jesey aap ne farmaya, 'Sahib e Yaqeen' kahan se dhoondoo mey? :(

      Aap sab logo ki khidmath mey apney Murshid e Paak ke ashaar pesh kar raha hoon, darood parh kar sawab bhej diye ga mere Murshid pe.



      regards, warrior...........

    2. Ghulam Habib Sahib bilkul theek keh rahe hain

      Maulvi hargis na shud Maula e Rum
      Ta ghulame Shams Tabraizi na shud

    3. Faqar e Ghayoor Sahab and Ghulam Habib Sahab,

      Sahib e Yaqeen kesey dhoondhon mey? :( Ya pher bas apney Murshid sey lo lagana kafi hey? Aur degar Auliya RA ko parhna kafi hey? Sorry for my childish questions. Mey bohot betab hoon lekin zehen ke sawalath ka jawab shayed aap dey saktey hey.

      Respectfully yours, warrior

    4. @Warrior

      Insha'Allah jald app ka iss sawal ka jawab dene ke liye post krun ga.just wait for some more days.

  18. ALLAH TALA aapke MURSHID E KAREEM ke darajaat ko buland farmaaye aur apko GHUZWA E HIND me hissa lene ki tofiq ata farmaaye.. mere liye bhi bhai dua kijye ga

    1. Jazzak Allah Khair Ghulaam Habib Bhai. Yehi dua mujhe Baktar e noor Bhai ney bhi de hey 3-4 din pehley! I'm obliged and feeling very happy.

      Allah hum sab ke gunnah mmaf farmaye aur Ghazwa e Hind mey Shahadat ata farkaye ameen. Saath he saath, hamari taraf sey saarey Auliya karaam and sob key Murshidan e Paak key darjaat bulond ho aur un ke waseeley se hamarey bhi! Ameen.

      respecfully yours, warrior...........

  19. One common question:

    Will Imaam Mahdi's AHS wars be fought with modern weapons like rifles or ancient weapons like swords? I have read of both happening. regards, warrior

    1. Pen and computer will be sword of Imam Mahdi....

      People will seek refuge in the Mahdi (pbuh)as honey bees cluster around their sovereign. He will fill the world that was once full of cruelty, with justice. His justice will be as such that HE WILL NOT WAKE A SLEEPING PERSON NOT EVEN ONE DROP OF BLOOD IS SHED. The Earth will return to the age of happiness. (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 29 and 48)

      Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)will follow the way of the Prophet (saas). HE WILL NOT WAKE UP A SLEEPING PERSON OR NO BLOOD WILL BE SHED. (Portents of Doomsday, p. 163)

      IN THE TIME OF [HAZRAT MAHDI (pbuh)] NO ONE WILL BE WOKEN UP FROM THEIR SLEEP OR HAVE A BLEEDING NOSE. (Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 44)

      Those who swear allegiance to him [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] will swear allegiance between the Corner and the Maqam [near the Kaaba]. THEY WILL NOT WAKEN THE SLEEPER, AND THEY WILL NEVER SHED BLOOD. (Al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar, p. 24)

    2. Brother Faisal,

      Then what of the wars which will come in the Imaam's time? If you are saying that the wars will be INTELECTUAL WARS, it is very hard to beleive this bro. How do you explain these two points:

      1. According to you, there will be 2 Ghazwa e Hinds, and in the 2nd one, Imaam Mahdi AHS would have become King of Jerusalem. HOW DO YOU THINK HE WILL BECOME KING OF WHAT IS NOW ISRAEL AND ISLAM"S BITTEREST ENEMY??? surely you cannot say that there won't be any battles??

      2. Secondly, when he does assist Pakistan in Ghazwa e Hind, then surely he will come to fight as well! Imaam AHS is a leader who leads from the FRONT, not from the BACK while sitting on his throne.

      3. When Constentinople will be conquered, the muslim warriors WILL HANG THEIR SWORDS ON THE OLIVE TREES. This also indicates battles. Now whether the word 'sword' actually means swords of weapons in general was the reason I asked this question.

      4. Brother I know Harun Yahya says that Imaam AHS will have an intelectual struggle but ITS VERY HARD TO IMAGINE! Again I say, I respect Harun Yahya very much and love him, but some of the things he says in difficult to rationalize.

      I hope you will answer, even if shortly.

      regards, warrior

  20. malik
    lolllllllzzzz yar me ne tumhe age ka pocha tum ne sher suna diya

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