January 03, 2012

A Great Victory & Pakistan Will Become The Center Of Islamic World

ایک عظیم فتح حاصل ہو گی اور پاکستان دنیائے اسلام کا مرکز بن جائے گا

Few weeks ago, an excerpt was added in blog's post 'Shah' Will Come, There Will Be Two Blocks & A War (By Darvesh 'Bhai Jaan') from Book 'Pyaz Ke Chilke' written by famous author Mumtaz Mufti. Here some more excerpts from same book about the Future of Pakistan are posted below (English translation also added)

Interestingly, Mumtaz Mufti mentioned an important spiritual message coming from Madinah by Key-Holder of Roza-e-Rasool (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) and Letters of Saints, reminded us a post ('Saints of Madina' Are Seeing Bright Future of Pakistan In Near Future After Some Chaos). These are Meaningful Messages for True Believers.

The day is not far when the residents of Madinah would look at Pakistan and say 'SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah'

Book: Pyaz Ke Chilke, Chapter 'Pakistan' (Pages 58-65)

English Translation of Above Urdu Pages (Mumtaz Mufi's Book 'Pyaz Ke Chilke')

Four years passed on.

I got transferred to a special department. I was appointed to a high-ranking official (Qudrat Ullah Shahab rehmatullah alayh). A few characteristics were prominent in my new officer. He was very intelligent. Spoke less. He was full of patience.

Sahib (Shahab saab) called me in: "You may start your work"

"Yes Sir," I replied.

"There are letters from the week past in this box" he said. "Read all of them carefully, classify them according to their subject and make a summary. Those letters that require special attention, place them separately"

"Yes Sir," I replied.

"The peon will bring the box," he said. "Alright Sir", I said, as I left the room.

I opened the first letter, it was written: "Oh Shah! How fortunate you are that you got the honour of ruling Pakistan!"

'What a weird letter!' I thought after I read the whole letter.

I was surprised further when I opened the second letter: "Beware! Don't ever let flour get expensive in Pakistan!"

In the third letter, it was written: "The day is not far when the residents of Madinah would look at Pakistan and say 'SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah'"

I was worried after I read all these letters. I could not understand why the writers of these letters even wrote them. What was their purpose? Anyhow, one thing was obvious. The writers had no intent to abuse the rulers, neither did they want to gain attention for themselves. Nor did they ask for personal claims or demands. Most of the letters did not even have the writer's name on it.These letters ended with 'Yours respectfully' or 'Yours faithfully'. Most of the letters were written on chunks of papers. The writing and its expression both were crude. They weren't really effective. Why had the writer's even bothered to write such things? Why did they waste time and money on it?

Then I grabbed hold of a long letter. This letter was received from Malayam, a city in South India. The writer was a sub-judge who had been disabled due to an accident 20 years ago. His only work during these 20 years was worshipping. Despite the length, the gist of the letter was 'I am not writing this letter for you, but for Pakistan. Soon, Pakistan will become a great state. A great victory will be achieved and then Pakistan will become a great centre of the Islamic World'

These letters stupefied me. Which world was this? What kind of people were they? What was the reason for them writing such letters? Were they all victims of religious hysteria? Madmen or wishful thinkers?

However, a few letters were written by educated people. It was surprising that none of the letters talked of any individual or personality. No one was appraised/criticised in these letters. They were devoid of any appraisals. No "His Majesty" was addressed to in these letters. Their subject was Pakistan. Pakistan's exclusive status. Pakistan's association with RasulAllah sallallaho alaihi wasallam, Allah's Mercy and Blessings on Pakistan... these letters drove me crazy. A weird eerieness engulfed me. What is all this? Who are these people? Which world is this? What is Pakistan? What exclusive status does it have? And why?

I am known to be emotional by nature. No event leaves any effect on me under normal circumstances, but when it does, then I am left stunned. Lava starts to boil within me and then, as if the volcano erupts. At first, after reading these letters, I was lost in amazement, I do not know what happened next. It was as if both ends of sanity and rationality broke off; a wave of emotions overtook me and I was drowned in it.

For two days, I kept walking around my house like a madman. When the storm managed to side for a while, I went into wondering again. I decided to go to sahib (Qudrat Ullah Shahab Rehmatullah Alayh) and tell him

'Sir, these letters are beyond my understanding. Please give me some serious work that has got something to do sanity'

The third day, I was ready that as soon as sahib (Q.U.Shahab) would be left alone, I would go inside and talk to him about this. At that very instant, sahib's peon arrived. I thought it best to tell him to inform me as soon as sahib gets free. The peon came back and said "Sahib is calling" As I entered the room, I waited for sahib to say something and only then will I share what I wanted to.

He was busy in writing something at the time. He looked at me and said: "Please go to the security room at the gate. Someone is insisting to meet me there. Please talk to him, tell him I have sent you.If he agrees to talk with you, ask him what the matter is. But if he insists to meet me, then do not let him go, do inform me... I will meet him"

"Yes Sir..." I said, as I turned towards the door.

"And listen," he said Do not talk inside the security room. Take him outside. In separation, understood?"

"Yes Sir"... It was not the time to talk with sahib about my issue. I thought of talking on it during my return.

A miserable-looking man was standing inside the security room. I took him outside in the lawn.

"Sahib is busy in work, he has sent me. If you can tell me in what regard you would like to meet him, then..."

I had barely finished my sentence that he spoke up:

"Mister, what do I have to do by meeting sahib? I have nothing to do with him neither do I know him. I was coming from my village. I came across an ox-cart rider near this street. He pointed at me. I went to him and he said 'Mian, go inside this house. Meet the sahib and give him a message of our's' The ox-cart rider was an old man. I did as he told and came here. But these policemen do not even listen to what the other is saying, they keep on blabbering themselves"

I told him to share the message with me, I will convey it to sahib.

(The man said) "The ox-cart rider told me to go and tell him (sahib) that what he is writing is wrong, and what he already wrote and tore, is correct"

'What a weird vague message' I thought. What did an ox-cart rider have to do with sahib's note? And how come an ox-cart rider was travelling here? I had never seen an ox-cart rider in this area. This person must be a fool for sure, I thought.

I was sure that sahib would listen to what I would tell him, smile and then get back to work. However, he went into a moment of silence after he heard it all. Then he spoke in a serious tone:

"Please pick this waste-paper basket up"

I took the waste-paper basket up and placed it on the table.

He very delicately picked up torn strips of paper from the basket. I was amazed at this sight Had sahib taken the ox-cart rider's message as true?

Sahib handed over the strips of paper to me, "Please join these when you find the time"

"Yes Sir", I said. He picked up the new note he was writing, tore it up and threw it in the waste-paper basket. My mouth was wide-open in surprise. This man right here, who is so intelligent and acute, who stands by what he believes in even after so many things others advise him. Who has individualistic thoughts. Who stays away from fake traiditonal rituals. Who has not an inch of relation with any sort of fanaticism...

Why is this person accepting an unknown ox-cart rider's advice, as if he has always been in communication with such ox-cart riders? As if he has always been familiar with such messages, what is this mystery?

I joined the strips of paper together. It was a clause in the proposed Constitution of Pakistan which had a relation to Islam. At this point, talking to sahib about those mysterious letters seemed meaningless and I was shuffled here and there amidst the brewing storm of the letters. Such letters were received everyday. Generally, their subject was the same: Pakistan, Pakistan's status, Pakistan's upcoming Might, bright future...I started to sense this fourth-dimension is a reality after all. Maybe Allah does indeed hold special liking and affection for a country or person. After all, He is the Lord of the Heavens and the Earths, if He wants to say something, who can stop Him?

One day, sahib called me to hand over some work and told me to sit there so I may complete it right there. I was working seated at a corner, that the peon entered,
"Sir, an uncle of mine went for Hajj this time. He has brought a message for you from Madinah, may I call him with your permission?"

Sahib listened with seriousness to what the peon said, then he spoke up, "Call him"

He placed his work at one side. He got up and kissed the old man on his hand and started to listen to the old man's message with attention and care.

After praising Allah, the old man spoke, "You see, he (the one who has sent the message) is a resident of Jhelum. He was a sepoy in the Army. Had gone to an expedition during the big war. From there he went to Madinah Shareef for Salaam and attendance. And then he stayed there. He is there since then. He is the key-holder now (who takes care of the key to Rauda e Rasul Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam). It is a very high station"

Sahib nodded his head in agreement.

The old man shared the message (on behalf of the army officer at Madinah):
"In 1946, we saw a dream in which a tree-vine sprout up from the Masjid e Nabwi sallallaho alaihi wasallam and kept going far and wide and is it grew. Green leaves appeared on its other end"

Sahib nodded his head in agreement.

"After about four years, we saw the same tree-vine in a dream. The branch was present as it was, but the leaves had withered... Now again, we have seen that tree-vine. It is getting evergreen again, bulbs are sprouting up on it again." He (the officer) told me to go and convey glad tidings; also to give this message that shepherds do not sit under the shade themselves"

All the time the old man talked, I could not focus on my work despite repeated efforts. When he said 'Give glad tidings on our behalf', I felt as if the glad tidings were being given to me. That day, I sensed Pakistan's tree to be more greener than before and fresh new leaves coming up from thin branches. I kept reciting 'La hawla wala quwwata'. I tried to control myself but all in vain. There was a mysterious feeling in this magical world. A strange intoxicance.. My senses tried to control my mind but I was lost in the magic..

An event occurred after this incident by which every nook and cranny of my body started to jitter and I was shocked with fear. A friend of sahib called up, "A mystic has come, in the beginning he was the IG of Police in Hyderabad, then he was called (to Madinah) after which he put everything aside and went there. He is a very interesting man. Do come to my place if you would like to meet him"

Sahib took me along when he went to meet that mystic. The mystic's face was too frighterning. Black colored, a skeloton of bones, terrifying eyes, crude voice; after his friend introduced sahib to the mystic, he had to leave for a while. The sahib and mystic were left alone in the room after this, and the mystic to me looked like a rotten chilli. I was seated in the room next to their's, reading a newspaper and waiting for sahib.

Suddenly the newspaper fell out of my hands and I heard that mystic from the next room talking in English "Flay you alive, put bran on you and place you in the Sun!" . Huh? What was this old man telling sahib? Is he a mystic or a butcher?

"I have come only for this purpose," his crude voice boomed, "to warn you, you do know that warnings are not given in such cases, those who err are suspended, removed, but Pakistan has a special exception. That is why you are being warned. If carelessness still persists, then you will be skinned, salted and placed in the sun!"

The blood in my body froze with shock. I came outside in amazement. The mystic and sahib remained in the room for three hours.

When sahib came out, his face was yellow, as if all the blood had been sucked. He was walking with difficulty. It seemed as if his bones were crushed.

Two years later, another event of such magnitude took place. Sahib and I had gone to Karachi for an official trip. One evening, we went to Central Jail. Sahib had some work there. He had just gotten free from work there that a guard came up to him and gave a salute, "Sir, a prisoner is repeatedly calling you by name, he is asking for you"

We followed the guard to where the prisoner was. A eunuch was locked inside a small hollowed cell. Sahib took a glance towards him.

"Open the lock" said sahib.

The lock opened up, he went inside and told the guard, "You may go'. I stood nearby, outside.

The eunuch shouted at sahib as soon as he saw him, "We had to get locked up to warn you!"

I got in fear as soon as I heard this and ran outide. An hour later when sahib came out, he was in the same state as he was when he met the mystic. Oh Allah, what is this mystery? A pool of wonders floated in my mind again. The next day, I went to the jail alone but he (the prisoner) was not there. I inquired about his whereabouts from here and there and came to know that he was not a formal prisoner. He was ranting in the bazaar next to the jail, because of which the guard at the jail was forced to lock him up. No guard had any knowledge of who had brought him here. These incidents drove me crazy. The mystery of Pakistan's status got even more amazing. In all this, I got convinced of Pakistan's special importance. The fourth-dimension was no more a wonder to me. 



  1. pakra gya,jhoot pakra gya!
    mumtaz mufti ne alakh nagri ne upar di gai post mein likha hai k karachi jail k visit mein woh b qudratUllah k sath tha lakin alakh nagri mein uss ne likha hai k qudratUllah ne yeh waqia usay sunaya tha yani mufti wahan maujud nahi tha.
    dusri baat k haydrabad se ek ami k milne ka waqia jo byan kiya hai,uss ko b idhar esay byan kiya gya hai k qudratUllah kisi aur k ghar gya tha haydrabad se aye huey guest ko milnay jab k alakh nagri mein likha hai k hydrabad se aya hua guest qudratUllah k ghar aya tha.
    Jhut k paer nahi hotay,aaj sach sabit ho gya.
    yeh Pakistaniyo ko imaginary lolipop daenay k tariqay mufti ne achay nikalay hain wasay.
    1971 mein Pakistan toot gya tha,uss ka zikr ek page k brabr b nahi kiya alakh nagri mein.kyun?Ayub khan ki tareefein ki lakin fatima jinna ko dhandli se hranay ki muzammat na mufti ne theek se ki na qudratUllah ne.aur toh aur apne aur qudratUllah k udher umri mein alag alag aurtoun se muashqay ko kaala jaadu keh ker taal dia.wah g wah.yani apne gunahoun ko kaalay jaadu k asraat keh ker barri ho jao.

    1. baat m chahy hairphair ho baat tu wohi h na.

  2. bengaliyon k rapes ki muzammet b nahi ki mufti ne.sharam ani chahiye thi inn logon ko iss tarah ki baatein likhte huey.apne greyban mein jhankna seekhna chahiye.
    yehi kharabi bani israel mein thi k woh b apne aap ko bilawaja he sab se afzal samajhte thay aur yehi beemari pakistaniyon mein dalnay ki koshish ki ja rahi hai.ek taraf arab hain jo apni ayyashiyon k bayes badnaam hain aur phir b apne aap ko afzal samajhte hain aur dusri taraf pakistani jo moral,ethical aur financial har tarah ki corruption k bayes badnaam hain aur phir b apne aap ko azeem tarr samjhna chahtay hain.
    azmat sirf Islam ki hai,pakistan ya hind ki nahi.

  3. @Faqr:
    yar yeh repeated stuff hai.bar bar wohi waqiat,wohi cheezein,ek he author ki different books se.
    maza nahi aya.
    mumtaz mufti ne ek he aspect se related kuch waqiat ko 6,7 kitaboun mein bar bar likh ker logon ko bewaquf bnaya hai acha khasa.
    bring something genuine and new.
    Khawaja MuinUddn (RehmatUllahi alaye hi wa qaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz) ki wasiyyat upload honay ka intezar hai.

  4. Hussain aap ko her baat per itraz hota hay Mufti sahib zinda hotay to aap ko jawab day saktay thay nisat e sania ka dour to ana hay na? yeh to aap manatay ho kay nahi ab to bouht kuch saf saf dikhai day raha hay Allah sab ko mehfooz rakhay Ameen

  5. @"azmat sirf Islam ki hai,pakistan ya hind ki nahi."
    Right said Husain brother.
    What said by mumtaz mufti in the above pages regarding Allah "Paseenay se sharabor" "aur khurdray haath" N'uozo bi Allah
    a true believer can never use such kind of words regarding Allah the almighty.who is Creator of the universe and every thing.mere "kun fa yakoon" is enough for every deed, what he(God) likes to happen.
    It realy disapointed me.Iss tarah ke choti se la'zish insan ko shirk ke taraf le jati hai.AstaghfiruAllah
    It seems like somebody prepared him for such kind of thoughts and writings, delibrately...
    Allah know the best

  6. Asslaam Aleykum

    Umeed hey ap sab log khairiyat se hongey,

    Hussain saheb k comments pe bohat hansi arahi hey,
    aur dusrey Anonymous mujhey lagta hey k is post pe aap ki hussain bhai ki khoob kushti hogi hhhahahahaahahh

    anyway, hussain yaar mera khayal hey k mufti saheb jab ye book likh rahey they us waqt wo burhapey main they aur bohat si batain wo bhool kar idher ki udher likh gaye hongey hahahhah,
    yani kisi waqaey ka sar aur kisi waqaey ka dhar is trah pura waqia likh diya hoga.

  7. @Zaki Khalid

    Thanks Brother, Yes surely credit goes to you. May Allah Bless You For This Excellent Translation. (I added this by your kind permission).


    Brother, So many Questions... :)

    What you think, Why Mumtaz Mufti was repeating that stuff at the age of 90 while his legs were in grave?

    App ne 'Alakh Nagri' Ghaur se nahin perhi shaid, Mumtaz Mufti mein wazeh likha hai k woh ba'az waqiayt repeat karne par majboor hain. Mufti Sahib kyun majboor thay? Kya wo waqiyat apni hi books se copy nahin kar sakte thay hu ba hu?

    You are couting trees but not eating their fruit. Ye intihai important messages hain.....jo sub books mein same hain. Crux of all events he wrote is same.....like the Dream of Key Holder is same in all books, Message of your mentioned events are same in all books, keeping in mind his age.

    Mein baar baar ishara de chukka hun k halaat kharab honi ki khas wajah hai....Ye Allah ke woh raaz hain jis ke baray mein sirf ishara diya ja sakta shaid koi Wali bhi khul kr na bataye.

    East Pakistan kyun alag huwa, Halaat kyun kharab ho rahe hain? Kon theek kare ga?

    Kon Theek Kare Ga?....Mumtaz Mufti ne 88 saal ke umar mein kitab issi sawal ke jawab mein likh di but afsos log samajh na sake.....(lekin samajhe wale samjah gye) Jis tarah mein Mumtaz Mufti ko forward kar raha hun aur baar baar signal de hun......!!

    You know why I am delaying post of Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeeri RA, bcos it will be hard to digest by readers. Certain level of spiritual knowlege is pre-requisite for it. Although it will be there soon. May be next post.

    To All Readers,
    Don't Worry about the current situation in country, whole scanaio will be changed soon. You will witness this with you eyes Insha'Allah

    [Surah Al-Nahl, Verse 61]
    اور اگر اللہ لوگوں کو ان کے ظلم (و زیادتی) پر فوری پکڑنے لگتا، تو زمین پر کسی حرکت کرنے والے (جاندار) کو باقی نہ چھوڑتا، لیکن وہ انہیں ڈھیل (پر ڈھیل) ہی دئیے جا رہا ہے، ایک مقررہ وقت تک، پھر جب آپہنچتا ہے ان کا وقت مقرر تو (وہ ان کو ایسے پکڑتا ہے کہ) یہ نہ اس سے پیچھے ہو سکتے ہیں، اور نہ آگے بڑھ سکتے ہیں

    If Allah were to punish men for their wrong-doing, He would not leave, on the (earth), a single living creature: but He gives them respite for a stated Term: When their Term expires, they would not be able to delay (the punishment) for a single hour, just as they would not be able to anticipate it (for a single hour)

  8. @Mujahid

    App bhi hussain ki tarah shaid Mumtaz Mufti Sahib ke muqam se waqif nahin. Baba Yahya Khan se poochain woh bataye ga.

    Ye baatain mazak nahin, Mumtaz Mufti Sahib ne to chuppi huwi baat khol di sub se pehle.......May Allah bless him and rest his soul in peace.

    Mumtaz Mufti was a Malaamti Sufi, Unhon ne apne app ko chotta aur kamtar sabit kiya har book mein but Baqi Sub ko bara kar diya......Allah Allah

  9. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    Mumtaz Mufti ny jo kaha hy wo 100% sach hy. Aik baat ko jb baar baar repeat kya jaey tu words same nhi rehtay hein.

    Inshallah Pakistan main boht jald change anay wali hy. Sb munafiqeen k chehray expose ho rhy hein. But afsoos k sath kehna prrta hy k hmari public ko abi bhi aqal nhi ai. Mushkil main sirf Allah sy madad mangni chahiay hy lekin hmaray log samjhtay hein k Imran Khan ya Gen.Kayani hi kuch krein gy. Sb saints jis sy drra rhay hein wo ab zaror ho ga. Ab aesay sakhat leader aen gy k logon ko phir aqal ay gi.

  10. I want to share something with you people. these are based on my own thinking.

    Gen. Zia sy pehlay agr hm dekhain tu hmaray Pakistan main Islam boht low level pr chala gya tha. Us waqt bhi hr gunah khulam khulla ho rha tha. Phir Gen. Zia ny aa kr Islam nafiz krnay ki koshish ki. Jis main wo kamyaab nhi ho skay. But us dour main Islam ko apna khoya hua muqaam phir mil gya tha.

    Ab current situation ap sb k samnay hy. Koi gunah aesa nhi hy k jo Pakistan main na ho rha ho. Mujrim be-khoof ho kr Darindagi ka muzahira kr rhy hein. Aur mazloom Insaaf na milnay ki waja sy khudkashi ko tarjeeh dy rhy hein. Is liay tu sb saints keh rhy thay k apnay ap ko saheh kr lo, phir sb saheh ho jaey ga. Lekin log samjhtay hi nhi hein. Ab safai ka mosam start ho gya hy. boht jald qo waqt anay wala hy jb jagga jagga logon ko saza di ja rhi ho gi. Pakistan sy sb galazat dour kr di jaey gi. Wo leader Gen. Zia sy bhi ziada sakhat ho ga. Jesa k Muhtarma Attya ny btaya tha. Jo hmari Pak Sarzameen ko Pak Saaf kr dy ga.

  11. mumtaz mufti is tara ke aaalim tu daramo me kaam karte hai muje ye samaj nahi aati jo daramo me kaam karte hai wali tu dunya se kat hote hai??

    1. nahe dear ye apki ghalat fehmi he wali ki duty jahan bhi lagae jate he ose wahan kam karna parta he zarori nahe ke wo sirf jangal ya khanqahon men he mile..jese hazrat rabea basri qalandar ka tawaef ka role karna..ye waliyoun ki ramz hote hen jahan onlki zarorata ho wo wahan he milen ge..ager waleun ka raz jan na chate hen to os e mail id per contact karen ager allah ne cha ha to ye raz ap per zahir ho gaye ga..e mail (muhammadw33@gmail.com)

  12. @ Anonymous

    kon kehta hy k walli dunya sy kat k rehtay hein. Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal(R.A) ny b kaha tha k kisi k zahir pr na jao. Ho skta hy k koi tmhari nazar main sabzi faroosh ho lekin wo Assal main Ghaus k muqaam pr faiz ho. Aur koi bohat barra Aalim-o-fazil shakhs ho lekin Assal main wo intihai low level pr ho.

    Asal walli tu wo hy jo Deen aur Dunya dono ko kamyabi k sath chalaey.

  13. @MAJ

    You are exactly right. Its a written destiny, Every event has a time to appear. (I used word 'appear'), Allah apne wade ka sacha hai. Allah apne baat puri kiye begair nahin rahta. Ye parde hain jo logon ki ankhon par pare hain aur kuch nahin.

  14. @Anonymous

    Wali dunya se katte nahin hote bulke dunya ke maamlaat se sub se zaida ba-khabar hote magar un ke zaraye rohani aur batini hote (Yani woh waqiat ke dunya mein zahir hone se pehle waqif hote)

    Wait Until I post on Khawajah Moinuddin Chishti RA, then all will understand know, how it works spiritually.

  15. Faqar bahi aap bilkul theek keh rahay hain

  16. About mumtaz mufti one can asked Abdal Bela the famous writer he might tell you about Mumtaz mufti sin short its not easy to understand Mumtaz Mufti one can read Raam din Book writteen bu Mumtaaz mufti And specially "Pakistan" iT take more than 4 Year To understand Qudratullah And Mumtaaz Mufti so keep the Faith...
    Allah Ap subku Asaania atta Farmain ameen..

  17. Assalam-o-Alaikum all brothers & sisters!!
    After many days there is some halchal on the comments front.
    @Major Saab
    Jan ki aman paon to yeh arz karoon ke the idea of General Kiani as a president was presented by you and as far as IK is concerned, as i stated earlier that he has erased goodwill earned over 30 yrs in the past 30 days by taking every nathoo khaira in his party. So ppl are a bit apprehensive but are still pulled towards him as there is no alternative till now.
    Right.The most difficult and rewarding Vilayat is one where there is a balance between din-o-dunya. it is easy to cut off from world totally or to immerse in worldly pleasures totally. True test is to keep balance b/w the two.


  18. A dream i have watched yesterday night...
    I was at the roof of home, suddenly i saw three Chinook helicopters up in air.. fighter jet came and bombard on those Chinooks.. then everything get damaged.. Whole city was full of black smoke.. and i have watched a seen of huge bombardment at three areas/cities..
    and then the shocking part of the dream.. this all happens in winter season, everything get damaged, i went to a friends home to get a room, to save my mother in that cold night but..... alas... in that crucial condition.. he asked me to pay 300 rent for a night... Whats it?????? But then one friend grant me a room where i ask him to arrange a comfortable bed for my mother.. then i awakes..

    I am watching similar dreams from last few months and here is something to happen.. May ALLAH keep us in his own group and grant us with HIM-MAT and SABER... Aamen

  19. @Faqr brother,app ney oper comments main bilkul theek kaha

    "Kon Theek Kare Ga?....Mumtaz Mufti ne 88 saal ke umar mein kitab issi sawal ke jawab mein likh di but afsos log samajh na sake.....(lekin samajhe wale samjah gye)"

    Samajhney waley sach main samajh gye Alhamdollilah!

    @Hussain...i dont want to go in an argument with u but apni baat ko hi akhri baat samajh lena,aur apney draw kiye huay conclusions pe itna takkabur hargiz achi baat nahi,aisa na ho ke haqeqat aap ke samney ho aur app us ko dekh hi na sakain....
    May Allah(swt) have mercy upon all of us to find the truth of things (ameen)

  20. Salam Alaikum

    kuch nahi hone wala. Ab to lagta hai zardari or kiyani ki bhi sulah hogayi hai.
    Zardari apne pore 4 saal complete kare ga or agle saal ke election main nawaz, zardari mil kar hukoomat banayain ge. Imran khan ko kuch seats mil jain gi bas, us se zayda kuch nahi hoga.

    App sab logon ne ramzan or muharam ka bara shor dala hoa tha ke yeh hoajye ga wo hojaye ga, hoa kuch bhi nahi. Balke ab to lagta hai halaat pakistan ke or arab world ke or stable hote ja rahe hain.

    Jahan tak Imam Mehdi ke ane ki baat hai , mujhe nahi lagta ke un ka time 100 saal se pehle aye ga.

    2nd Malik

  21. Brother Azhar bilkul isi tarah kay kuwab manay bhi dakhay hain bohot tabahi ajeeb sa kouf manay do bar kawab yahan likhnay ki kosis ki lekin pata nahi sari thiareer likhnay say pehlay hi gaib ho gai shaid koi apni hi galti say huwa ho

  22. @Mujahid:
    aap ka jawaz iss liye qabil e ghour nahi kyun k jo shakhs ek jumla "flay you alive........" hu ahu naql ker sakta hai ek jaga se dusri jaga ,uss ko itna bra blunder nahi kerna chahiye k ek jaga lkhe k uss ne wqia suna tha aur dusri jaga likhe k woh khud b observer tha.
    Mumtaz mufti ne apne aur shahab ki ghaltiyon pe parda baray achay tariqay se dala hai,kaala jadu keh ker.unhoun ne chuun k Pakistan bantay waqt bht khun kharaba dekha tha ,iss liye yeh cheezein unn k sub-concious mein beth gayee hon gi shayad.
    warna swal wohi hai k 1971 mein toh Pakistan toot gya tha,uss ka aur fatima jinnah k harnay ka zikr nahi kiya.foj k "roshan" karnamay jo uss ne 1970-71 mein bengal mein kiye,unn ka zikr bhi nahi kiya.

  23. About Mumtaz Mufti!

    When it comes to the future of Pakistan, or the relevence (err..even presence) of Mumtaz Mufti to it. He can be rated with the likes of Syed Sarfaraz Shah sahib.

    Indeed there are signs of time, match your notes with what has been and is being said, it will give you goosebumps.

    @ Muhammad Azhar,

    Brother, you are not the only one having those dreams, the phenomena is all over the nation, i bet even beyond. It has to come what has to come...

    Yes, the despair is about those who will show their true colours. Allah kharray aur khottay ko mila jula kar nahi rakhay ga. Those who charge for offering comfort or shelter will be distinguished from those who will rush to bestow comfort and shelter for Allah's sake and in love of His Prophet's (SalAllaho Alehe Wassalam)Ummah!

    But, dont worry, inshaAllah it is gonna be just fine :)

  24. I want to start this post of mine by a verse of Mian Mohammed Buksh RA, if im not mistaken, he is Allama Saheb’s RA Murshid. Its in Punjabi:


    Meaning: To talk of highly exalted people in front of people of low intellect having malice in their hearts, is equivalent to cooking a sweet and cool sweet dish and placing it in front of a dog!

    (May be I have not quoted the above verse correct cent per cent, but Im sure the readers will get the essence)

    @ Hussein…
    Kum az Kum Tameez ke daerey mey reh kar baath kaery. Even if you dis believe what Qudrat Ullah Shahab Sahab or Mumtaz Mufti Saheb have said, you have to be decent in your approach. I have heard a Hadees today only, that 'The one who is not respectful towards elders is not one of us'! Take heed!

    When Your father hits 90 years old, and his memory doesn’t serve him well, and he wants to tell you something of sheer importance, but he mixes up dates, or repeats things, what will you do? Give him a curt shut up call and tell him “Pakra Gaya Jhoot Pakray Gaya”?!?!? BA ADAB BA NASEEB, BEY ADAB BUD NASEEB!

    Try to get the essence of the matter, the pivot of the discussion at hand instead of argueing about dates and the chronology of events! This myopic mindset will surely constarin you from mental emancipation… Just a brother advice. Aqalmund ke liye ishara kaafi warna shq ka ilaaj tou Hakeem lukmaan ke pass bhi nahi hey.

    @ MAJ…
    Allah aap ki zubaan Mubarak karey bhai! InshAllah the prophecy is near and UPON US!! Is dafa Safai nahi, Safayaa hoga!!


    @ Faqar:
    My dear brother, thank you for the sher of Allama Iqbal that I asked you for. And you were right I could not understand 90% of it. May be you can help me understand? :)

    We all await your new posts with anticipation. May Allah increase your insight 100 times and ours aswell. Ameen!

    Kind regards, warrior………..

  25. YOUSUF here.....

    I've been on this blog for two months now and I've read a lot of posts and comments here, new and old. This blog is truly wonderful and bhai Faqr, may Allah give you jaza e kahir for this great cause.

    I want to ask that now it is evident that the 'safaya' is about to start, what should we all do apart from tauba & Istaghfaar? Should we wait and see for the good people to come or should we be in this war against zionists,hindus & the traitors and do our best to be a part of ghazwa e hind in the information warfare?? Psy-ops, which is called as. And kindly enlighten me about your thoughts about Mr. Zaid Hamid, I'll be grateful.

    May Allah help us all...

    Regards, Yousuf..

  26. @warrior:
    aap k liye shayad sach per ghour kerna zara mushkil hai kyun k aap fantasies mein rehnay k aadi ho chukay hain,mein ne upar proof b de dia hai k jo bnda exact sentencee quote ker sakta hai 2 jagoun pe,uss ko itna bra blunder toh nahi ekrna chahiye k usay yeh b yad na ho k woh jaye waqia pe muajud tha ya nahi?aur yeh waqia uss ne suna tha ya khud woh iss ka ainee shahid hai?

  27. @warrior:
    logon ne toh mauzu ahadees k kuch rawiyoun ko b jhuta kaha hai aur yeh toh phir ek writer tha,is ki baat koi authentic nahi maan sakta.aur jhootay ko jhuta he kehna chahiye.

  28. Asslaam Aleykum

    ap sab ka kya khyal hey k ab iran ney harmoz main america ko aney se mana kar diya hey ,

    aur dusri taraf america ney iran ki thread ko
    ansuni kar diya hey,

    bilfarz, america harmoz main aya to kya iran americans ko attack karey ga?

    agar esa huwa to is ka matlab hey k jang.

    mera to ye khayal hey k phir attack k baad america aur israil mil kar iran pe attack karengey .

    lekin israil aur america k attack ka matlab kuchh aur bhi hey , yani great war ww3.
    kyun k na Pakistan na china aur na hi russia america aur israel k tasallut ko pasand kartey hain.

  29. Hazrat Naimatullah Shah wali r.a. k mutabiq ww3 Ghazwa e Hind k baad hogi ,

    is k mutabiq america aur israel iran pe attack kar k us k bohat se areas pe qabza kar saktey hain.
    aur agar esa huwa to un areas main asfahaan to zaroor hoga . is attack k baad iran main dobara badshahat aaye gi,

    aur idher pakistan main islami nizam nafaz karney wala aaye ga, aur islami nizam nafaz honey k thorey arsey baad Ghazwa e Hind hoga.

  30. @Hussain

    App to Mumtaz Mufti ke fan thay ye yak-dam inqilaab kaise aa gya?

    Mumtaz Mufti ne to Saeen Allah Bakhs Naqshbandi Qalandari (Rehmatullah Alaihe) ke bare mein bhi likha tha aur app ne bohat pasand ki thi woh posts (Bhai Jaan Wali bulke Alakh nagri to bhari huwi hai Bhai Jaan ki baaton se).....Do you disagree with him on this also?

    thanks, You are already a part of this warfare. Don't ask anybody what to do while in the battlefield. Target is front of you, just keep marching towards it.

    @Baktar e Noor
    Well said, phenomenon with whole nation. Many dreams are coming after few posts :)

    I knew this the moment I told about the poem....Its really difficult, InshaAllah I will post its Tashreeh soon.

    A brave stance by Iran. Its worth praising.

  31. @ Mujahid

    You are right. Ab jang ka chance tu bn rha hy. America ny Taliban sy b peace talk start kr di hy. Sun-nay main a rha hy k America Taliban k leaders ko b release kr dy ga. America ab Iran k gird ghera tang kr rha hy. Israel k sath mil kr Americans koi na koi drama zaror krein gy.

  32. @ AK

    +)the idea of General Kiani as a president was presented by you)

    I have presented this idea. But it does not mean that we should think him our "Nijaat dahinda". hmain hr mushkil mein sirf aur sirf Allah sy dua krni chahiay. Ab Allah ki marzi hy wo hmari mushkilaat ko duor krnay k liay kisay bhejta hy. Is waqt samnay Gen. Kyani aur Imran khan k ilawa aur koi dosra nhi hy.

    Jahan tk Imran Khan ki baat hy, ye mat dekho k us ki party main kon kon a rha hy. Ab next Govt. selection sy bnay gi, Party ki base pr nhi.

  33. @faqr:
    jab jab jahan jahan iss tarah k blunders j upar wali post ki book mein kiye hain,samnay ayen ge,mein unn ko condemn kerun ga .
    aur dusra yeh k 1971 aur fatima jinnah aur personnal gunahoun pe mumtaz mufti aur qudratUllah ka jo stance tha mein uss ka day 1 se critic hun.
    aur iran siraf giddar bhabhkiyan laga raha hai filhaal.irani sunnis ko toh qtal ker saktay hain lakin Israeliyon aur U.S troops ko nahi.aap ko shayad meri baat pe yaqeen na aye lakin iss waqt b iran k scientists Israel aur USA k sath mil ker kaam ker rahay hain bht se fields mein,even nuclear engineering mein.
    yeh sab iran ka topi drama hai.
    lakin ek na ek din Iran khush fehmi mein he mara jaye ga.

  34. bht aala clip hai.must watch:


  35. http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/2012/01/120103_iranians_murder_case_as.shtml

  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNwxDCaMR3I

  37. Where can I download this book by Mumtaz Mufti shaib: ?


  38. Maybe WWIII will start in the Middle East and the Russian army may reach to
    the plain of Amuq in Syria. The war will take place. Allah (swt) will make
    Islam victorious and support it and open the way to Turkey. Allah (swt) may
    open the way to Istanbul. From there the Sultan will come and enter
    Istanbul. And Imam Mahdi (as) is still present in the movement but he is
    not appearing yet. Maybe this event will take place in the month of Rajab
    or after, when Imam Mahdi (as) will enter Istanbul. This means that the
    region of the Middle East is on fire. The army will come from Damascus
    against the Russian army and the hand of Imam Mahdi (as) is with the army
    but he himself is not present or appearing.

    (Excerpts from Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani Suhbat)

    US certainly seems to be creating a pretext for war with Iran. Shaykh Abdullah Al Faiz Ad Daghestani (Q) prophesied a war in the Persian Gulf. He (Q.S.) said a non Arab Middle Eastern country(Israel?) shall attack the Persian Gulf.

    This will put the whole world in fear that the supply of oil will be cut, and we of course know that Iranians have threatened US that they'll block the Hormuz Strait.

  39. And a group of the children of Israel said to their Prophet, appoint for us a King so we may fight in Allah's way." (2:246)

    This means there is no democracy no republic.Democracy, the republic system, the parliament system, all of them are rubbish. In Islam there is no democracy. There is no secularism in Islam.

    Therefore good news for the ones who keep themselves and keep their faith and their children and pay attention to their family that they don't eat except what is halal. But people now are theives, they became theives. They are never satisfied, their stomach is never satisfied by what is haram (forbidden). Haram money, food, it will never satisfy you. If you eat the whole world of forbidden things it will never satisfy your stomach. To be content with what you have is a treasure that never ends. There are very few that are content with their situation.

    (Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q))

  40. Rang urr chukay hei.Paranday bay chain ho gayy hei, lagta hai ke inn ko bhe aanay walay halaat ke kuch sunn gunn ho gai hei.
    Khuda reham karay, Amin

  41. acha aapko kese feel hua?

  42. @Nadeem

    Brother, So far this book is not online so until it becomes online, you will have to purchase it from bookshop.

  43. JazakAllah fakhar bhai u r doing a great job.Pakistan is created as a dua of Rasool Allah(SAWW) and He (SAWW)has given bashart of victory of muslims in ghazwa e hind.i pray to Allah tht HE chooses all those who are sincere in HIS love for this sacred mission nd nazer of Rasool Allah(SAWW)will be a great attest to achieve this target.Pakistan is our soul aur Ya Allah unke nasloon ko b mita de jinhon ne is mulk komitnay ke koshish ke ameen Allah o Akbar

  44. Keep faith in Allah Almighty, be United and Disciplined!
    You might not wonder how Pakistan came into being.

  45. Pakistan is surrounded by Enemies, even inside Pakistan their are so called Kwaraji Muslims making endless and bloody War like Pakistani Taliban, Arabs Al Qaida, Afghan, persian, Tajik etc haters of Pakistan and they are destroying Pakistan in a bloody War, they have destroyed Billions of Dollars of Pakistan Airforce, Navy and Army Hardware and Killed thousands of Pakistani Civilians and Army Personnel, it is estimated that so called Muslims from Arab, Afghans, Tajik, African Kwarjis killed more then 50,000 Innocant Pakistanis in last 12 years, Pakistani Muslims must come on media and show their faces to the whole muslim world as they are destroying Pak and also enemies of Innocant Muslims and Islam! These Terrorists are Finance by India- RAW, USA - CIA
    British - MI6, Israil - Mossad and also even Military Intelligence agencies of Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are working with Western Zionist Crusaders Imperialist Supremacist Nazis KKK Scum to destroy Pakistan from Inside, it is matter of time another 9/11 Attack will be done inside U.S.A and will be blamed on Pakistan so all NATO and U.S.A will attack Pakistan with all their Forces and War Machine, Obama is a Crypto Jew like Saudi Arab Monarchy who are Crypto Jews as well
    i.e. they have Jewish ancestory! USA most probably will be hit by Nukes, which were stolen by Zionist American Christians and Zionist Jews from U.S. Military as U.S. Military has dozens of Broken Arrows i.e. NUkes Missing and which is believed to be stolen or bought by Elite of U.S.A and these broken Arrows are still some where Underground Base in U.S.
    and would be used against U.S.A and be blamed on Arabs or on Iran or on Pakistan or all of Muslim World so to trigger WWIII by Zionist Jewish International World Banks to usher another 1000 years of Anglo Zionist Jewish White Supremacy of the World and do a Big Genocide of Arabs and Muslims and Destroy Islam Once for all......! We are Living in last Age of the World and time of Armaggeddon is not very Far, Question is that India, China, Russia, Spanish and Arab dominated Countries will stand united against New World Order which is Old World Order of Anglo Saxxon German Nazis Scum!

  46. Qudratullah.......great person