January 01, 2012

Appear, O Rider Of Destiny (Allama Iqbal's Persian Predictions, Part 2)

اب اس غبار سے وہ شہسوار (الله کا خلیفہ) ظاہر ہو گا

'Now That 'Divine Vicegerent' Will Come Forth From This Dust'

The Secrets of Self 
    Allama Iqbal revealed the three stages of development of Self (khudi) in his Book 'Asrar-e-Khudi' as
    • Stage 1 - Obedience to God's Law (اطاعت)
    • Stage 2 - Self Control (ضبط نفس)
    • Stage 3 - Divine Vicegerency (نیابت الہی)
     This Divine Vicegerency (God's Deputyship or Qaeem Muqami) is the third and last stage of human development on earth. The vicegerent is the vicegerent of God on earth. He is the completest Self (ego), the goal of humanity, the acme of life both in mind and body; in him the discord of our mental life becomes a harmony. This highest power is united in him with the highest knowledge. In his life, thought and action, instinct and reason, become one. He is the last fruit of the tree of humanity, and all the trials of a painful evolution are justified because he is to come at the end. He is the real ruler of mankind; his kingdom is the kingdom of God on earth. (From: Introductory Note By Allama Iqbal)

    ١. زین غبارآن شہسوار آید پدید

    From: (Asrar-e-Khudi-15) Marhala Soyem: Nayabat-e-Elahi

    1. Nature travels in blood for generations to compose the harmony of his personality.
    2. Our handful of earth has reach the zenith, For that champion will come forth from this dust!
    3. There sleeps amidst the ashes, of our To-day the flame of a world-consuming morrow.
    4. Our bed enfolds a garden of roses, Our eyes are bright with to-morrow's dawn.
    5. Appear, O rider of Destiny! Appear, O light of the dark realm of Change!
    6. Illumine the scene of existence, Dwell in the blackness of our eyes!
    7. Silence the noise of the nations, Imparadise our ears with thy music!

    1. Arise and tune the harp of brotherhood, Give us back the cup of the wine of love!
    2. Bring once more days of peace to the world, Give a message of peace to them that seek battle!
    3. Mankind are the cornfield and thou the harvest, Thou art the goal of Life's caravan.
    4. The leaves are scattered by Autumn's fury: Oh, do thou pass over our gardens as the Spring!
    5. Receive from our downcast brows the homage of little children and of young men and old!
    6. It is to thee that we owe our dignity and silently undergo the pains of life.
    Read Complete Stage 3: Divine Vicegerency Here

    ٢. ایک پیشگوئی جو پوری ہوئی

    It is written in Book 'Allama Iqbal aur Abdul Haq' by Dr. Mumtaz Hassan that Allama Iqbal's Prediction about 'start of Independence Movement' in Kashmir proved true in his own Life. A Payam-e-Mashriq Persian Poem 'SaqiNama' which was written in Nishat Bagh, Kashmir, contained a verse starting with 'Baresham Qaba....'. In same poem, Allama Iqbal prayed to God to 'Bring revolution in the hearts of Kahmiris so that they can live with honor in this world......'. Strangely, after 2 years, Independence Movement started from a Factory of Resham (Silk) in Sri Nagar, Kashmir. Allama Iqbal himself was amazed on it and told this to Molvi Abdul Haq through his letter. (Book: Allama Iqbal aur Abdul Haq, Letters, Page 56, Word 'Paishgoi' is used in the book, Similarly Allama Iqbal's Prediction about Feudal of Punjab also became true).

    Poem is quite long but last few verses containing that 'Baresham Qaba' couplet, are posted below.

    From: (Payam-e-Mashriq-031) (ساقی نامہ) Saqi Nama

    Note: Above Persian to Urdu Translation by Prof. Hameed Ullah (Chakwal) and English Translation taken from AllamaIqbal.com


    1. @"Arise and tune the harp of brotherhood, Give us back the cup of the wine of love!

      Bring once more days of peace to the world, Give a message of peace to them that seek battle!"

      Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism


    2. Puraani Siasat Gari Khawar hai
      Zameen Mir o Sultan se Bezaar hai,
      Gaya Daur e Sarmaya Daari Gaya
      Tamasha Dikha kar Madaari Gaya,
      Garaan Khawab Cheeni Sambhalne Lage
      Hamala ke Chashme ubalne Lage,
      Dil e Toor e Sinaa o Faraan Doneem
      Tajalli ka phir Muntazir hai kaleem.
      (How true, all this we are watching, happening in front of us and we are still sitting clueless)

    3. "Puraani Siasat Gari Khawar hai
      Zameen Mir o Sultan se Bezaar hai"

      Wow, we really don't know who Iqbal was!!

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    6. باطل سے دنبے والے اے آسماں نہيں ہم
      سو بار کر چکا ہے تو امتحاں ہمارا
      اے ارض پاک! تيری حرمت پہ کٹ مرے ہم
      ہے خوں تری رگوں ميں اب تک رواں ہمارا
      سالار کارواں ہے مير حجاز اپنا
      اس نام سے ہے باقی آرام جاں ہمارا

      1. we have faith Allah well this whole world to true muslims who well rule like Mohammad peace be upon him

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      June 25, 2011
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      Hikmat Ki Baatain (From Books: Maqalat-e-Hikmat)


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      Brother, It was in book Zarb-e-Kaleem poem named Mehdi, see link below


      But You will not understand this poem due to difficult Urdu and hidden message, (I wish you will :) ), As I said, I will post it with Explanation but after few posts as some other posts are in queue. Insha'Allah

    11. Hue jiski khudi sab se pehle namudar
      Wohi MEHDI woi akhir zamani
      (allama iqbal)
      Just focuss on this sher.it will clear my point towards imam mehndi