December 20, 2011

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya Aur Ghazwa-e-Hind (Baba Ji Irfan-ul-Haq Sahib)

پاکستان کو رسول کریمﷺ کے مشن کی تکمیل کے لیے بنایا گیا ہے

Sahib-e-Nazar-o-Basirat Baba Ji Irfan-ul-Haq Sahib is spiritually enlightening and directing Pakistanis about the purpose of 'Creation of Pakistan' and Why Ghazwa-e-Hind is important for Pakistan's Future. Baba Ji says,
"Pakistan is created on the recommendations of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and it is established to complete HIS mission. America is trying his full resources to prove Ghazwa-e-Hind (The battle of Hind) Hadith as weak one to confuse the people about the mission & passion for Holy Prophet (PBUH). Pakistan will be the biggest Fort for the Battle of Hind."

آج غزوہ ہند کی حدیث کو ضعیف بنوانے کے لئے امریکی پورا زور لگا رہے ہیں

By Dr. Ajmal Niazi (19 Oct, 2011,  Nawa-i-Waqt)


  1. Another thoughtful reminder, Thanks Sir Faqr!!

  2. malik
    mashallah faqr bhai ap koi aisi website batai jidhr asani se books parh sakte hai ba habar logo ki ap bi odhr se hi lete hai jazakallah

  3. is tarah to phir Gazwa e hind may kafi dair hay Pakistan may aisay log anay may abhi bouht waqt lagay ga log to apnay haq kay liay nahi uthtay aisay nakara hukumrano ko bardast kar rahay hain yeh log sudher jain muskil hay filhal.taleem ka nazam thap hay adaray tabha ho cukay hain her taruf loot mar hay bara chota sub lootnay may lagay hain aaj to IK kay jalsay may kursian loot ker lay gaiy yeh log Gazwa e hind kia larain gay dua hi ki ja sakti hay ab to ppp mqm aur anp kay agay army bhi baybus nazar ati hay jab tak safai nahi ho gi kuch nahi ho ga ab safai ka tareeka to Allah nay tay karnah hay daykhain kia hota hay ?

  4. @Faqar

    The question is that why Quaid-e-Azam was given preference over jayyad ulama of that time for this momentous task. He was very honest and his integrity was matchless butttt as far as religious background is concerned, he was not at par with spiritual personalities of that time.

    Today when we talk about our awaited leader (not Mahdi), what comes to mind due to discussions here, is a spiritual person steeped in religion, not worldly, having a beard with close link to any silsila. Sometimes i think that whether we are looking at the wrong direction as far as the characteristics of the awaited leader are concerned.
    A) What if the leader is of the same cloth as of Quaid -e- Azam i.e. apparently worldly (doesnt seem to be offering even nimaz) but very honest on pers. & prof. level

    B) What is more imp. in choosing a leader?? Honest, worldly but not spiritual/religious OR very religious/spiritual on the outlook.


  5. @Malik

    Brother, Bahadar logon ki website puch rahe hain ya Ba-khabar logon ki?

    Iss bar safai nahin pura safaya ho ga. :)

  6. Faqar bhai sirf yeh bata dain is safaya ka tareeka e kar kia ho ga Orya maqbool nay likha tha kay satoon nikaal lia gaiya hay to kia yeh koi qudrat ki taruf say azaab ki baat hay ya Allah kisi groh ko hum per musalat kar day ga ya kuch aur ?

  7. MALIK

  8. @AK

    Baat to yehi hai k Allah dil ka ikhlas aur mission se commitment dekhta hai choose kar waqt, zahiri shakl-o-soorat nahin. Allama Iqbal ka Sher Muhammad Sharaqpuri (RA) wala waqia mashoor hai.

    SoAllah jise chahe izzat de aur jise chahe zillat. Wa tou izzo mantasha wa tou zillo mantasha

    Well, An honest, brave and sincere leader towards Islam will definitely be very religious.

    If Zardari comes with beard and begs for....... :))))

  9. @Malik

    Google, brother I use Google for searching all the content. Koi special ya specific website nahi.

  10. @Anonymous

    Oriya Maqbool Jaan ne hi likha tha k woh aik leader ko dekh rahe hain jo awam ki umeedon ka markaz bane ga

    read here

  11. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor
    Your work is really appreciateable.:) May Allah always bless you.

    Quaid-e-Azam was really a great man. Quaid-e-Azam ki death k baad aik bazurg ny khawab main dekha k Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) aik mehfil main majood hein aur us mehfil main Quaid-e-Azam bhi hain. Un bazurg ny AAP(S.A.W) sy pocha k ye clean shave bnda yahan kesay a gya. Tu Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ny jawab dya tha k:

    "Tum is k chehray ki taraf mat dekho, ye dekho k is shakhs k dil main Musalmanoo k liay kitna dard majood hy."

    Is liay Allah ny Quaid-e-Azam sy aik azeem kam lia. Sb Quaid-e-Azam ki tareef hi krtay hein, kisi ko itni jurrat nhi hoti k wo in main koi burai talash kr sky.

    Aur jahan tk baat hy k Pakistan aur Madina ki pehli State k baray mein. tu in dono mein boht similarities hein.

  12. Waqi hi aaj tak Quaid kay baray may kisi ko jurat nahi hoi lekin kuch anchor nusrat javed aur najam saithi aaj kal tv per baith kar kia kahtay hain un kay baray may aap nay bhi suna ho ga ? aisy logon ko sharam ani cahiay

  13. Today disappointed Muslims who don't have believe themselves and Muslims who created western countries as their idols criticize hadiths regarding Imam Mahdi and Ghazwa-e-Hind.

    Can we say that these are fabricated Ahdith like "Homes will have mirror like screens that will show moving images of people and places near and far." and "People will hold devices on the glass surface of which they will be able to see and talk to people far away."??? First Hadith is predicting LCD screens and second 3G mobile devices. Can other than Rasul (saw) of Allah predict so accurate Ahdith???

    The hadiths related with Hazrat Mahdi are mutawatir hadiths. Those certain people who deny Imam Mahdi, would also be denying all the bases of the Ahl-al Sunnah creed as well, when they deny Imam Mahdi.

    ADNAN OKTAR: Now, there were weak, mursal hadiths; they were weak hadiths.. But how would weak hadiths become sahih (reliable) hadiths? By being realized. Now our Prophet (saas) says that the Ka'bah will be raided. This was a weak hadith. "The blood of the pilgrims will flow over the Ka'bah" and this is an incident that will take place for the first time; first time in the history of Islam; first time in the history of the Ka'bah. This incident happens, and when that happens what would that hadith become? A sahih (reliable) hadith. And there are more than 150 hadiths just like that. Consequently, a new hadith collection has been added to Al-Kutub As –Sittah; a new sahih hadith collection has been added as all of those had been proven to be true.

  14. ye log bs aesay hi boltay rehtay hein, in k pas koi proof hy hi nhi.

  15. If you analyze Books of Ahadith, you will find there are many Ahadith that have discussed the Ghazwat-ul-Hind. Reason why only 4 of them are referenced is because these 4 are extremely credible.

    Have a look at their references and what Ravis are saying about what Holy Prophet PBUH said. No Hadith is contrary to the other but is in support of it. One of the Ravi of these 4 Ahadith is Immam Abu Huraira who is the Ravi of thousands of Ahadith and one of the most credible person. There are 10s of other scholars of the time who confirm the credibility of these selected Ahadith. These Ahadith were written almost 1400 years ago when there was no regional bias or signs of India/Pakistan as such and chances that somebody might have "cooked" something to affect regional policies of today would be nothing but absurd. So what reason one might have to deny them? I would say yes, these Ahadith are considerably credible and if there is any trace of doubt, its less than a fraction.

  16. @Faqr:
    oriya ne khud nahi kaha tha bal k ek shaer qoute kiya tha jis ka matlab tha k mein usay qaid khanay ki roshan dan se dekh raha hun

  17. continue...

    If you compare first Islamic State of Madina and Pakistan then you will get interesting facts.

    1- Madina main Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ny first Islamic state ki bunyaad rkhi. Muslims ny hijrat ki aur apnay sb kuch chhor kr Madina ay.
    Pakistan jb bna tu bhi Muslims apna sb kuch chhor kr India sy Pak-sarzameen ki taraf ay.

    2- Islamic State of Madina k dushman thay Mushrakeen-e-Makkah.
    Isi trah Pakistan k dushman hein Mushrakeen-e-hindustaan.

    3- Ghazwa-e-badr aur 1965 ki Indo-pak war bhi similar hy. Thoray sy musalmanoon ny thoray sy weapons k sath dushman ko shikast di.

    4- Ghazwa-e-Uhad aur 1971 ki war bhi same hein. Ghazwa-e-Uhad main jb Muslims ny Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ki baat nhi maani tu unhain nuqsaan uthana para. Aur Pakistan ko bhi Bengal ki separation dekhni pari.

    5- Aur Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab aur Pakistan ki current situation bi similar hy.


  18. ADNAN OKTAR:"As-Salamun alaikom, the lion of Allah, my respected and blessed Master. Some people set aside the hadiths you are referring to in telling people about Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) by saying "Those are weak hadiths." He is asking "What do you say to this?" Now, what happens when a hadith is realized?

    OKTAR BABUNA:It becomes authentic.

    ADNAN OKTAR:They become mutawatir hadiths. Because let us say that someone is saying "I will come here with a friend on Wednesday." Now, this is a thought, so he meant to do this. But when he comes, then this means that his word is correct; there is no "What if" about it anymore as he has already come. What does the Prophet (saas) say? He is saying "This will happen on this date." That date comes and what he says happens. Now the man is saying, "This is a weak hadith." My friend, it has already been realized, what is weak about that? What does this become? It becomes an authentic hadith, a mutawatir hadith. Insha'Allah.

    Jan 12, 2011

  19. Continue…

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab main Muslims ny defensive war larri thi.
    Aur Pakistan bhi defensive war larr rha hy.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab main Arab k both sy qabeelay shareek hoay thay is liay usay “Ahzaab” kehtay hein.
    Ab b Pakistan k border k paar NATO, America aur India jesay dushman mojood hein.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab main Kuffaar khandaq paar kr k hmla krtay thay.
    Ab b ap dekh lein k Americans aur NATO hmaray border k paar a kr karwai krtay hein.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab mein Muslims ki economic conditions achi nhi theen.
    Ab Pakistan ki situation b sb k samnay hy.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab k doraan Madina k andar bhi Muslims ko Munafiqeen aur Jews sy khatra rehta tha.
    Ab hmaray Pakistan mein bhi Aasteen k Sanp, Talibaan aur Foreign Agents Mulk ko nuqsaan pohancha rhay hein.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab k din Muslims k liay sakhat tareen din thay.
    Aj k halaat bhi Pakistan k liay mushkil tareen jar hay hein.

    Kuffar jb maidan chhor kr bhagay thay tu us ki waja un ki economy hi thi.
    Aura b America aur NATO ki economy b war k bojh mazeed bardashat nhi kr skti. Wo b ab bhagnay k chakar mein hein.

    Jang k baad Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ny kahan tha k ab koi Madina pr hamla krnay ki jurrat nhi kry ga. Blkay ab Muslims Makkah jain gy.
    Pakistan k case main bi Inshallah yhi ho ga. America aur NATO countries k yahan sy janay k baad kisi ko Pakistan ki taraf dekhnay ki jurrat nhi ho gi. Aur Pakistan India k sath kamyaab jang kry ga.

    Ye Pakistan ki current situation k baray main meray apnay personal views hein.

  20. @ Malik:

    Sir, ap muje Pushtoon lag rahe ho... Qk apne pehle bhi Ba-khabar ko Ba-Habar kaha ta ek dafa :)
    Me bhi pathan hoon is lye muje pata he :)

  21. @Hussain

    Yes brother, Sahiban-e-Nazar and Allama Iqbal said this.....Oriya just conveyed their message.

    Such anchors should be strictly banned who speak against Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

  22. @Junaid

    Thanks for info.....I could never figure out this without your help :) although my guess was spot on. Smiles...

  23. @MAj:
    phiir aap ghazwa e khaybar aur tabook aur hunain ko kis tarah pakistan k sath justify kero gay?
    Aap maujuda surat e haal ko ghazwa e ehzaab nahi keh sakte kisi bhi tarah.

  24. @ Faqr Sb:

    Hahahaha, you are welcome Sir :)
    Let Brother malik respond, let's see what he has to say :) Denial or confirmation...

  25. @ Hussain

    Ghazwa Khyber jews k against thi na.
    Pakistan ny bi Israel ko khatam krnay main apna role play krna hy.

    Ghazwa Hunain aur Tabook bhi aen gi. Pakistan k dushman Hindu aur jews k ilawa aur bhi hein.

  26. @MAJ

    Masha'Allah, Beautiful comments, Everyone must read these comments. InshaAllah asea hi ho ga Allah pe humara Kamil imaan hai k Allah humain kabhi ruswa nahin kare ga. Ache din bhi ayen ge.

  27. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    thanx brother.:)
    Ap ko Sarfraz Shah Sb. ki wo baat yaad hy. unhn ny b btaya tha k Pakistan k Muslims ko Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab ki Dua aj kal mangni chahiay hy. It means k aj kal ki conditions Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab k time jesi chal rhi hy.

  28. Last post mein Surah Rome ki Verse 41 post ki thi Old Roman Empire consisted of Today's NATO countries mostly so Surah Rome mein khushkhabri di gyi hai.

  29. @MAJ .... and ALL

    Yes brother that's why I added this. Ghazwa-e-Ahzab Dua top menu is merged with 'True Belivers' top menu post, so its not removed, its just merged.

  30. @Maj

    I also thing our current situation is similar to Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab because Muslim of Madina used Trench (Khandaq) for defense and we are using Atomic Deterrent for defense.

    There is also Dua of Ghazwa-e-Ahzab in this blog...

  31. @Maj:
    woh ek announced jang thi.jab ke yeh jang Pakistan dual policy k tehat khel raha hai.i mean Pakistan Usama ko chupata bhi hai aur phir war gainst terror ka aprt ban'nay ka dawa bhi kerta hai.
    Salim shehzad ko sach likhne pe qatal ker diya gya.
    Yar aap Unn mujahideen ka mawazna inn munafiq faujiyon se toh na kero.aaj agar pakistan mein sab se zada ayyashi wala koi mehkma hai toh fauj.
    Yeh toh khud alliance bna k bethay huey hain,inn ki ijazat se drone hamlay ho rahay hain aur aap iss ko zabardasti ghazwa e ehzab saabit kernay pe tulay huey hain.
    Aur drone hamloun se nuqsan k sath sath fayeda bhi ho raha hai.Ilyas kashmiri aur baitUllah mehsud aur deegar bht se dehshatgard maaray gaye hain jis kiwajah se suicide bombings kam hui hain.
    Yeh awam ko sirf lolypop daenay k liye baatein gharr li gayee hain k Pakistan Madina e Sani hai aur ab fulan ghazwa ho raha ha aur ,aaj se itne saal pehle yeh ghazwa hua tha.
    Mujhe toh hansi aa rahi hai nawai waqt walon ki soch pe.america k paas duniya mein aur ko kaam nahi jo woh ek hadith ko zaeef qarar dilwanay k liye koshishein keray ga.?hadith bhi esi jis ka 70% se zada pakistaniyon ko pata he nahi aur jin ko pata hai woh bhi iss ki authenticity mein doubt kertay hain.hunh america.lolz.

  32. Uper wala column perh k aik aur baat bhi zehan mein ati hai k agar ghazwa-e-hind Jeetna hai to Ghazwa-e-Ahud wali galti bhi nahin ki ja sakti, matlab hold on our positions aur kisi haal mein bhi apni duty se ghafil nahin hona. yani Kamyabi Sarwar-e-Kainat (S.A.W) ki mukamal pairwi se hi mumkin ho gi.

    Baba Ji Irfan-ul-Haq bohat gehri baat karte hain.MashaAllah.

  33. Hi All

    One of my Pakistani freind mention this blog as we were discussing world's events as well as about 2012 and Mayan civilization.
    This blog is interesting and fun to read. Ofcourse, I am getting so much information about indo-pak region and it's political + military relations.
    What I can request to fellow bloggers is to write in english as I can't read some of the posts which were written in native pakistan language. I am sure there are many other people who do not belong to Pakistan read this blog so its better for all of us non-pakistanis to participate.

  34. @Faisal

    I merged that top menu Dua with 'True Believers' top menu but After today column I again turned it on as separate, you will see that Dua at top.
    We must read this daily.

  35. MAJ bilkul yehi baat ZAID HAMID bhi kartay hain jo aap nay bataya un say hum brassteck may sun cukay hain MASAALLAH

  36. @Wendy

    Many of the posts are already translated specially the important/predictions part. Please visit all the posts, you will find many English translations. Although I am not an expert translator but always try to publish crux of the post in English as well. These are ever green posts, and Pakistan is created by God for the safety of whole humanity and coming times will prove this. My fellow brothers in abroad will witness this as destiny is going to unfold its secrets in next few years.

  37. @Hussain

    You know in last few years many books came in market/online with the names "100 Zaeef Ahadith" or similar, I don't remember exact name, but Its truth that attempts are made to prove these Ahadith weak.

  38. Assllam-u-Alikam,

    Brother thank you so much for such a wonderful website. May ALLAH subhan tala accepts your efforts and send his blessings. I have been reading about Gazwa-e-Hind for quite a while now. Off course like every Muslim we would like to participate. But how?? We don’t have any skill that could be used to fight. My husband in IT and I’m house wife. What would you suggest.??


  39. Brother MAJ,

    "Main nay jana keh goya yeh bhi meray dil main hai!"

    Exactly my thought for a long time, i could not help but always compare 65 and 71 wars with Badar and Uhad, and these days... it is as if i am watching Ghazwa e Ahzaab unfolding before my very eyes!

    MashaAllah! keep sharing your precious thoughts with us (until Faqar bhai lets the big secret out!).

  40. @Musafir

    Dear Sister, First I say thanks, and tell you more that you will see some more posts on Ghazwa-e-Hind in coming days.

    2nd, Battles are not fought with skills only. First things should come first, so first develop a 'Qalb-e-Saleem'. I mean, Allama Iqbal guided us with

    Chahte Sub Hain Ke Hon Auj-e-Surayya Pe Muqeem,
    Pehle Waisa Koi Paida Tau Kare Qalb-e-Salim!

    Aspiring for the Pleiades, How simple it all seems!
    But let there first be hearts like theirs, To justify such dreams.

    Yani Ghazwa-e-Hind larne ke liye jo Kirdar, Pakeeza Dil aur Kamil Imaan Chahye Uss par to Qaeem hon. Baqi puri Nation ko physical training krwana mushkil nahin. Pigeons and sparrows can never fly like Falcons. First we need to become Falcon then we will go after target.

  41. @Faqr:
    aap ko shayad yaqeen na aye lakin mein btata chalun k ek din mein ne iss hadith k baray mein apne taur pe search ki ,woh hadith jo hamein bachpan se ratta di jati hai "ilm hasil kero khawa tumhein cheen (china) he kyun na jana paray"
    lakin pata chala k yeh hadeeth zaeef nahi,mursal bhi nahi,mauzu hai yani forged.
    ab esay mein agar logon ki baedari k liye iss tarah ki kitabein likhne se acha kya tariqa ho sakta hai?
    har saal chand mulla baray zaur o shaur se kehte hain k 10 muharram ko naha ker khushbu aur surma laganay ka itna sawab hai aur waghera waghera haalan k yeh sab riwayatein nasabiyon yani ahl e abyt alayehim salam ajmaeen k dushmanan ne mahur ki hain aur sirf ek riwayat theek hai k apne ghar waloun pe kharch zada ker do (lakin uss mein bhi logon ne kalam kiya hai)

  42. @Faqr:
    yeh toh hadees k ulema he bta sakte hain k yeh ahadees kis darjay ki hain yani sahi,hassan,gharib,maqbul,zaeef waghera.
    ek columnist kese uth ker fesla ker sakta hai?
    jo hadees zada authentic hai uss mein sirf itna zikr hai k jo groh hin pe hamla keray ga,uss ko basharat di gayi hai.ab uss zada authentic hadees ki roshni mein woh groh Muhammad bin Qasim ka bhi ho sakta hai aur Mehmood Ghaznawi ka bhi.
    WAllahu Aalam.

  43. @Baktar e Noor

    Brother, you created suspense by saying big secret. Well, I was thinking, I have unfolded all the secrets :) that's why I am so much satisfied.

    In the process of posting about future of Pakistan, I feel I got nearer to Allah who is so much kind to our country that All of His Friend (Whom He calls Aulia in Quran) are praying for Pakistan. As Irfan-ulHaq Sahib said: Pakistan is created under the recommendation/supervision of Holy Prophet (S.A.W)..........After this one sentence, I can't utter a single word about the importance of Pakistan. Ysni Jis PAK HASTI (S.A.W) ke liye Allah ne puri kainat takhleeq kar di, USS PAAK HASTI (S.A.W) ne Pakistan ban ne ki Safarish kar di aur Quad-e-Azam ko duty atta farmayi.....!!

    Ab mujhe sub Saints yaad aa rahe jo Pakistan ki azmat par zor dete rahe kai saalon se.

  44. @Hussain

    Plz wait, I will try to post some more information about these Ahadith.

  45. Brother Faqar,

    Hmm...have you received my mail yet? Check it out if it has reached your inbox. I have mailed on and

    If you read that mail, you will acknowledge what i am talking about.

  46. Brother MAJ aik aur nisbat bhi hay pehli hijrat Mekkah kay musalmano nay Habssa ki taruf ki aur india kay musalmano nay Ifganistan ki tarf ki aur apnay apnay waqt may dono mehkoom thay

  47. Kindly refrain from posting secrets in these comments which are not meant for us or which are not to be posted any time soon. We shall be thankful!!!


  48. @Baktar e Noor

    As you said you emailed at both ids, then I haven't got any mail from, I received some mails at about Hazrat Zauqi ShaH (RA) but none other.
    Kindly re-send it.

    Harat Zauqi Shah (RA) predictions are also coming soon :) ........... and my (soon) means 2, 3 weeks :)))) I am sorry for that but Please bear it as my aprox. 12 hours job is without Internet, n still I am managing two blogs.

  49. Thank you Faqar for your response.

    I would like to share a dream which my grand mother (Nani AAmmi) told me around 20-25 years ago… My maternal family migrated from India and lost many relatives. She told me that she had dream during that time that Hazrat S.A.W holding Flag of Pakistan and people are going under the flag to Pakistan. She was a pious lady and I miss her so much. May ALLAH’s blessing be upon her soul.


  50. @Musafir

    Dear, Thank you very much for posting such a Holy dream, and making it possible to read these never-ending blessing on our country. No doubt, People who migrated were very pious and noble.

  51. Lolz.kahan hijrat e ahbsha aur kahan yahan k deobandi molviyon k fatway pe ki janay wali hijrat.
    aap ko shayad yaad na ho lakin mujhe yaad hai k ek akh se zayed musalmanoun ko afghaniyon ne dhutkar diya tha aur aaj tak dhutkartay he aa rahay han.iss ko aap hijrat e habsha se tashbih daen ge?
    comment likhne se pehle kuch soch toh liya kerain.
    Aap aaj bhi unn k 3 millon ka bojh uthaye huey hain aur unhoun ne aap k 0.1 million ko apne mulk mein nahi anay diya.
    aur unn molviyoun ko bhi khuda khoufi kerni chaiye thi k uss waqt toh hijrat ka fatwa laga diya lakin jab pakistan mil raha tha toh unhi deobandi mullaoun ki bht bhaari aksariyat ne pakistan ki mukhalifat ki bal k unn mein se aksar congress k sath mil gaye.khulli munafiqat .aaj bhi deoband se fatway nikalte hain k india mein rehne walay musalmanoun k liye gaaye ki qurbani jayez nahi.
    Neem mulla khatra e iman.

  52. Nice what your wrote about madina. I have personally hesitated to share my own information. But certain symbols like pakistan being madina i also got for 2 years ago and migration at partition being the migration to madina. I also saw about imran khan holding the world cup trophy but this time it was not cricket world it was the real world as prime minister. Still it all seems strange to me and biases may be there but this was what i got. No wonder he always says ''WHEN'' i will become prime mininster. But i always wonder how easily can he get detracted knowing all this and take a wrong turn. Delete my comment if you feel its inappropriate.(Z Malik)

  53. About a month ago on this blog a post was made where Sheikh Nazim made a prediction to take precaution in month of Muharram as something major was about to happen, that people should stock up on food. Well there are give in take 5 or 6 days left to Muharram and So far there has been nothing!!!!

    Same thing with Orya Maqbool jan articles where he mentioned that Dec of 2010 was going to bring about start of change, and that 2011 we will witness caretaker government or good leadership. None of this has happened.

    Zardari is back in country, army leadership is once again getting ready to drop their pants infront of Americans.

    It seems to me Pakistani people still lack "Khial" for change hence Allah swt has not brought about any change. Its sad for Pakistan, Pakistan deserve much better.

  54. Hussain aap firqon per itna zor kion daytay hain muslman ko sirf muslman hona cahiay isi tafreeq ki waja say to hum aaj zaleel ho rahay hain baherhal apki apni soch hay

  55. @Faisal Farooq

    Brother please check following link about Haroon Yahya.

    I also read that he is trying to establish that he himself is Imam the article they presented some valid arguments...i don't remeber the links now but I'll try to find.ALLAH KNOWS BEST.


  56. @ Faisal

    @ Faisal

    Sheikh Imran Nazar hosein about Haroon Yahya.
    Listen to Skeikh Imran's Lectures about end times and gog mgog. I personally trust more Shiek Imran sb compare to Harun Yahya.



  57. For complete article plz Visit

    "But the reason for Israel being scared or threatened by Pakistan, are many and very significant. To start off,

    - Pakistan is the only Islamic Nuclear Power in the world, meaning that in a times of crisis, the Islamic World, would look to for Pakistan to help. It also has developed highly accurate and precision strike weapons in the shape of Ballistic Missiles.

    - Pakistan has developed the capability to build its own battle tanks, which can be a source of un-sanctionable military hardware for the Muslim countries in times of War. The MBT-2000, also known as Al-Khalid, boasts 125mm Smooth-Bore Gun, Battle Management System for Net-Centric Warfare and light weight to fight in the desert sand.

    - Pakistan is now gaining the self-sufficiency to build its own fighter-jets and that makes it more dangerous, as it expands its horizons in the region as a power. The JF-17 Thunder is the first Sino-Pak fighter to have been developed, giving Pakistan full autonomy to further develop and arm its fighter, built 100% in Pakistan. Oh, and this fighter does have BVR Missiles, unlike the F-16s of Egypt.

    - Pakistan has attained transfer of technology to develop its own War-Ships for its Navy, as well as Submarines, which allows it to project power at sea. The F-22P Alamgir Class Missile Frigate is also another example of the Sino-Pak Alliance cooperation. The Missile Frigate has the ability to shoot-down incoming fighter-jets and low-flying cruise missiles. Missile Frigate can also fire upto (72) Pakistani Made Babar Cruise Missiles.

    - Pakistan's primary ally is the second largest economy in the world and is poised to take over from the United States as a superpower. China recognizes the strategic importance of Pakistan both geographically and politically. Where America continues to arm hindustan (india) to the teeth, China intends to do the same and more, by arming Pakistan against hindustan and thereby blunting out America's attempt to weaken China.

    - There is no Political Party in Pakistan, which can claim absolute power, like the ones in Syria, Egypt, Saudi and Jordan. From the Late Liaquat Ali Khan, to Zulfiqar Bhutto, to Zia-ul-Haq, to Benazir Bhutto, to Nawaz Sharif, to Musharraf and to Zardari. All are temporary bribed and bought politicians that have come into power in Pakistan, illegally and against the will of the silent majority in Pakistan. And all have been removed from power, before they could establish their rule on a permanent basis, like Hafiz/Bashar Assad (Syria), Talal/Abdullah Hussain (Jordan), Saddam Hussain (Iraq), Saud Family (Arabia), Mubarak (Egypt) and Qaddafi (Libya).

    at the end of article it says "If Pakistan can survive another 3 years, then it would witness America disintegrate economically and Israel would have to rely heavily on its ties with hindustan and its own black ops to challenge Pakistan. Which would also send them back to the drawing boards, to rethink their strategy."


  58. @ Musafir:

    Allahu Akbar! A well thought of and spot on article by Mujahid Hosein.

    What he says matches upto 99% with our notes. I believe this is the real reason for the creation of Pakistan (possibly Ghazwa e Hind will be a stepping stone prior to it). A satanic and evil state made up of the cursed people of Bani Israel was to be created in 1948 to pave way for the coming of Dajjal. To counter this incoming evil, the state of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established an year before.

    Very few people in the world know that Pakistan has the singular honour of humiliating Israel in a way that none other power/state was ever able to:

    1- PAF Fighter Pilots shot down many Israeli war planes in dogfights without loosing a single fighter in 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars. And remember, Zionists have a sharp memory!

    2- The other event that made Israeli snakes crawl back into their holes came in May 1998 when Indo-Israeli plan was plied to preemptively strike our nuclear facilities before the ‘Tests’. Both cow worshipping nations were warned with stern and solid terms to refrain from indulging into this ‘massive suicide’ of their nations. At last, their F-16s had to skulk back to their cursed land in disgrace as Indians came into senses in time and refused at the last minute. Iraqis weren’t that fortunate, their nuclear plants in Osiraq were annihilated for good in 1981 by Israeli Air Force.

    By the way, Israelis take immense pride in their Air Force and all western nations acknowledge this pride as well. For some reason, I believe that during the next war, the Pakistan Air Force will play a very crucial role as it is burdened with a heavy responsibility. I would like to elaborate this thought by mailing some material to brother Faqar e Ghyoor with a request to be published here on the blog, as a post which, yet again highlights the spiritual aspect of Pakistan and its armed forces. I just hope I am able to re-trace that material sooner.

    Some thoughts about Sheikh Imran Hosein:

    Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein (father of Mujahid Hosein) is a Trinidad based scholar who spent many fruitful years in Pakistan, studying under Maulan Fazl-ur-Rehman Ansari (RA) in Aleemiya Institute of Islamic Studies, North Nazimabad, Karachi. Maulan Ansari was not only his teacher/mentor but also his father-in-law. Maulana Ansari taught and preached the way a true muslim scholar should in Pakistan; i.e. free of all sectarian and racial connotations and unity under Quran and Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wassalam).

    My father was also a niaz mand of Maulana Ansari (RA) when he was studying alongside him in Karachi University. He knew both of them well had much regard for them. Shaikh Imran’s research in the Ilm ul Akhir uz Zaman and Quranic injunctions vis-à-vis the End of Times are a treasure to be read and taken note of. He is one of the foreign scholars who truly feel pain, importance and love for Pakistan.

  59. A correction: May father studied alongside Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein in Karachi University and they both were niaz mand of Maulana Fazlur Rehman Ansari (RA).

    @ Faqar Bhai,

    i have re-sent the mail with the subject: "This is Baktar e Noor..."


  60. @ Musafir & Baktar e Noor:
    I also trust Imran Nazar hussein more than Harun Yahya at least... I am a novice in regards to these subjects, but I don't find that touch of divine illumination (Mind you, it's not that 'illumination' that the Illuminati claim to have :)) with Harun Yahya.

    I too would have never gotten interested in the End-times prophecies, if it wasn't for Imran Nazar Hussein... One of his lectures impressed me so much that I started taking this topic seriously.

    Also, Sheikh Imran spoke very highly of Maulana Ansari. Glad to know that Baktare Noor's father was his disciple.

  61. @Baktar e Noor Thanks for telling us more about Sheikh Imran Hosein. Its great pleasure to know his relationship with Pakistan. I always thought from where he got his education.

    I do agree with brother Junaid. I myself never understood the topic of Dajjal till I listened to Sheikh Imran Hosein sb. He is a Diamond in Muslim ummah. May Allah bless him with long life and give us toufiq to be benefited from his knowledge. Allah subha tala un key darjaat buland karey. Ameen

    I would like to share following video.


  62. @Musafir

    Asslaamu Alaikum

    Sister I didn't compare Sayed Adnan Oktar with Sheikh Imran Hosein and even never criticized any Islamic Scholar. It is because of teaching of Adnan Okter :). Imran Hosein did good work regarding end times. I've read his some lectures and also know his connection with Pakistan. He has some issue with some point of view of Adnan Oktar but it is natural. Scholars have always differences. Even angels have differences.

    About some videos against him in youtube, I can mention many videos against each scholar of Islam including Sheikh Imran Hosein...

    About claiming of Imam Mahdi, I have posted many time in this blog that he never claim. I am following him since 1999 and daily see and share his videos. I am also managing his facebook page. There are some false propaganda that he's claiming to be Imam Mehdi (as)... this question was asked in a Meeting on March 2011 by Dr. Zakir Naik: "I've heard someone saying, I don't know right or wrong, but I heard that brother Harun Yahya is claiming to be Mehdi, I just Heard" and Harun Yahya replied: "No I have sworn an oath many times, 30-40 times, I have sworn an oath stating that I would never ever claim to be the Mehdi under no condition as long as I live. Moreover I said that the curse of Allah, the Angels and all people should be upon me if I ever have such a claim" the video of the meeting is available on youtube and on Harun Yahya's website..


  63. @"deobandi mullaoun ki bht bhaari aksariyat ne pakistan ki mukhalifat ki bal k unn mein se aksar congress k sath mil gaye"

    Statement like above will divide Muslims further. It will not serve Islam anyway. There were two groups in Ulma of Deoband regarding creation of Pakistan.... Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi(ra), Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani(ra), Maulana Zafar Ahmed Usmani(ra) contributed their best in the Pakistan Movement....

    Most important Deoband common people (like my grandfather) and Barelvi common people who migrated from India to Pakistan in 1947 have great contribution in creation of Pakistan.

  64. An Interview of Shaykh Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani and Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) in 1987...

  65. @Faisal Farooq

    Wa-alikam salam,

    Sorry if I heart your feeling in any way. I didn’t criticized Haroon Yahya neither I said that he is claiming to be Imam Mahdi. He is establishing him as Imam mahdi indirectly this is what I read. I’ll try to find the document where they raised the points how. I used to listen to him before I came to know Sheik Imran Hosein. Its just a personal preference that I prefer and trust more Sheik Imran Hosein sb. I try to avoid criticize any scholar or sect. as I don’t have all the knowledge to do so. I always pray that MAY ALLAH Subhanatala guide us all in right direction.

    Just out of curiosity, As Sheikh Imran said “Correct me if I’m wrong” , did Haroon Yahya talked to him or posted any answers to the questions he raised?”


  66. @Faisal Farooq

    Here are the comments from one of his follower, which you might have already read under the video you posted.

    “In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
    Sn. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) is the awaited one, he's the leader of the saints. He's Allah's saint as Shaykh Nazim puts it. Shaykh Nazim is preparing the way for Sn. Adnan Oktar's rule as the Mahdi. Shaykh Nazim has already begun to inform his mureeds/the saints under him about Sn. Adnan Oktar. The hadith says' the great Mahdi will come with the sayyids and with Shaykh Nazim is the al Abdals. See Hadiths.

    another hadiths tells us that a man wearing a green turban will point to the Mahdi. And this man is Shaykh Nazim. He has recognize the one who has the sunnah of Prophet Joseph (as)----- imprisonment.

    And Sn. Adnan Oktar people comes from the village of Kara. See hadith. And the hadiths also says he will name al Harith. His people is known as the son of lions. Arslan is a Turkish word meaning 'Lion'. In another hadith we are told that Hz. Mahdi is known as ' Abasi Malik" (Lion King). And after the comet Lulin he will land in Khorasan. In order words he will begin his intellectual struggle there.

    Sn. Adnan Oktar has begin a massive intellectual struggle with the people of Iran (Khorasan) concerning the false belief in a ghost Mahdi. He has made it known that when this believe is eradicated the Mahdi will emerge and take lead. This will not be until as-Sufyani (Rifat al Asad) devastate all lands in the East and await his opponent the Mahdi in the year 2013.

    The Mahdi will make his first hajj in 2013 as a married person for the first time. See Naim ibn Hammad hadith concerning Hz. Mahdi migration to Jerusalem. The Mahdi will come to power at the end of the year 2013 which will be the new year of 2014 in the Islamic world. See hadith 'Hz. Mahdi will come in an even year' . You may follow the one who will rise at harun yahya dot com

    and you could follow me on facebook. Just go to Shareena Mohammed official facebook page forward slash U.S Virgin Islands of St. Thomas. My page is the one with the women dress in Muslim garb, all green

    In the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Do you see the seal on his books that the Imam of ahl al bayt says the Mahdi will have on his books. Our prophet (saas) also said ' the Mahdi will have the seal of prophethood on his left shoulder blade like him'. Sn. Adnan Oktar also has the seal of prophethood mole on his left shoulder blade/hearts level like our prophet (saas). Ameen

    In the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
    It will take all calamities coming until the end of 2013 to make the people submit to Allah and obey His Mahdi

    ALLAH Subhana-tala knows best, May HE guides us all in right direction


  67. Sorry for spell mistakes in above post, I know you will be able to correct those while reading.

    Me and my English Ahhhhh.....


  68. @ Faisal Farooq

    Here is an article from haroon Yahya website.,_WITH_CULTURE,_WITH_SCIENCE

    Based on my little knowledge, I don’t agree with what he said in this interview. Some for his disturbing comments are as follows. For details plz read the whole article.

    “I am declaring in deepest sincerity to Turkish Nation which I love very much. We are not producing nuclear bombs because this is both haram and against our interests. Let us say we have a nuclear bomb, could you tell us where we were to use that bomb? Will we target Israel? Israel means USA, and who can do with USA’s nuclear power? We are highly wise people.”

    “We are sharing the wish for all missiles around the world to be dismantled.” Before this he was planning to wipe Israel off the map but his sayings changed completely. “Our weapons for that matter to be destroyed. In replace schools, hospitals and clinics need to be constructed, this is what we are wishing for, hoping for.”

    “They will come together, Mahdi (as) and Jesus Christ (as). “The two will come back together, and working together they would fill this world with love. The stories that have been disseminated around the world about the extensive war, apocalyptic wars so on and so forth, these are false.” I had sent this message too, and he voiced it precisely the same way. There are no more wars because there is no time left for this, because everything will be completed in this century.”

    ALLAH subhana – tala Knows best. May he guides us all in right direction.


  69. @ Faisal Farooq

    Based on following video my question is
    “Should Muslim make alliance and friendly relationships with Zionist , illuminati, and free masons”? Zionist already trying to bring PEACE and fighting against terrorism, so should we help them in the noble cause?

    I’m coping this article only because the author claims to personally know Haroon Yahya’s since early 80’s. I’m not supporting all the claims made in the article are true. Only ALLAH subhana tala knows best.

    Haroon Yahya is taking credit of all the work done by his students as his own research. How would you justify that? I always thought how come he writes so many books and makes so many videos in a limited time. I’m not trying to prove him wrong. He has more knowledge and experience than me. My heart doesn’t go along with what he is preaching. I don’t trust him any more as an Islamic Scholar. I wonder how one can claim to be an Islamic scholar with out having a formal Islamic education which takes years. How one can prove things scientifically when he doesn’t have a formal education of science?

    I may be wrong in what I believe, I pray to ALLAH subhan tala May he forgives me and put me on right path. We are living in the time where there is tooo much Fitna and it is very challenging to separate truth from lies..

    ALLAH knows best. May HE guides us all in right direction.


  70. Jazzak Allah Khair for such a beautiful blog!
    Adnan Oktar and Imran Nazir are both immenent scholars of our times. We must learn and respect them both. However I find some conflicts in both their views. May Allah SWT clear our confusions.

    I personally have heard Imran Nazir ridicule Allama Iqbal RATA. After that my heart, lost some of the respect I had for him.

    @ Faqr, Dear, may Allah grant you ajar for your work and may Allah enlighten you even more, ameen.

    Brother, it is said that 2014 is the year of the appearence of Hazrat Mahdi and Ghazwa e Hind. How have people reache dto this conclusion. being a student of International relations and Defense and Strategic Studies, I feel that all this will happen soon. But to mark a year with certitude is what makes me think. Can you elaborate 2014 please. All else are welcome to answer mu question. Assalamo Aleikum and Jazaak Allah Khair.

    Regads, Warrior

  71. Some points to keep in consideration:


    1. The total age of this world is 7000 years.

    2. Till Rasool Allah SAW vieled away from, 5500 years had already lapsed. (therefore 1500 years are remaining, out of which we are at the 1432nd year)

    3. The total age of the Muslim Ummah will not exceed 1500 years

    Keeping in light these Ahadees and making some reverse calculations, we se the following.

    i.) 1500 years minus 1432 years = 68 years remaing.

    40 years is the approx period of peace after Hazrat Mahdi AHS installs Khilafat.

    ii.) 68 years minus - 40 years = 28 years remainng

    The war fighting period of Hazrat Mahdi AHS will last for approximately 8-9 years.

    iii.) 28 years minus 9 years = 19 years remaining.

    iv.) Therefore approximatley 19 years or less are left before the Advent of Imam Al- Asr Hazrat mahdi AHS.


    Regards, warrior...........

  72. @Musafir

    Sister it is not right place to discuss Adnan Oktar as topic is about Ghawa-e-Hind. I've already clarified these points to brothers Hussain, NN and AM when they criticized Adnan Oktar. My comments are already present in different topics of this blog. To clear the doubts I'll reply your comment because many users are reading these comments.

    @"Sorry if I heart your feeling in any way. I didn’t criticized Haroon Yahya neither I said that he is claiming to be Imam Mahdi. He is establishing him as Imam mahdi indirectly this is what I read"

    You didn't say but you mentioned some hatred article criticizing him. So you indirectly criticize him. It is same as criticizing. I have posted his statement that he never claim. If he mentioned some physical features of Imam Mahdi, his birthplace and his characteristics which are also present in himself then it doesn't mean he claimed for Mahdi indirectly. If he doesn't mention these characteristics of Mahdi then it will be hypocrisy.

    @"I try to avoid criticize any scholar or sect. as I don’t have all the knowledge to do so."

    Sister you are posting links and videos which are criticizing a Islamic Scholar. It is equal to criticizing.

    @"did Haroon Yahya talked to him or posted any answers to the questions he raised?"

    Haroon Yahya never criticize Sheik Imran Hosein but he answered his questions in his various videos. You can find him in his website. Unlike Sheik Imran Hosein he never criticized any sect of Islam.

    You posted link of Sheik Imran Hosein that Harun Yahya is laying but in this latest video, Sheik Imran Hosein is saying I HAVE NEVER SPOKEN ANYTHING ABOUT HARUN YAHYA. So he retreated what he said before.

  73. @ Faisal Farooq,

    SubhanAllah, rightly said my dear bro regarding both issues: respect and difference of opinion amongst our revered scholars like Haroon Yahya and Sheikh Imran Hosein (may Allah protect and increase their Emaan, Ilm and health) is a natural and expected thing. I seriously believe that respect and love exists between both of them even if there are apparent difference in their outlooks. A very heart warming example is of Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah sahib (RA) and Hazrat Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki sahib (RA).

    We must understand that a hellfire missile won’t differentiate between a barelvi and a deobandi if a crusader Reaper drone fires it! Think about it.

    @ Warrior,

    Brother, on the contrary, I have seen his speech wherein he talks about Hazrat Allama (RA) with great respect. Well, it is great that remarkable scholars like Haroon Yahya, Sheikh Imran Hosein, Yusuf al-Qarzawi and many more like them are in our time and age for us to absorb knowledge more. Thanks for your sincerity and contribution, may Allah swt bless you and your loved ones.

  74. @Warrior .. aapki calculation kamaal ki hai aur unke zahoor ke qareeb qareeb ki aapne nikaali lekin isme aap 9 saal kam karde . yaani almost 10 years will be left of Zahoor e Imam Mehdi A.S.. INSHALLAH.. AUR jah tak qayamat ki baat hai woh ALLAH behtar janta hai lekin itna zaroor bata diya gaya hai ke ZAHOOR E IMAM MEHDI A.S ya unki hukumat kaaaim karne ke 40 saal baad qayamat aayegi yaani 40 saal baad is se pehle nahi aayegi .. yaani 40 saal baad ka time ka nahi bataya ke 40 saal ke kitne baad aayei may be foran ajaaye may be 100 saal baad ya 50 saal baad kuch nahi keh sakte lekin 40 saal ki gurantee de di gayi ke us se pehle nahi aayegi.. ALLAH BEHTAR JANTA HAI..

  75. @Ghulam Habib:
    9 saal kyun kam ker daen?
    aur ahadith mein jo Syedna Mahdi alayehi salam ki hakumat ki muddat btai gayee hai woh mukhtalif ahadees mein 7-9 saal hai.kisi mein 7 kisi mein 9,ek adhi hadees mein 8 b hai.
    Aur mujhe ek bar Hazrat Allah Yar Khan RehmatUllahi alayehi k ek murid milay thay unhoun ne kaha tha k Hazrat Alah yar ne kaha tha kghazwae hind lazman 2033 mein ya iss se pehle phel honi hai.
    Chuun k ghazwa e hind ka ikhtitam aur zahur e Mahdi alaye hi salam ek he saal honay hain ,lihaza zahur bhi 2033 ya uss se pehle ho ga.

    2033=1453 hijri
    aur yeh ghaliban issi bunyad pe kaha gya hai k agar by latest 2033 mein b zahur ho toh 7 saal khilafat k baad aamad e Mahdi alaye hi salam aur 40 saal un k zahur k baad iss zameen pe mila k 1500 hijri bantay hain.

  76. @Baktar e Noor

    @"We must understand that a hellfire missile won’t differentiate between a barelvi and a deobandi if a crusader Reaper drone fires it! Think about it."

    Masha'Allah barelvis and deobandis did great work for Islam. These are only two cities of India. We should not differentiate ourselves on basis of these two schools. Same books are taught in both schools. So theoretically these are same but in practical life there are some differences which is natural.


    1. Brother, Deobandi, and Breilly are two cities, but with these two cities comes two versions of Islam both incompatible with the other. One holds a colour black and other white, thats how severe and serious the difference between us brelwis and the Deubandis is. Unity would be ideal, and is ideal but not at the cost of loosing deen. Don't give in to temptations of shaytaan. We really have nothing common with each other, Deobandis and us brailwis have two things in common, Quran, Hadith, and title Muslim, apart from that there is not a single belief apart from the major ones, that we agree on.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. @Musafir

    @"Here is an article from haroon Yahya website."

    Thanks sister for sharing this website link. I have already shared it in another article of this blog to prove that Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad corrected his Shia's views regarding Imam Mahdi. Now he believes Imam Mahdi will not be Ghost/Invisible Mahdi but will come with logic and science. He also corrected his view that Israel should be wiped out from earth using Nuclear Bomb because it is Haram in Islam to kill innocents.

    Sister you mentioned the disturbing comments of this article but you didn't mention your objections on these comments. How I can clarify your objections?? as I can't see any wrong thing in these comments.


  79. @Musafir

    @"Based on following video my question is
    Should Muslim make alliance and friendly relationships with Zionist , illuminati, and free masons? Zionist already trying to bring PEACE and fighting against terrorism, so should we help them in the noble cause?"

    I see his videos daily so I've seen this video too. This video is live conversation with Freemason leaders. It is part of his regular conversations with leaders of different faiths including Judaism and Freemason. Prophet Muhammad (saw) also sent message of Islam (Peace) to leader of different faiths. Prophet Muhammad himself entered into a political and constitutional alliance with Jews in Madina that brought into being the city.

    The Quran is specific when it declares that there is no prohibition on Muslims preventing them from maintaining friendly ties with any people who do not wage war on Islam and do not oppress Muslims by expelling them from their homes and their territory in which they reside:

    “Allah forbids you not with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.”
    (Qur’an, al-Mumtahana, 60:8)

    So we can make alliance with one who bring peace and who didn't oppress Muslims. We cannot make alliance with Atheist states of Israel and China who are oppressing Muslims.

    We should differentiate between Atheist Mason/Jews/Muslims and religious Mason/Jews/Muslims. In video, Adnan Oktar did conversation with religious Masons. See the comment of a Mason in your provided video...

    TIMOTHY HOGAN: Thank you. I've found Islam to be very beautiful. When it is practiced with peace and compassion, it truly honors Allah. Allah is the Compassionate and the Merciful God, and the Muslims that I've met have also been compassionate and merciful. And it has been a beautiful expression of peace. And the sights that we have seen have also been just incredible. The mosque and the energy it has been just wonderful.

    At end of this video Adnan Okter mentioned the unity of all faiths after coming of Imam Mahdi. We know Imam Mahdi will merge all faiths into Islam. In other world only Islam will be acceptable religion.

    ADNAN OKTAR: Insha'Allah. With the appearance of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah we will live this Golden Age altogether, we will see this. All the world will live in the beauty and the joy of Islam insha'Allah. There will be no hardship, no compulsion and no oppression. The weapons will be removed, the wars will come to an end. The lions will live together with lambs, wolves will live together with lambs

    Sister you should mention above comments too...

    If you have any doubt that Adnan Oktar praises Freemasons then you are wrong because he criticized them in his book "Global Freemasonry
    The Masonic Philosophy Unveiled and Refuted"

    @"I’m coping this article only because the author claims to personally know Haroon Yahya’s since early 80’s."

    This person was friend of Haroon Yahya. He disliked Sufism and particular Sheikh Nazim. He was sunni but later converted into new deviated sect 'Submitter' created by Rashad Khalifa.

    Khalifa said that he was a messenger (rasool) of God and that the Archangel Gabriel 'most assertively' told him that chapter 36, verse 3, of the Quran, 'specifically' referred to him. His followers refer to him as God's Messenger of the Covenant. He promoted a strict monotheism and was a prominent Quranist, rejecting the hadith and sunnah as fabrications attributed to prophet Muhammad by later scholars.

    Sister how I can believe this link "" whose author is belonged to deviated sect of Islam.

  80. @Musafir

    @"I don’t trust him any more as an Islamic Scholar. I wonder how one can claim to be an Islamic scholar with out having a formal Islamic education which takes years. How one can prove things scientifically when he doesn’t have a formal education of science?"

    Yes sister Adnan Okter didn't get any formal Islamic education and formal education of science. Prophet Muhammad also didn't get formal education and Imam Mahdi will also not get any formal education. See the prediction by Hazrat Qalander Baba Aulia (R.A.) regarding Imam Mahdi....

    "Once talking about God’s System of Administration (Takween), Baba Sahib (Qalander Baba Aulia) predicted the birth of a Child which had to be born in June 1960. When the date of June 1960 came, I (Shamasuddin Azeemi) inquired again to Baba Sahib. He replied to me, that child has come from spiritual world to physical world, when he will reach to the age of 40 years, he will create revolution in the religions of whole world. Grip of religions will be broken (shattered) and only that pure religion will remain that God has selected as true faith (i.e. Islam). He will have memorized (i.e. deep knowledge of) the formulas/principles of greatest discoveries/developments of Science. Scientists and educated people will be stunned at his knowledge superiority whereas his formal education will not be very high. His spiritual power is of such extent that events (circumstances) will be changed with the signals of his eyes. Peace and harmony loving people will gather around him like moths (butterflies) gather around candle. This Child will be the inheritor of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)"

  81. Faisal:
    Control yourself.At least dont compare this man to Prophet Muhammad Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam.True Islamic Scholars dont wear western dresses,whether they be in any part of the world.It is only zakir naik and harun yahya who wear pent coat and zakir keeps defying his fashion.
    There are other points as well.A scholar of high rank would never wear pent coat and remain bare headed.

  82. @hussain

    I also wear western dresses :).... When will you remove hate from your heart??? You like Shekh Nazim. I gave you info already about what Shekh Nazim said for Adnan Oktar in 1987.


  83. @Faisal Farooq
    “Allah forbids you not with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.”
    (Qur’an, al-Mumtahana, 60:8)
    Then why your leader Mr.Adnan oktar calling the Jews as brothers and friends are he not knowing that the
    Israeli Jews are occupiers and oppressors in the Palestinian land?
    This one point is enough for showing the true face of Mr.Adnan oktar

    @"We should differentiate between Atheist Mason/Jews/Muslims and religious Mason/Jews/Muslims."
    There is no such kind of difference in freemasonry as atheist mason or religious.Instead,
    they are worshiping shaitaan and waiting for their messiah(Antichrist Dajjal).
    Freemasonry has 33 degrees for its members. only to the members of the top degrees are reveal
    the truth about their god(shaitan maloon) with which the 33 degree Freemason meet in face to face contact.
    According to Hadith Shaitan can appear in human form.
    By the way aap ye to batain ke kahin aap ka taaluq in so called muslim or religious Freemasons se to nahi?

  84. @AM

    When I quote verse of Qur’an "al-Mumtahana, 60:8" then I also gave explanation of this verse. I'm posting it again...

    "The Quran is specific when it declares that there is no prohibition on Muslims preventing them from maintaining friendly ties with any people who do not wage war on Islam and do not oppress Muslims by expelling them from their homes and their territory in which they reside"

    Brother there are many Jews scholars who are against the policies of state of Israel. There are many Indian Muslims who loves India but against the policies of India with Kashmiris and other minorities. Do you not call them brothers? If you read the history during 1300 years of Khilafah Jews lived with us as brother. We didn't treat them as second citizen. Even we didn't force them to convert. We protected them in whole our history.

    Sultan Bayazid of Ottoman welcomed the Jews into his empire and issued a firman (decree) ordering that the people show them the respect and acceptance to which they were entitled. When Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror captured Constantinople, he allowed the Christians and the Jews to live freely there. The Ottoman Empire guaranteed peace and security for five centuries in the Jerusalem. Today Muslims are weak and we cannot protect them... even we cannot protect ourselves.

    Jews are not all same. Righteous and evildoer Jews are present today. I am not saying this. Quran Says...

    They are not all the same. There is a community among the People of the Book who are upright. They recite Allah’s signs throughout the night, and they prostrate. They believe in Allah and the Last Day, enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and compete in doing good. They are among the righteous. (Surah Al ‘Imran: 113-114)

    The Muslim attitude toward the Jews should based on the moral values revealed in the Qur’an and implemented by our Prophet (saw)

    If you are thinking Adnan Oktar supporting state of Israel then you are wrong. Please read these chapter of his book "PALESTINE"






  85. @AM

    Brother few days back you called me agent of Jews and today you are calling me religious Freemasons :)

    I think I already told you I never see any Freemason in my lifetime. Even I didn't know the name 'Freemason' few years ago. Here I don't want to mention Hadith about accusing others is a big sin greater then adultery.

    See Wikipedia for Atheist, Muslim, Jews mason...

    "The Supreme Being and the Volume of Sacred Law:

    Candidates for regular Freemasonry are required to declare a belief in a Supreme Being.[29] However, the candidate is not asked to expand on, or explain, his interpretation of Supreme Being. The discussion of politics and religion is forbidden within a Masonic Lodge, in part so a Mason will not be placed in the situation of having to justify his personal interpretation.[30] Thus, reference to the Supreme Being can mean the Christian Trinity to a Christian Mason, Allah to a Muslim Mason, Para Brahman to a Hindu Mason, etc. While most Freemasons would take the view that the term Supreme Being equates to God, others may hold a more complex or philosophical interpretation of the term.

    In the ritual, the Supreme Being is referred to as the Great Architect of the Universe, which alludes to the use of architectural symbolism within Freemasonry."

    Yes you are right 33 degree is height degree who meet with Satan as god.

    See following paragraphs of article of Adnan Oktar...

    Only 31st, 32nd and 33rd degree masons know the real satanic face of atheist freemasonry, and they take that secret with them to the grave. It is in fact high-ranking atheist masons who carry out all kinds of satanic action across the world, who organize themselves in order to create strife among people, especially between Muslims and Christians, and who lay the groundwork for war, anarchy, aggression and killing by spreading Darwinism across the world. These people are strong enough to use their own organizations to impose their decisions on the whole world. If Darwinism, a complete deception, is currently protected by national laws and imposed on professors and scientists, the reason behind this is again high-ranking atheist masons.

    A senior atheist mason has no belief in Allah. He believes in the existence of satan, regards him as a sacred being and, most noteworthy of all, can establish direct contact with him. Therefore, the decisions adopted at atheist masonic assemblies are received directly from satan. These people who act under satan’s direction fully implement the instructions they receive, hold ceremonials, drink goat’s blood and make sacrifices to satan. The number of people who reach that level is limited. The number of people in possession of this secret is therefore also proportionately low.

    Brother AM how you consider me and Adnan Oktar Freemason??? You should search first before accusing. Please remove bigotry....

  86. @ALL

    This forum is for sharing views & knowledge - albeit some differences - but not for pers. criticism & accusation. If we cant unite in a single forum how can we do it on national level.

    I dont claim to be a champion of democracy or any other cause but it just breaks me to see this lack of unity & harmony. I want my country to be the best to which ppl from all around the world r cmng to seek jobs the way Pakistanis r going abroad.
    I want to get back my pride of our country. I dont want us to feel inferior vis-a-vis the West. I want leaders who instill in us our lost zeal. I want to be proud of my heritage.
    I want to kick all those who have tarnished our image, who have made us a complexed nation.
    May be to most it feels like a "deewane ki barh" but ALLAH can do it with a "KUN".


  87. @Faisal farooq & sister AK
    I am neither claiming that i am more knowledgeable then others nor my purpose is to divide the people,i prayed to Allah since my childhood " (Rab'e Zidni Ilma)".After studying and researching i came to know that the real situation is not the same as we are seeing in the one sided controlled Dajjali media and the world is in the evil grip of some evil people who are serving the satanic agenda.they want to deviate the people from God and religion.They have many names i.e Freemasons,Illuminati,Bilderberg group etc, which are on the mission of Satan which is to take away the people from the Path of Allah.
    After destroying Christianity in Europe now their main concern is do destroy Islam in such a way that only the Muslim of name remain in the world.For this purpose they call the true believers with various names like terrorist,fundamentalist,religious extremist & lunatics etc.
    I am calling to the people to wake up and do their own research in this topic.You can see how much our media and government is in the control of these people that they even not mention the Freemason in their speech or writings, the evil Jewish technique is to spoke nine out of ten truth and one point of their own evil nature in order to deceive people and brainwashed and mold their thoughts according to their own agenda.
    Agar aap kharay aur kotay mai tameez nahi karingay aur munafiqon ko apni safon main shamil karain gay to aap kabhi bhi unity ko achieve nahi kar saktay.
    Aakhir mai Dua kartay hain "Ya Allah! hamain dost aur dushman ke darmiyan tameez karnay ke tofeeq ata farma aur hamein apnay seedhay rastay par chalnay ke tofeeq ata farma!Amin

  88. @Faisal farooq
    My point of view regarding Mr. Adnan oktar is that as i said earlier that on the name of Haroon Yahya some good research work have been done but it does not mean that whatever he is saying is correct.I object him when i think he is deviating from right path like calling brothers to shia and jews(who are occupier of the land op Palestinian muslim)and his praising mustafa kemal ataturk etc.

  89. @AK

    Sister whenever I talked about unity and universal brotherhood among believers (Sunni, Shia, Jews,...) against Atheism (Kuffer) then my own brothers start objecting me. I have right to defend myself and my comments.


    I've proved Kamal was not mason, Adnan Oktar has written against Atheist Freemason and artillery and illegal occupation of state of Israel. Instead of reading this links and knowledge (Ilm) you are not changing your mind against Islamic Scholar. I can ensure you I have no link with any Freemson. Without reading you cannot get Ilm.

    Brother please elaborate your statement

    "Agar aap kharay aur kotay mai tameez nahi karingay aur munafiqon ko apni safon main shamil karain gay to aap kabhi bhi unity ko achieve nahi kar saktay."

    Who is Munafiqon which you are differentiating in this blog ???

  90. @Faisal Farooq
    Today we are living in the age of information,no body can hide truth longer from the knowledge seekers.Every knowledgeable person know that what harm Mr.Mustafa Kemal ataturk and the young turk movement(which was in fact free-masonic and jewish) have done to Islam and khilafat in Turkey.
    Through internet you can find the truth very easily.
    I am quoting famous sayings once again
    "The tree is known by its fruits, a man by his doings"
    What is the doings of Mustafa kemal ataturk every body know, and adnan oktar's praising him is understandable.

  91. @AM & Faisal

    As far as to mention jews as brothers is concerned, we should read the last ayah of Sura As Saf (no. 61 - ayah 13) which says
    " ay iman walon! in logon say dosti mat karo jin per ALLAH ne ghazab farmaya hai ".
    (here jews are mentioned)


  92. Surah 61. As-Saff, Ayah 13

    وَأُخْرَىٰ تُحِبُّونَهَا ۖ نَصْرٌ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ ۗ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

    And (He will give you) another blessing which ye love: help from Allah and present victory. Give good tidings (O Muhammad) to believers.

  93. @AM

    Not only young turk but also al-Fatat (the Young Arab Society) destroy the Khilafat. Problem with you is you don't read my links. I am posting again...

    "In 1911, Muslim intellectuals and politicians from throughout the Levant formed al-Fatat ("the Young Arab Society"), a small Arab nationalist club, in Paris. Its stated aim was "raising the level of the Arab nation to the level of modern nations." In the first few years of its existence, al-Fatat called for greater autonomy within a unified Ottoman state rather than Arab independence from the empire. Al-Fatat hosted the Arab Congress of 1913 in Paris, the purpose of which was to discuss desired reforms with other dissenting individuals from the Arab world."

    Faisal of Iraq was responsible. Did you hear Balfour Declaration?

    On 3 January 1919, Faisal and Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Zionist Organization signed the Faisal–Weizmann Agreement for Arab-Jewish cooperation, in which Faisal conditionally accepted the Balfour Declaration based on the fulfillment of British wartime promises of development of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and on which subject he made the following statement:

    "We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organisation to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home... I look forward, and my people with me look forward, to a future in which we will help you and you will help us, so that the countries in which we are mutually interested may once again take their places in the community of the civilised peoples of the world."

    Kamal liberated Turkey after defeat of Ottoman in World War I. He has no choice to continue Khilafat because Khilafat with one or two countries cannot be survived. It is invalid. Whole Arab are exceluded from Khilafat because of Nationalism. Kamal was not Imam Mahdi who create new Khilafat. Think about it and read the history.

  94. @Faisal Farooq
    " Not only young turk but also al-Fatat (the Young Arab Society) destroy the Khilafat."
    It least here you accept that the mustafa kemal had some role in the destruction of the khilafat and he was one of the so called young Turks, who were tools of the freemasonry

  95. @ Faisal

    You r right. actually it is surah no. 60 "Al mumtahinah" in which the above verse about jews is mentioned.


  96. @Faisal Farooq & AK
    Allah say in the Holy Quran
    "ay eman walo! yahodion aur esaiyon ko apna dost na banao. ye aik dosray k dost hain. agar tum mein say kisi nay un ko dost banaya to wo bhi unhein mein say hai. yaqeenan Allah zalimon ko hidayat nahi daita" [surah al-maidah : 51]

  97. @AM

    @"he was one of the so called young Turks"

    Yes in 1908, he played a role in the Young Turk revolution which seized power from Sultan Abdülhamid II.

    Quaid-e-Azam was also part of congress but later he changed his views after divine intervention. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was against sultan in his early life but he also gave independence to Turkey otherwise Turkey's situation will be same as Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan who got independence after many years from USSR. I have gave you his last interviews (from his book) that at later years he was pro khilafah. He changes his view after divine intervention.

    Please no more for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as he is not my leader.

  98. @AM

    About surah al-maidah verse 51 see my comment in topic...

    About Surah no. 60 "Al mumtahinah"

    Brother I am grateful that you mentioned this Surah. You didn't mention any verse so when I looked Tafsir ibn-e-kathir of this Surah then I found these topics supporting me...

    Perhaps Allah will make a Friendship between You and Those, whom You hold as Enemies

    The Permissibility of being Kind to Disbelievers who do not fight against the Religion And Allah's statement;

    The Prohibition of being Kind towards Combatant Disbelievers


  99. we sit here comment but we dont try to change ourselves nor others, we criticize each other because we are jealous of one another.


  100. ASSLAM O ALIKUM , From some hadiths i concluded that the ppl who will take part in GHAZWA e HIND will get a satus of PPL Of GHAZWA E BADAR as reward .(pls some one correct me if am wrong).Noteable thing is that in GHAZWA E BADAR HAZARAT SYEDENA WA MOULANA MUHAMMAD SALAL LAHO ALEHI WASALAM was IN Sajda and were saying YA HAYU YA QAYYUM Till Victory .Now lets come back to the ABU Anees Sufi Barkat Ali Quds Sirra ul Aziz in his Silsila the ism e azam is YA HAYU YA QAYUM and all his mureeds and in Zikr MAJLAIS they repeat this YA HAYU YA QAYUM QUIET OFTEN .Does this ring a bell to anyone?pls offer ur prayers and do zikr e ellahi as much as you can and be united as a muslim rather than into sects .YA HAYU YA QAYUM .(ATTEND MAJALIS E ZIKER ELAHI AS MUCH AS YOU CAN )

  101. I am a Student of Silsila e Qadriya Qalandria. Three months back something strange happened. All of sudden i got myself isolated and kept on searching about Imam Mahdi A.S. Dajjal, Illuminati, etc etc, for like a week for days and night over internet. And then I had this Dream " I was told the Lashkar of Jins would be fighting along with Mujahidins of Imam Mahdi A.S. And the Command of that Lashkar will be in the hands of a Jin " Mudicia Numecia", from the ages of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. And Medicia Numecia will be in my Command by the blessing and honor bestowed by Almighty Allah Upon Me.

    Purpose of sharing all that is TIME IS NEAR, VERY NEAR, VERY VERY NEAR. Lets start purifying ourselves from outside and inside, lets start doing JEHAD E AKBAR ( JEHAD BIL NAFS') by saying good bye to EVERYTHING THAT KEEPS US AWAY FROM ALLAH PAK AND FROM RASOOL E PAK S.A.W.

    Without any shadow of doubt we are being traped, hypnotized by everything around us. We are being demoralized. We are loosing our values. For God's Sake we need to understand the tricks of KUFFAR, ZIONISTS/ILLUMINATI and Satan himself.






  102. pakistan ka zawal milate islamiya ka zawal ha