December 16, 2011

No Need to Despair (A Saint's Message to Wasif Ali Wasif on Fall of Dhaka)

کبھی مایوس نہ ہونا...سب ٹھیک ہو جائے گا

Sufi-e-Basafa and Darvaish Wasif Ali Wasif RA got depressed on Fall of Dhaka (16, Dec 1971) but a Saint appeared and told him 'No need to be depressed, Are you more worried than us?.... Everything will be corrected'.

Below excerpt is taken from his Book: Harf Harf Haqiqat (Essay, Saeel ko Jhirki Na Dena, Pages 64 to 66) and Book contains his essays & columns written before his death from 1991-1993.


  1. In comparison to the past few posts, this is a mediocre post so waiting for the next one...

    While looking at the current pol. situation, just become blank (no feelings, good or bad). The situation since 1947 has anaesthesised the nation & we say "mitti Pao" on every issue due to helplessness.

    Does anyone with a vision has anything to say about the outcome of current situation (both on nat. & internat. level??


  2. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Thanks for sharing good post especially the sentence "Saail Ko Kabhi Jherki Na Dena, Saail Mohsan Bhi Hota Hai Muallem Bhi".

    سائل کو کبھی جھڑکی نا دینا، سائل محسن بھی ہوتا ہے ' معلم بھی .


  3. @AK

    You will soon know why the situation is like this, why corruption and many other whys....

    Aik hint main bhi de deta hun k agar haalaat bohat ache hon aur mulk mein sub acha chal raha ho aur log khush hon to Imam Mahdi ne kya karne ana tha???? aur Quran ki woh Ayat kaise puri hoti jis mein zalimon ko saza dene ka kaha gya jinhon ne zameen mein fasad barpa kar rakha tha.

    I mean, there is some reason behind all the Corruption and Lawlessness. Shukr karain asay halaat ban gye hain akhir kaar. I am very satisfied when I analyze the situation.

  4. @ Faqar

    Line 2, para 2,
    Very funny but true.

    Well, i was sad, enraged, furious etc etc after reading comments of prince harry about Nato attack on Pakistan.

    Can you put some light on the authenticity and right of Al saud Clan vis-a-vis the sharifs to rule Arabia as this country is pivotal to the rule of Islam.


  5. KIA zardari drama kar raha hay ? ya fuojj nay jo kaha hay wo jhoot hay ya C Justis kay khilaf ppp jo keh rahi hay ? Pakistan may yeh kia ho raha hay khbrain suno to lagta hay pagel ho jain gay ALLAH maray mulk ko apni HIFAZAT may rakhna DUA DUA AUR SIRF DUA KARTAY HAIN DIN RAAT. MULK SAY DOOR HAIN lekin kihaal udher hi rehta hay

  6. SubhanAllah Sometime we do not find words to express our feelings,great people have great exeperince,keep good work.It is very unique blogp.I would like to say jazakAllah from bottom of my heart.I am learning lots of new thing from this,not only about future of my pakistan,also ruhani stuff too.may Allah reward u in both world.JazakAllah.

  7. @AK

    Islamic Union (Caliphate) will be realized, no need for some to be afraid of USA or NATO.

    Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar): Some muslims say America would not let Islamic Union to come true. “What would America say?” America would say nothing. What will it say? Nothing. They still ask, “What would America say?” Nothing. Have you ever demanded that the Islamic Union be established.


    In the hadiths there is a reference to the 12 countries that are the members of the European Union

    Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Gaziantep Olay TV dated February 8th, 2011

    ADNAN OKTAR: "Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as) commands to Mufassal as follows; "Certainly, 12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive." The hadiths refer to the flags of the European Union. Look, "12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive."
    Do not the stars on the [EU] flag resemble each other? They are all stars and they are all the same with the other. These represent 12 flags but none of them are the exact same with the other, so these are separate countries, completely different countries.

    "Mufassal became uneasy when he heard this. And when asked why he had been uneasy like this he says; "Because you commanded this; 12 flags resembling to each other will be hoisted and which one came from the other one will not be definitive." Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (pbuh) commanded looking at the sun that passes through the clouds; " He raises his head to the skies and the sun is passing through the clouds at that moment." He commanded looking at the sun; " Do you see this sun?" he says to Mufassal. "And he replies; "Yes"." Imam Jafar As-Sadiq is the grandson of our Prophet (saas) and he says; "By Allah," he takes an oath, "our light [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] will be more radiant than the sun." So he says twelve states coming together will not mean anything. Neither the European Union, nor this nor that would have any impact, neither would the global forces. There are some cowards who come up and say; "global forces, sociological events.. " None of those would have an effect he says. He says that "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be more radiant than the Sun," insha'Allah. So he says; all those would mean nothing against the Power of Allah.


  8. @ Faqar Sb:

    "You will soon know why the situation is like this, why corruption and many other whys...."

    Totally agree with you here... I too, when I think about the current situation, cannot explain or justify it to myself except for what you alluded to...

    As Prof. Ahmed Rafique Akhtar says, "You can either THINK with God or without Him..."
    When one thinks with God, then things do make complete sense...

  9. Today Bangladesh celebrated 40th Independence Day. 40 years have passed. I see this war when I was less than 2 months only, when I got stuck in train with my mother for 12 hours due to war while going Karachi.

    It is my thought that the incident of 71 was punishment from Allah as we had started worshiping idol of Nationalism and didn't permute the brotherhood between nations. It is similar when Prophet Moses (a.s) return from mountain and shocked to see Bani Israel in engaging in idol (cow) worshiping. He (a.s) throw tablets of ten commandments and broke the idol. Allah gave punishment of wandering (Travelling about without any clear destination) to Bani Israel for 40 years in Sinai Desert. Similarly I think Allah broke our idol Nationalism and gave punishment of wandering for 40 years. In last 40 years we are travelling without knowing our destination. I hope after completing this punishment we'll find our destination which I think is Caliphate of Imam Mahdi.

    It is just my thoughts. I can be wrong. Anyone can correct me.


  10. Pakistanio k liay roshan subah anay hi wali hy.
    Hmain Corrupt Govt. sy jald nijaat milnay wali hy. Safai ka mosam start ho gya hy.

    Next President Gen Kayani ko bnaya jaey ga. Lekin pehlay wo apni post sy resign krein gy. Un ki back py Army & Supreme Court hn gi. Phir ye mil kr achay logon ko chun kr Govt. bnain gy. PM k liay Imran Khan ya phir aik aur bnday k naam lia ja rha hy.

    New Govt. k kam ho ga k sb dolat bahir k banks sy wapis lai jaey. Jo inkaar kry ga us k sath zabardasti ki jaey gi.

    Prof. Rafeeq Akhtar ny bhi haroon rasheed sy kaha tha k agr Imran Khan ny Islam ka rasta chhor dya tu phir wo bi zaleel ho kr nikalay ga.

    Ab Govt. k bas ginti k din reh gy hein.

  11. Thanks Brother Junaid !

    I am not looking at current situation of the country, I am looking at the outcome of this situation, actually the crises in whole world are according to the Verse of Quran which I will try to publish in next post
    also, InshaAllah a post on Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar's views will be done soon.

  12. @MAJ

    Yes jis leader ne Pakistani ki Rohani asas chor di woh mara jaye ga. (yehi kaha tha Prof. Ahmad Rafique sb ne) Issi liye Pakistan ke tamam president/prime minister ya to mare gye ya zaleel huwe.

    Rohani asas ka matlab Pakistan mein Islam ka nifaz aur Ghazwa-e-Hind hai aur yehi woh maqsad hai ji ke liye Pakistan banaya gya. All things are working according to script. Soon we will hear that Man has come. Insha'Allah

  13. @Faisal

    Exactly, this is the destination, but we all need to work for this cause.

    Ghazwa-e-Ahad mein muslims to bazahir shikast huwi but end result ye tha ke fateh-e-makkah huwi so Pakistanis ko disheart nahin hona chahye, At present, they are most luckiest nation on this universe due to a reward of Allah which is coming.

  14. @maj:
    how can you say that kiyani will become president?
    Although the situation is in his deep favor but wo'nt Iftikhar chaudhary try to resist him?

    @MAJ and Faqr:
    Prof. Ahmad Rafiq k mutabiq toh 2010 k end tak hakumat khatam ho jani chahye thi,lakin nahi hui.Prf. Ahmad rafiq akhtar k mutabiq toh Imran Khan solution hai ,jis k baray mein roz naye naye inkishifaat aa rahay hain k kis kis corruption mein woh mulavvis tha.
    Jo kal tak dusron ko lotacracyka taa'na daeta tha aaj khud saray lotay ISI k tawun se uss mein aa rahay hain.
    Agar waqai Imran Khan anay wala hai,toh bhaiyo apna iman bachanay ki fikar kero.

  15. @ Faqr Sb:

    Sir you don't know how great a service you have been doing in the form of this Blog. Thank you and JazakAllah for that!!

    A post on Prof. Sb. would truly be a treat for me!! Thanks!

    @ MAJ Sb:
    I don' know what your sources are :) But I think things are going to take place the way you are saying they would...

    BTW, you have already posted the exact same 'message' in one of your previous posts, which must have some significance :)

  16. @ Husnain
    Govt. aj kal jis trah ka behave kr rhi hy, ab us sy tu Supreme Court bhi tang a chuki hy. Kayani k ilawa presidentship k liay aur koi acha bnda available hi nhi hy. SC pehlay Kayani sy Army Chief ki resignation ly gi. Wo phir as a Civilian President ay ga.

    jahan tk Imran Khan ki baat hy. tu phir ap hi btao us k ilawa aur aesa kon hy jisay public ny test kya ho aur wo saheh nikla ho. Future main ab dobara election nhi hn gy. jo new Govt. bnay gi. wo selection sy bnay gi. Imran Khan PM ho ga. baqi ministers selective hn gy. ye zarori nhi hy k Imran Khan k sath sb PTI walay hn gy.

    Abi jo sb politicians PTI main a rhay hein. unhay bhi pata hy k next PM Imran Khan ko bnaya ja rha hy, is liay unhay umeed hy k wo phir mazay krein gy. Lekin new setup mein in logon ki jaga nhi ho gi.

    Nawaz Sharif ka bhi new setup mein koi role nhi ho ga. is liay tu wo keh rha hy k agr Govt. ko dismiss kia gya tu PML (n) resist kry gi.

  17. @Hussain

    I never said IK is coming, I am concentrating that part of Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar's statement in which he said,

    'A leader must follow spiritual basis of Pakistan otherwise he will be killed',

    now whether coming one is IK or any other leader, he must practically implement and work according to that spiritual base for which Pakistan is created.

    Aik raaz ki baat aur bta dun, aik rohani asaas aur bhi hai jo Sultan ul Hind Khawajah Moin-ud-din Chishti Ajmeri RA ki wasiyat hai (I mean, The Testament Of The Sultan of Hind Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri RA). jo follow nahin karta uss leader ko utha kar phaink diya jata hai. Its a secret of the secrets.

  18. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    I am sending you some pages from book, Dajjal kon, kahan, Kb? By Mufti Abu Lababa. Is book mein Hazrat Danyaal (A.S)ki prediction di gai hy jo unhn ny thousands years pehlay Israel, Hazrat Isa (A.S) aur Hazrat Mahdi (R.A) k baray mein ki thi.

    Is k ilawa is book mein Hazrat Mahdi (R.A) k anay sy pehlay ki nishanian bhi btai gai hein. Please check it.

  19. @Maj

    OK I will check, I know, one interpretation of Dream by Hazrat Daniyal (AS) about King Bakht Nasr's dream who came 500 years before Arrival of Islam. Although its not related to Pakistan etc but its about spread of Islam in whole world.

  20. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    I have mailed you at this id.

  21. @Maj:
    Yeh toh najam sethi ne bhi kaha tha k imran khan ko bana banaya setup diya jaye ga.
    aur iss baat ki kya guarantee hai k imran khan sahi niklay ga?Uss k lahore walay 2 plots ka maamla aur uss property ka maamla jisey uss ne jamaima ki taraf se gift kaha hai,sab k samnay hai.Khud jamaima k 2 opposite statements samnay aye thay iss hawalay se.
    Aur ek ilzam yeh bhi laga tha k musharraf k daur mein yeh Public accounts committe ka chairman tha,lakin iss ne koi corruption nahi pakri.
    aaj bhi yeh jab india k kisi tv waghera ko interview daeta hai toh kehta hai k filhaal hamein masla e kashmir ko peechay rakh ker dusray masail pe tawajjuh daeni chahye.

    Yeh toh munafiqat hui.

  22. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor Sb:

    "Moin-ud-din Chishti Ajmeri RA ki wasiyat..." Very INTRIGUING stuff indeed :)

    Sir Faqr, thora elaborate kar skte hen!!

  23. Prof. Ahmad Rafiq ke baton main na aain. ye aik jali sufi bana hoa hi.wo pichly to teen saal se yehi keh rahay hain ke teen month ke baad hukumat khatam ho jai gi aur naik log aain gay. Lagta hai ke wo kisi khaas tibqay ko khosh karnay ke laiy ye batain kar rahain hai.

  24. @ Husnain

    agr Imran Khan aesa hi nikla tu phir Prof. Rafiq Akhtar ki ye baat saheh ho jaey gi k us ka injaam bhi wesa hi ho ga. Lets wait and see.

  25. @Junaid and All,

    OK I am telling you little bit about it, Many of the readers will not believe on this but Its the reality. Its a lengthy topic but briefly

    **Rohani hukumat aur faislay**
    Asal mein ye dunya rohani tor par do (2) parts mein divide hai, aik part (Arab) mein Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani RA aur 2nd part (Ajam) mein Hazrat Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri RA, batini tor par intizam farmate hain.......Hukm to Allah aur Rasool Allah (S.A.W) ka hi hota hai but usse agay rijaal-ul-ghaib aur aulia Allah mein distrubule krne ka hukm (ya intizam) Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jinai RA aur Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri RA farmate hain. phir ye hukm agay Ghaus, Qutab, Abdal, otad, najba aur dosre Rijaal-ul-Ghaib tak pohanch jata hai jo iss par amal yaqeeni banate hain.

    Kehne ka matlab, pehle rohani tor har kaam ka hukm hota hai, phir dunyavi asbaab bnaye jate hain aur phir woh kaam ho jata hai. Ye asool change nahin hota. Rijaal-ul-Ghaib ka kabhi pata nahin chalta except dajjal ko pata chal jaye ga, tabhi to Hazrat Issa (AS) ki wapisi ho gi jo dajjal ko qatal karain ge. bcos baat Aulia Allah ki powers se bahir ho jaye tab Nabi ki powers ki zaroorat pare gi aur Hazrat Issa AS, Deen-e-Muhammadi (S.A.W.) hi ko puri dunya mein nafiz karain ge (Read all the Ahadith related to Imam Mehdi AS, Hazrat Issa AS and Dajjal)

    Ab wapis ate hain Indo-Pak ki govnments par, Yahan jo Govt. bhi ati hai ussay Hazrat Moinudddin Chishti Ajmeri RA ki wasiyat (jo asal mein Quran ki Ahkaam hi hain)ki wasiyat dikha di jati hai, jo amal nahin karta, uss ka takhta ulat diya jata hai, but specific to last 150 years (from 1857) dunya mein zulm aur jabar bohat zaida ho gya hai jo Imam Mehdi & Hazrat Issa AS ke ane par khatam ho jaye ga. that's why we are seeing total chaos everywhere.

    Briefly, I told the forces working behind and future, I will post this but mostly leaders don't care about spiritual signals so they are killed.

    (Please don't ask me for more elaboration, ye baatain har aik ke liye nahin hain, inhi ke liye hain samajhna chahte hain)

    1. Nice Post Faqar Bhai, It's ture which you described about the Hazrat Peeran e Peer Ghaus ul Azam Jilani RA and Hazrat khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz RA.

  26. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor Sb:

    Bohat Nawazish, mehrbaani!!


  27. @Faqr:
    @ "Yahan jo Govt. bhi ati hai ...."

    Aap ka matlab hai k Quaid e Azam se le ker PArvez Musharraf tak sab ko woh wasiyyat dikhai gayee?
    aur kya yeh wasiyyat khawab k aalam mein dikhai jaati hai ya phir jagtay mein?
    Aur kya yeh wasiyyat mughal hukmaranoun ko bhi dikhai gayee thi?
    wasay agar ek complete post ker daen iss issue pe,toh kafi dilchasp rahay ga.

  28. @Hussain

    Yes to all leaders. First prime minister of Pakistan was Liaqat Ali Khan appointed in 1947.

    OK I will post that. and yes All Mughal emperors were also shown this and actually last emperors become too much rude to Sultan-ul-Hind and Aulia Allah, so Govt. of Hindustan was transferred to British bcos King of Britain agreed to follow that Wasiyat. Qutab-e-London did all the correspondence.

    Ye baatain samajh mein ane wali nahin hain so in ko rehne dain. Ane wala waqt hi in raazon ko khole ga. I don't know more about it.

  29. bhai kabhi aulia ki bate or kabhi kabhi najomio ye kia baat hai

  30. ab acha kaam kar rahe hai is me koi shak nahi lekin najomi satara walo ko na lai tu ziyada acha ho ga

  31. @Faqar-e-Ghayoor


    Yes I agreed with you. But hazrat Essa (AS) ki anne ki wajah aur bhi hai. Not only to kill Dajjal (Yeh tu bohat chutta kaam hai :) ) . If you people ask then I will let you know but may be some people will understand.


  32. After understanding what is happening all i could think was that not anything worse is happening. I know it is bad enough but still in these worse of times(in literal meanings) a large majority of people is living ok lives and helping each other and thinking of each other.

  33. @Anonymous

    Sometimes I post famous astrologers but personally I don't believe on astrology, but more amazing thing is, some famous astrologers predictions are also matching with Saints....So Dr. Safdar Mehmood said, ye pehli baar hai ke najoomiyon aur rohani shakhsiyaat ki baatain match kar rahi hain....Asa pehle kabhi nahin huwa.

    Brother Abhi to main ne Nostradamus post karna tha aur ussay galat sabit krna tha but aap ne pehle hi mujhe rok diya.... :(

  34. malik
    acha me apn se sawal pochta hoo jo itna zoor de rahe hai gazwa hind ka wo kab aana hai

  35. @Hafiz

    Yes Plz post ur comment whatever you know. mein to just aik brief si baat ki hai, jab ye cheezain honge physically to bohat detail se hon gi aur bohat si reasons hongi. Plz app detail likh dain.

    Jis ne Ghazwa-e-Hind larna hai ussay to ane dain pehle. Jab tak woh nahin ata ghazwa-e-Hind nahin ho ga.

  36. malik
    kis ne aana hai

  37. @Malik

    Mujhe to itna hi pata hai Ghazwa-e-Hind aik khas leader ne larna hai. ab ye to nahin pata woh kon hai aur kab aye ga....but itna pata hai Pakistan ussi ke liye bnaya gya. ye baat to clear hai,aur iss mein koi shak nahin hona chahye, tamam buzrg yehi keh rahe. I don't know why people deny this fact.

  38. akram nami jo naimatullah shah wali ka sher hai akram nami shahs jo ALLAH ke lotfo karam se aaii ga or niyam se talwar niqal kar bahadri se lare ga wo ameer muhammad akram awan hai jo pehle majooda ulma hai jo hadees se ghazwa hind ka batate hai

  39. kia pakistan aik shahs ke liye banaya geya hai ap kon hai or kis waja se ye duty anjam de rahe hai

  40. @Anonymous

    Akram, Habi Ullah, Mehdi,Mansoor, Ameer ul Momineen aur 15, 20 aur naam jo mukhtakif jaghon par likhe hain aur kuch ka zikr Allama Iqbal ki poetry mein hai, woh sub aik hi bande ke naam hain. Ghazwa-e-Hind ki Hadith ka kai so saal pehle se buzurgon ko pata hai, bcos woh to Hadith ki books mein likhi hain, aur pehle zamane ke logon ko Hadith ka bohat gehra ilm tha but har kaam ka waqt muqarar hai.

    aur Ghazwa-e-Hind abhi hona hai. Kuch log kehte hain k woh to ho chukka, Muhammad bin Qasim ya Mehmood Ghaznavi ne Ghazwa-e-Hind lara but they are wrong because 2nd part of that Hadith is related to Hazrat Issa (AS), jinhain abhi ana hai, yani same lashkar will forces of Hazrat Issa (AS) after Ghazwa-e-Hind to abhi nahin huwa.

  41. @Anonymous

    Allama Iqbal ki tamam poetry Islam ki Nishat-e-Sania ke mautliq hai, Bulke aap ne to bari wazeha Bashartain deen hain, See jawab Shikwa, ka aik shair,

    Aqal Hai Teri Sipar, Ishq Hai Shamsheer Teri
    Mere Darvaish! Khilafat Hai Jahangeer Teri

    Yani woh Darvaih hi khilafat qaeem kare ga.

    Ab logon ko open secret nazar nahin ate to main kya karoon aur Allama Iqbal kya karain. Jo hona hai woh to ho ke rahe ga. Chahe kafir jo kuch marzi kar lain.

    Allah ke wade to sach hain jaisa ke Quran mein hai.

    فَاصْبِرْ اِنَّ وَعْدَ اللّٰهِ حَقٌّ
    پس تم صبر کرو بیشک خدا کا وعدہ سچا ہے

  42. @ Faqr Sb:

    "Qareeb tar hai namood jiski"
    "Usi ka mushtaq hai zamana"

    Sir, was Iqbal referring to the same 'Hasti', whom you are saying Pakistan was created for?

  43. @Junaid

    Aaj main kehne mood mein tha so keh diya bcos kafi ho chukki, logon ki ankhain band hain.

    Yes. whole poetry of Iqbal, after 1907 is related to that leader and Islamic renaissance. Allama Iqbal ki sari poetry falsafa-e-khudi ke gird ghoomti aur falsafa-e-khudi par hi ane wala leader global empire ki bunyad rakhe ga. Allama Iqbal Shayar nahin thay, bulke bohat bare Wali Allah thay, aur haqeeqi Aulia Allah ko ane wale waqiat ka ilm ho jata hai Allah ke hukm se.

    I will post more about Allama Iqbal InshaAllah.

  44. koi kehta 2012 bara me ho ga is me kia sachai hai kia hamare zamane me ho ga

  45. Brother Faqr nice effort MashaAllah...May Allah(swt) reward u for ur hard is very neccesarry to spread hope and confidence in these difficult times for the Ummah and especially Pakistan !

  46. @Faqr Sb,

    Yes,yay baatian awam ki aql o shoor say bala ter hain... Jo baat aap nay ki hay, hota aisay hi hai koi hokomat qaim nahi ho sakti jab tak in do hasiyoun ( Sarkar Ghous-e-Azam (RA) aur Sultan ul hind khowaja Moinuddin Chisti (RA)) kay dstakhat na hon aur is waqt kay aulia aur qutab-e-waqt kay dastakhat na hon..

    Jo is rah kay salik hain wo ba-khobi jantay hain jo aap nay kaha hai :)

    Aik aur baat bata don Dajal k baray may takay is baat ki tashi ho jai jo aap nay kahi aulia powers kay baray may.

    Dajal her Ghous-e-waqt kay Qabzay may hota hay, jab Allah(SWT) is ko azad karna chahay ga to us Waqt ka Ghous ik aisa shakhs ho ga jo majzoob ho ga woh halat-e-sukr may baab-e-khwariq khol day ga jis say khawariq-e-adat ka zahoor hojai ga ... aur dajal azad ho jai ga..

    laikin jab woh azad hojai ga to us waqt hazart Issa (AS) aur Imam Mehdi ki fauj us kay muqabil hogi, aur Hazrat ISSA (AS) kay jism-e-ather ki khoshboo say wo pighal jai ga...


  47. Faqar e Ghayoor Bhai

    But one may ask that Allama Iqbal(RA) ko Quaid-e- Azam ka intizaar tha aur phir Iqbal kee wafat kai baad hee Pakistan bana aur Quaid-e-Azam humaray Gov General banay. Aap Quid ka kirdaar minus nahein kar saktay.Is per bhee kuch roshni daliyay.

  48. @Shams

    Thanks brother for further explanation, Sahi kaha iss rah ke musafir hi iss baat ko jante hain.


    Quaid-e-Azam ka maqam to bohat buland hai, iss liye to itni izzat hasil hai aaj tak. Quaid-e-Azam mazeed zinda reh jate to Pakistan ki taqdeer badal jati but Qudrat ko kuch aur manzoor tha. Allama Iqbal ki poetry mein jis leader ka zikr hai uss ne khilafat qaeem krni hai, I mean, woh Quaid-e-Azam nahin thay because Quaid to apna zaberdast role ada kr k chale gye, but Iqbal ke mard-e-Kamil ne abhi ana hai, Iqbal ne sub bata diya hai agar log Iqbal ki poetry ghaur se parhain.

    but Allama Iqbal ne ye bhi kaha hai hath par hath dhar kar na baithain k woh leader aye ga aur jadoo se sub kar de ga bulke apne aap ko iss qabil banayen ke uss ke dast-o-bazoo ban sakain. (ye iqbal ki poem hai, I will explain it soon)

  49. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    You are right. Quaid-e-Azam aik azeem insaan thay. Dr, Safdar Mehmood ny apnay aik column main btaya tha k Quaid-e-Azam ko Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ny hindustaan janay ka hukam dya tha. Agr un jesa leader na milta tu Paksitan nhi bn-na tha. Agr hm ye kahain k Quaid-e-Azam ny us Rohani msg ko saheh read kia tha aur us pr ammal bhi kya tha tu ye galat baat na ho gi.

    Quaid-e-Azam k baad koi aesa leader nhi mila. Ap ki ye baat bhi saheh hy k hmaray leaders ko us rohani wasee'at k baray main btaya jata hy. Alkh Nagri mein Mumtaz Mufti ny b kaha tha k Aulia Allah hmaray hukmarnoon ko naseehat krtay rehtay hein. Jesa k Ghafoor Sb. Gen Ayub ko khat likh kr mashwaray detay thay. Lekin Gen. Ayub ny ammal nhi kya.
    Hazrat Bagh Hussain(R.A) ny b kaha tha k nawaz sharif jb PM bna tu us ny kuch days baad America ko khush krnay k liay paigaam dya tha k mein fundamentalist nhi hn. Tu us ka anjaam sb ny apni ankhoon sy dekha tha.

  50. Aik baat aur jo shaid logon ko pata na ho, Allama Iqbal ne apni shayari mein bohat se Aulia Allah ka zikr kiya hai specially Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hajveri (RA) ke pegham par puri nazam hai, iss mein Moin-ud-din Chisti Ajmeri (RA) ka bhi zikr hai. Issi tarah Qutub-ud-din Bakhtiak Kaki (RA) aur app ke mureed-e-khas Ameer Khusro, Mujaddid Alif Sani (RA), Bu Ali Qalandar (RA), Jalal ud Din Rumi (RA) aur bohat se Aulia ka pegham par ashaar likhe hain......!! Aik baat aur k Allama Iqbal ne falsafa-e-Khudi Quran Majeed se hi akhz kiya hai.

  51. continue...

    Aik aur Spiritual Scholar ny kaha tha k Pakistan k ye halaat democrarcy ki waja sy hoay hein. Jb sy public ny responsibility li hy k hm apni pasand ka bnda elect kr k usay PM bnain gy. Tu us ka result sb k samnay hy. Aj tk Public election mein kisi achay bnday ko elect nhi kr ski. Present Govt. Pakistan ki history ki worst Govt. hy. Issay is liay ziada time dya ja rha hy ta-k logon ko kuch tu aqal a jaey. Log democracy ka maza chakh lein. Hmaray log kbhi election mein saheh person ko choose nhi kr sktay.

    Ab ainda Pakistan mein kbi election nhi hn gy. Jo bhi Govt. bnay gi wo Selection sy bnay gi.
    Aik aur Walli ny b kaha tha k Pakistan ki Presidentship koi aam si post nhi hy. Ye bohat khas post hy. Aur wo waqt bohat jald anay wala hy jb wo Khas bnda a kr is chair pr bethay ga aur Pakistan ka roshan period start ho ga.

  52. @MAJ

    App ne baat complete kar di hai JazakAllah !!

    Advocate Abdul Ghafoor par aik post zaroor honi chahye. Dekhiye kab hoti hai.

  53. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    You are 100 % right. Allama Iqbal ny apni poetry mein bohat si raaz ki baatain btai hein. Jo hr koi nhi smjh skta. Sarfra Shah sb. ny b btaya tha k jb Allama Iqbal ko Walayat mili tu bohat sy Auli Allah ny unhay kaha tha k Hazrat ab ap Mimbar py beth kr logon ki islaah krein. Lekin Allama Iqbal ny inkaar kr dya tha. Tu un sy kaha gya tha k:

    "Wo Waqt ay ga jb ap ka kalaam Mimber pr charh kr bolay ga"

    Ab hm dekh sktay hein k Masjidoon mein aur Mizaroon py jahan b koi religious mehfil hoti hy, Allama Iqbal ki poetry hr Aalim, Wali etc apnay speech mein shamil krta hy. Allama Iqbal ki poetry k begair un ki speech adhuri si lagti hy. Allah apnay bnday ko Izzat bhi khoob ata krta hy.

  54. @MAJ

    App ne meri aik post jo meine abhi karni thi, pehle hi logon ko bata di :)

    But thanks, bcos people should know many others are saying same thing. InshaAllah I will add above event with Urdu text.

  55. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    You are welcome brother.:)
    Hr koi ye comments nhi prhta hy. Ap jb detailed post kro gy tu phir kafi log usay parhain gy. May Allah always bless you. You are doing a great work.

  56. @Faqar

    @"Rohani hukumat aur faislay"

    Interesting and logical as we can see switches of governments in Pakistan in 90's and current changes in middle east. All decisions are made on other places. There are two secret places... 'Agartha' is for the followers of Hazrat Khidr (as) and 'Shambhala' is for the followers of Satan. Hazrat Khidr (as) is charged for neutralizing events which may harm Islam.

    ADNAN OKTAR: ...There are two diametrically opposed ideas, as you know. One is the followers of satan, the other, those of our Lord. In their own words, one is the followers of Agartha, and the other is the followers of Shambhala, or satan, in other words. Agartha is for the followers of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). The alleged organization Ergenekon also say they are the followers of Agartha, as you know. That emerges from their correspondence. That is a deception, though. They are the direct supporters of Shambhala. They use it as a deception. They even use that six-pointed star on their flags as a deception. That is also falsehood. They imagine, in their own minds, they are using the seal of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). For deceitful purposes, they also use masonic symbols, for instance, the square and compass. They even employ the wolf head on their flags, as if in their own minds, to deceive Turkish nationalists. This is all a deception. They are the direct followers of Shambhala, followers of satan, and they have all been defeated. They hold atheist, materialist and Darwinist views, and have been defeated....

    ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, insha'Allah. Hazrat Khidr (as) has a responsibility to neutralize people, or objects –such as a building, or maybe a region or piece of land– he thinks may harm Islam in the future. And since he constantly enters time and leaves it again, it is impossible to identify Hazrat Khidr (as) as he goes about his work. For example, he performs a duty here, and then he suddenly steps outside time and space and disappears. He looks like an ordinary citizen and human being. You cannot tell the difference. He does his work and departs. That is why irreligious masons fear Hazrat Khidr (as) in the same way they do Allah or even more intensely, Allah is beyond this! Hazrat Khidr (as) has inflicted great hurt on them. Since they cannot believe, since they cannot comprehend the meaning of Hazrat Khidr (as), of what he is... Because they are in contact with satan. They cannot understand this force that oppresses satan. They are just terrified and in a state of panic....

  57. @ MAJ Sb:

    Your comment about Auliahs telling Iqbal "Ke ab ap Mimbar pe beth kar logon ki islah kren..." brought tears to my eyes!!

    I have 2 copies of "Kulyaate Iqbal" with me. I should be giving some time to them...

  58. malik
    is ka admin kon hai????

  59. @ malik:

    Faqr Bhai is the Admin here...
    His email address is

  60. Faqar Bhai aapki her baat sahi hay lekin her koi in baton per yaqeen nahi karta yeh bhi such hay

  61. bhai me yaqeen karta hoo aulia ki bato ki kio ke meri nisbat hia on se magar jo najomi hai onki nahi yani satara parast

  62. yeh banda jo apnay aap ko @hussain kehta hai bara he koi bughas raknay wala aadmi hai. Allah issay hadiyadat daay. Imran Khan ek naik aur acha musalman hai. aur woh ab hadayat kaay rastay per hai. Momin doosray momin ka aina hota hai. @hussain tum doosroon ko apnay kirdar per mapna choor doo

  63. @"bhi ati hai ussay Hazrat Moinudddin Chishti Ajmeri RA ki wasiyat (jo asal mein Quran ki Ahkaam hi hain)ki wasiyat dikha di jati hai, jo amal nahin karta, uss ka takhta ulat diya jata hai,"
    bhi jaan yaar log to kehtay hain ke jo bhe govt banti ya totthe hai os mei CIA involve hoti hai

  64. @anonymous:
    pazeerai ka shukriya.yeh koi naya experience nahi jab PTI aur us k chaeloun ne Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan aur Ata Ul Haq Qasmi jese buzurg logon ko nahi chhora toh mein kis ginti mein aata hun.Sana bucha aur deegar anchors ko gandi se gandi,ghaleez se ghaleez gaaliyan deen,lakin kya kerain bhai momin aur uss ki jamat ki gaaliyan bhi tabrruk hoti hain.hai na?

    wasay aap kya imran ka aemal nama likhte hain jo aap ko pata hai k woh 'momin' ban gya hai.lafz 'momin' aur uss k taqazay aur sharayet bht bari hain.aap ne shayad be khabri mein keh diya momin.

    Aur mein apne kirdar mein nahi dekhta lakin jo media dikhata hai woh dekhta hun media ne dikhya k imran keh raha tha k usay divorce k waqt 350 kanal property mili thi ghaliban aur phir jamaima k opposite statements iss baray mein.
    abhi recently kamran shahid k program men youth k agay nahi thehr saka woh.ek bhi jawab dhangg ka nahi diya uss ne.bilkul be bas aur lachaar nazar aa raha tha.pasnay chhoot rahay thay uss k.
    aap tasalli rakhein jald he wo mazeed be naqab ho ga.
    Democracy ki favor kernay walay sab leaders he ek na ek din pakre jayen ge.Phir Islami nizam e hakumat aye ga inshaAllah.

  65. Najam sethi calls QUAID -A- AZAM AN 'AHMEQ' & DR NIAZI's angry response column

  66. I have heard about the "Moin-ud-din Chishti Ajmeri RA ki wasiyat.on this page. Can someone please upload it


  67. @Anonymous

    This Wasiyat will be posted soon in next week Insha'Allah

  68. Playboy to Spirituality...