December 10, 2011

I Am Seeing, A Revolution Too Big For The Universe (Allama Iqbal's Persian Predictions, Part 1)

مبارک ہے وہ شخص جو اس گرد میں سوار کو دیکھ لے

Future had been shown to Allama Iqbal and he had been given the duty to prepare the nation and pave the way for a special goal. Allama Iqbal himself said,  
"I have never considered myself a poet... I have no interest in poetic artistry. But, yes, I have a special goal in mind for whose expression I use the medium of poetry considering the condition and the customs of this country"
(Allama Iqbal's letter to Suleman Nadwi, 4 August 1913, read here)

Allama Iqbal's whole poetry is predictive (Ilhami), like Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Wali RA, he also used the famous 'Mee beenam' Radeef . Lets see some fine predictions here.

I am seeing..............(می بینم .............(میں دیکھ رہا ہوں

From (Payam-e-Mashriq-106) Payam

Unveil your eyes and you will see that in full view of you
Life is creating for itself a world completely new.
In this our ancient dust I find the pure gold of the soul:
Each atom of it is a star’s eye with the power to see.

In every grain of sand lodged in the womb of mother earth
I see the promise of a many‐branched fruit laden tree.
I fnd the mountain as light as a tiny blade of grass,
And heavy as a mountain seems a blade of grass to me.

A revolution too big for the universe’s mind
I am seeing, I know not how: I see it just about to be.
O happy he who sees the horseman, not the dust alone,
Who in the throbbing of the strings sees music’s essence drawn.

Life is, and as long as it lasts, will be a running stream:
This old wine’s youthful effervescence will always be new.
What has been but should not have been will not be any more:
What should have been but has not been will be— it must be so.

Love is all eyes for Beauty’s revelations yet to be:
And Beauty, fond of self‐display, must always be on view:
Deep in the earth that I have watered with my blood‐stained tears
My teardrops will remain embedded, gems of a rich hue.

“I see in the dark night a portent of the coming dawn.
My candle has been put out, but to greet the rising sun.”

Congratulate that Holy Mother from whom will be born the Caravan’s Guide

مبارکباد کن، آن پاک جان را
کہ زاید آن امیر کاروان را

اس پاکیزہ روح (خاتون) کو مبارک باد دینا جو اس کارواں کے سردار کو پیدا کرے گی

To that holy mother I greet with pride,
From whom will be born the caravan’s guide.
On the lap of, 'that' fortunate dame,
The 'Hoors of paradise' would feel a shame

(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-Farsi-35) Huzoor-e-Millat 9: Tu Cha Dani Ke Darien Gard Saware Bashad 


  1. InshAllah امید مرد مومن ہے خدا کے رازدانوں میں - اقبال


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  4. aaj ek chhoti si tasveer dekh ker mujhe herat bhi hui aur sharam bhi ayi !
    tasveer k neechay caption likhi thi k "Sri lankan Musalman pakistan mein nato hamloun k khilaf ihtejaj kertay huey"!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Hussain,

    Baat to sharam ki hai magar Pakistan mein revolution Allah ki taraf se hi ruka huwa hai, warna jo kuch iss mulk mein ho chukka hai uss ke baad ya to ye mulk toot jata ya inqilab aa jata,

    but inqilaab aye ga aur wohi laye ga jis ki mother ko Allama Iqbal ne mubarik baad dene k liye kaha hai. I will tell you who told Allama Iqbal about future. Plz wait.

  6. we r waiting sir ...but plz hamare saber ko ziada na aazmaieye ga :)

  7. Salaam, Great poetry specially last poetry about blessed mother of Imam Mahdi. It proves Imam Mahdi born from a mother and a father...

    What we expect from Iran is to support the belief in the real Mahdi born from a mother and a father, instead of the belief in the invisible Mahdi:,_INSTEAD_OF_THE_BELIEF_IN_THE_INVISIBLE_MAHDI

  8. @salma shk

    Read this verse of Quran

    لِكُلِّ نَبَاٍ مُّسْـتَقَرٌّ ۡ وَّسَوْفَ تَعْلَمُوْنَ

    ہر خبر کے ظاہر ہونے کا ایک وقت مقرر ہے اور تم کو عنقریب معلوم ہوجائے گا

    For every event there is a point (of time and place) to occur, and you will soon know (it).

    [Surah Al-Anaam, Verse 67]

  9. @Faqr:
    kya aap bta sakte hain k yeh nazm kis year mein likhi gayi thi?
    Aur Allama ki pichli nazmoun ko pesh e nazr rakhtay huey yeh baat kahi jaa sakti hai k jo leader ubhray ga woh qaid o band k masaib jheyl ker aagay aye ga.(unn ka woh wala shaer jis ka mafhum ghaliban kuch yun hai k mein usay qaed khana k roshan dan se dekh raha hun,kami beshi maaf farmaiye ga)

  10. @Hussain

    Book Payam-e-Mashriq 1918 se 1922/1923 tak likhi gyi aur uper wali pehli poem 'Naqsh-e-Farang>Payam' taqreeban 1921/1922 mein likhi gyi.

    2nd poem jis mein mother ko mubarik baad di gyi, ye Book Armaghan-e-Hijaz Farsi mein hai jo Allama Iqbal ke akhri saal 1937-1938 mein likhi gyi.

  11. @"leader ubhray ga woh qaid o band k masaib jheyl ker aagay aye ga"

    Well said Hussain...

  12. Khomeini was also prisoned for 10 months.
    check this:

    And as i commented earlier on some other post from alakh nagri that when jan muhammad butt saheb said 'shah iran ki taraf se ayen ge' he probably meant that Khomeini would come to Pakistan ,but it did'nt happen so although he brought a sectarian revolution i Iran and Tehreek e nifaz e fiqah Jafriya in Pakistan was reported to be heavily funded and backed by khomeini.

  13. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor
    I have mailed you an important information about Imam Mahdi which is taken from lecture of Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal. Please check it & upload it for others.

  14. @MAJ

    Brother, Please check this link, a post on the lectures of Faqeer Bagh Hussain Kamal (RA)

  15. @ Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    Oh sorry dear. I didn't check this post before.

  16. China joins russia president Hu jintao orders military to prepare for world war 3

  17. @anonymous

    Excellent link about "China joins Rusia..."


  18. @Faqar

    After reading that the poem about the blessed mother was written in 1937-38, i was thinking that may be the mother was born at that time - as some sources claim that Imam mehdi has been born in 60's...


  19. @AK

    Allama Iqbal was not a poet, He was a Wali Allah with special duty. Allama Iqbal ko mustaqbil dikha bhi diya gya tha aur parha bhi diya gya tha. (Filhal shaid samajh na aye kisi ko k parha kaise diya gya tha....lekin waqt ane pe pata chal jaye ga). Imam Mehdi (AS) kabhi bhi waqt se pehle zahir nahin hon ge chahe kuch ho jaye. Dunya par Allah ka Hukm chalta hai, America ka nahin. Foreign Agencies ko Imam ka suragh nahin mile ga kabhi bhi..... :)

  20. @Faqr:
    woh toh obvious hai k Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam waqt se pehle aam logon pe zahir nahi hon ge.
    LAkin kuch logon ne yeh aqeeda bna liya hai k log unn k kaamon ki wajah se unhein pehchaanein ge haalan k esa nahi kyun k unn ki aamad aur subsequential events bht jaldi jaldi hon ge.
    agar mein ghalat nahi hun toh yeh tirmidhi shareef ki hadith hai k jis ka mazmuun hai k Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam ka zahur,fatah e qustuntuniya (Istanbul) aur dajjal ka khuruj yeh events within 6 months hon ge,uss hadith k mutabiq.