November 26, 2011

O Muslim, You Cannot Live Without Following The Quran (Orya Maqbool Jaan Article)

یاد رکھو قرآن کے بغیر مسلمان کی زندگی نصیب نہیں ہو سکتی
Note: Important Warnings By Allama Iqbal are added at end of the post. More about 'Khizr' & Allama Iqbal' will be posted soon, See Allama Iqbal also mentioned Khurasan in his poetry

گر تو می خواہی مسلمان زیستن
نیست ممکن جز بقرآن زیستن
If you want to live like a Muslim, It is not possible without the Holy Quran

A Famous Verse of Allama Iqbal in which Iqbal gave the concept of an ideal Muslim & Muslim Society. It is only possible if it is derived from the Holy Quran, Lets read that

(Rumuz-e-Bekhudi-16) Dar Ma'ani Aynke Nizam -e-Millat Gair Az Aain Soorat... 
That the organization of the community is only possible though law, and that the law of the Muhammadan Community is the Quran

O You, whose faith by custom is enslaved, Imprisoned by the charms of heathendom*,
You who has torn thy heritage to shreds, Treading the highway to a hateful goal,
If You will live the Muslim life anew This cannot be, except by the Quran

* One who adheres to the religion of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God


Must Read Article by Orya Maqbool Jaan  (Neest Mumkin Juzw Ba Quran Zeestan)
25 Nov, 2011

Some Important Couplets of Allama Iqbal Related to Above Article

Remember Jawab-e-Khizr (You must know 'Khizr')

Whoever practises discrimination of color and blood will be erased,
Whether he be a tent‐dwelling Turk or an Arab of noble family! 

 If race takes precedence over the religion of the Muslim,
You have flown from the world like the dust of the highway.

So that the foundation of the Caliphate may be once again firm in the world,
Search for and bring from somewhere the heart and spirit of your ancestors. 

 Ah you who cannot distinguish the hidden from the revealed, become aware!
You, caught up in Abu Bakr and Ali, become aware! 

2. From . Tulu-e-Islam

Break the idols of colour and blood and become lost in the community.
Let neither Turanians, Iranians nor Afghan remain.

 How long will you keep company in the branches with the birds of the garden;
In your arms is the flight of the royal hawk of Quhistan.

Khurasan mentioned in Iqbal Poetry
Here are Indians, there people of Khurasan, here Afghans, there Turanians—
You, who despise the shore, rise up and make yourself boundless. 

Your wings and your plumage are soiled with the dust of colour and race;
You, my bird of the holy shrine, shake your wings before you start to fly.


  1. Very disappointing column ,very disappointing.
    Oriya saheb ko jin baaton ka nahi pata unn mein khamkha chher chhar nahi kerni chahye thi.
    Unhon ne shayad different sects k views ki study nahi ki,kertay aur compare kertay toh unhein pata chal jata k haqq kya hai aur sach kya hai.
    charon school of thoughts theek hain jab tak unn ki taleemat ko sahi tarah se aur puri tarah se follow kiya jaye.
    Aur even mujh jesa nikamma nalayiq yeh janta hai k diffreent taleemat ki wajah different ahadith hain aur different ijtihad hai jo aimmah ne kiya hai.
    4 musallon ki ek bilkul adna si wajah yeh hai k fiqah e shaf'aiyah mein fajar ki namaz munh andhere ho jati hai jab k fiqah e hanfiyyah mein taluu se kuch daer qabl ada kerna afzal samjha jaat hai jab thora thora ujala phel chuka ho.
    Isi tarah fiqah e sha'faiyah mein zuhr ki namaz jaldi ada ki jati hai lakin fiqah e hanfiyah mein uss ko bhi thori daer se ada kerna afzal samjha jata hai.
    Aur iss tarah k beshumar masail hain,toha agr 4 musallay thay toh iss mein bilkul koi harj nahi tha.

  2. charon masalik k paerokaar ahl e sunnat wal jamat mein shumar hotay hain,jab tak woh apne maslak ko strictly follow kerain aur puri sense mein follow kerain.
    NAbi Kareem Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam ne farmaya tha k meri ummat k 73 sects hon ge.unn mein ek jannati baqi jahannami hon ge.
    Yeh bhi farmaya k meri ummat kabhi gumraahi pe jama nahi ho sakti,iss liya sab se bari jamaat mein shamil ho jao.
    Woh sab se bari jamat Ahl e Sunnat wal jamat ki he hai.
    Yeh firqoun ki tafreeq toh ab Mehdi Alaye hi Salam he khatam kerain ge.Woh Islam ki sahi taleemat ka nafaz kerain ge aur sab ko wohi follow kerna ho ga.

  3. Assalaam-o-Alaikum

    Good article. It is true we are not united. We can unite using Holy Quran.

    All Sects Must Love Each Other

    ADNAN OKTAR:You know my ideas. I am a follower of the creed of the Ahl al-Sunnah. … For one thing, we must eliminate all sectarian differences. These are completely unconscionable. Wahhabism, Shiism and Sunnism are all fraternal sects. We all live together. We are all brothers. Muslims must never be one another's enemies on the pretext of sectarian differences. They are all sects of great piety. They are all sects that scrupulously abide by the faith. There is no division among us. We all believe in the same Allah and the same Prophet. We face the same direction in prayer. We love the same prophets. We are the same in just about everything. A spirit of opposition caused by differences of minor detail would be very ugly. It would mean falling into satan's trap. My brothers must take great care over this. All Muslims must love one another. For example, when a Shiite meets a Sunni he must embrace him and ask how he is doing. When he meets Wahhabist brothers, for example, he must go to their homes and embrace them and dine with them and even pray with them. I sometimes hear people say they do not pray behind each other, and that is totally out of order. They must be happy to pray behind them. Be they Shiite or Wahhabist or Sunni… It makes no difference, as we are all brothers… This ill becomes any Muslim.
    Jul 10, 2010

    ADNAN OKTAR:He says "He is the most perfect guide." It ends with him. The entrustment that comes after our Prophet (saas) ends with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Bediuzzaman says "He will send the biggest mujtahid [interpreter of the Qur'an], a biggest mujaddid [reviver], and a judge, and ruler, and a Mahdi, and a guide to the true path, and, "he says; "a Qutb al-Azam [a great saint to whom Muslims adhere]" the only pole in the world. He says "and A RADIANT INDIVIDUAL, and THAT PERSON will be from the Family of the Prophet (saas)." Bediuzzaman describes Muhammad Mahdi (pbuh) like this. The Qadiriyya tariqa [sect] ends with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The Shazeli tariqa [sect] ends with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). All of the Qadiriyya tariqa becomes subject to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). All of the Naqshbandi tariqa becomes subject to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Because in the spiritual world, the guide of Bahaeddin Naqshbandi is also Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). He is above all of the tariqas insha'Allah. He is the last guide. He is the greatest guardian ever since the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh); there is no one above him. He is the greatest guardian of all times, insha'Allah.
    Jan 21, 2011

  4. When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, all the sects will swear allegiance to him, because Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the greatest guide of the Islamic world,_ALL_THE_SECTS_WILL_SWEAR_ALLEGIANCE_TO_HIM,_BECAUSE_HAZRAT_MAHDI_(AS)_IS_THE_GREATEST_GUIDE_OF_THE_ISLAMIC_WORLD

  5. Allah does not accept sects. But they have to exist for now. But we must eliminate them by striving for the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). IF SOMEONE DOES NOT ESPOUSE THE ISLAM OF THE AGE OF FELICITY, HE WILL HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR HIMSELF IN THE HEREAFTER.”
    17 Ağustos 2011

  6. Hypocrites try to make religion difficult, the religion of Allah is easy:,_THE_RELIGION_OF_ALLAH_IS_EASY

  7. @Hussain and Faisal

    Some Important couplets of Allama Iqbal added from his most important poems... Khizr-e-Rah and Tulu-e-Islam. See what Iqbal is saying.

    NATO attacked today, If Pakistan responds with same intensity....This can be a start of War.

  8. @faqar InsHALLAH boht jald order aayega .. phir tamasha dekhiye ga.. woh time boht boht boht hi nazdeek hai sab ready rahey...






  10. @Faqar

    I think that NATO is just putting utmost pressure on Pakistan and has no intention of actual attack as it cant fight on two fronts a) on East with Pakistan b) with Afghani Taliban as it will be ideal for Taliban to sandwich NATO b/w them & Pakistan.

    Secondly NATO's real front is Syria/USSR and in my humble opinion it would refrain from thinning out its strength specially when are facing increased agitation on home front by masses over senseless deaths of their sons over irrelevant (to masses) third world.

    But its gonna be real test of our military and pol. set up that are they coming out of this provoking incidence!!


  11. Moharram ki ibtida ho gayi...

  12. Month of Muharram


    very very important month is started and we all knew that this is a month of lesson related to incident of karbala where our beloved Imam touched the most highest level of Bandagi/ Ataat/ and Sabar and proved that how being a human can cross and reach the utmost level of hights than the Angels.

    one of ahlay baseerat said such beautiful wordings

    "" if a person leave his wills / wishes/ desires only for Allah then he would get Allah friendship and he would find that rank which Allah described in these words " JO MERA HO JATA HA MA US KA HO JATA HOON " .

    So our beloved Imam Hussain set this example(Bandagi/ Ataat/ and Sabar in his life for us where he left everything according to Allah will and in easiest words i will say " our beloved Imam did what Allah want and he liked what Allah liked for him, he turned his face where Allah want to see.

    so life of Imam Hussain is a role model for us and this month always remind this, but are we really following this or not ?

    our Islam is not the name of Ibadaat / Tasbhihat / Wazaif but a complete package and we should adopt it fully in our life and there should not be any aspect of life without Islam.

    so every problem and situation has a solution in the life of our belvod prophet where his beloved nephew Imam Hussain acted and followed the given path and proved it, Allah likes the active person he doest like idols if we want to find out the Rab and i want to be very closed nd near to him i have to follow the allah only , if we dont have much knowledge then we have our beloved prophet life as a role model enough to follow and i will change my life in a way where Allah will grant me his friendship ! ""

  13. O Muslim, You Cannot Live Without Following The Quran (Orya Maqbool Jaan Article)

    Nice wording in writing but today are all muslim following this ?????/

    by adding one more example given by the same friend of Allah

    """'' one night Imam Ahmad bin Hambal saw Allah Tala in his dream and Allah asked hi what do you want our Imam replied that tell me the easiest way to reach to you, Allah said RECITE THE QURAN A LOT.

    So here we can see the importance of recitation of Quran , and the person who recite the Quran definitly he will reach to Allah , but unfortunalty the customs of wazaif has taken has very far from Quran pak, this is not healthy deal, as an example if someone give us a wallat full of moeny and we ask only for one ruppeee from this wallat and we become happy why not full wallat ? how strange that we take small part of this Quran as a wazifa and why not we make whole Quran as a Wazifa in our daily life starting from ILM TILL SURAN NAS.

    so when Allah is telling a short cut to Imam who is most respectful honorable personality so why we are running for wazaif to reach Allah ?

    Allah gave us Quran we must act upon according to Quran and ther is much much much in details which he explain in Quran in order to turn our hearts and our intentions to him and get rid of the love of material life which will not remain , and this is the true way of Momin.

  14. Happy New Islamic Year

    1st Muharram, 1433

    1+4+3+3 = 11

    Remember, 11 is very important Number, tell you details in coming post.

    P.S. This is not numerology, there is some wisdom in numbers.

  15. well well well

    muharamm started and NATO has killed 24 army men, lets see whats coming now.

  16. @ Fakar bhi

    you are right!

    in addition of starting of this month we all must pray alot and Dua for our Pak Sar Zammen and also Navafils and send the agar and sawab to the beloved nephew Imam Hussain of our beloved prophet App Aslat o Salam in order to get more and more blessing from Allah for our Pak land.

  17. @ Fakar bhi

    you are right!

    in addition of starting of this month we all must pray alot and Dua for our Pak Sar Zammen and also Navafils and send the agar and sawab to the beloved grand son Imam Hussain of our beloved prophet App Aslat o Salam in order to get more and more blessing from Allah for our Pak land.

    1+4+3+3 = 11

    prsent Allah or us ka Rasool App Aslat o Salam !

  18. @ Fakar bhi

    same like 29 sura of HURAFAY MUQATIATT its also present 2+9= 11



  20. @Anonymous Khan

    Am i really reading the words "massive ARMED revolt". Please ALLAH have mercy on us. If our educated lot, obviously anyone using this forum must be educated, is so bored that in order to have some excitement they want to push the country into a civil war then the rest is history.

    Brother, our basic drawback is no education and no Tafheem-e-Deen. We have to learn the lesson from our neighbour that how Revolution can be peaceful. Iranians are very enlightened and cultural people and where do we stand. We indulge only in Ibadaat, even that a small portion, but where are the Muamlaat acc. to the teachings of Islam??

    Beleive me we are a dead nation as the things we, as a nation, have faced, had they been faced by any other nation, till now the whole set up wouldve been thrown.

    Even if your suggestion becomes a fact, it will end in personal feuds being settled, loot maar etc (remember Swat, where they had a free hand).

    I think that preparation are fully underway to bring Imran through an interim set up but our awaited leader, who will bring Islam and the helper of Imam Mehdi, will not be a Pakistani, We dont have the guts, but will be an Afghan.


  21. @AK:
    some 2,3 days ago 4 members who were proved guilty of possessing fake degrees joined PTI.
    Today Shah Mehmud, who has changed his loyalties more than one , joined PTI for his personal interest.
    Where is PTI's merit now?Agencies are convincing candidates from other parties to join PTI,so that the question of free and fair election may be ruled out in future.
    The awaited leader will be a Pakistani inshaAllah.and most probably he'll be from Punjab inshaAllah.

  22. @Anonymous AK
    what kind of education you talk,it seems that you like kind of education
    in which one alwaYs bows to the commands of the opresser.
    My dear friend if you see in the world history, nearly all big revolutions became possible after some bloodshed of the ruling class.Through mare peacefull diloge and agetation nothing can change as we see since 65 years.
    In recent times we can see the example of Tunisia and Egypt in which peacfull crowd of the public change their leadership but the agents of the Iluminati or the west hijacked these revulutions.Nothing important for the muslim people would change there.

  23. Kia HH AZ kay memo per umal draamed soro ho gia hay is hamlay say yahi lagta hay muharamm ka pehla din Fojj kia so rahi hay? ajj karachi may hangamay? SMQ nay kaha kay zardari ki mojoodgi may Pakistan may kuch bhi mehfooz nahi is ko hatanay kay liay aap sub kion nahi nikaltay kia mazeed tabahi ka intizaar hay jis ka intazaar hay us kay anay tuk sub haath pay haath dharay bathay rahin gay ALLAH UN KI MUDAD KARTA HAY JO APNI MUDED AAP KARTAY HAIN misar nay aik misaal qaim ki hay un kay paas bhi to koi leader nahi I K AGAR is system may aya to wo bhi naakam rahay ga is pooray system ko badalnay ki zaroorat hay

  24. @ Hussain

    Dear Brother, why do you get the idea from my post that i am pro PTI?? I am very clear that IK is not the awaited leader but will stay in power for about 2.5 years to pave way for the real leader which i think wont be Pakistani. If you have any "for your eyes only" sort of info plz post it here about that leader.

    @ anonymous Khan

    Your comments are a) off the mark b) your Q have been answered in your own post.
    a) Was iranian rev. a bloody one?? Was Pakistan created due to some violence?? It was afterwards the creation that Muslims were attacked in East Punjab etc. So dont go far for warld history when your home country is the most successful example of getting home land through tact and intellect.
    b) Lets say that Pakistan has a bloody rev. What are the chances that it wont be hijacked by West as you happened in Tunis & Egypt. Secondly the examples you have given ratify my point i.e. these two countries have peaceful rev. through net & media. Try to have that in this country. You see my point, no edu and awareness, no meaningful rev. The strata of our society, who are at par with media are the generation who are just couch potatoes, having remotes in their hands WHO on one hand bash army while it is the same army who is protecting masses like us so that they can enjoy bhangras, bokatas etc while guys their own age are being martyred on the borders!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry if I became emotional but have a bro in army.


  25. @AK:
    To be true ,Iranian revolution saw blood shed.
    Even personal and religious vendettas were reported to be settled in the name of revolution.
    Even today,many of Iranians call their current supreme leader with bad names.
    Sorry bro but there is much potential in KHAN'S arguments.
    and army is not fighting fee for free.they are getting paid a more than handsome amount and plenty of other facilities as well.
    You wont believe but 5000-7000 billion PKR is the budget that we spend on defence.Yet this army has done nothing.These forces could'nt defend Mehran Naval Base,GHQ and Usama Bin Laden whom they had gave shelter themselves.These are some of the significant failures in recent 2-3 years,with 2 of them being in last 7-8 nonths.This is the budget which is accounted but secret funds and unaccounted budgets are significant as well.

  26. @AK:
    Whenever the revolution will come,it will accompany blood shed or the one who will bring the revoution will cash the sacrifices of patriots or masses e.g Bhutto cashed Ayub's failure in Tashkent.
    But the safety is in to keep inside ,if such a situation comes, your homes as this is the time of tribulation and one is advised to keep inside the house in such times.

  27. @ Hussain

    Though i may not agree fully with what you said vis-a-vis Khan's comments but "hum aaam maafi ka ailaan karte hain" as your comments generally reflect what is in my mind.
    Secondly i am not a bro, but a sister with very young kids. My comments may lack the finesse & expertise in various fields that my fellows display but as far as love & concern for my country are concerned, I would be at par with anyone.

    I think that it is a blessing of ALLAH that ever since last year when my mind has totally turned towards tasawwuf, i have come across this blog and it has immensely helped me in pers & prof & spiritual context.

    I shall again reiterate that i have no hope from this nation to do anything worthwhile and if any war like situation arose, it will be the same army to fight on your behalf!!!

    The safety instructions given on 1st of Muharram by Sheikh Nazim are just for Turkey, Syria etc or for us too?? I dont know why the movie 2012 keeps flashing in my head.


  28. Ok its 2nd of Muharam and it seems nothing happening around the world and in pakistan. Its very quite in middle east and no war is going to happen. I bet the whole muharam will pass without any incident and someone will again say "may be sheikh was telling about next muharam".


  29. @coco:
    Tablighi jamat k ijtama se wapis aatay he aap fasad phelana shuru ho gaye hain?saans waans toh le lein.
    Kya Nato ka hamla chhota waqia hai?
    AUr international level pe Syria pe pabandiyan lagnay wali hain.France ne kaha hai k bashar ul asad ka daur khatam honay wala hai.
    zara sabar toh ker lein.

  30. @coco

    Sheikh Nazim didn't predict that some particular event will happen in Muharram. Any event can be happened like any attach, tension, earthquake, hurricane, violence etc which will be starting point of next events. Didn't you see Nato attack on Pakistani Post on first Muharram? and tension in Syria? You don't believe on coming on of Imam Mahdi. You didn't see over 200 signs?

  31. O Muslims Assalam o Alaikum
    The month of Muharrum is very very very important for us.
    Take care

  32. آخری معرکہ خیر و شر

  33. @ Hussain
    Aapki Baatein Bilkul Durust Hain, Chaaro Imaam K Muqallid Kabhi Aapas Mein Nahi Laray, Larai Aqaid Per Hui Hai, Na K Haath Bandh Ker Namaz Parhne Ya Haath Chor Ker Namaz Parhne Per. Oriya Sahb Mujhe Kaafi Impressive Lagay Thay Lekin Unki Knowledge Ne Mujhe Mayyus Kiya Hai. Hajj Mein Kab Ye Farz Hai K Kaabay K Imaam He K Pechay Namaz Parho, Hajj K Arkaan Mein Kahein Nahi Likha Aisa. Kaabay Per Aisay Aisay Zalim Bhi Qabiz Rahay Hain K Bayan Nahi Kiya Ja Skta, Oriya Sahb Kia Unkay Peechay Namaz Bhi Parh Letay. Wo Log Jo Wahan Apni Jamat Karatay Hain Fasadi Nahi Apnay Kaam Se Kaam Rakhtay Hain Munafiqat Bhi Nahi Kertay Na Qatl O Gharat Kertay Hain, Apni So Called Shariat Nafiz Kernay K Liye. Imam Ki Sharait Rakhi Hi Isi Liye Gai Hain K Agar Imam Ki Namaz Hai Tau Muqtadi Ki Wrna Kisi Ki Qubool Nahi Hogi, So Jo Gustakh Hain Un K Peechay Namaz Parhna Sakht Gunah Aur Apni Namazein Zaya Krna Hai.
    @ Hussain Aap Apni FB Ki ID Ya Email Address Dain Gay Plz.

  34. Aur Shah Faisal Ne Deen e Akbari Bananay Ki Koshish Ki Thi, Jo Saudia Tak He Kamyaab Hai.America K Madad Se By Force Us Ne Apnay Nazriyat Nafiz Kerna Haqaniat Ka Suboot Nahi. Aaj Wo ALLAH K Ghar K Khadim Ho Ker Bhi America Per Tawakkul Kertay Hain, Qbzay Ki Hukumat Hai Wahan Aur Un Logo Ne Munazzam Andaaz Mein Puri Muslim Duniya Per Shirk K Fatway Diye. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Ki History Tau Pari He Hogi Sub Ne, So ALLAH Pak Subko Apnay Deen Per Chalnay Ki Aur Dusro Per Zabardasti Apni Tabiat Ko Shariat Keh Ker Nafiz Kernay Se Mehfooz Fermay. Aameen.

  35. @Zeeshan :
    Aur imam k peechay parhna dar asal iss amar ka izhar hota hai k ham jis shakhs ko imam bna rahay hain ,ham uss k mazhabi nazariyat o aqayed ko darust tasleem kertay hain.

    yar mein FB use nahi kerta mail id yeh hai: