November 24, 2011

'Imam Of The Time’ Will Implement Islam In Pakistan (Wasif Ali Wasif R.A.)

پاکستان میں اسلام وہی نافذ کرے گا جو اِمامِ وقت ہو گا

(1929 - 1993)

Sahib-e-Basirat Wasif Ali Wasif (R.A.), A Wali Allah with true vision. Some extracts from his important lecture, Pakistan and System of Election, are posted below.
Imam of the Time will implement Islam at State Level. Call him 'Imam-e-Waqt or Khalifa-tul-Muslimeen or Ameer-ul-Momineen'. A Man who will be first in Power, first in Religion, he will do this. We need to follow him. There is no democracy in Islam. Neither Allah is democratic. Allah (swt) says in Quran: 'The most honorable among you in the sight of Allah is 'That Believer' who is the most pious of you.' Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) also replied a question about Imam Mehdi (AS)
Note: Imam is an Arabic word meaning 'Leader'. The ruler of a country might be called the Imam (wikipedia). Please carefully listen and read the content posted below.

(A Rare Audio of Wasif Ali Wasif R.A)

Quran, (49)-Al-Hijraat, Verse 13

( اِنَّ اَكْرَمَكُمْ عِنْدَ اللّٰهِ اَتْقٰىكُمْ ۭ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ عَلِيْمٌ خَبِيْرٌ )
حقیقت میں اللہ کے نزدیک تم میں سب سے زیادہ معزز وہ ہے جو تم میں سب سے زیادہ پرہیز گار ہے۔ بیشک اللہ سب کچھ جاننے والا اور باخبر ہے۔

Indeed, the most honorable among you in the sight of Allah is 'That Believer' who is the most pious (the most righteous) of you.  Surely, Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise.

Please listen the complete lecture staring here Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif giving talk on wealth and poverty


  1. @ Faqar bhi.

    this is pre- decided and it has to come sooner or later and our country will be the leader for this step inshallah, and will become "THE ONE" for whole muslim Umma.

    I always heard from saints that our country is very special ,special for whole world. NN

  2. MashaAllah.
    May Allah raise his ranks.
    Today i have known that Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif RehmatUllah Alaye hi was something which they call 'cheez e deegri'.
    Unlike some pseudo-scholars and columnists who have been defying the filthy democracy and its sequential structures,Hazrat Wasif has taken a clear stance against democracy.
    The columns and talks of some of pseudo-spiritual persons and columnists have been present on this blog unfortunately,by their name.These persons consider the democracy as the remedy of our problems and present Imran khan as the solution.
    Democracy is about to be wrapped up inshaAllah very soon.

  3. @Hussain

    I agree with you, your stance on democracy is correct but now people will thought of you as a supporter of dictatorship. :)

    Wasif Ali Wasif RA clearly told the Qualification of Muslim Leader in Sight of Allah.

  4. Let the people think what they think.:)
    There are some guide lines and pre-requiesites for a person to be nominatedas caliph.(Remembr 'Caliph' not simply a 'king').

  5. Asslaam Aleykum

    kya koi bta sakta hey k is paak watan k bnaney main hamarey buzurgon ne kitni qurbaniyaan dein,?

    kya kisi maan ne apna jawan beta nahi khoya,
    kya bhiyon ne apni behnain nahi khoien
    kya muslman orton ne apney suhaag nahi lutaaye,
    qayaam e pakistan ke waqt muslmanon ne kesey kesey zulm sahey , sirf is liye k ham aik islami mulk main rahain gey, jis main sirf islam ka qanoon hoga,


    aakhir is qoum k saath ye zulam kab tak hota rahey ga,

    do takkey k log jamhooriyat ka darama racha kar sari qoum par musallat ho jatey hain .


  6. I think people need to be careful here, our founding fathers were against "western democracy", but favored the idea of "Spirtual Democracy" as stated by Allama Iqbal. In Political science lingo there is a world of difference between these two type of democracy (i.e. Western vs. Allama Iqbal Spirtual). There has been a deliberate attempt by some forces within Pakistan that in rightly opposing western democracy they have extended their criticism & discredit campaign against "Spirtual Democracy" as envisioned by Iqbal. Let me remind those people to please read Objectives Resolution of 1949. In 1946 Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan went to Cairo and met Haji Aminul Husseni and resurected Muatamar Al Aaam which held its first session in Karachi in 1949. Had the orchestrated coup by Secularist (with Justice Munir blessing) against the founding fathers had not happened in 1953 Pakistan was well on its way to realizing its objective.

    Objectives Resolution

    1) Sovereignty belongs to Allah alone but He has delegated it to the State of Pakistan through its people for being exercised within the limits prescribed by Him as a sacred trust.

    2) The State shall exercise its powers and authority through the chosen representatives of the people.

    3) The principles of DEMOCRACY, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, shall be fully observed.

    4) Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings of Islam as set out in the Qur'an and Sunnah.

    5) Adequate provision shall be made for the minorities to freely profess and practice their religions and develop their cultures.

    6) Pakistan shall be a federation.

    7) Fundamental rights shall be guaranteed.

    8) The judiciary shall be independent.

  7. I remember that in an article by Oriya Sahib a few weeks ago, he stated that not a single one of present leader will stay (in power or alive, i couldnt grasp the exact notion) and the one who will stay and sparkle, the very thought of him gives shivers to the pseudo intellectuals. Can anyone tell us who he means?? Is it someone already known by our intelligensia as is evident from above statement.
    If it is so, then kindly put some light on it!!

  8. @Anonymous who told about spiritual democracy.

    Absolutely right and Wasif Ali Wasif RA was biggest supporter of Spiritual Democracy and Allama Iqbal. Above post is actually inwardly directed towards spiritual democracy of Allama Iqbal, object is to follow the system of our Khilafat-e-Rashidah.

  9. @anonymous:
    It seems that this term of spiritual democracy has been forged by people.their is no democracy in Islam.
    According to Islam,you can consult people freely in your personal affairs but not in state's affairs (i.e you cant consult both muslims and non-muslims for state affairs and then decide on the basis of majority).
    Lets take Objectives resolution.Two of the points you mentioned are equality and freedom.Islam does'nt allow the equality which democracy allows.Non Muslims are only allowed to practise their religion and are given the rights of a citizen if they pay jizya ,as per my understanding.and even then they are allowed to practise their religion,not to preach it (since they may cause Muslims to be misled by their propaganda).they are not given the right of electing their emir (ruler).
    this is what should be according to the true spirit of Islam but unfortunately it does'nt happen so.

  10. @AK

    Its was not Oriya Article, Its Haroon ur Rasheed.
    Please read at below link

    Haroon ur Rasheed mentioned IK in that article but who knows what GOD has decided.

  11. @Hussain

    Read this pointagain

    3) The principles of DEMOCRACY, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, shall be fully observed.

    Enunciate means (To state or set forth precisely),
    so the definition of these things (equality and freedom etc) as precisely set by Islam. so this point is bounded by Islamic Law.

  12. The real source of democracy and freedom of expression is Islam:

    As is seen, in the essence of Islam, there is intellectual freedom, freedom of faith and expression. Some people assume that democracy entered the history of humanity with the ancient Greeks. However, it is Allah Who teaches democracy to people. From the time of the Prophet Adam (as) all prophets have been the genuine representatives of intellectual freedom and respect to views. The essence of all primary concepts – freedom of justice, not putting any pressure upon anyone, treating everyone as a first class citizens, respecting and trusting people, not judging anyone due to his views- which are associated with democracy and are present in the morality of religion. Throughout history, people have learned these concepts from the righteous religions revealed by Allah and witnessed its most beautiful examples during the times when people lived by the righteous religions. When we look at the times when people were oppressed due to their opinions and their different ideologies, members of various religions were humiliated, while the arts, science and architecture died out. People lost their joy of living and almost turned into robots. Book burnings, murders, massacres, genocides became widespread, and we see the influence of irreligious, atheist ideologies or those who interpret the religion with a radical mindset by distancing it from its essence.

  13. @hussain,

    Islam is not only "Religion" (Madhab) but rather "Deen" (System i.e. Nizam). Mazhab is a man relationship with the divine, whereas Deen is divinely ordained system that impacts whole society. To use Boolean logic to explain, Islam as 'Madhab' is a smaller subset of a bigger set of Islam as 'Deen'. Christianity & Judaism both are only Mazhab but not Deen. Theocracy is when state NOT only interferes in 'Deen' but it also interferes in 'Madhab'. Theocracy failed in Europe because Christian clergy which didnt have any divine law for 'Deen' was enacting its own laws (acting as sovereign) to compensate for this gab and became tyrant, hence a Protestant movement started and took Religion out of politics altogether. Western world solved THIER problem by limiting clergy role to Religion 'Mazhab' and gave the sovereignty to legislate in matters of 'DEEN' to the people. This was called Novus Ordo Seclorum the bedrock of Western Democracy. Allama Iqbal & Quaid-e-Azam rejected both Theocracy & Western Democracy, as both were against Islam, unfortunately we have Muslims who still think Islamic system of Khilafa Rashda calls for Theocracy. You can see wherever Muslim tried to implement both (secularism and theocracy) in recent history that project has failed.

    Rather in contrast our Khalafa Rashda, model was unique, in which State DIDNT enforce in matters pertaining to 'Mazhab' instead opted to do Targheeb (inacted legislation to encourage & make easy to follow Islam as Mazhab, but NOT enforce). For example in Khalafa Rashda there was no Religious Police going to people who were financially well off and forcing them to do Hajj, or forcefully going into people house at dawn to make them pray Fajr. The reason for this was these acts of Mazhab are done solely & solely for the pleasure of Allah (swt) not because of the fear/reward of state. BUT when it comes to Islam as DEEN, then Khilafa Rashda fully & vehmently implemented it. Islam as Deen Included economic system, justice system, political system, social welfare system. for example when some Muslims refused to pay Zakat, Abu Bakr RA used state machinery to forcefully enforce that they pay Zakat to state, because Zakat is not only the right of Allah (swt) rather its the right of the poor upon rich. Secondly, when it came to Deen as long as non-muslim accepted Islamic Order (Orbis Ordo de Islamica, Islam as Deen) then state didnt discriminate between Muslim & Non-Muslim, both were given equal rights and free to practice their Mazhab. Muslim paid Zakat to state, and non muslim are not obliged to pay Zakat so they paid Jizya, no one got a free ride. State used this money as a trust (Amana), and spend on its citizen irrespective of if they were Muslim or non-Muslim. In the eyes of the state in matters of Deen (Socio-Political-economic-Judicial system) state didnt make any distinction between Muslim or Non Muslims. Thats why Quaid-e-Azam said in his speech that Muslims will cease to be Muslims, Hindus will cease to be Hindus and everyone is free to go to their religious place of worship, because in the eyes of Islam as Deen state has responsibility to both without making any distinction. Unfortunately many in Pakistan pick one aspect of Khilafa Rasha and promote Secularism or Theocracy both of which are against Islam.

    Our founding father presented "Spiritual Democracy" a system based on the foundation of Khilafa Rashada. Thats why Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan, Sardar Abdru Rab Nishtar, Muhammad Assad all supported it. Objective Resolution is a remarkable document passed by our founding fathers that truly captures the underlying principles of Khilafa Rashda.

  14. ADNAN OKTAR:Democracy and freedoms are among the greatest necessities insha'Allah. I mean, it is very important to help and support anyone who makes an effort in that line. Every idea and every thought needs to be as free as possible. That is because as freedoms go away, people's health of body and soul would deteriorate as well. A person is as healthy in terms of body and soul as he is free. Look, in Russia and China they took people's freedoms away and people lost their humanity and they became devastated. In China, people are still like robots. Neither art nor science nor aesthetic is left; nothing is left behind. They turned men into machines. The men are hoping for death; that is the extent of their devastation. But in freedom and democracy, happiness, joy, life and beauty comes along. In addition, it is ensured that laws are carried out in a very healthy, nice and honest manner; the regulation in legislation. Justice; one of the most vital necessities of a society is justice. Therefore, for example our Prophet (saas) says- the most important matter our Prophet (saas) emphasizes about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is justice. He emphasizes justice in every aspect; both social justice and other aspects. Insha'Allah. Yes.

    Feb 14, 2011

  15. @Faqar
    Thank you, yes it is Haroon Sahib. I called him last month (well i got his no. through some manipulation)to ask him about future prospects of Imran Khan. He was very optimistic but the only point that came to my mind was that he needs a good team to be a PM as govt. formation needs seats (through const means, at least). Secondly he said that the army from Khurasan is Pak army but i think that it is the Afghani Taliban (Pak Taliban are an amalgam of all shades of grey). I was very happy to prove him wrong but i think he was unhappy so now he never picks up my phone.
    Well, I shall give you an example how women are more practical then men. Courtesy of this blog, I went and shopped all my grocery for the next month in advance (you see it is muharram after two days), had the dua (Sura 18 Ayat 39) typed, plastic coated and nailed on my front door as specifically told by Sheikh Nazim Qibrisi for this Muharram so i wont forget to recite it. Now i can enjoy this blog, do my wazaif and say prayers for my country and fellows without any tension while all my fellows are just busy in writing these long comments (well i am not complaining, the longer the better, as i am a very fast reader) and mind you these new blogs after every 2 or 3 days is very long time, there should be on daily basis.

  16. @AK

    Well, Now you all know the future of Pakistan but I don't know the future of this blog :), doing posts along with my full time Office Job (without the facility of internet) and family, is a really a challenge for me. This blog has changed me as well, I never missed a ball of cricket match in whole my life but now In recent PAK-Srilanka series, I didn't see a single ball............

    You purchased grocery, Are you expecting a curfew in next month... :) but you are better than Brother Hussain who is a student of Sheikh Nazim but I dont think he has gone to such extent.

    An advice to me, I should not do much comments, as my job is to think, compose and do new posts. AH

  17. Haroon ur Rashid is a liar and he has been recently exposed on Kashif Abbasi's show.He has recently disgraced Dr. A.Q Khan just for the sake of protection of Imran's repute.
    His 'badshah' prf. Ahmad Rafiq seems to be close to ISI and Millitary establsihment.there are videos in which he is supporting Imran Khan and urging people to support him.
    A True sufi is not meant to do these sort of things :S

  18. @ AK:
    Good yar.aap ne toh MashaAllah bht musta'adi dikhai.Although itni tyari toh Alhamdulillah meri bhi hai (agar chay mein ne koi khas taur pe cheezein nahi khreedin) lakin esay he mera khyal hai k yeh bhi mumkin hai k pakistan ki bari aen muharram mein na aye.
    yani jo sohbat post k gayi thi uss mein yeh bat kahi gayi thi k safai muharram mein shuru ho gi (aur ghaliban yeh amal mahinoun pe muheet ho ga).
    Aur yeh safai ghaliban Turkey a,Sham,Russia aur U.S.A ki jang se shuru ho gi jise armageddon kehte hain.although Pakistan mein bhi koi change aa jaye lakin behrhaal iss baat k imkaanat zada hain k food crisis nahi aye ga pakistan mein inshaAllah.
    Woh jo baaat kahi gayi thi uss ka main focus Turkey,cyprus,europe,U.S.A,sham waghera k log thay jo anay wali jang ka shikar hon ge.
    WAllahu Aalam.

  19. @Faisal:
    Brother sorry to say but once again these statements of adnan oktar are contradictory to those of Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz.Since he condemns democracy and criticizes democrats quite often.

  20. @Hussain

    What are your thoughts about Adnan Oktar Sahib? Is he a Mureed/Student of Sheikh Nazim? I know he is a renowned scholar but there are also some allegations on him which he refused.

    @Faisal you can also answer to above question

  21. acha bhaion
    i am off for atleast 3 days , I will check on monday if something happened or not as muharam will start on sunday. hope this time sheikh is right.



  22. @faqr:
    Not all the talks of adnan oktar seem strange.
    Some of the points which he presents,seem very rational.
    On the other hand,not all the points presented by him are 100% accurate.
    I dont know whether he has done baya formally or not but from some of his talks it is evident that he respects Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul aziz.and there was an audio recording which faisal shared in which Maulana prayed for him.
    But still some of his explanations and views are extremely odd like the gharqad tree issue which i addressed earlier ,etc.
    And Maulana criticizes democracy quite often.Specially since last 1 year or so,he has said a bulk of words in the denial of democracy and given references as well.May be adnan oktar just missed that.
    Thats what i can see.

  23. Umeed ka daaman na choriye ... mayoosi gunah hai.. InshALLAH acha hi hoga .. aur dua hai jesa ke prediction ki jaa rahi hai yeh 1433 hijri aik inqilaab le kar aaye...

  24. in the coming days a bright sign will appear in the sky, the sign will tell about the islam. the islam is truth, many peoples will see it. all the muslims will be happy, and celebrate it.
    that time is very very close to us.

  25. @"you can also answer to above question" (Democracy)

    Following is my views about democracy which I learned from lectures of Dr. Israr Ahmed.

    Falsehood has no roots. It always flourish on roots of truth like a plant 'Akaas Bail' flourish on his host tree. Evilness always require a solid base of goodness. So we can find goodness in all evil things. As a Muslim we should do effort to identify the evil part and good part.

    Democracy (Jahmoor) is already present in Islam. Why we accept Jahmoor (majority) ruling for any Islamic issue? I see democracy as a tool which is used when we couldn't find solution of any problem in Quran and Sunnah. If solution is found in Quran and Sunnah and there is no issue in implementing this solution according to requirements of this age then there is no need for democracy or majority ruling. If there is issue then for theory we should see rulings of earlier ages and for implementation we should see majority rulings of Ulamas of current age as they know the requirements.

    Freedom of expression, equality, tolerance are good parts of democracy which are taken from religions and Islamic Khilafah. These parts flourished the democracy in western countries. Making laws against divine laws and declaring Haram as Halaal like homosexuality, are bad parts of democracy which are taken from Atheism and Pagan religions.

    In Pakistan we haven't good or bad bad democracy but hypocrite democracy like we cannot sell wine but we can make wine.

    So in my views both Sheikh Nazim and Harun Yahya are correct. Sheikh Nazim condemning bad/evil democracy which is present in all democratic countries and Harun Yahya praising good/spiritual democracy which in mind of western common people. These people don't know their ruler are controlling them using bad part of democracy.

  26. There is no curfew situation in my mind but i am thinking more on lines of some sort of natural calamity like earthquake or a 2012 scenario. In our country i dont expect a civil war though war with India is imminent in 2013-14 as given hints by Syed Sarfaraz ahmad Shah Sahib in which 5 cities shall be destroyed and 5 lac people will have to give their lives but as a result India will be tamed and occupied Kashmir shall be free (not Ghazwa-e-Hind, it shall be in late 2020's).
    My beleif is that if a spiritual person is saying sumthing, though we are not on the same wave length to catch the exact meaning, but it is our duty to prepare for the worst but hope for the best from ALLAH.
    If this war starts in Syria, will this be a shadow war between USSR & US on Syrian & Turkish lands or Russia will take on NATO aka US directly??
    I have just two wishes a) that my son may be a part of that group who will be the ghazis of Ghazwa-e-Hind (though my son is just three now) b) that i INSHA ALLAH will be able to see and do baya on the hands of Imam Mahdi.
    I have full faith in ALLAH that my wishes will be fulfilled!!
    I am asking the same Question again as it till now i havent got any satisfactory answer to it. If it is not Imran Khan who are we supposed to give a warm welcome to??????????

  27. @AK

    MashaAllah, Great Wishes, I hope we all will see that time.

    Warm Welcome should be given to that Person who will try to Implement Islam in our country and goes for Ghazwa-e-Hind. It doesn't matter which one comes. You know what Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar said abt IK few days ago. I will not tell here bcos I am planning to do a post on it. For me, that thing will be a test case for IK, if he comes.

  28. Sura Lahab jab nazil hui, at that time abu lahab was alive, and if it were not divine, just to prove it wrong, he would have embraced Islam to negate Quran. But as we saw that he died in kufr.
    Same is the case with Ahadees. Everything has been told in advance that how war will unfold (Armageddon) but nobody can prevent it. After going through post of Faisal in the last Sheikh nazim article, i went through some articles and it seems that things are steadily moving towards a deadly confrontation.
    At the moment Russia is advising Syria to go for negotiation but if Turkey attacks Syria then i think Russia has to let to of status quo. It has already, alongwith China, vetoed a res. against Syria in UN Sec. council. Thus NATO in form of turkish forces in Syria will prove to be too close to home for Russia.
    I read some where, not coming to mind now, that Muslims and christians shall defeat the foe together but then due to some minor misunderstanding they will turn on each other after conquering Istanbul and an army from Hind will help them to gain victory over the Nasara.
    Can some body give the exact reference for it??
    You mean that Imran Khan's mettle shall also be tested that can he take on India, and if not then a suitable replacement shall be placed. One that will have the will, faith and courage to complete the last task i.e. to wipe "idol worshi" from the face of this earth as India is the last place on this earth to do it. From Hazrat Ibrahim AS till our Holy Prophet MPBUH, that was the foremost duty and it is to be taken to its logical end INSHA ALLAH.

  29. I think Imran will prove to be a stepping stone towards the leader we are waiting for, the one who will very strict. I don't have any spiritual information but this is what I have gathered by reading this blog and various other things said by so many different people. I think that the awaited leader will come only for very specific purposes of Ghazwa-e-Hind and fight against Israel etc. For fighting great wars like these he is going to need a huge economic and military base which he simply wont have the time to develop when he comes, as war clouds will be looming all around him. He will be there to take action with the resources that he has at his disposal. Now gathering those economic and military resources will be the duty of Imran. Thats what I think. Imran will be responsible for making Pakistan an economic power capable of taking on huge powers like US, Israel and India together or one after another. Naturally when the economy grows, the military might also grows with it. As of right now, our defence budget is just roughly $6 billion against nearly $1100 billion of Nato, Israel and India combined. Logic tells us there has to be a great economic hike in Pakistan for us to be able to take on these countries. At least we need to get in high double figures instead of $6 billion. To fulfill this mission of great economic boom, I think Imran will have the leadership of Pakistan for more than a decade starting from the next elections or the ones which come after the next elections because I was reading a zaicha of IK made by some famous astrologist in which he said that Imran's golden period is starting from 2014 (or it was somewhere near that year) and will last for 16 years. I believe that after IK, we will stay on the right track for some time then will hit rock bottom again like we have right now, this will the time when our awaited leader emerges. This is just my sketchy take on the future keeping in view the ground realities. Baqi Wallaho Alam

  30. @Faqr:
    Pardon me sir but Prof. Ahmad Rafiq Akhtar is highly suspicious character and his murid e khas haroon rashid as well.

    Yar yeh 5 lakh wali baat shah sahab ne ghaliban 1993 mein ki thi.Unhon ne uss waqt kaha tha k yeh waqia aglay saal ho jaye ga.lakin aaj 18 saal guzar gaye hain.abhi tak toh nahi hua.
    WAllahu Aalam k exact date aur year kya ho ga aur kya sab details ussi tarah puri hon gi bhi ya nahi.yeh bhi ho sakta hai k Allah Ta'aala uss amr ko delay ker daen ya pre-pone ker daen.
    is'nt it?

  31. aur ek baat Shah NAematUllah Wali RehmatUllah Alaye hi k qasida aur alakh nagri ki baaz pesh goiyon se jo mere zahan mein ayi woh yeh k shayad hind ka fatah hona 1971 mein likha tha lakin Pak foj k ghinaounay gunahon aur ghaltiyon aur mafad paarst syasi qyadat ki wajah se yeh na hua.
    misal k taur pe Shah NaematUllah R.A ne likha hai k hind mein 40 saal islam ka mukammal ghalba rahay ga phir Imam Mahdi ALaye hi Salam zahir hon ge.(if i am not wrong).lakin ghazwa e hind ki hadees se yeh pata chalta hai k ghazwa e hind ka ikhtatam aur dajjal ka zahir hona taqreeban aagay peechay honay walay waqiat hain yani 40 saal ka waqfa nahi hai.

  32. Chhota munh bari baat k misdaq esay he ek khyal hai yeh mera.lakin agar iss ko elaborate kerun toh 1971 k baad 40 saal 2011 tak bantay hain aur 2011 mein Sultanul Auliya Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasAllahu Sirrahul Aziz aamad e Mahdi Alaye hi Salam ki naveed suna rahay hain.Aur Dajjal ka zahir hona,Zahur e Mahdi Alaye hi Salam k 7 months k andar andar ho ga (as Maulana said and it is a hadith of tirmidhi sharif if i am not wrong).Therefore this is just one of the ideas which came on my mind some months ago.

  33. @ak:
    aap ka analysis 100% darust hai.aap ne shayad woh sohabt summary nahi parhi jo mein ne uss din comments mein post ki thi.uss ka central idea bhi yehi tha k Turkey,Syria Russia aur U.S.A directly involve hon ge.
    Russia ne Syria k ilaqay latakia mein millitary bases bhi bana rakhi hain ghaliban aur Russia ka daereena khawab hai kisi tarah middle east tak rasai haasil kerna.

  34. @ak:
    the war in which Muslims and Christians will defeat a third party is known as Malhamatul kubra ,if i'm not wrong and this war is mentioned in hadith.
    Kaffar will gather under 80 flags which Maulana explained as 80 divisions/brigades etc.And it is mentioned that under each flag will be 12,000 soldiers.
    Maulana says that 80 divisions from each side will aprticipate.(Therefore he mentioned that millions will die all of the sudden.)

  35. @Abdullah:
    imran khan is not the survivor since the person who will come will be such a pious person that his character will be 100% neat and clean.Imran khan has been controversial,although he denies it but he cant justify his house which he himself calls 'jannat' (someone called it a palace and he got angry and said that it is not a palace but jannat).It is estimated to be of 120 crores.
    The personalities who are given the task of reforming the nations,dont afford such luxurious life styles.They dont come in to power by the support of agencies.
    Imran khan's candidate could'nt win sahiwal's by-election even.The only way of him coming into power is by means of agencies,that too by giving tickets too old faces like shah mehmood,jahangir tareen etc (if they ever join him)

  36. Another proof that the steam of armageddon has started to come out of the kettle:

    HAq Sultan ul Auliya,HAq Sheikh Nazim (May Allah sanctify his secret and raise his ranks)

  37. @Hussain
    Shah Sahib repeated this thing of 5 lac dying this year again, saying that all was ready in 1993 but the political leadership got chickened then. He was asked to do dua to delay it and he said that no, it is in our favour as big causes needs big sacrifices.
    I think that last time it was supposed to happen may not have been 1971 but 1965 (acc to Alakh Nagri) when Ayub khan succumbed at Tashkent. He should never have diven assent to ceasefire as was advised to him by Qudrat Ullah Shahab.
    Anyway, what was the role of sitara (Shahab Sahib) in revival of Islam?? Was it placing capital in Islamabad and giving the name of Islamic republic to Pakistan.
    Well it is not a coincidence but a well thought out strategy that this country was created for a specific purpose given the name PAKISTAN, land of the pure, with capital as ISLAMABAD!!!

    You see, my stance is gonna be more close regarding preparation in case of natural calamity. I just listened to Friday Sohba of Sheikh Nazim of today i.e. 25-11-2011 and today he is very clear about this. It was difficult to understand all so i shall really appreciate if english or urdu translation of it is available plz.

    You mean that first Turkey and US shall be on same side to defeat Russia, then they shall start fighting among themselves like Muslims vis-a-vis christians??
    Acc to Shah Niamat Ullah Wali predic. one ALIPH will be totally destroyed. Which one is it gonna be? America or England???

    Thanx to all for reading and sharing on my comments as it is after years that i am venting out my opinions, however common they may be, as my responsibilities didnt allow me time enough.


  38. @AK

    @"I went and shopped all my grocery for the next month in advance (you see it is muharram after two days)"

    Insha'Allah I'll also shop all my grocery for the next month. I am not waiting 1st day of Muharram but 1st day of December :)

  39. @AK:
    May be it was 1965 or may be 1971 or may be one after another,when it was supposed to be...but the main point that why i chose 1971 is that 40 years from then count to 2011 !!!!!!! The year of appearance of Mahdi alaye hi salam.A rime period of 40 years was mentioned in the qasida.
    it should be like what you said.however the first part is unconditionally true that Turkey and U.S.A will fight Russia.I believe second part should take place as well.
    This war will also destroy the illusion of haroon ur rasheed and others who said after 2/5/11 that AHdith oints to the scenario where Pakistan and U.S.A fought against Russia in Afghan Jihad and Usama was the man who broke the cross.

    watch this.Enable subtitles:

  40. @Ak:
    That destruction of Aliph was about WWII where England got ruined.I believe England will not be further ruined.
    It is as you read in books that the sun never used to set in the Great British Empire.This is what Shah NaematUllah RehmatUllah alayehi mentioned as 'mention of ALIPH will remain in books only'.
    InshaAllah HH Prince Charles will come to power very soon.He is a pro-Muslim and his heart has been attracted towards Islam,although he does'nt speak it openly.
    He even attends conferences etc on tasawwuf and Islam etc.
    WAllahu Aalam.

  41. @AK:
    it seems surprising that Political leadership has this much vital role in determining this.An order which has been issued,can it be delayed just because of political leadership?
    Sorry,extremely sorry,but does'nt sound justifying.
    Back then,many of the signs (that have to appear before the war) remained to be fulfilled,i believe.
    I read somewhere that Shah Saheb said something about Bermuda Triangle in his book.will you share it please?

  42. For all those who consider that Imran khan will bring a change:


    someone asked that if not imran khan,what should we do and who should be trusted.?Well,just keep the firm belief that this system or a dictatorship with this judicial system is never going yo change your situation.Keep preaching the idea,so that we may not get caught in azab as those who dont perform the duty of amr bil maroof wa nahi anil munkir,are caught in the azab as well.just preach the idea to your friends,relatives colleagues etc.when a significant majority will realize the truth,Allah will create asbaab inshaAllah.
    He may make the antions suffer so that they return to His way,His guidance and follow His commandments.If people did'nt chnage their views,this is what is likely to happen.

  43. @Hussain Bhai Atta ul Haq Qasmi is almost a paid agent of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz made him Pakistans ambassador to Norway and Thailand when he was prime minister. So off course Qasmi will do whatever he can to bring his old glory days back, including mudslinging on Imran Khan. He is the most untrustworthy person when it comes to opinion on IK and Nawaz. He has vested interests. Same is the case with Irfan Siddique.

    You must know that many of the famous Sahabas like Hazrat Umar RA and Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed RA were once kafirs. Then they saw the light of Islam and became good people. Sabit hua ke people can change. Whatever IK did or didnt do in his past is in the past. Allah ki mazri jis marzi se kaam le. Hum kon hotain hain yeh determine karnai walai ke Allah ko is se kaam lena chahie aur us se nahi? Establishment ka name aap ke lye gali ho ga magar merai lye nahi hai. I believe that Army is working in the interest of Pakistan at the moment and what ever they do in the interest of the country, including supporting or not supporting a political party, is justified and apprreciated. Allah ajar denai wala hai. Mairai lye gaali Nawaz aur Zaradari etc hain jinhon ne mulk ko lota aur is se khianat ki. Allah inshallah un se zaroor pochai ga.

  44. About the 120 carore house. When the house was made it just of about 4 carore. With the passage of time the price of the house and the plot increased. Its a natural phenomena. Do you think it should have stayed there at 4 carore since 1990s?

    And anyway, wealth is not something Islam forbids. Hazrat Usman RA was a very wealthy Sahabi. What do you think about him? Would you curse him just because he was wealthy?

  45. Hazrat Usman RaziAllah Anhu k mutalliq ek waqia sunata hun.ek dafa Masjid e Nabwi Salla'l la ho alaye hi wasallam mein langar chal raha tha ek shakhs ne langar taqseem ekrnay walays se kaha k bhai kuch khana daena,andar ek shakhs bhooka betha hai.Toh taqseem kernay walay ne kaha k ussi ka toh yeh langar chal raha hai.

    Kya itna dard aap k Imran Khan mein hai?Ab toh uss k biwi bachay bhi nahi.Woh akela itnay baray ghar mein kya kerta ho ga?Chhoti si kuttiya kyun nahibna leta.Aur yar 15 saal mein qeemat itni bhi nahi barhti.
    Land ki qeemat barhti hai lakin upar jo construction ki cost ati hai woh hamesha kam hoti hai with the passage of time.Yeh construction ki duniya ka asul hai.

  46. Aur Imran khan ne kafi arsa qabl ek sahafi ko sar e aam mara tha kyun k uss ne imran khan se pucha tha k kya pace ko aag aap ne khud toh nahi lagwai?Insaf pe yaqeen rakhnay walon ko uss waqt insaf ki baladasti yaad nahi ayi bal k woh khud ko munsif samajh betha.
    Insaf uss waq kahan tha jab seeta white apni bachi k walid ki shanasai k liye imran se DNA test ka mutalba ker rahi thi.Kis cheez ka darr tha usay?
    Insad uss waqt kahan tha jab Ata Ul HAq jese seniour sahafi,aur adeeb ko gaaliyan di ja rahi thin PTI ki taraf se?
    Insaf uss waqt kahan tha jab Sana Buchha aur Ali Muin Nawazish aur Khud Captain k chamchay Harron ur Rasheed ko bhi galiyan di gayeen aur dhamkiyan di gayeen?
    Pakistan Tehreek eInsaaf se Seeta Whaite aur Mulk k journalists Insaaf k talabgaar hain.

  47. @Abdullah:
    wasay aap ki info k liye arz hai k ata ul haq ne apnay column k shuru mein likha hai k yeh column unhon ne nahi likha bal k jis ne likha hai uss ka reference bhi diya hai.iss liye awwal toh aap ka yeh aetraaz bilkul ghalat hai.
    Dusra yeh k Chalein Irfan Siddiqui aur Ata ul Haq ko chorein,Javed Chaudhary jesay neutral aur thanday columnist ne yeh likh diya hai k imran khan ka media k sath rawaiyya bht bura ho gya hai 30 oct 2011 k jalsay k baad aur yeh bhi k woh 1996 se apne aap ko P.P tasawwur ker raha hai.
    Aur yehi nahi Sana Buchha,Ali Moin Nawazish aur Sohail Warraich aur kai aur sahafiyon kaha hai k hamein PTI ki taraf se dhamkiyan milti hain aur ganddi ghaleez zuban mein gaaliyan di jati hain.
    PTI ne Rawalpindi se ijaz urf jaazi khan ko Shakeel Awan k muqablay pe ticket diya.JAazi khan Pindi ka badnaam e zaman ghundda hai.esay he woh mustaqbil mein keray gi.
    Ab aap btayen sara media toh uss k khilaf nahi ho sakta na?Media toh jitni support uss ko dae raha hai ,pichle 8,9 saal mein shayad itni support kisi banday ko mili he nahi.

  48. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar reports: “One day, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) climbed up the minbar (pulpit) and said loudly:

    “O hypocrites who are Muslims in their words but into whose hearts faith failed to penetrate! Do not cause hardships to Muslims; do not criticize them; do not try to reveal their mistakes because whoever reveals his brother’s mistakes Allah will reveal his mistakes. If Allah reveals one’s mistakes, He will embarrass him publicly, even if the mistake is within his house (hidden from people).”

    May Allah let us be among those who conceal people’s sins and not reveal them; in another hadith, the Prophet says: “Muslims are brothers. They do not treat each other cruelly and do not give in each other to the enemy. Whoever meets a need of his Muslim brother Allah will meet a need of his own. Whoever saves a Muslim from a trouble, Allah will save him from one of his troubles on the Day of Judgment. Whoever conceals a Muslim’s fault, Allah will conceal his faults on the Day of Judgment.” (Bukhari, Mazalim, 3; Muslim, Birr, 58).

  49. Hussain sirf aik baat karon ga aap ke ilzamaat ki fehrist ke jawab main. Allah Qadir-e-Mutliq hai. Wo jis se bhi kaam lena chahe wo le leta hai. Jis se bhi. Hajjaj Bin Yousuf kon sa bohot parsa aadmi tha? Us ke mazaalim ki daastanain aaj tak mashhoor hain. Magar Allah ne Sindh ki taraf foujain bhaijne ka kaam us se lya. Aik bar nahin balke 3-4 bar. Allah mominoon par dependent nahin hai. Sab makhlook us ki hai. Wo Rab ul Alimeen hai. Jis ko chahe istamaal karle. Hum kon hotain hain iteraaz karne wale? Imran par jo ilzamaat aap laga rahe ho wo meri nazar main bai bunyaad hain lekin ap aik khaas mindset kai aadmi ho. Aap kabhi bhi meri kisi baat chahe wo jitne marzi daleel ke saath ho accept nahi karo ge. Is lye us behes main parna bekaar hai. Bus itna hi kahoon ga ke deen main paisa kamana mana nahin hai agar haq halal ki kamai se ho to. Hazrat Usman RA ki misaal samne hai.

  50. @Hussain

    I didnt mean that it all depend upon pol. leadership but you see that ALLAH like those people who do effort. In Ghazwat, sp. in Ghazwa Ahad, it was possible for the Holy Prophet to repel Kuffar just by dua but ALLAH wanted that muslims should learn the lesson of obeying ALLAH and to do utmost effort and afterwards leave result to ALLAH.

    I think same was the case in 1965, as the will of the leader matters a lot. Had ayub khan passed that test he wouldve been given much higher tasks, who knows!!!!

    As far as Imran Khan is concerned, we couldnt find anything on his professional career like corruption etc. My personal opinion is that if a person is delivering for the country then his/her personal matters shouldnt be a concern for us BUT...

    a) A country like US where the masses indulge in all sort of activities, they dont tolerate such things from their President as he has to be above such attitude (remember Clinton) so Imran is not clean

    b) His attitude to say the least, is very arrogant and is for all of us to see, though now he is trying to cover it up. He will never allow any one in his party to be at par with him, that is for sure.

    I shall be the last person to be against him as i cant see any other person but..........


  51. @Abdullah:
    Just to say that the arguments are baseless does'nt justify Imran.Spcially threats and abusive words to media persons who supported him since last 6 months with full spirit.

    Personal matters do matter.beacuse these are personal matters which force one to go towards corruption.Either moral or financial.
    The other day parvez rashid mentioned a reference from Imran's book and it said that Imran had fixed a match in his career but for the betterment of country.
    He also used to make bets on matches Which is haram in Islam.
    How can we accept such loose character people as our rulers?
    Hav'nt you heard the incidence where Syedna Umar RaziAllah Anhu dismissed a very efficient jew and replaced him with a Muslim who was apparently had much less skills,knowledge and ability to deliver the motives concerning that designation,but he actually delivered much more than the jew.

  52. I can ONLY say this that I am so proud of you ALL you are enlightened with our geo-political situation as well as the divine tasks our Country will have to complete.




  53. Well, I too am jumping in here.. :)

    As Haroon Rashid said that his Padshah is Prof. Akhter Sb. I also declare that my Padshah (in the present day and age) is Prof. Sb.
    And Prof. Sb. says that Imran may come into power, not through elections but through Care-taker Govt... Prof. Sb. also has said many times that these people (the care taker govt) would not be perfect, but they would be faar better than the current Unfortunate souls :) So all I want is that we wait a month or two and see where things lead us too. Do come back to these comments and look around then :)

  54. Inshallah Allah Imran Khan se Pakistan ko bulandi ke safar pay gaamzan karnay ka kaam lay ga kyunke wo ek sacha, honest, sincere aur khara aadmi hai.

    Hussain sahab ko uska ghar tau nazar ata hai ( agarcha halal ki kamai se bana) lekin kaash wo Shukat Khanum Hospital ki baat bhi kar de tay jo 15 saal se billions kharch kar ke ghareeb aur nadaar mareezon ka ilaaj kar chuka hai.

    Inshallah un nadaar mareezon ki duaein Imran Khan ko iqtidar main layen gi aur wo Pakistan aur islam ki khidmat karey ga

  55. @Ghulam e Ali:
    Bhai aap ko shayad yeh bhi yaad ho ga k shaukat khanam hospital ne gharib aur nadaar mareezon ki madad k liye 90 rd. ka laboratory test kernay se inkar ker dia tha jab k baqi laboratories 80 ka test kernay pe bhi razi theen.
    aur shaukat khanam walay na toh har mareez ka free ilaj kertay hain aur na he woh her case ko deal kertay hain.woh sirf woh case letay hain jo initial stages mein ho.
    wesay bhi falahi kaam kernay se koi government chalanay ka capable bnta hota toh sab se pehle Edhi aur uss k baad uss jese hazaron log bantay.
    Sirf ek cheez ko cash kerwa raha hai IK ,92 ka world cup jo team work ka natija tha uss akele ki marhun e minnat nahi tha.

  56. YOu are all defying his house but no one has dare to utter a word in the denial of the fact that his workers have been threatening and abusing senior and respectable media persons as well as the young ones.And neither about he and jamaima meeting and spending time together after divorce.Neither about seeta white.

    Ahmad Rafiq has close ties with agencies.There is nothing to be strange about his predictions.He is a fake.
    And an interim government with IK as PM in it is the only way for him to come in power.Otherwise he has not enough guts and support.
    I guarantee you here,once IK comes to power,this nation will find itself in a flood of vulgarity,secularism and Westernization.Qadiyanis will be brought on the front and given full support if he ever comes to power.
    Religious state of Muslims will be at its worst since 1947.

    Deen hath se ho ker agar azad ho millat
    hai esi tijarat mein musalman ko khasara

  57. Hussain Sahab aqal ke nakhun lo. Tum ye chahte ho ke kisi undekhay "awaited leader" ka intizar karte karte ye qaum ek bar phir in lutairon aur badmashon ke hathe char jaye? ek lutaira center main aur doosra punjab main awam ki khal utar raha hai.

    Agar Allah ne kisi special aadmi ko bhejna hua tau uska intizam woh khud hi kar dega. lekin jab tak woh zahir nahi hota hamne isi maujooda lot main se kaam chalana hai. Apne dil pai haath rakh ke kaho ke Imran khan se acha banda maujooda lot main hai?

    Jahan tak apke Shaukat Khanum pe ilzam ka taluq hai to apko maloom hoga ke Shaukat Khanum laboratories se jo paisa generate hota hai woh koi Imran Khan ki zaati jaib main nahi jaata.

    Shaukat Khanum laboratory na hi sarkari aur na hi profit based idara hai ke apne tests ki keemat subsidize karde. jitni tests ki cost thi utna hi charge kia ja raha tha. Punjab hukoomat ne kaha ke dengue test per subsidy do jis ki waja se unhe wo paisa dengue tests ki subsidy pe kharch karna para jo awam ne cancer ke ilaj ke liye donate kiya tha. Kiya ye insaf hai?

    Khudara jhoote ilzam mat lagao. Khuda ki kasam agar Imran Khan se acha koi leader zaahir hogaya tau main pehla admi hoonga jau Imran Khan kay bajaye us naye leader ko support karoonga.

    Ap se guzarish hai ke beghair tehqeeq ilzam tarashi se baaz aa jao warna tumhari zaroor baazpurs hogi. Khudara is bande ki kardar kushi kar ke Awam ko Nawaz sharif jaise lutairay ke jaal main na phansao.

  58. Hussain sahab

    Isqadar ilzam tarashi! Jemima Khan uske bachon ki maa hai aur agar woh uske bachon ko holidays main Pakistan le ayi unke baap se milaane to yeh ghayr Islami hai? Bohtan pe bohtan laga rahe ho aur baat Islam ki karte ho? Shayad tumhe pataa ho ke buhtaan ki saza gheebat se bhi barh kar hai.

    Sita White? kia saboot hai is ilzam ka tumhare paas? ya suni sunai agay phela rahe ho?

    Yaar tumse request hai uski autobiography parh lo aur phir batana ke wo islam se kitna door hai? uski Autobiography main pura chapter Iqbal aur Islam pe mushtamil hai. use parh lo. Inshallah afaqa ho ga.

    Aur jahan tak senior mediapersons pay uske supporters kay attack ka sawal hai tau isme Imran Khan kahan se moorid e Ilzam thehra?
    Agar main in lifafa journalists ki fazool baaton pe ghusay main aa jaun tau yeh natural baat hai. Although aisa nahi hona chahiya aur Imran Khan ne tau kayi martaba apne supporters ko mana kia hai aur bardaasht karne ka kaha hai.

    Lekin mujhe aik baat pe hairaani hai ke tumhare liye Ata ul Haq aur Irfan siddiqui jaise mufaad parast log respectable hain lekin Prof Ahmad Rafiq aur Haroon Rahid tumhare liye agencies kay agent hain?

    Mujhe pehle hi mahsoos ho raha tha ke tum Nawaz Sharif jaise badmaash admi kay liye soft corner rakhte ho lekin fiqar na karo isbar awam tum jaison ke jhanse main nahi aayengay Inshallah. Inshallah. Inshallah. Mera piyara Parwardigar Imran ko uski saaf niyat ka phal zaroor dega. usay duniya aur akhirat dono main Kaamyab farmaye ga aur badmaashon ka siyasi khatma usi ke haaton karwaye ga. Inshallah Ameen.

  59. @Ghulame Ali:
    aap k lab o lehje se he zahir ho gya hai k imran khan se ikhtilaf kernay walon ka kya hashr hota hai.
    Aur Jo imran se disgree keray woh mufaad parast bhi hai aur lifafa journalist bhi,lakin jo ja ker isi se khasusi briefings le,imran khan ko waqt ka wali kahay wo khud sachha aur khara journalist hai chahay woh khud aetraf ker chuka ho k uss ne hakumat se 3 plots liye thay.
    Imran khan ko khuda ne toh MArd e khas k taur per nahi chuna lakin albatta ISI ne zarur chun liya hai.aur abhi b agar election huey toh uss ko hakumat nahi milay gi albatta fauj khud uss ko interim government bna ker dae gi.
    MQM pe ek case krnay gya tha imran,jo aaj tak file nahi hua.
    fikar na kero imran khan agencies k zaur pe aa bhi gya toh 2-3 saal rahay ga.uss k baad uss ki bhi bisaat lapaet di jaye gi.
    Aur Baat change ki nahi baat islami qanoon aur tarz e hukmrani ki hai jo IK samaet koi maujuda admi nahi implement mahi ker sakta.

  60. I can only say that if Imran Khan ever comes to power,he'll be probably able to generate some revenue.But economic stability is'nt the whole thing.
    we want Islam to be practised in its full capacity on this land which we begged in the name of Islam.We have to fulfill the promise which our ancestors made with Allah,that Islam will be practised on this land.
    We condemn democracy and the present judicial system as well.

  61. @Ghulam e Ali:
    some 2,3 days ago 4 members who were proved guilty of possessing fake degrees joined PTI.
    Today Shah Mehmud, who has changed his loyalties more than one , joined PTI for his personal interest.
    Where is PTI's merit now?Agencies are convincing candidates from other parties to join PTI,so that the question of free and fair election may be ruled out in future.

  62. @ Brother Hussain:
    I have a lot to say Sir... But I won't as things would take their course irrespective of what we think or wish.

    I would only say that our words are a sacred trust and we should utter them carefully!
    Hamare alfaz amanat hote hen, inko soch samaj kar ada krna chahye.

    Hum kisi ke dil me jhank kar ni dekh sakte ke wo nazar kia ata he or ASAL ME HE KIA. Ye kam ap Allah par chor den, KHUD PAR NA LEN!! Thanks!!

  63. @Hussain

    Meray dost tumhe tumhara Nawaz Sharif mubarak ho aur mujhe mera Imran Khan.

    Tumhe Nawaz ke saathi jaali ticket holders, Land Mafia, Sugar Mill Mafia,Bhatta Mafia, Poultry Mafia, Theka Mafia nazar nahi aatey lekin Imran Khan ki choti se choti baat ko bhi uchaltay ho.

    Main phir kehta hoon ke Imran Khan farishta nahi lekin in maujooda badmaashon se hazar guna behtar hai. Isi liye main uske saath hoon.

    Tumhe Nawaz league main shamil Jageerdar MNA, Bhatta MNA, Jaali degree MNA nazar nahi aatey lekin koi Imran se izhar e yakjehti karey to tumhe aag lagti hai halaanke usne kisi fraud bande ko ticket na dene ka waada bhi kiya hai.

    Tumhare jaise N leagi chahe jo marzi karlen lekin meray Allah paak ka faisla hai ke wo Pakistan ka mukaddar Imran Khan ke zaria badle ga. Inshallah

    Allah Imran Khan ka hami o Nasir ho, use nazr e bad se bachaay, use lambi umar ata farmaye aur apne piyare nabi(saws) ke sadqe us par apne anwaar o barkaat ki barrish barsaye aur usay mazeed hikmat aur danaai ata farmaye Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen

  64. @ Hussain

    dont distort facts. No one who was proven guilty of fake degrees has joined Imran Khan. Jhootay pay Allah ki laanat.

    Faiz Tamman nay N league se ikhtilaf ki waja se resign dia tha, kisi court se jaali degree ka ilzam saabit nahi hua.

    ab chunke usne N league ko khairabad keh dia hai to ab unhe yaad aya ke uspe jaali degree ka ilzaam hai.

    Jaali degree pay beshumar MNA disqualify huay jin main sab se ziyada N leegi fradiye thay. Kia Faiz Tamman disqualify hua tha ya nahi?

    Agar sachay ho tau is sawal ka jawab do

  65. @hHussain

    So someone who changes loyalty is bad

    Someone who changes loyalty from bad side to good side is wrong?

    Agar Shah Mehmood N league main ata to usooli , PTI main gya to lota? Subhan Allah

  66. @ Junaid Shahid

    kia apko lagta hai ke itni jaantor mehnat karne ke baad jab PTI grassroots level pai logon ki hamayat haasil kar rahi hai to is surat e haal main Imran Khan kisi care taker setup main shamil ho jaye ga aur 16 saal ki mehnat pai paani pher dega?

    Wo to categorically keh chuka hai ke kisi caretaker setup main hargiz nahi aaye ga. Aur awam ki himayat ke baghair hargiz iqtidar nahi lega

    ispe thori roshni daalen

  67. @ Hussain

    zara mujhe bataayen ke Ata ul Haq qasmi neutral banda hai?

    Kia Irfan Siddiqui ka Nawaz Sharif se koi mufaad wabasta nahi hai?

    Kisne Ata ul Haq ko Norway aur Thailand ka safeer banwaya tha?

    Ajkal wo Alhamra Arts Council ka head kis ki sifarish pe bana hai?

    Kia Irfan Siddiqui Nawaz ke doosray tenure main President House main secretary nahi tha?

    Agar yeh baate durust hain to main unhe lifafa journalist na kahoon to kia kahoon?

    Aur jahan tak Haroon Rahid aur Prof Ahmed Rafiq Akhtar sahib ka talluq he to please mujhe bataa den ke Imran Khan ki himayat kar ke unho nay konsa ohda ya post haasil ki hai?

    Yeh log us waqt se Imran Khan ki himayat kar rahe hain jab Imran Khan ke apne azeez o aqarib bhi uske siasi mustaqbil ke hawal se andeshon main mubtala thay?

    Kia aap hamari public ko itna bewaqoof samajhte hain ke unhe ye sab nazar nahi aata?

  68. @ Brother Ghulam Ali:
    Sir, what I believe is that Imran would have to ACCEPT the responsibility of HEADING that care-taker setup... He may not plan to, but he would have to. And he would willingly accept it for the nation ALONE. These changes would be triggered by some events in the Middle East I think, followed by Global economic crisis...
    I am sure of one thing though... Elections ni hone do dhi saal tak Pakistan mein...

  69. @ Junaid Bhai

    I have a few questions in mind and I would like you to share your thoughts with me if you dont mind.

    1) Kiya ye care taker setup jis ki ap baat kar rahe hain wo consititutionally valid ho ga yani qanooni ho ga ya yeh bhi kisi fauji mudakhlat ka nateeja ho ga ?

    2) Kia Imran Khan public support kay sath is responsibility ko accept kare ga? Jaise Bhutto nay 1971 main Pakistan kay dolakht ho janay ke baad awami support ke bal botay per Civil Administrator ka ohda sambhala aur 1973 ka constitution banaya. Jiske baad Elections hue aur wo elect ho kar dobara power main aya tha.

    3)What do you think will happen after 2-3 years of such an interim set up? Kia Imran Khan ek care taker setup kay baad elections main bhi khara ho ga like Bhutto in the above quoted example, ya us ka role sirf 2-3 saal tak hi mahdood ho ga?

    Obviously these are all hypothetical questions.Lekin chunke ap Prof. sahab ke aqeedatmand hain aur main bhi unse ghibana aqeedat rakhta hoon isliye main chahta hoon ke ap apne zehan main mustaqbil ka jo naqsha dekhte hain use samajh sakoon

  70. @Ghulam e Ali:
    aap k lehje mein wesi he 'khush gawar shafqat' hai jis ka samna mulk k ljournalists ko PTI ki taraf se kerna parr raha hai.
    Aap ata ul haq aur irfan siddiqui ko chhorein ALi muin aur sana bucha k baray btayen.Javed chaudhary k baray btayen
    aur Haroon ur Rashid ne KAshif Abbasi k show mein admit kiya k uss ne ppp govenrment se 3 plots liye aur phir aglay haftay ussi show mein mukar bhi gya.
    Aftab Iqbal ne khabarnaak mein yeh kaha hai k imran khan k supporters mein tanqid bardasht kernay ka hosla nahi aur woh ochay hathkanddon pe utar atay hain.
    aap kis kis ko nawaz sharif ka wafadar kahein ge.
    mein nawaz sharif ka supporter nahi hun ,lakin imran khan aur uss k hawari tamam ethics bhul gaye hain media delaing k.
    Imran k hami tanqid bardasht kerna bhul gaye hain.koi aur party dusron k banday toray toh lota cracy,Imran khan toray toh mulki mufad.

    wah g wah.

    Altaf hussain ne bhi esay he muhajiron ko apne peechcay lgaya tha kuch dispensaries laga k,flahi kaam ker k.Ab imran khan bhi shaukat khanam ko cash kerwa raha hai.

    Allah he bchaye uss tanzim se jis ka naam PTI hai aur jo ek nayi violent aur secular MQM ban ker ubhar rahi hai.aamin.

  71. have a look at this.It proves that PTI is being run by ISI :

    ISI is forcing PTI to take those people in party who have served as their flatterers in the past.

  72. Haeoon ur rasheed ne dr. Abdul Qadeer k baray mein sakht zuban istemal ki sirf iss wajah se k uss ne PTI join kernay ki offer thukra di aur PTI per aur uss k jalsay pethori bht tanqid ki.

    iss ka saboot Dr.Sahib aur haroon ur rashid k akhbari column aur byanat hain
    Iqtidar mein anay s pehle PTI aur uss k hamiyon ka Qaumi heroes k sath yeh salook hai toh iqtidar mein anay k baad aam awam jo PTI k sath nahi ,un ka pata nahi kya ho ga.

    Harron ur rashed aur uss ka murshid,donaun ya toh andhay ho gaye hain ya bikk gaye hain agencies k hathon mein.

  73. @ Brother Ghulam Ali:
    I am no expert but here goes what I think would be the course events:
    1) This care-taker Govt. would be constitutionally VALID. I think it has happened in Bangladesh, where it stayed for a year. What has been "said" is that it would have the backing of the Judiciary and the Army both... There must be a provision for it in the constitution.
    2) Public support to saabit ho gai he... Mulk ke leading analysts keh rhe hen ke PTI 3rd power ban gai he Mulk ki...
    3) After 2.5 years of that interim setup, a LOT would have changed by then. Phr IK se bohat behtar log aa chuke honge...


  74. @ Hussain

    Sir I dont think this discussion will take us anywhere so this will be my last comment in this regard.

    I would just say that young people do get offended easily. Chunke IK ke supporters mostly 18 saal se 30 saal ki umar ke log hain isliye woh IK par tanqeed se jaldi dilbardashta ho jatay hain. IK ne khud kayi defa apne supporters ko message diya hai ke bardasht paida karen. Isliye aisay waqiat ka IK ko zimadar thehrana meray nazdeek sahi baat nahi hai.

    Yaqeenan kuch achey log bhi IK par positive tanqeed kar rahe hain lekin mostly tanqeed karnay wale raai ka pahar banatay hain. Sana Bucha ka background check karen. Woh Sargodha ke Muslim Leagui leader Dr.Bucha ki beti hai aur secularist hai. Ajeeb baat hai ke aap ne apne argument ki hamayat main ek secularist ko pesh kia.

    Lastly, main Imran Khan ko sirf isliye support karta hoon kyunke meray nazdeeq wo maujooda lot main sab se behtar hai. Shaffaaf aadmi hai aur Islam aur Pakistan ka sacha hamdard hai. woh perfect nahi hai lekin bohat behtar hai.

    Isme meri koi zaati garz nahi hai. Islam aur Pakistan ke liye jis aadmi ko behtar samajhta hoon usay support kar raha hoon aur us waqt tak karoon ga jab tak mujhe us say behtar admi nazar nahi ata.

    Aap usay napasand karte hain to apki marzi. We can agree to disagree. Allah ham sab ko sirat e mustaqeem pay chalay. Ameen

  75. @ Junaid Shahid

    Thank you Brother for sharing your thoughts with me. Allah paak se dua hai ke is mulk ke liye jo behtar ho wohi ho. Ameen

  76. @Ghulam e Ali:
    Sana bucha secularist hai ya extremist,hamari garz uss k tajziyon se hai nazariyat se nahi.

    mein yehi keh sakta hun k waqt anay pe dekha jaye ga k uss k sath pml-q aur ppp k lotay jo toot toot ker aa rahay hain woh kitni loot maar kertay hain.
    Abdur Rashid Bhatti,Abdul Aleem Khan,Aftab Khan,Jaazi Khaan yeh sab achi repute k log nahi hain.