November 30, 2011

Final Battle Of Good & Evil (Oriya Maqbool Jaan's Article)

سٹیج تیار ہو رہا ہے امام مہدی کے قافلہ برداروں کا

Akhri Ma'arka-e-Khair-o-Sharr (Express Newspaper 30 Nov, 2011)


  1. Read "America's Pacific century" by Hillary Clinton at to get complete picture.


  2. ORiya saheb ka column technically bht he khokhla hai.
    1-Black Flags Pakistan se nahi Khurasan se nikalna hain aur Jo log samajhte hain k Khurasan Pakistan k ek makhsus hissay ka naam hai,woh ghalat hain.Khurasan hamesha se woh area raha hai jo Iran mein hai

    2-Syedna Mahdi Alaye hi Salam ko atomic powers ki zarurat nahi.woh toh khud sahib ul keramat hon ge.

    3-Tareekh gawah hai k rawafidh ne Musalmanoun ko bohut nuqsan pohanchaya.Inn logon ne aima e ahl e bayt Alayehim Assalam Ajmaeen k sath bhi bar bar ghaddari ki.
    inn ki hakumat kabhi strong nahi hui siwaye 2,3 adwar k.ek mamoon ur rasheed jo shiya views rakhta tha.dusra,safvi dynasty jis ne by force sunniyon ko shia mein convert kiya aur unn ko qatal bachay,woh zahidan aa gaye aur aaj tak zahidan mein sunni aksariyat qayem rakhay huey hain.

  3. @AK

    Hillary Clinton's Article at received first comment as


    You do not believe in human rights. You have been violating my human rights since the beginning of the Obama administration. You are a liar and a criminal. And you will not get away with it.

    :) :) :)))))))

  4. contnd.....................
    4-Inqilab e Iran ki aar mein bhi sunniyon pe mazalim dhaye gaye aur pakistan mein bhi siha'iyat k farogh k liye tehreekein shuru ki gayeen.
    Shia sunni tanazea aaj ka nahi,saddiyon purana hai,aur kai sadiyon se har daur mein raha hai.
    Jin mulkon ka zikr oriya saheb ne kiya hai wahan shia atay mein namak ki tadaad se bhi kam hai.iss liye shia sunni tanazea nahi hua.aur wahhabiyon ki tadaad toh puri duniya mein he bht kam hai as compared to shias and sunnis,iss
    liye wahan yeh log nahi lartay.Saudia aur iran ne apnay apnay sects k frogh k liye pakistan ko maedan e jang banaya hua hai.

  5. @FAQR:
    yar aap se blogging se related kuch tips waghera leni theen.
    aap ka id mil sakta hai is maqsad k liye?

  6. @Hussain

    Sure, you can ask here or email at

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  8. Ok, after reading this column, I came under the impression that Imam Mehdi and Dajjal will come in this world after some 100 years. Is that right?


  9. @Coco

    Well if this is the case, then Pakistan is going to stay here for atleast 100 more years until arrival of Imam Mehdi AS :)

    1. WHAT he will come after 100 years! For my reserach Pakistan will remian till QYAMAT

  10. @Faqar

    I meant to have the comp. picture in elaborating that how they sugar coat their expansionist strategy. She is talking about these areas that some may say that we want to contain China but the truth is that strong China is in our favour. What a hypocrate!!
    In an earlier comment, i said that Haroon Rashid was also saying that army from Khurasan is Pak army but in my vies it is the Afghani Taliban & not even Iran.
    By the way in which country is Khurasan located today.
    Its also true that Imam mehdi wont need tech. as acc. to Sheikh Nazim, when Imam will come to Syria and will say ALLAH o AKBAR three times, all tech. will stand still.

    Well i couldnt wait for 100 years too!!!

  11. yaar 100 saal sirk Imam ke lashkar ke tayar hone main lagain ge.
    I guess orya sahab is kind of confused now. If Imam is going to come in around 100 years then this whole blog is useless as maybe the boundaries will change for every country. Moreover, neighter one of us will be in the world.
    Sheikh nazim said totally different thing.
    By the way, today is 4th of Muharram and there is no sign at all of war around the world.


  12. @COCO:
    Oriya is confused,agree.
    But are you deliberately ignoring the arab league's threat of sanctions on syria,attack on uk 's embassy in iran,Nato's attack in Pakistan.

    These are the signs of actions for cleanliness.Actions for cleanliness were mentioned and it was also stated that if something does'nt happen,we'll wait for saffar.

    By the way,11 december is deadline for Shamsi airbase.If this time government steps back,95% chances are present that army will take over since public's heavy support is with army after Nato attack,and MEMO scandal and NATO attack both will pierce through the government..

  13. @COCO:
    some weeks ago,Israel said that chances of Israeli invasion on iran are very high.
    Today Iran and UK have closed their embassies in UK and Iran respectively.
    France has also closed its embassy in iran,if i'm not wrong.
    One of the motives behind israeli invasion may be to capture isfahan as Dajjal will emerge from isfahan as per told in a hadith.and as 2012 is coming,most probably within next 40 days Israel's stance will become even harder on iran.

  14. @coco
    As far as Sheikh Nazim is concerned, even at the age of 90, he is sane, robust and in high spirits so it doesnt seem that he will be saying all these without any conviction.
    He is very clear in one of his latest videos - instructions for all & We are waiting for mehdi - that he thinks that now his 70 years wait is about to be over.


  15. @Hussain
    Shia beleif about Imam Mehdi is that he was taken alive after 12th Imam and will come back again while sunni beleif is that he will be born in this age but nobody will recognise him at first without aulia.
    So what is the real pedigree of Dajjal as if he is to emerge from Isfahan (is ther really a large jewish population there) he will be born in this age?? Or he has been around for a long time. If i am not mistaken then there is a hadith that Hazrat salman farsi, before embracing Islam, went on a sea voyage and were ship wrecked, and on that island they saw Dajjal in chains, waiting for his time to emerge and he narrated this whole episode to Hazrat Muhammad pbuh.
    Kindly put some light on it.


  16. @AK:
    nacheez ko aap ne is qabil gardaana aap ka shukriya.
    asal mein baat jo mein aap ko btanay wala hun bari dilchasp hai aur shayad aap ko yaqeen na aye.
    Dajjal kfitne se har NAbi ne apni ummat ko khabardar kiya hai.yeh baat mein ne tafseer ibn e kaseer mien parhi thi.aur aap bja keh rehay hain,esa he hai.
    aur dilchasp baat yeh hai k iran mein ek bht bari tadaad jews ki hai.bal k ghaliban unn mein se kuch ko jab israel janay ki offer ki gayee toh unhon ne janay se inkar ker dia aur kaha ham yahan he bht khush hain.aur hadith k mutabiq dajjal isfahan se niklay ga apne 70,000 sathiyon k sath.
    aap khud he andaza laga lein.
    aur isfahan hamesha se iran mein he hai.yeh toh shukar hai k kuch logon ne khurasan ki tarah iss ko bhi idhar udhar kernay ki koshish nahi ki.

  17. contnd..................
    ek aur mazay ki baat Mehmood Ahmedi Nejad pedaishi taur pe jew tha.iss se agay aap khud kuch natija nikal lein,mein kuch nahi kehta.

    iran pe hamlay k chances iss liye bhi zada hain k 2012 ki jo conspiracy theories mashur hain,un mein atay mein namak k brabar he sahi lakin sach behrhal ho ga toh sahi.
    MEra khyal hai duniya mein yeh khauf phelanay k peechay jews/freemasons waghera ka yeh sabab ho sakta hai k unhein ilm ho k aamad e Mahdi Alaye hi salam ka zamana 2012 k nazdeek nazdeek hai aur yeh k issi liye woh iss tarah k halaat create ker rahay hain taa k isfahan per apna control jama sakein aur dajjal ko support ker sakein.
    subliminal messages k through woh duniya ko anti-christ k concept se familiar ker rahay hain.

  18. Jews ne toh lyd ka air base bhi tyar ker rakha hai aur uss k gird Gharqad k drakht laga rakhein hain.
    Jews ki taraf se toh tyariyan mukammal hain taqreeban.
    anay walay maheenay decisive hon ge aur mujhe 95% yaqeen hai k jews ka new year start honay se pehle iran pe hamla ho ga,kyun ke halaat issi taraf jaa rahay hain.
    aur ho sakta hai k 31st december se pehle he ho jaye.
    WAllahu Aaalam.

  19. @Hussain

    I shall again give reference of the series "Arrivals" regarding conspiracy theories that even if half of it is true then the whole war against terrorism makes sense.
    We muslims have let go of research of our own religion what to say about other things. On the other hand West i.e. jews plans everything for at least a 100 yrs ahead. They are well aware or even more aware then us of what is the take and saying of our Prophet about the end of times. Therefore they are doing evrthng they can to stop the predicted outcome as it is not in their favour. So they are acting upon "nip the evil i.e. Islam, in the bud".
    They are well aware that Islam is the true religion but their pride in considering thmslvs to be the chosen race, is making them to stand against what ALLAH ordained.
    But still i want the answer regarding age of dajjal i.e. was he always there, is he a normal human being or does it refer to the system of the West supported by capitalism, media and film industry as there are many movies where free masons etc are shown in a very +ive image.


  20. @AK:
    it was always there.
    it is a physical being.
    Although there are many ahadith,which i can quote t prove my pint but one thing which i'll quote here is that when Syedna Isa Alaye hi salam will kill Dajjal,he'll come to Muslims and show them his blood on his shoe laces.
    this is a very very famous tradition.
    there is a bulk of traditions beside this.unfortunately some people are trying to explain the ahadith on the basis of the knowledge that they have.

  21. i mean on the basis of modern knowledge.Dajjal and GOg and Mog are physical things ,these are not just descriptive terms.
    this is what i mean.
    But it is quite possible that western media is being used a s a brain washer so that when dajjal emerges,people dont get firghtened by him and maximum people may get familiar and intimate with his claims.
    But Dajjal and his followers are destined to be ruined.
    May Allah save us from Dajjal's fitna.aamin.
    May Allah keep us on Haqq firmly.aamin

  22. Israle and USA has been threatning Iran for decades now but none of them attacked Iran so far. Instead they attack sunni muslim countries and destroyed them. May be their next target is either Pakistan or any asia pacific muslim country (malasia, indonesia) but I doubt that they would attack on Iran. Its like a secret understanding between shias and jews that we will fight on the world forum but on inside we will help each other.
    USA attack Iraq and Afghanistan and demolish both regimes who could be a real threat to Iran.


  23. @Ex-Pakistani:
    Understanding existed between Saddam and U.S.A as well for years,but then what happened.
    While Iranis may be considering themselves safe,jews may attack them all of the sudden.
    Although shia are clever enough to deceive the world,jews are their mentors in this regard.
    SO,the attack is'nt out of question yet.


    What if both Russia and Pakistan cut Nato's supply?

  25. @Ex Pakistani
    The comments carries weight, things should also be considered from this angle that why Dajjal will emerge from Iran if it is so anti west??


  26. Russia has threatened to cut off NATO supply routes to Afghanistan if the alliance doesn’t compromise on its missile defence plans. “If NATO doesn’t give a serious response, we have to address matters in relations in other areas,” Russian news services reported. Russia’s cooperation on Afghanistan may be an area for review, the news services reported.

    Pakistan has already cut the NATO supply route after the Mohmand Agency attack by NATO troops that killed twenty-six Pakistani soldiers. Lt General (retd) Hameed Gul while talking to The News said that Russia would utilise every option to take revenge from the Americans and time has come for the Russians to do this. He said that Russia wants to join hands with Pakistan and Pakistan should re-consider its policy towards Russia. “Americans and NATO troops have been strangled in Afghanistan and time has come for Pakistan to avail the opportunity that it missed on 9/11 to regain the respect and sovereignty”, Gul said.
    (Source: The News)

    Now there are some questions:
    a) are we gonna see an exact reversal of Afghan Jihad i.e. Pak & Russia vis-a-vis USA/NATO

    b) If this is so then is Russia is really the Banu Asfar

    c) Nato will take the side of Turkey if a war is b/w Turkey & Syria. Now Turkey condemns Nato attack on Pakistan. Russia is with Syria.

    NOW which side will Pakistan support in such a scenario???
    i) Syria (due to Russia)
    ii) Nato (due to Turkey)

    It is so perplexing, mind boggling, confusing, irritating that i dont know what to make of it.
    ANSWERS PLZ!!!!!


  27. Brother Hussain i totally agree with you in many point in your comments above.
    I think that the westeren powers (Illuminati and freemason) know through their
    satanic (kabbalistic) knowledge that something is going to happen in the year
    2012 and they are trying to change the course of event by their satanic powers.
    It may be the start of the dustruction of evil state of the Israel or something
    similar, according to the interpretation of the dream of the Hazrat Danyal(AS).
    In my view their is no chance of the comming of the Imam Mahdi(AS)
    in this Muharrum because before his appearance the defeat of idolworshiper
    India is imminent.I think that the year 2012 is very important for Pakistan
    because Pakistan came into being 14 august 1947(27 Ramazan may be Lailatul
    Qadar) and in this year 2012 the 14 August is again coming 26,27 of the Ramazan
    of the islamic month.It is possible that a golden era of Pakistan get start in
    this year(we pray to Allah for that. May Allah grant his blessings on our country! Amin)
    @Ak The USA, Nato and the Russia are united secretly.They are the player of the worldwide
    drama produce by tthe Illuminati and Freemasons in order to deceive the common public or
    the masses.They will never attack directly each other unless there is some actual revolutionary
    or nationalist government came in to being in these countries which have very rare chances.

  28. Dajjal kay saath 70,000 irani yahoodi hon gay aur wo isfahan say niklay go RASUL ALLAH (sm) kay dour ka kurasan aik bout baray ilaqay per moheet tha jis may na sirf yeh k moujooda pura Ifganistan bhi samil tha bulkay pakistan ka sumal mugrabi ilaqa bil kasos Malakund D BHI KURASAAN hi ka hisa samjha jata tha RASUL ALLAH (sm) ki hadit jo TAMEEM DARI say mutalaq hay wo parhain RASUL ALLAH (sm) nay farmaya dakho dajal shaam ya yamen kay sumender may say nahi bulkay wo musrik may hay wo musrik may rahay ga aur aap nay apnay haath say musrik ki taruf isara kia

  29. @Coco

    InshAllah, One day you will see these things with your eyes then you will left with no other option except to believe.

  30. @Anonymous:
    yar ye khurasan wali myth ese hi create ki gayi hai.
    khurasan agar uss zamanay mein udhar tha bhi toh behrhaal mere naqis ilm k mutabiq hadith k alfaaz ka ittelaq maujuda khurasan per ho ga.
    aur isfahan toh kher hamesha se maujuda iran wali jaga pe he raha hai.
    so,no confusion.

  31. As usual, I am observing, noting, learning from the ongoing discussions on this blog. Many things have been discussed, such as what will happen and what is going on and how Syedna Mehdi AS will arrive at a given hour to lead us to victory and salvation. Almost each and every one of the commentators has a different opinion on an issue. But my dear brothers, is it only me or anyone else has also noticed something amiss?

    There is a rigorous brainstorming to what and how Mehdi will do what he is suppose to do and each and everyone of us keeps praying to be part of that change he is suppose to bring. But, have we thought what we are talking about actually? Such morbid excitement about something very blood curdling that is looming just around the corner, and forgive me when I say that we are treating it with casual abandon of a spectator in Gaddafi Stadium watching a One Dayer between West Indies and Scotland munching calmly on popcorn!

    Does anyone know what it means to be the part of the Army of Mehdi AS? Alright, let me simplify my question. Does anyone remember what Bay’at e Aqaba Sania was and what it stood for? Does anyone remember what oath was asked that night of the Oss and Khazraj? If we clearly remember and understand what transpired that night then we are able to take the next step while hoping to join Army of Mehdi AS.

    I feel blessed and honored to refresh the memories of my dear brothers here with the heartwarming Qol o Qarar that were offered, asked, enjoined by the Ultimate Leader (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) and accepted by the Ultimate Followers (Ridwanullah Alehim Ajmaeen):

    The Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) recited Quran, invited them to Allah and took oath on many essentials; starting from Towheed, then Sama o Ta’at in every condition, charity in wealth and poverty, amr bil maroof and nahi anilmunkar despite the liking or disliking of people and that they will protect Him (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) the way they protect your selves and your families once He (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) is with them (after Hijrat). The (would be) Ansaar accepted and gave their word of honour on every single condition. But right at that moment, Abbas Bin Ubaada Bin Nadla (RAA) stepped forward and asked them all:

    “Are you aware upon what you are taking this oath (beyat)? You are pledging to go to war with the Reds and Blacks (all man kind), so if you realize that there is a genuine fear of having your properties/wealth snatched away and your nobles slaughtered then leave Him (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) right away instead of leaving Him (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) after going thru all that (above) because that will be the most humiliating thing on earth and the life afterwards. However if you are willing to prove your pledge even after having your nobles killed and possessions taken then take Him (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) because by Allah; He (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) is Blessing for this life and the hereafter”

    A similar thing was said by As’ad Bin Zurarah (RAA) but the Ansaar said with one voice that “we can neither leave this oath or break it” and grabbed the blessed hand of Habib Allah (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) for the Beyat.


  32. Presenting one of the most defining moments in the lives of the blessed Followers (RA) of our Beloved Leader (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam), I will now ask your attention to the fact that what you are asking for is a War with Jinn o Inss of this world, with forces of East, West, North, South. The ‘Ahzaab’ will descend upon you from all sides because of what you claim to be i.e. Momin and Muslim (27 nations of NATO alongwith India, Israel and other enemies of Islam like 5th Columnists etc.):

    “When they came for you from above and below, when eyes were stunned and hearts jumped into throats and you started having second thoughts about Allah. Right at that moment the Momineen were tested and were vigorously shaken”. Al-Ahzaab 10, 11.

    This reverts me back to another crucial question and to the point: What kind of people will Imam Mehdi take for his companions and warriors? Those who are ‘guftar kay ghazi’ or the ones who are ‘kirdar kay ghazi’? “Do you really think that you would be admitted to Jannah even when Allah hasn’t judged yet that who amongst you fight in His way and demonstrates Sabr? You have been asking for death (in battle) lo, here it is in front of you (now why do you turn back)” 142, 143. Aal e Imran. Verily, you will be tested (if you claim emaan) with your lives, your children and wealth! Does it ring a bell?

    Mark my words, Syedna Mehdi, the son of our Beloved Leader (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) will not take raw, untested and weak willed, weak minded people to be his comrades. Those who put their lives, their children and their belongings and even longings before the will of Allah and his Habib (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) will not be even bothered (they will be perished inevitably, hence no chance of survival out of the oath). ‘Who yahin say lot jae jissay zindagi ho pyari!’ God can only be yours if He is your first priority, not your lifestyle, job, profession or likes or dislikes. Syedna Mehdi will take ‘Suuchay’ aur ‘kharray’ people to be his companions.

    Once you claim your Islam, the trial begins. But here is the interesting thing, I have found out, though through much trial that the ‘Sabr’ alongwith Emaan is the key to get connected to the will of Allah that reveals a chance to be one from Hizb Allah. Surah Asr is the best ‘Naseehat’ that says it all. And it all begins with the khalis ‘Neeyat’ after khalis Emaan. The trial is does not necessarily have to be in a battlefield, it can be presented in your normal, everyday life, to see who offers the best response. And the best would ultimately be choosen!

    We have been talking about the preparations for the upcoming trials. What preparations should we do? Does merely stocking wheat and barley will get you through these upheavals? Sultan ul Awliya Shaikh Nazim, may Allah bless him with his limitless blessings, he is talking about ‘faith’ my brethren! Have faith, Emaan which comes first, if you believe what has been reported by our Dear Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) in true spirit you will proceed with the preparations. And best of the preparations is the strengthening of Emaan. You have to stick yourself with Allah and His Blessed Messenger (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) through thick or thin, in your everyday life and in the battlefield when it comes to it. Re-Read the details of Ghazwas throughout his Madni Era, how He lead, what trials were brought upon Momineen and how they behaved and responded to them. Their best weapon and armour was Emaan, faith.


  33. As far as material preparations are concerned I have myself been preparing for it since last 6 months, stockpiling food items, batteries, alternative light sources, even a tent, other supplies (only medical supplies are left). I have even arranged military outfit, trousers, combat boots, a large dagger, water bottles, bags, survival kits, swiss army knives and so on (only weapons and ammo are missing which will be in great supply once the curtain is raised I guess! ;). However, the best part of this preparation will be to provide these supplies to those as well who cannot even afford a few days rations! He who takes responsibility of a Momin, Allah takes responsibility for him himself. If we are serious enough, we should write down our ‘waseeyat’ as well (as directed by Holy Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam). Our beloved motherland is treading down the path where Madina Tayyaba went in the leadership of the Greatest of All Leaders (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam).

    Now I come to the other part of my submission here. If I am not mistaken, it appears that we ‘like’ or ‘prefer’ things to be the way we want them to be, and even insist that our opinion is the only valid argument here. This attitude nullifies the essence of learning and brotherhood. May Allah bless Orya Maqbool Jaan with His abounding blessings, he is one of the heralds of the days to come, he warns and gives glad tidings in the tradition of Prophets (AS), their Companions and followers. I am confidently believe that he has enough knowledge of Deen o Dunya to encompass collective knowledge of the people on this forum. He is closely linked to the Ahl e Baseerat who guide and groom him. He has already proved his mettle during his time in Civil Services akin to that of late Qudratullah Shahab sahib (Rehmatullah Aleh).


  34. His article mentions the hundred years as America has envisioned for her role in Asia/Pacific. And to remain a domineering power in these regions the United Snakes of America will have to wage great wars of aggression with the help of her allies that will result in her unchallenged domination. This is the plan I believe American policy makers want to implement as OMJ described it. But these plans will not be implemented unless Pakistan has the fully operational nukes and the capability to hit any target within its surroundings, even Israel.

    (Read this article: It all also reverberates with what Shaikh Imaran Nazar Hosein has been stressing all this time, especially these very days.

    As far as Khurasan is concerned, note that during Sasanid era which was also the era of our Dear Prophet (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam), the greater Khurasan consisted of large swaths of current KPK, Afghanistan and a region of Iran, but actually the whole of Indus valley can be considered integral part of that geography. It has already been elaborated by Dr. Israr Ahmed (RA) very thoughtfully. So I have no doubt that the largest portion of the Black Flags will be carried by Pakistanis, especially our Military. (no matter how treacherous our current political and military leaders look like, abhi bhi guddri main laal chhupay huay hain!

    And lastly, it may please be kept in mind that even the Most Beloved of God’s Prophets (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) has to fight and strive when Archangels were at his side, Jibrael and Mekael (AS) even fought themselves in Ghazwa e Uhad. The Rehmatullil Alameen (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam) had to use a lance and kill that day, even then he was severely injured (mery maan baap Aap per fida). So, the crux of the call is, don’t believe that merely miracles will warrant success, Syedna Mehdi will have to use whatever resources/weapons available at the time of his arrival to strive in the name of Allah. I have found out at last; that lazy people don’t belong in Jihad, only the Sabireen and Mujahideen will call the shots. Sangar ka Mujahid na keh langer ka mujahid! I won’t be surprised if Syedna Mehdi uses Dragunov Sniper Rifle or operates Al-Khalid MBT if not a lance. After all, a true leader is where his men are; i.e. in the thick of battle, just like his Blessed Ancestor (SalAllaho Alehe Wassallam).

    May Allah bless us all with such steadfastness of Emaan He demands from us. Ameen sum ameen.

  35. @ Baktar-e-Noor
    It is simply an AWESOME and amazing take on things to come. Whenever these things come to my mind that what it will be like to actually be in the middle of the situation you explained and i feel like a pigeon after seeing a cat.
    Now I understand that why ppl of Afghanistan, KPK sp. Tribal areas and Swat were tested to the last ounce of their will as i think that this will be the fighting force of Imam Mehdi.
    Thanx for all above points!!!!
    (though they feel morbid to say the least)


  36. @Baktar-e-Noor,
    Well Said MashaAllah..u mentioned the essence of it all,may Allah(swt) bless u(ameen)...100% agree with these thoughts !

  37. @AK

    @"By the way in which country is Khurasan located today."

    Khurassan+Faris (yellow), Sindh (pink) and Hind (cream) at time of our Prophet Muhammad (saw)

    It included Iran and parts of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikstan.

    King Zulqurnain (king cirrus having two horns) combined Khurassan and Faris as Persia (Yellow map in map). King Zulqurnain is mentioned in Surah Kahf which is very important Surah for protection from Dajjal and end time. So Zulqurnain of end time will be from same area i.e. Khurassan who will be Shuayb bin Salih or Mansur who will fight against Dajjal with Imam Mahdi. He will be ruler of this area.

    Mansur will not be from Sindh and Hind.

    This Hadith is related to Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.). He says that my intimate friend Hadhrat Muhammad (Sall-Allaho-'Alayhe-Wasallam) told me that:

    “In this Ummah, the troops would be headed towards Sindh & Hind”

    Ghawa will be done after appearance of Imam Mahdi and second coming of Isa (as)

    Following Hadees is being related to Hadhrat Safwaan bin Umroo (R) & is at contented stage according to its orders.

    He says that some people told him that Huzoor (Sall-Allaho-'Alayhe-Wasallam) said:

    “Some people of My Ummah will fight with Hindustan, Allah would grant them with success, even they would find the Indian kings being trapped in fetters. Allah would forgive those Warriors. When they would move towards Syria, then would find Isa Ibn-e-Maryam (A.S.) over there.”

    Shazwa-e-hind will be conducted by troops of multi nations (Army of Islamic Union) having different languages and dresses...

    See page 434 of book of Hadhrat Molana Allah Yar Khan (Grand Shaikh of Silsilah Naqshbandiah Owaisiah).

    Pakistani may be part of this troop.

  38. @Faisal

    Pakistani areas never comes to mind logically by the mention of Khurasan.
    There is a reference in alakh Nagri that Shahab Sahib was given a task to prepare the stage for the leader to occupy.
    Mow what Shahab sahib did were his efforts in giving the name of ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan to our country & may be he was the hidden hand in chosing Islamabad as the capital with this name.
    Now can you elaborate that what this task might be and for whom was he preparing the ground????


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  40. Tariq Mahmood
    I have already predicted but now again writing: (please note that these are my own, believe or not its ur will)

    2012 or 2020 is the year of war (pakistan) and 2052 or 2062-63 is the year of Zahoor-e-Imam.

  41. Dear Tariq what are bases of these dates?

  42. 14whee ka chaand Hazrat Imam Mehdi A.s jinka shumaar 14whee masoomeen me hota hai unka isi 14whee sadi me zahoor hoga ghaalib imkaan yehi hai ke 1401 hijri me unka zahoor yaani wiladat ho chuki hai jab yeh chaand asmaan par 40 ki degree par pohanche ga yaani unki umer jab 40 saal hojaayegi to sab ko nazar ajaayega

  43. @ Baktare Noor Sir:
    Sir, I have said it earlier and I repeat it here that I am always anxiously looking for your Valuable Comments on this blog.
    Please contribute more!! But I also know that you won't write up anything unless there is need for it here...
    I really want to meet you and shake your hand Sir :)

  44. I'm not a religious person - I'm more of a spiritual one - but this book was amazing! It questions dogma but at the same time shows how absolute faith, even when considered to be insanity by outsiders, can be its own reward. Ian Barringer and his fiance Angela Weber run a television show that explores supernatural mysteries and generally uncovers that they are fakes in some way. Angela is a skeptic, but Ian - a former priest - is a true believer and intensely (one could almost say obsessively) focused on uncovering the truth of what lies beyond death, what happens in the afterlife. He believes there is a way to see what is in the afterlife and come back from it. First he tries intense meditation, but when that doesn't work he goes one step farther, and has himself flat-lined under medical supervision. What he experiences is amazing.