October 15, 2011

Kya Waqt Aan Pohancha Hai (Articles By Orya Maqbool Jaan)

کیا ہونے والا ہے؟ دجال سے جنگ اور پاکستان کا کردار

سید الانبیا ﷺ کی حدیث کے مطابق 'دجال کے خروج سے پہلے  چند سال دھوکہ اور فریب کے ہوں گے...'

 Has The Time Come...? (4 Articles)

Reference to the Hadith mentioned in above article can be found in our post Meer-e-Arab (S.A.W.) Ko Aayi Thandi Hawa Jahan Se. Same reference added below.

Published in Express Newspaper (05, 08, 12 & 15 Oct-2011)


  1. Assalam-o-Alikum,

    Does anyone know the reference to the hadith quoted in this article
    (main arab hun lekin arab mujh main nae, main hindi nae hun lekin hind mujh main hai)

    Thank You

  2. Assalam o Alikum yeh such hay kay yeh zameen imam mehdi aur dajal ki amad kay liay hi tyaar ho rahi hay aik kitaab ka hwala day rahi hon Umat e mulma ki umer aur mustaqbil qareeb main mehdi kay zahoor ka imkaan ameen mohammad jamaal u deen ki kitaab hay turjuma pro. khurseed aalam

  3. @Anonymous 1,

    Yes there is a reference to this hadith by Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlvi (R.A.) and Orya sahib mentioned this in one of his previous article.

    Plz wait till next part of his column, I will try to post that reference along with next column.

  4. Aslaam Aleykum Brothers and sisters,

    Pakistani medias me merey khyal me sab sey zyada NAWAIWAQT media Islamic NEWS DETA HEY , is ki aik misal pichhley din k waqia sey hi li jasakti hey , jab purey mulk k ulemaa kiraam ney MUMTAZ QADRI ki saza k khilaf ehtejaj kiya , mene tv pe baqi sarey news channels dekhain hain lekin bohat afsos huwa k un me sey sirf do ya teen channels ney hi un ki news di, magar media waley ye nahi jantey k JO ALLAH WAALON KI NEWS NAHI DENGEY TO ALLAH IN SEY KESEY RAZI HOGA , YE MEDIA WALEY BOHAT BARI KHUSH FEHMI ME mubtla HAIN K JIS KO YE LOG PROMOTE KARENGEY WOHI KAMIYAAB HOGA. Haq ney to ghalib ana hi ana hey chahey ye airhi choti ka zor laga lain . khawab dekhney jannat k aur kaam karney dozkhiyon waley. afsoso sad afsos .

  5. Saeed Akhtar I am surprised to read this article written by an Ustaad of Iqbaliat, because we the revolutionist of Iqbal beleive in some thing else and that is
    Yeh Qaenaat abhi natamaam hey shayed
    keh Aa rahi hey dama dam sada e kun fayakuun

    We the young generation of Pakistan are getting ready with our horses all over the world to bring so many predictions of so many Walis that there are some changes are happening on skies, fate of Pakistan is going to change. The young people of Pakistan will rule Pakistan and the world. American rule will finish very soon, symtom of that we can see. If you want to know who we are who are going to rule the world, come and join us at disna.com. We will show you that time has not come yet which is discussed in the hadith above

  6. DISNA.COM KIA yeh tanzeem north america may hay hukaisy join kar saktay hain maloomat dain gay

  7. @Anonymous 1,

    A new reference is added in our previous post about this Hadith Mubarika. See the link


    Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi (RA) mentioned a Hadith, referenced by Al-Tibrani-Al-Aust (الطبراني الأوسط), Holy Prophet (PBUH) said,

    "I am Arab, but Arab is not in me and I am not Hind (Hindi) but Hind is in me".

  8. Faqa-r-eghayoor kia yeh site aap ne banai hai?

  9. Agr sab kuchh pehlay say tehreer shuda qismat kay teht hona hay to yeah hidayat aur talqeen kis cheez ki kar raha hay ?
    Goron kay banay huay internet pay beth kay barkhain kis cheez ki ?
    Pichhlay 1000 saal say koi muslman aisa peda hua hay jis nay Apirin, antibiotic, cellphone ya internet ki tarah sab insaniyat ki bhalaae ki ho ?
    Parhay likhay Jahil...

  10. Brothers & Sisters,
    Plz use some id or hypothetical name instead of Anonymous so that reply to a specific comment can become easier.

    To @Anonymous who asked about site builder.
    Ji mein ne banai hai magar As Allama Iqbal Said:

    Asar Kare Na Kare, Sun To Le Meri Faryad
    Nahin Hai Daad Ka Talib Ye Banda’ay Azad


  11. jnab jaahil anonymous saheb apko khud pichhley 1000 saal ki history daikhni chahye , barey aaye hamey btaney waley jaahil murakkab k mujasmey, kya tum ney nahi parha k ye jo aaj scientists baney bethey hain in k bunyadi formulas muslmano k hi hain, muslman shuru hi sey ilm dost rahin hain in ki tahqeeq ki books ka bohat bara khazana ghair muslim logoun ney jalaa diya aur aksar to europe k saleebi apney saath ley gaye kaafer log to shuru din sey hi muslmaanon k dushman rahey hain , agar tumhari aqal mari gai hay to aj k scientists k interview hi sunlo jo islam ki haqaaniyat ki gahahi dey rahey hain jo kehtey hain k waqaee quraan paak mey is kaainaat k barey mey jo likha hey wo ham aaj tahqeeq kar k sach daikh rahey hain

  12. @anonymous:
    Terms algorithm (used in computer progamming) and logarithm was named after al khuwarzmi,a great mathematician.Bu Ali Sina was a great physician.Abu'l Qasim Az zehrawi gave the world the procedure to perofrm surgeries.Umr Khayyam first proposed the model of a flying machine.Tipu Sultan proposed the mechanism of a rocket.His model is still acknowledged by Nasa in their head office in U.S.A.
    Dr.Allama Iqbal was a genius philosopher whose intellect has been acknowledged by Preent India,Pakistan ,Iran,Germany and many other countries.What else do you want?
    If you are so muc ashamed of living in this country,why dont you leave it?BEcause you'll not get food and clothes and residence as cheap as in Pakistan.Brcause you'll be always treated as a 2nd class citizen.Because you'll have to wash toilets to earn your living.
    Learn to love your motherland,idiot !
    And keep striving for the moral betterment and correction of the society,instead of blaming the society.

  13. nahin aap waqai daad ke mustahiq hain jub bhi mujhay mayoosi honay lagti hai to yahan aa ker almost saari site padh k kuch umeed ho jaati hai.

  14. Please click on the link and there will be so many other links you will get, please be member if you really are shaheen of Iqbal or at least you have wish to be Shaheen

  15. un qareeb ahalay rom uman ki khatar sulaha kar lain gay phir tum in kay saath mil kar aasy dusman say laro gay jo unkay waray hay tum salaamat raho gay maal a ganeemat hasil karo gay phir tum aik teelon wali charagha may qaiam karo gay phir romion ka aik admi khra ho kar saleeb buland karay ga aur kahay ga saleeb galib a gai iskay baad aik muslman khra ho kar usay qatal kar day ga roomi ahed toor dain gay phir khoonraiz jangany hon gi wo tumharay kilaf 80 jhandon talay ikathay hon gay aur her jahnday taly 12 hazaar ka lusker ho ga HADEES SAREEF HAWALA ahmed abudoud ibnmaja ibnhaban sahi aljamia yeh aisi jang hay jis say pahlay gair yaqeeni uman ho ga log kaihtay phiran gay salaamti a gai uman qaim ho gaya aik jaga fermaya phir tumharay aur banu asfer kay dermian sulah ho gi phir wo bawafai karain gay phir wo 80 jhnday lay kar tum per charhai karain gay her jhnday kay neecay 12 hazaar ka lusker ho ga yeh ulaamaty sugra ki akri ulaamat hay bukari nay sahi uof bin maalik ki rawait hay ahmed aur tibraani

  16. @saeed akhtar :
    yeh zaid hamid mal'uun ke project ki advertisment kyun ker rahay ho tum?

  17. @anonymous:
    Banu esfar=Russians !!!!!
    armageddon is coming as i explained in my comment to an earlier post

  18. Auriya has gone mad in the love of taliban.even these taliban dont know Islam and dont know the conditions which a khalifa/ameer should fulfill.They would have never agreed on diplomacy/talks with u.s.a on the conditions mentioned above.
    He has also defended the relgious authorities,but i think the root of the problem lies in this very fact.Ulema have quit playing their role for peace in the world.Look,Jamia al azhar's ulema are doing nothing,neither are Pakistani ulema doing anything clearly.According to my info,only dr. tahir ul qadri has launched a fatwa against suicide attacks and against self initiated jihad etc.its very detailed ,authentic,well derived and reader friendly.
    Otherwise many of ulema specially deobandi and salafia re inflamming sectarian violence.look for instance,killing of shias in iran.recently bbc issued an article on its urdu service and in that service an expert (i dont remember his name) said that roots of violence are embedded in Zia ul haqq's reign and deobandi madaris.deobandis are hardly 20% of the country's population.Yet they occupy luxurious madrissas and mosques in each city and governments mosques as well.Whhabies are even 10 step ahead than them in this regard.both of them get aid from saudia for sure.majority of these ulema are the root of the problem.take popalzai,the clown for instance.

    Auriya himself is confused person.One day he says that within two years dajjal is about to appear etc etc and the other day he says that Pakistan and china will invade india in 2013,2014.

    He said in may that pakistan is going to be baghdad.but nothing happenmed.

    then he said on eid ,that good time is coming.

    He is a confused person.He is just getting sufficient money for implementing his opinion on others ,twice a week.

    haroon ur rasheed has been doing the same.

    actually i had written all these things in a previous comment but no one including faqr e ghayoor dare to justify haroon ur rasheed,auriya and sarfaraz shah sahib.

    the option is still open for all of you specially faqr e ghayoor.

    To me,it seems an attempt to keep the moral of the nation high for quite soemtime because for past 2,3 years i have been listening and reading this stuff that he is coming,pakistan will be superpower,this government will fall,pakistan will conquer india and all this was said in such a way that as if it would happen in months rather than years.
    so far ,nothing has happened.WAllahu aalam what happens

  19. Brother Hussain!

    A beautiful couplet of Allama Iqbal for you

    Na Ho Naumeed, Naumeedi Zawal-e-Ilm-o-Irfan Hai
    Umeed-e-Mard-e-Momin Hai Khuda Ke Raazdanon Mein

    (Bal-e-Jibril-139) Aik Naujawan Ke Naam

  20. main to tableegh jamat walon ke peeche chalon ga. main pakistan ke taqreeban tamam groups, firqay, lashkars, tazeem se taluq rakh chuka hon lekin tableeghion se barh kar kisi ko iman wala nahi dekha.


  21. @habib:
    wohi tablighi jo shia aur brelvis ko mushrik kehte hain?ya woh tablighi jo yun toh punjabiyon ke beghairat kehte hain lakin apne ijtima pe gaariyan bhar bhar ker lakhon ki tadaad mein punjab pohanch jatay hain khaber pkhtun khawa se.
    Woh tablighi jo kehte hain ke 3 din ke liye sab kuch chor ke Allah ki raah mein chalein.Aur un k maslak ki taleemat seekhna unn ke nazdik Allah ki raah mein jaana hai.Aahista aahista 1 month,4 month phir ek saal ke auray hotay hain aur banday ko rehbaniyat pe laga daetay hain.aur ye kitni ajib baat hai ke tasawwuf pe tanqid kertay waqt in badbakhton ka nuqta e nazar ye hota hai k islam mein rehbaniyat nahi waghera magar jab khud 1,1 saal bivi bachon se dur guzarna paray jab ke woh bhi farz nahi toh woh jayez hai.wah g wah.
    inn logon ki apni he tashreehat hain Islam ki.
    3 din ke dauray ke 50,60 rupay letay hain aur khana waghera bhi in ki zimaydari hoti hai.banda puchay aaj kal 60 rupay mein 1 time ka khana mushkil se hota hai aur tum 3 din ka kesay manage kertay ho?
    Is ka jawab hai k saudia se anay wali aid se.
    ye sirf nazariyat ki jang hai jis mein ek taraf iran se pesa aa raha hai aur ek taraf saudia se aur shaamat becharay brelviyon ki ayi hui hai.


  23. mayoosi kufr hai ... ALLAH TALA ke haa dair hai andher nahi ... halaat kabhi aik jese nahi rehte.. woh azmaata hai aisi azmaaisho se ko kon uski Rehmat se mayoos hota hai aur kon na umeed .. kon saabit qadam rehta hai kon dagmaga jata hai aur ghair ALLAH ko Khuda bana leta hai jese aajkal ham ne america ko apna khuda banaya hua hai... kiya RASOOL ALLAH (saw) ke aane se pehle yeh duniya andhero me nahi doobi hui thi .. kiya Hazrat Moosa (as) se pehle Qoam Bani Israil Firon ke zulm o sitam me na ghiri hui thi to kon unki madad ke liye aya? ALLAH ki sunnat me kabhi tabdeeli nahi hoti .. jis tarah circle ghoomta hai isi tarah yeh time bhi ghoom rah hai har cheez apne circle me ghoom rahi hai .. jab se yeh duniya qaaim hui hai ALLAH TALA Insaano ko isi tarah din aur raat se azmaa rah hai jab hi farmaya gaya hai ke zamane ko bura mat kaho.. yeh time Raat ka aakhiri hissa hai aur Shaitan Raat ke aakhri hissa me apna pura zor lagata hai taake banda bedaar na ho aur ALLAH ki Rehmat jo barrhaq hai us se mehroom reh jaaye subah to honi hi hai lekin jo bedaar huey jinho ne azaan di aur logo ko bedaar kiya jamaat me shaamil hue wohi Log us rehmat aur inaam o ikraam se nawaaze jaayenge aur jo sotey rahey aur woh log jo mayoosi ki baate kar kar ke awaam ko thapki de de kar sulaate rahe woh dugne azaab me mubtula honge..

  24. @annomis..ummat e muslima is book ka link mil sakta hai internet par?

  25. Asslaam Aleykum
    jnaab Ghulam Mustafa Saheb

    Ap ney Azan Aur Nmaz ki misal di ye to theek kaha lekin ap ney ye jo khuda bnaney ki baat ki,

    ye ap ney bilkul hi ghalat kaha hey sarey jahaanon ka khuda to aik hi hey wo wahdahu laa shareek hey ,

    aik baat yaad rakhain k kabhi mazaaq mey bhi kisi ko apna khuda mat kehna deen islaam koi mazaaq nahi ,

    ap ney to barey araam sey amrica ko apna aur dusron ka khuda keh diya chahey koi muslman hey ya koi ghair muslim sab ka khuda sirf aik hi hey ALLAH WAHDAHU LAA SHAREEK

    writing k saath hosh sey bhi kaam lain kahin ye na ho k imaan hi na rahey aur ap ko pta bhi na chaley

  26. walekum assaalm

    bhaai itna jalali pan bhi acha nahi zara halka haath rakhye pata nahi kon hosh me hai kon madhosh... kiska emaan salamat rahey kiska nahi ..

  27. kiya aapne woh ayaat nahi parhi jiska mafhoom yeh hai ke in logo ne nafsani khwaishaat ko apna mabood bana rakha hai.. bhai Khuda be shak sab ka aik hi hai lekin niyyat sab ki alag alag hai.. zabaan se ALLAH HO AKBAR keh dena kaafi nahi dil se bhi iski tasdeeq zaroori hai...

  28. Wah kiya shartain hain :)
    1. Hamain poori ummah ka khalifa tasuwar kiya jaay !
    = :) Kon karay ? Iran Pakistan Iraq malaysia . . .
    Iran jis kay shia ko yeah kafir kehtay hain, Pakistan jahan inhain elections mein hamesha zillat naseeb hoti hay, aur baqi mulk jahan in ka naam o nishaan tak naheen . . .
    Aur kon karwaay ?
    UNO, USA ?
    in mulkon pr apni fojain utaar kar ?

    2. Security council mein veto ka haq diya jaay..
    = :) wah wah wah... pehlay OIC buri hay kiya ? bheek mango . . .

    3. Atomic power tasleem kiya jaay . . .
    = lafz atom ka matlab pata hay in ko . . .

    parah likha jahil...afyun farosh...
    ummate muslima ka sahi dushm hay yeah...

  29. http://www.quranacademy.com/?tabid=218&MediaDetailID=8792

    yeh us kitaab ka link hai jo uper Anonymous ne bayan kiya tha. yeh aik achi kitaab hai lekin isme Ghuzwa Hind yah ke musalmano ka HAZRAT MEHDI AS ke saath shaamil ho kar jang karne ka kahee zikr nahi hai na hi MANSOOR ka zikr hai ke unho yeh to likh diya IMAM MEHDI AS sab se jang karenge lekin kis foaj ke saath mil kar karenge yeh nahi likha .. agar woh is cheez ka bhi zikr kar dete to kitab me chaar chaand lag jaatey .. khair Momin ki ye pehchaan hai use jah jah se moti miltey hai woh chunta chala jata hai

  30. Salaam, Khilafat can be established by only Imam Mahdi in the middle east. Khilafat of Taliban was not real Khilafat as Khilafat is a global phenomenon like UN. It can not be local and there cannot be multiple khilafats in world at same time. Insha'Allah only Imam Mahdi will create global and great Khilafat peacefully and will conquer Hind and Sindh during Ghawa-e-hind using help of people of Khurrasan. Don't know Taliban but Insha'Allah people of Afghanistan will help Imam Mahdi.

    ADNAN OKTAR: So all those heroic people in Afghanistan will all become close followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), insha'Allah.


  31. Happy ending . . . :)

  32. nahi bhai internet per nahi hay manay pakistan pindi books and books S T market say lee thi

  33. as i referred you to this video on youtube "all regimes will collpase this year" or "all regimes will fall in 2011" ,it has started.Protests have been carried out in 951 cities of 82 countries for change.Its the headline today on every newspaper,every bulletin,every news agency.
    The age of tyrants is about to finish and appearance of Syedna Mahdi alaye hi Salam is near.Inshallah within coming months,it will happen.

  34. Asslaam Aleykum
    pyaarey Shah g k munh mey ghee shakkar