September 23, 2011

Year of Kana Zahooqa, Shah Naimatullah Wali's Prediction & Future of Pakistan

کَانَ زَہُوۡقًا کا سال، شاہ نعمت الله ولیؒ کی پیشگوئی اور پاکستان کا مستقبل

وَ قُلۡ جَآءَ الۡحَقُّ وَ زَہَقَ الۡبَاطِلُ ؕ اِنَّ الۡبَاطِلَ کَانَ زَہُوۡقًا
 And say,: Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is surely bound to vanish

Shah Niamatullah Wali (R.A.) mentioned a Verse (کَانَ زَہُوۡقًا) of Quran in his prediction. Its 81st Verse (Ayat) of Surah Bani Israel in Quran. Its a very Important spiritual prediction related to the Future of Pakistan.

Lets see this prediction From Book: Shah Naimat (R.A.) Paishangoiyan (1993), Page 31 by Col. (Rtd.) Matloob Hussain.

This prediction can also be viewed in others books as Page 51 of H.M. Sarwar Nizami's Book (See here) and Page 312 of Book Deeni Dastar Khawan (See here)

Now Lets read this Verse From Quran, Its Urdu Translation, Hadith Mubarika and Tafseer.

(Tafseer-e-Makkah - Surah Bani Israel - Verse 81)
Its a Hadith Mubarika in Sahih Bukhari, Para 19, 'Tafaseer Ka Byan'

(Tafseer-e-Usmani - Ayat 81st of Surah Bani Israel in Quran)
Two Predictions had been mentioned, One accomplished after 'The Conquest of Makkah (Fatah-e-Makkah)' when Holy Prophet (PBUM) entered Makkah reciting this 'Kana Zahooqa' verse. 2nd prediction was declared at the same time and still remains to be accomplished.

Above explanation shows, Shah Naimatullah Wali (R.A.) had in depth knowledge of Quran & Hadith and He exactly mentioned this in his prediction

When Ist 'Kana Zahooqa' Year appeared, the event of Conquest of Makkah happened.
When 2nd 'Kana Zahooqa' Year will appear, another event of Conquest will happen.

Only country left with Idolatry is 'India' now, so when the Conquest of India will occur, It will be 2nd Year of Kana Zahooqa and Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S.) will be established in his position of Power (but He will Not Appear as Imam Mehdi (A.S.), Its next prediction by Shah Naimat in which he said, Imam Mehdi (A.S.) will appear on the occasion of Hajj)...... and that specific occasion of Hajj may come many years after the 2nd year of Kana Zahooqa).......(And Allah Knows The Best)

Express Newspaper Columnist Muhammad Ibrahim Azmi said in his article 'Hijrat Ki Takmeel' on Ist, April 2010.

"Pakistan will conquer India in the 81st year of its creation." 

Remember, 81st  is the Verse No. of Kana Zahooqa of Surah Bani Israel which says, Truth has come, now Falsehood is surely bound to vanish and this is actually the Future of Pakistan.

Please read Urdu Article and English Translation of Important part below. Great resemblance of Pakistan with Medinah.
"Logical and scholarly arguments have established that in the 81st year of Pakistan’s [existence] the crescent-and-green flag shall fly over New Delhi. Likes of the events that happened in the first six years [of Islam] in Medinah have already happened here, but what in Medinah took one year, has required a decade in Pakistan...The Battle of Badr took place in the second year of Hijra; here the war of September [1965] occurred in Pakistan’s second decade. [Badr] happened 17 months after Hijrat; our war occurred 17 years after the nation’s birth"

That's why, Shah Naimatullah Wali (R.A.) immediately said after his above prediction.

"O Naimat Shah, Be silent! Don't reveal the secrets of Allah"

Praise and Glory Be To ALLAH
The Greatest of All
The Best of Planners
Allah Knows The Best

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  1. Every time i read poetry of Shah, I wonder how perfect it is. Naimatullah Shah wali's reference to this verse is unbelievable, I didn't read that verse before so I understand everything now. Prophet Muhammad was reciting this verse when He conquered Idol worshipers and Shah Wali's reference to this verse not about year, He is talking about situation like breaking of Idols and then Imam Mehdi will emerge. It means Imam Mehdi will emerge after the conquest of India when "Falsehood will be vanish from there" (Kana Zahooqa).

    You work is good brother Faqar, but you missed the point that you are talking about the year of Imam Mehdi not the conquest of India. If the Kana Zahooqa years mean emergence of Imam Mehdi then it will be year 2028 so he himself order the conquest of India? but it negate the prediction of naimat ullah shah wali himself where he said Imam Mehdi will emerge after the 40 years of the conquest of India.

    Year Kana Zahooqa is about the emergence of Imam Mehdi not about the conquest of India but this verse is amazing by the way, after reading the article of Ibrahim Bazmi and looking at the verse number 81 (which is specifically about the Breaking of Idols), I must say that conquest will occur in 81th year of creation of Pakistan in 2028.

    Allah Knows Best!!!

  2. Brother Umer, I have written the lines about Imam Mehdi (A.S.) again, now it will become more clear.

    I will try to keep working on this topic further because Interpretation of these verses are very difficult. Its just a humble effort.

  3. Your work is really great brother, You opened my mind. Now I can understand the year of Kana Zahooqa Much better after this research.

    If you notice his other predictions about Imam Mehdi, year of Kana Zahooqa and conquest of India, once can understand that He is telling us that Imam Mehdi will "be born" in the year of Kana Zahooqa (Conquest of India) and after 40 years of this conquest he will emerge, this is exactly in accordance with the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Imam Mehdi will emerge as Imam at the age of 40.

    Fascinating Poetry by Shah (RA), I love it!

  4. Salam Alaekuam

    I am not sure , shall I laugh or cry. THis columnst wrote Pakistan will conquer India in 2028 and thinks tha the incidents happened at the time of Huzoor (saw) are some how related and matched with incidents in Pakistan.

    I would say, May Allah make us away from all these false predictors.

    Numerology has been discussed thoroughly even in the gathering of suifs and declare Un Islamic. The columnst fetch the date by the help of numerology and un doubtly he is far away from any ground reality.

    Today Orya Maqbol Jan writes again that people who have senses already know that USA will attack on Pakistan in very near future. We all must prepare oursleves by asking forgiveness from Allah.

    1. My friend keep in mind that usa cannot attack pakistan. This is also a ground reality. This is not an easy thing to attack a nuclear power. This can happen if pakistan loses its nuclear power and that time will never come inshaAllah.

  5. Kana Zahooqa ki ayat Surah Bani Israil me aayi hai . aur ayat No hai 81 yaani yeh banta hai 1981 . to ho sakta hai yeh 81 hi kana zahoqa ka saal ho yaani yeh possible hai ke isi saal 1981 me HAZRAT IMAM MEHDI A.S ki pedaaish hui ho. Isi tarah Surah Bani Israil ki total ayaat 111 hai .. to is 111 ka is saal 2011 se boht gehra relation hai .. agar duniya me koi bhi shakhsh apni umer ko apne year of birth me add kare to 111 hi banega ..

    Jese farz kare agar 1981 kisi ki pedaaish hai

    2011 – 1981 = 30(umer) + 81(year of birth) = 111

    To yeh 2011 is most important may be the year of change ..

    (koi bhi karke dekh le sab ka answer 111 hi aayega)

  6. My reason here is not to confuse people. I am sure Pakistan has bright future Inshallah. But I found following mistake in above article, Allah knows best.

    Pakistan fought first war with india on 6th September 1965.

    > 1965 - 1947 = 18 years not 17 ????

  7. 65 AUR 47 ME AIK CHEEZ MUSHTARIK HAI 4+7 = 11 AND 6+5 = 11 ....

  8. do you guys know at the time when pakistan was having a war with India in 1971, lot of people were talking about naimat ullah shah wali predictions. journalist who were on the payroll of ISI and army, were matching tiger niazi, peerzada, yayha and general farman with salah ud din ayubi and they were bringing all army general's family tree and trying to convinnce the nation that these generals are the one who were predicted in naimat ullah wali book. BUT what happened, we lost the half of pakistan. Pakistan broke in two peices. The shameless people still says Pakistan is here and cannot be broken. WELL, PAKISTAN HAS BEEN BROKEN ALREADY. THE REST OF THE PAKISTAN LEFT IS HALF OF THE PAKISTAN WHERE YOU CAN FIND EVERY TYPE OF SIN.

    My wish is that USA and NATO should attack pakistan and at least broke the current corrupt system. Pakistan need blood of their citizen to come strong.

    1. Are you sure you've read Naimatullah (RA) 's predictions well, or just made up a personal notion without research? For your kind info Naimatullah (RA) had predicted about the fall of East Pakistan too. Then afterwards, as he put, good times will come.

      Get your facts right.

  9. Dear All
    (Please note these are only self made predictions)

    2012 or 2020 will be the year of WAR with India(usa,nato & Israil will be backing up india), Pak, China, Iran, Turkey will be gathered and all muslim countries will be backing..after the Pak wins the war a Earthuake will hit the Hind and Sindh and after that Europeon 3rd war will begin and in 2062 will be the year of Kana Zahoqa.

  10. i think its 11/11/2011 to begin any change in pakistan ???

  11. OMG ..............
    HOW on the earth ,being muslim and reader of HADEES we can indulge in this .For ALLAH sake ASK pardon from HIM and do your Best to work on YOUR own self .I am lover of ISLAM and Pakistan but kindly Refrain from Such activities.Moral motivation is important but such ways should not be adopted ,which is not proved or used by our PROPHET (salalahu Alaih wasalam).its high time for Pakistan defense institutions to work on the shortcomings,as we don't even have lots of important sophisticated weapons or keep in mind what happened in may 2011 in DO YOUR WORK AND TRUST ALLAH ,rather all of this.I am follower of Prof ahmed rafiq akhtar even his PREDICTIONs about Pakistan current setups didn't come true ,the reason what i got is that we BELIEVE predictions rather the WORDS OF ALLAH,thats why our predictions come out KINDLY DON'T GIVE ANY TIME FRAME KINDA THING ...MOTIVATE FOR WORK NOT Laziness.Wars are not fought this way.TRUST IN ALLAH AND PLAN to carry out is important rather just predictions.May ALLAH HELP US AMEEN.Allah bless all readers ameen.

  12. @Roshan Subah

    g INSHALLAH YEH 11-11-11 boht bara change laayega .. jiska faisla is saal haj me hojaayega INSHALLAH...

  13. @Annonymous & Amber Ghaffar. Masha'Allah you have spoken golden words. Tauhum Paresti is eating the intellect of a section of the Pakistani patriots which is not a healthy sign. May Allah save this country from the trials & tribulations which it is undergoing due to lack of genuine leadership. It is a strange argument that the Shuhuda of 1947 are defending the eastern borders. By this reason you may leave the borders defenseless and the martyrs shall provide a protective shield besides white clothed horsemen against any Indian attack!!! Further what was the need of developing nuclear bombs and missile system when the angles and soul of Shaheeds are providing all the defense shield. What happened in Siachin where a huge area covering more than 75% of the glacier was captured by the Indians during the Afghan war and didn't withdraw even after Benazir Govt gave all the secret information of Sikh freedom fighters on the assurance that Indian troops will withdraw from Siachin on receipt of this information.Ask Ahtizaz Ahsan who rushed to New Delhi to oblige the Indians with all the secrets. Why didn't the angels help in maintaining the Kargil heights which was very secretly and tactfully occupied by the Pak Army during winter period when Indian Army would normally withdraw due to extreme cold. The severe Indian firepower unnerved the Army top brass which was then bailed out by the Prime Minister through Clinton's intercession. The lesser one talks about 1971 war the better. This was the greatest humiliating defeat of a muslim army in the annals of history. In fact the West Pakistan got saved duo to Nixon's strong warning to India to stop advance in the western sector. Well if one calls this a miracle, so be it. More than one lakh Kashmiri youth have laid down their lives since 1989 but the Govt of Pakistan, being a signatory of the dispute, has shown criminal negligence by not agitating this issue in the UNSC where it awaits implementation of the resolution since last 63 years. The right course is to bring in an honest & emancipated leadership to govern the country as early as possible and don't put your head in the sand like an ostrich as a last resort to save herself from the enemy which unfortunately is her death signal which she does not want to see and hear. Please stop day dreaming and believing that super-natural forces will save the country from the enemies when you stand militarily encircled, international media vomits poison against you day in and day out, and you have great patriots like Haqqanis, Asma Jehangirs, NRO stalwarts, the economy having almost collapsed, people having no gas/electricity and means of livelihood. Of course Allah's help is required for which we pray all the time. But Allah says, "I don't the destiny of a people who do not make effort in changing their destiny."

  14. Asalam o alaikum, I have a problem in agreeing with those who say that Pakistan resembles to Madinah and things are happening as in the days of Prophet Muhammad saw. In Madinah, it was the government of Islam under the able leadership of Prophet Muhammad saw. So how is Pakistan like Madina of Prophet saw in any manner?

  15. main Admin se appeal kerta hun k is kisam ki fake prediction walay coloums share na kia karein.yeh peoples ko confuse kertay hain.i wish and pray k pakistan duniya per hukumat karay.but ground reality kuch aur hay.yeh sahib keh rhay hain k 2028 main delhi per pakistan ka flag ho ga.jab k every body knows k next war last war ho gi.woh goliyoun se nai lari jay gi.woh buttons ki war ho gi.wahan se b buttons press hun gay aur yahan se b.and u imagine k what can is kisam ki fake predictions nai kerni chahiyay.thanks

    1. اسلام علیکم
      غزوہ ہند تو ہونا ہی ہے
      وقت ہی بتاے گا کے دہلی میں پاکستان کا جھنڈا لگتا ہے کے امام مہدی کی خلافت کا ؟
      امام مہدی ایٹم بمب استعمال نہیں کرے گے
      دہلی اپنے فتنے سے کمزور ہو گا اور امام مہدی کے لشکر آسانی سے بغیر اٹومک وار کے اس پر قبضہ کرے گے انشااللہ
      سرخ ریچھ بھی بغیر اٹامک وار کے مرا تھا
      مکّہ بھی بغیر خون خرابے کے فتح ہو تھا

  16. and one more thing please pakistan ko MADINA SE compare mat karein..hamaray pass na waisi LEADERSHIP HO SAKTI HAY na e waisa emaan,k aap pakistan ko different calculations se MADINA se compare kernay ki koshish ker rahay hain.even k hum kehtay hain k ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN,pakistan main kia cheez islam k mutaib hay...please dont confuse others,and tell the ground fact...thanks

    1. بغیر ہمارے پیارے نبی کے مدینہ منورہ یثرب تھا
      اس وقت ہجرت مکّہ سے مدینہ کے طرف ہوئی تھی
      اب ہجرت مدینہ سے مکّہ کی طرف ہوگی انشاللہ
      وقت بتاے گا کے مدینہ پاکستان ہے یا ترکی یا کوئی تیسرا ملک
      ابھی یہ مدینہ بغیر خلافت کے یثرب ہے

  17. Every now and then some one comes up with these predictions. I remember after fall of Dhaka,one pamphlet was in circulation, predicting a very large number of people coming from North-West.

    We took it as a help to defeat India, but they turned out to be Afghan Refugees, in millions. And Pakistan is still suffering from them.

    So please read all these prediction carefully and do not be over optimist.

    Allah has very clearly said in Quran,(Interpretation) a man is rewarded according to his whole hearted efforts. ( Saa'ee)

    As a nation we are corrupt, cheaters, liers and vote for such people to be our leaders so that we may continue with out any restriction. And we are doing it whole heartedly. So my fellow countrymen No Khush Fehmi.

    Presently, we are under a very serious threat from India, States and Israel. (I.S.I) and taking refuge under such prediction. WAKE-UP.