September 14, 2011

Seers' Warnings To Government & Judiciary (By Oriya Maqbool Jaan)

اہل نظر کا پیغام - اہل اقتدار اور اہل انصاف سے

Seers' Message to Leaders in Government & Judiciary: Don't do politics on peoples' blood,  Do speedy justice otherwise earthquakes, floods and elimination climate of Justice will eradicate them.

14-Sept-2011 Express Newspaper


  1. sari umar beurocracy main guzar de har na ahal aur corrupt hukamrano ke farmanbardari main un ka sath ab ya ALLAH ka pagham unhi corrupt hukamranon tak pohnchany par mamoor howay hain ahl a baseerat ke taraf sa

  2. @aamirnad do you know about his career in the Pakistani civil service?

    He was known as a very upright and honest person - everyone rejected him, he spent his whole life being moved around and posted to backwater areas because looters would not tolerate him near their main loot areas. He's shunned by most of his seniors and peers, and he still doesn't compromise on his principles.

    It's much easier to criticize from the outside. It's much harder to live through ignomy day after day, to see how much easier your life and your children's lives would be if you also joined in and got on the gravy train - summers in Switzerland, buying palaces and chateaus abroad, and still choosing not to. I've been following this guy's career and talks/writings since the 70s.

    Why are we as a nation so hell bent on criticizing others around us, when you and I may have plenty of condemnable stuff in ourselves.

  3. Brother Qasim57, You are right, after reading your reply to @aamirnad, I have decided my next post will be on Oriya Maqbool Jaan's Life which will be a reply to all those who are questioning his bureaucratic life.