September 18, 2011

A Pakistani Researcher's Reply To C M Naim's Research On Naimatullah Shah Wali Predictions

Why C M Naim Missed The Famous Book of H.M. Sarwar Nizami?

I have gone through American Professor C M Naim's Research (See here) on Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A.) Predictions few weeks ago. I figured out his research is not up to the mark due to many factors. My last post was about his research. Now in this post, I am raising many questions but lets first discuss some parts of his research on which he agreed.

1. "The first recorded appearance was in 1850, after the “Jihad” movement of Syed Ahmad had failed in the north-west, followed by serial appearances after the debacle of 1857, the dissolution of the Ottoman Caliphate and the failure of the Khilafat and Hijrat movements in 1924, the Partition of the country and community in 1947, and the Indo-Pak war of 1971-72."

So C M Naim accepted these predictions have recorded appearance.

2. "The opening verse of Q1 reads: qudrat-i-kirdigar mibinam// halat-i-rozgar mibinam (“I see the Creator’s powers; I see how Time fares”). The poem is now universally accepted as composed by a Sufi master who was born Syed Nuruddin but is known to posterity as Shah Ni’matullah Wali of Kirman (Iran)."

So he is saying, "Mibinam" Radeef poem is Universally accepted.

Now the real problem comes  for C M Naim, According to his research, 'Mibinam' Radeef Poem has 50 to 57 couplets. here the flaw in his research appears beacause An Old book of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali contains 100 couplets. This is a famous book with name Divan-Shah-Nematollah-Sangi
I have already posted my research on Meebinam Radeef. Read here (Mee Beenam Radeef & Other Comparisons)

There may be many more couplets but first 100 are already found. C M Naim proved Naimatullah Shah Wali's link with Kirman (Iran) but according to book: Shah Naimatullah Wali Paishangoiyan (1993) By Col. (Rtd) Matloob Hussain (Page 4)

In Pakistan, anybody who ever tried to read Shah Naimat's Predictions, he/she must know about a Famous Book: 800 Years Predictions: Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A. ) by Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar Nizami (Year 1972). Here is this book's Title Page

This is the most authentic and comprehensive book with a lot of explanations and spiritual knowledge.

The Biggest Question and Doubt in C M Naim's Research is

Why he deliberately hide/missed this most Important Book By H.M. Sarwar Nizami?

Why he deliberately hide/missed the Book Shah Naimatullah Wali Paishangoiyan (1993) by Col. (Rtd) Matloob Hussain

H.M. Sarwar Nizami's Book is the most easily available book on Internet, Just go to Google and type Naimatullah Shah Wali, this book will be found on first page of Google.This is the only book with all three types of Poems mentioned by C M Naim himself but didn't include its reference. This is the only book whose English translation is also available since 2008.  
See Popular Posts of this blog. This book is on top since the start of this blog. Thousands of people already viewed this.

But, I have a answer of this question, H.M. Sarwar Nizami was a student of Amanat Ali Shah Chisthi Nizami R.A. who was a Famous Wali Allah of 20th century. A glimpse of his knowledge can be seen in H.M. Sarwar Nizami's Book also. All the content other than predictions in H M. Nizami's Book is also very important and explains the knowledge of Aulia Allah (Friends of Allah) so C M Naim tried to hide this by not including this book's reference in his research as this book is very easily available and its predictions are mostly read in Pakistan. (All other references by C M Naim are not easy to search on Internet).

Amanat Ali Shah Sahib From Book Asrar-e-Ma'arifat
All the knowledge of H.M. Sarwar Nizami has come from his mentor. Book Asrar-e-Maarifat by his mentor opens the secrets of self. What is Ilm-e-Ghaib & Shahdah? What is Ilm-e-Ludni? What statuses a Man can achieve? How Aulia Allah foretell future through Kashf with the Will of Allah? and a lot of deep Knowledge about Tasawwuf & Maarifat. Allah had blessed him with the Ilm-e-Ludni (Divine mystical knowledge) and he was Sahib-e-Kashf himself.

My Question to Prof. C M Naim is, 'He is doing research on spiritual predictions of a Saint but he never touches its spiritual aspect.Why? How can he conduct a research on a Spiritual topic without the knowledge of Spirituality and Islamic Mysticism'

Ironically, Secular-minded C M Naim has done research on a spiritual topic. Lets see the meaning of Word Secular from Babylon Dictionary

adj. worldly, pertaining to the material (as opposed to the spiritual or religious); nonreligious in nature; not belonging to a religious order.

So word 'Secular' is directly  opposite to word 'Spiritual'. How can a research by Secular person be impartial on a Spiritual Subject?

By missing H.M Nizami's Book, he created confusion by saying

'Its title, “Ni’matullah Shah Wali”, clearly indicates Hamid’s source, for that arrangement of the name occurs only in the Anjuman’s booklet. All other books have: “Shah Ni’matullah Wali”.

If he reads title page of H.M Nizami's Book, It is clearly written 'Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Wali R.A', so Shah comes after Naimat Ullah.

Here are some more excerpts for C.M. Naim although he mentioned second one in his research.

C M Naim partially rejected Q2 & Q3 (Second & Third Poem) but here are three excerpts by Famous Pakistani Scholars/Writers referring different couplets from Q3 (Third Poem 'ana' Qafia) 

1. From: Alakh Nagri by Mumtaz Mufti Page 967-968
Famous writer Mumtaz Mufti was 42 years old in 1947, and very well knew these predictions, two 'ana' Qafia couplets were mentioned by him. Why C M Naim didn't referred this excerpt? while he quoted Hazrat Imam Bari (R.A.)'s saying in his research and said Mumtaz Mufti is very famous in Pakistan. How can he miss this important reference?  He said Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Ishfaq Ahmad and Mumtaz Mufti as self promoting 'Seers'. I can say,  this is his own point of view and very biased. Why he forgot another Seer 'Mohtarma Atiya Moujood' from Book Alakh Nagri who predicted breaking of India and a war? View here
Shah Naimat's Predictions about Partition (1947) & Kashmir dispute have already proved.

Read complete article/extract by Mumtaz Mufti here

Below is a couplet referred by Haroon ur Rasheed and Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar.
From Q3 (3rd Poem), Couplet about England's Future. Other couplets can be seen here

2. From: Haroon ur Rasheed's Article 'Kya Parhaiz Ilaj Se Behter Nahin' 29 March 2010

3. By Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar : Book Islam aur Asar-e-Hazir Page 300

Final Question To C M Naim:

If he thinks these predictions as Conspiracy Theories & Forgeries then 'Why couldn't he prove a single prediction wrong since their first recorded appearance in 1850 till now?

In the end, I can point out many other flaws in his research because C M Naim manipulated the qaseedah and distorted certain established facts by saying these predictions Conspiracy Theories. I see his research as biased one and he showed just his point of view, hiding many other facts. I suggest Prof. C M Naeem to rewrite his research and consider above facts but first read some good book on spirituality written by a Saint, he can start by Asrar-e-Ma'arifat.


  1. Salam Alaikum readers.

    This Naimat Ullah Shah Wali , is the person sunni or shia?.

    I heard he was shia and most of his predictions are based on shia beleifs.

    One poster advise other one on this site to go to any SHia book store and ask about this qaseeda. All shia book stores have this.

    I mean, predictions can be done by even non-muslims but we should not believe on them, Every thing would happened only by the will of Allah.

    I believe all this prediction business is just a drama to draw people's attention.

  2. @ Anonymous

    If you don't believe in the predictions what difference does it make whether Naimat ullah Shah Wali was Sunni or Shia????

    The Wali only foretell what Allah (SWT) want him to reveal. Since Aulia Karam are closer to Allah (SWT), so Allah (SWT) reveal his Will to them as much as Allah (SWT) wants.

    It is also known fact that these couplet dates back to almost 800 years and sofar proved accurate..

    Jab Firon ko us kay Jadoo gar Musa (AS) kay baray may bata saktay hain jo kay Allah hi ko nahi mantay thay, to ik Musalman aur phir Allah (SWT) kay doston ka kya kehna!

    We evaluate every thing in the light of Quran and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If it fits the hints given in the hadih we accept it otherwise not and finally time actually testify its truthfulness or falsehood anyway!

    The whole idea of predictions is to use them as word of caution or glad tiding to the ummah...

    Bottom line if u don't believe then u shouldn't be reading this in the first place....

    Whether u believe it or not you will find out soon enough.


  3. Thanks Brother Shams, Excellent Reply.

  4. Good work Brother Faqar-Ghayoor!

    After reading the research of C.M Naim, I found that his focus was not to research this topic but to target Zaid Hamid in particular where he tried to explain that Zaid Hamid are using these predictions to promote himself as "Lion of Ali(RA)" so clearly it seems to me that this research was ordered by some RAW-CIA backed elements in USA who want to counter the influence of Zaid Hamid and want to prove him worng especially after his stand against SAFMA.

  5. no doubt..this sacred azaan given by wali ullah nematullah shah wali in the honour of islam has been all over pakistan in electronic media by zaid hamid regarding ghuzwa e hind.and now this scripture has been circulating with vigorous interest on internet in iran and pakistan ..
    alas...why our so called sheikhs mullahs ulamas and muftis giving great sermons days and night could not quote this hadith to the depressed and disappointed people of pakistan....

    i salute you the author of this blog 'faqr e ghyoor' who is doing a great sacred service with his research work..may allah continue blessing you with further spiritual knowledge..!

  6. @Anonymous - Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Was A Saint & Wali Of Allah Almighty. They Have The Knowledge Of Future Granted By Allah & That's Not A Drama. Allah Ka Banday Allah Kay Name Pay Bat Kar Day To Allah Us Bat Ko Taqdeer Bana Deta Hai. Get Out Of This Shia/Sunni Differences & Be A Muslim.

    Allah Hu Akbar ! Ya Rasool Allah ! Ya Ali !

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  8. Zaid Hamid are using these predictions to promote himself as "Lion of Ali(RA)" AS PER C.M Naim.

    But many are forgetting here that there are other lions of Ali. The AWAANS Awulad of Hazart Abbas. Who are more than 10 million in Pakistan 'The Awan Tribe is perhaps the most heavily recruited tribe for the Pakistan Army and who were also used by British army in second world war.
    According to Sir Malcolm Darling, the Awans are the:
    Bravest of soldiers, toughest of cultivators and matchless as tent peggers.

  9. Allah is the best Judge.
    May Allah Unite us and save us from sectarian fighting.
    Shah Jahan

  10. Basit Ahmad Qadri KashmiriJune 30, 2015 at 3:02 PM

    Assalamu Alaikum admin sahab pehle baat Shah Naimatullah wali jinhone predictions ke hai woh kashmir wale nahe doosre baat hazrat shah Naimatullah wali sunni the koi sufi shia rafzi nahe hota and naimatullahi jo ban pade the iran me unhone shiyat qubool karne ka ailaan kiya wajah safavid dynasty ke barbariyat the jis ne iran ko shiyo ka gad bana diya warna iran he sunniyat ka markaz tha aur teesre baat shah Naimatullah rahimahullah ne apna jaanasheen apne bete shah khalilullah rahimahullah ko banaya phir wohe deccan aaye Woh bhi sunni safavid ke dar se naimatullahi matlab jo Naimatullah shah ke followers the ne ailaan karna pada shiyat ka warna sab maare jaate yaha se padlo about safavid and former naimatullahi ka conversion to shism chothe baat hazrat ka mazaar pak mahaan me he hai masla yeh hai ki hazrat 730 me paida huve matlab 1330 aur hafiz sahab aur niaz sahab ne predictions me likhne ka time 540 bata daala hai jo sahe nahe kashmir wale hazrat jo hai qadri silsile wale hai aur 16 th century ke buzurg the na ki 14 century ke aur eik baat yeh ki unka divaan iran me moujood hai lekin abh uspe barosa nahe kiya jasakta kyunki Iran me shia hai aur woh itne gande firqe wale hai kya pata kya kiya ho uska usme rafziyo ke iran pe tashadud ka bhi likha hoga isliye chupa bethe hai use aur agar kise ko shak hai maaz Allah ki hazrat sunni Nahe the toh zara pura predictions pade jo 258 kuch moujood hai waha usmani way(Ottaman empire)se kattaye taaluq ke wajah se akbar pe laanat ke gaye hai aur musalmano ke gazwa e hind ke baad ke fatah pe likha gaya hai ki usman ke qoum phir buhat khush honge kya samjhe

  11. Basit Ahmad Qadri KashmiriJune 30, 2015 at 3:10 PM
    here u can also read who changed to shism becoz of safavid barbarism hazrat syed noor ud deen naimatullah or naimatullahis and also there is zikr that hazrat left behind his divaan
    hazrat was sunni disciple of sarkar yafi'e whose murshid lineage goes to Shaykh maroof kharki all sunni sufis there was no sufism ever in shism and never can be