August 20, 2011

New People Will Come & Save Our Religion (Barkat By Javed Chaudhry)

"الله کافر کو برداشت کر لیتا ہے لیکن منافق کو نہیں"

Exactly 5 years ago on 20 August 2006, Javed Chaudhry wrote a column about a Sufi Khan Abdus Samad Khan Sahib whom he met at Sufi Barkat Ali R.A.'s shrine in 2001/2002. That Sufi repeatedly told Javed Chaudhry about some future events, His conversation was not in sequence but had very deep meanings. Sufi Sahib said two types of things,

1. There will be a War, All the hypocrites will die in this war, New People will come, they will lead prayer in pent coat and save God's religion (i.e. True Faith Islam), Allah can bear a non-believer but not a hypocrite.

2. Then he told things about present time that how people will do corruption, lawlessness, dishonesty, evil doings etc etc.  

Please read the article yourself, really sad things.

Khan Abdus-Samad Khan Sahib died at the age of 90, one month after his meeting with Javed Chaudhry. 

Above article can also be found in Book: Zero Point-3. & in Express Newspaper published on 20 August 2006


  1. 5 years have been past and no war has taken place.
    And listen ! while others predict that good people will come ,this saint has predicted that hypocrites will come who'll drink etc.
    I personally think that majority of saints now relies on the Qasida of Shah NaematUllah.
    my id is

  2. He predicted two opposite type of people having same appearance will come into power. They will wear coat and pants. First type will be helper of Imam Mahdi who will protect Deen and other type will be hypocrites who will be helper of Sufyani and other tyrants. We can see both type of people in our age. (Allah Knows Best)

  3. WOH DIN QAREEB HAI DONT WORRY... laazim hai ke ham bhi dekhnge ham dekhnge .. jo loh azal me likha hai ham dekhnge... jab takht giraaye jaaynge jab taaj uchaalye jaaynge ham dekhnge ...

  4. How can you say from your own that people wearing pants and coats will be helper of Imam Mahdi alaye hi salam."The one who makes the appearance of a nation,is from them"(hadith)
    Does'nt dress matter to you?Pent coat is the identity of the west.How can a true Momin adopt it?
    These hypocrates will be probably from PTI who'll spread secularism/liberalism.They will ammend the constitution to give relaxations to qadiyanis (since PTI is heavily supported by agencies and civil and millitary bureaucracy has a large number of open and undercover Qadiyanis and PTI has a large number of human rights workers who always need a point to criticize Islam.Although i have been thinking this thing for about 7,8 months,i saw a video on youtube a week back from now in which Imran khan says to qadiyanis that when he'll coem in power he'll change the constitution for qadiyanis).they'll buy the media to promote qadiyanis.The religious state of people will become worse except those who'll be saved by Allah.
    This is my personal analysis,and if it is destined to go this way.if not,then good people may come immediately .WAllahu Aalam.

  5. Javed chaudhary,haroon rasheed are exposed.Dr. safdar is suspicious as well.
    These people claim to be in connection with saints but their talks are not according to islam.Javed chaudhary's 4th november column has exposed him.
    he claimed that mumtaz mufti told him that he was chosen for the mission of pakistan.look what is the mission of pakistan and what is he doing through his columns.
    he's a confused person.When he writes on pre-destination he narrates such examples which make you think that nothing is by your will,wverything is pre-destined.
    When he writes on the will power and choice of man,he ensures you that man can do everything.
    His personality has been split in paradoxes.
    Haroon ur rasheed is the biggest liar and still claims to be in connection with darvesh.alkl these columnists are dramas.the person who writes somewhat close to the 100% truth is oriya maqbool jan.

  6. there is a hadith which means that a nation having a woman as its ruler cant succeed.Ibn e kathir has narrated it in al bidaya wan nahaya and has quoted the examples of two such rulers of persia.
    This ignorant nation selected b.b as p.m twice.She was ready to be for third time.even today there are 33% women's seats in national assembly reserved for women.Beside this,those women who compete in an election they also manage to come in assembly.
    The purpose to state this is that even if you have a single woman assmebly member in your assembly,pakistan cant be a successful nation (since more or less she is the part of the legislation and state affairs).
    So oppose this system and make people aware of these points before a new election comes and people cast their votes.Democracy is the biggest curse.make people aware of it.
    I believe that recent floods in pakistan and earthquake in Turkey had many reasons behind of them probably was this democracy.
    Seek Allah's refuge and keep people aware that democracy is cursed.Maulana Sheikh Nazim QaddasALlahu Sirrahu has been warning people of democracy since decades but since last year hi warnings have become more often and more intense.
    Therefore warn people of democracy and its hazards.Those who'll oppose it for the sake of islam will inshaAllah be saved.spread awareness.spread it everywhere.facebook,friends,students,colleagues,seniors,juniors,servants,employees,employers,customers,parents,siblings,relatives it quickly.even if they dont agree,keep doing your formality.May Allah be pleased with you if you do it for His sake.aamin

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  8. In Islam, consent only from 'Sahib-ul-Rai' (people who have the concerned knowledge)is considered as 'authentic'. In same way, as if cloths are sewed by a tailor master, not by a shoe-maker. In our present democratic system, politicians(with fake degrees) are supposed to decide Kala Bagh Dam! The result we have seen. Democracy is not the answer, I agree.