August 07, 2011

I Am Seeing 'That Man' Who Will Free You From Slavery (Prediction by Allama Iqbal)

می رسد مردے کہ زنجیر غلاماں بشکند  - زبورعجم

Few months ago, Oriya Maqbool Jaan wrote an article 'Zanjeerain Tootne Wali Hain'. He said: 'Sufi Saints are seeing an individual who will become the center of hopes, prayers and wills of this nation very soon.' & then he quoted a couplet/shair of Allama Iqbal

می رسد مردے کہ زنجیر غلاماں بشکند
دیدہ ام از روزن دیوار زندان شما
'That Man is coming who will break the chains of slaves, I am looking him from top windows of the prison's wall'
When we searched, we found this couplet in Book 'Zabur-e-Ajam' (Persian Psalms), First read the extract from Oriya Sahib's Article then this couplet from Zabur-e-Ajam.

Allama Iqbal's Persian poetry is full of future predictions. Here this couplet is presented along with complete Ghazal, Other couplets are really eyeopener for the youth of Pakistan.

Book: Zabur-e-Ajam: Part 2, Ghazal 57 (Couplet No. 6)

Please also read this at Allama Iqbal Poetry website here

English Translation:

1. Like a tulip’s flame I burn, In your presence as I turn;
    By my life, and yours, I swear Youth of Persia (Non-Arab) ever fair!
2. I have dived, and dived again, With my thoughts into life’s brain
    Until I prevailed to find, Every secret of your mind.
3. Sun and moon—I gazed on these, Far beyond the Pleiades (Star Cluster),
    And rebuilt a sanctuary, In your infidelity.
4. I have twisted well the blade, Till its edge was sharper made;
    Pale the gleam and lusterless, Wasted in your wilderness.
5. My thought’s images dispense, To the Orient’s indigence
    The bright ruby that I gain, From your mines of Badakhshan.

6. Comes the man, to free at last, Slaves confined in fetters fast;
    Through the windows in the wall, Of your prison I see all.

7. Make a ring about me now; In my Heart fire’s aglow

    That your forebears lit one day, Things of water and of clay.



    please visit this article..future of pakistan is described by a wali.

  2. omg amazing!!!!
    this is the first time I've been on this blog!!
    Desperately waiting for the one who'll free us all.

  3. This poem is not about Pakistan, but Iran. And we see that Khomeini brought the revolution and broke the chains of Iran, and now Iqbal is very famous in Iran. In fact, their present spiritual leader considers Iqbal his guide, and this is the article he wrote about Iqbal:

    This poem is also mentioned in the article.

  4. @Anonymous:
    Your argument has much potential than other explanations.

  5. @"This poem is not about Pakistan, but Iran."

    Yes Sayyid 'Ali Khamane'i and Muhammad Ahmadinejad can be this leader (The commander of Imam Mahdi).

    Ahmadinejad talks about Imam Mahdi:
    Imam Mahdi will come with science, culture and logic

  6. Ayatollah Khamenei; ''Waiting Hazrat Mahdi (as) means expecting a living person''

  7. @ Faisal Farooq: It cannot really be said what kind of a person will Imam Mahdi (as) be. It is most probable that before the Mahdi (as) appears, there is going to be a big war in which technology will meet its death. And then we are going back to the old times. The wars between Dajjal's forces and Mahdi's (as) army will be fought with swords and on horses. Allah knows best!

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  9. Amazing!!!!
    This poem is not about Pakistan, but Iran
    and i really like it
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