August 12, 2011

قوم کو مشکلات سے نکالنےکے لیے گڑ گڑا کر دعا مانگیں - سید سرفراز اے شاہ

Pakistan Will Remain Victorious In Future Battle of Truth & Evil 

In start of Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib's Lecture on 22 June, 2011,  a question was asked about Mumtaz Mufti's book 'Okhay Olrhay' and Pak India battle described in it. Shah Sahib said, Insha Allah, Pakistan will remain victorious in that battle. 

Please read post Final and Decisive Battle of Panipat (Okhay Olrhay by Mumtaz Mufti) for more details.

Here is Shah Sahib's reply briefly in Urdu (Blog writer is a witness of this conversation)

قوم کو مشکلات سے نکالنےکے لیے گڑ گڑا کر دعا مانگیں

We already posted the importance of Prayer & reciting of Durood Sharif in current situation of country. In a seminar held on 8 August,  Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib also stressed on 'Dua for Country'.

'Spiritual Personalities Can Inspire Nation'

LAHORE: The Mir Khalilur Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) organised a seminar ‘Islam: Sufism and Dua’ in connection with 25th Urs of Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Ali Shah (RA) at the auditorium of Allama Iqbal Medical College here on Sunday.
Former Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting Syed Samsam Ali Bokhari presided over the seminar while Syed Sarfraz A Shah, Syed Bilal Chishti from Ajmer, India, AIMC Principal Prof Dr Javed Akram, Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer and others also spoke.
Syed Samsam said there was need of taking inspiration from spiritual personalities in the prevailing circumstances and spiritual gatherings always proved beneficial in this regard. He said self-accountability was very important to ensure constructive activities for betterment of the society. He said no-one could rule a heart with a sword; however, it was possible with love and care.
Syed Sarfraz said Dua helped remove uneasiness within one’s self and one must fully concentrate while changing the words of Dua each time. He said no-one knew human psychology better than Allah. He also said Sufis and spiritual personalities never prayed for vested interest as they always prayed in best interest of people.
Justice (r) Nazeer Akhtar said reforming intention was very important and it could be achieved by acting upon the best practices. He said Dua was the treasure of religious obligations and the act of Dua was highly liked by Allah.
Maulana Fazalul Rahim of Jamia Ashrafia said the prevailing circumstances of the country demanded people make special Dua for its survival. He said one should bow before Allah while keeping in view that one was being watched by Him.
MKRMS Chairman Wasif Nagi said Dua should be made with a firm belief that it would be accepted by Allah. Ibtisam said Dua (prayer) made with pure intention was always accepted. Prof Dr Javed Akram also talked about importance of Dua.
The speakers paid glowing tributes to Hazrat Syed Yaqoob Ali Shah (RA) and shed light on his life. Syed Bilal Chishti led Dua in the end and also prayed for peace in Pakistan and India. The seminar was attended by a large number of people from different walks of life, including Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and renowned actor Ahsan Khan. Kashan Haider assisted the seminar proceedings.

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