August 17, 2011

نظریاتی شناخت قوموں کو متحد اور مضبوط بناتی ہے (Articles by Dr. Safdar Mehmood)

خاص ہے ترکیب میں قوم رسول ہاشمی........علامہ اقبال

Two Nation Theory (دو قومی نظریہ) was founding principle of Pakistan Movement. (i.e, The Ideology of Pakistan نظریہ پاکستان). Here three consecutive columns of Dr. Safdar Mehmood (Author of Many Books on Pakistan History) are presented which will explain the importance of this ideology. These columns are also answers to those who knowingly or unknowingly try to disregard this ideology.

Please read 'Asha'ar of Allama Iqbal' related to this topic below, then you will understand why Pakistan was created.

21 August 2011 - Jang Newspaper

17 August 2011 - Jang Newspaper

16 August 2011 - Jang Newspaper

بڑھ کے خیبر سے ہے یہ معرکہ دین و وطن......علامہ اقبال

1. Bang-e-Dra: Jawab-e-Shikwa (Read Complete here)

1. Bang-e-Dra: Mazhab

3. Bang-e-Dra: Shama-o-Shayar

4. Bang-e-Dra: Wataniyat

5. Baal-e-Jibreel: Maktabon Mein...

6. Zarb-e-Kaleem: Hindi Islam

7. Zarb-e-Kaleem: Azadi

8. Armaghan-e-Hijaz Urdu: Hussain Ahmad (Read Complete Poem)

The Ajamites do not yet know, The fine points of our faith;
Otherwise Husain Ahmad of Deoband! What is this foolhardiness? 

 A sermon-song from the pulpit that a nation by a homeland be!
From the real position of the Arabian Prophet (PBUH), How sadly unaware is he!

Your self merge with Mustafa (PBUH) for all faith embodies in him!
If you do not reach up to HIM, It is all Bu Lahab’s idolatry!

-The End-

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