August 03, 2011

Allah Will Send A Man Who Will Do Justice (By Wasif Ali Wasif R.A.)

Wait For Him, Find Him or Become That Person

Wasif Ali Wasif (R.A.)

In previous post,  Javed Chaudhry mentioned a Darvesh who told him 'How a Man of God will appear and do justice', Surprisingly, Wasif Ali Wasif R.A. also said same thing that  
'Allah will send a Man who will do Justice with no differentiation of friends or foes. A great spiritual era is coming in Pakistan, God will give us vision and heart once again'
Please read below extract from his book Guftugoo, Page 263

Below Extract from his Book Muqalma, Page 83

Wasif Ali Wasif repeatedly mentioned the importance of a Leader, He himself a firm believer (صاحب یقین) of bright future of Pakistan, below extract from Book Muqalma Page 225

Below Extract from Book Muqalma Page 81

Below Extract from Book Guftugoo, Page 80

Below Extract from Book Guftugoo, Page 81

Dua & Durood Sharif

Allama Iqbal and Wasif Ali Wasif both are divinely blessed personalities, Read how both emphasized on Prayer and Durood Sharif. Solution to all our problems is in it. They knew something which we don't know.

Allama Iqbal's letter to his sister,

Below Extract from Book Guftugoo, Page 200


  1. SubhanAllah :)
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