July 01, 2011

Mulk Mein Khushgawar Tabdeeliyan Aane Wali Hain (By Anwaar Shah Sahib)

Pleasant Changes Will Come In Pakistan

Muhammad Anwer is an online article writer on Hamariweb portal. In his article published on 10 June, 2011, he mentioned a Sufi Saint Anwaar Shah Sahib and his 'Inkashafat' about Pakistan Future. Read the article below particularly the highlighted part.

English translation of predictions part is below.

Link of above article at Hamariweb http://hamariweb.com/articles/article.aspx?id=14021

English Translation:

According to 82 years old Sufi Saint Anwaar Shah Sahib,
"After some time with the order of Allah SWT, surprising and pleasant changes will start to happen in our country. These changes will go against corrupt politicians and traders but general public will become happy on these but before this for some time the situation will become more hopeless even extreme disaster. Due to this situation, people who fear from Allah, will get more closer to him………The most surprising thing which Shah sahib disclosed, is , A Personality which is not appeared yet, will bring revolution in the country and this revolution will be according to the desires of the public. This revolution the will be supported by the God’ Will."


  1. Who is the saviour of Pakistan? I am desperate to know.

  2. @zohaib..i guess we have to wait n see..may be ALLAH has designated a time for that personality to come up..timing is everything in this world..hold ur lines..and when that personality comes up..u will know it..

  3. We,the majority of Pakistanis, are always praying for the betterment of the country and wishing /hoping that the right leader should come at the earliest so the sufferings and misery of the nation is gone forever.

    May Allah bless all of us as a nation.

  4. Allah knows the knowledge of ghaib..may He send a person on this earth of pak who bring revolution.. may v see peace ,love ,humanity ,happiness on earth of pak..
    Imran Khan is a good man,May Allah select him for this purpose aameen!!!!

  5. The time is very near, be patient and ask ALLAH for forgiveness......

  6. According to the prediction of Niamat Shah Wali his name will be (Habib ullah) mean friend of Allah.

  7. jo abhi zahir nhe hoyee ..... 2011 main Imran Khan ka naam kahen nhe tha jab Anwaar Shah sahib nay yeh kaha,,, ab Imran Khan aa gya hai .. KAPTAN hai the saviour of Pakistan .. beleive in him and follow him for a Nya Pakistan....Allah Bless Pakistan.. Ameen