July 03, 2011

Molvi Ka Islam Aur Sufi/Qalandar/Mujahid Ka Islam

Mullah Ki Azan Aur, Mujahid Ki Azan Aur...(Allama Iqbal)

Here are Dr. Safdar Mehmood's two important articles on the topic of 'Molvi Ka Islam Aur Sufi Ka Islam' published in Jang Newspaper recently. Dr. Safdar Mehmood quoted Syed Sarfraz A. Shah's Book 'Kahe Faqeer' and an event from Dr. Javed Iqbal's Book 'Zinda Rood'.
Allama Iqbal also discussed this topic in his poetry many times, some of his famous couplets/ashaar related to this topic are also presented below.

 Dr. Safdar Mehmood
Published on 02, 03-July-2011

Mujahid/Qalandar Ka Islam...(Crux of Allama Iqbal Poetry)
1. Poem 'Haal-o-Maqam', Book:  Baal-e-Jibreel

Most Important One 
Alfaz-o-Ma'ani Mein Tufawat (farq) Nahin Lekin 
Mullah Ki Azan Aur, Mujahid Ki Azan Aur

2. From Poem 'Khanqah': Book Baal-e-Jibreel

3. From Qataa, Book: Baal-e-Jibreel

4. From Book: Baal-e-Jibreel

5. From Book: Baal-e-Jibreel

6. Most Important Poem Touheed: Book Zarb-e-Kaleem

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