July 10, 2011

Do Maidan-e-Jang ....(By Oriya Maqbool Jaan)

 Panipat & Jerusalem  (Last Two Battlefields)

Two regions which will become battlefields according to the Hadeeth Mubarika of Prophet (S.A.W.). Oriya Maqbool Jaan explained these two regions in this article.

(Express Newspaper 01-01-2009)


  1. We have been waiting for this so called imam mahdi for like 1000 years since. When he is going to show up. These sufis are only good for baseless predictions and fooling the muslim population. There is no Imam Mahdi in Islam. There is no second coming of Hazrat Isa (AS) in Islam. These are all misconceptions based on weak ahadiths. Thats why Imam Bukhari didn't include a single (I repeat), a single hadees regarding Imam Mahdi in his book. You guys can read every book of Imam Bukhari and you won't find a single hadees which mention Imam Mahdi emergence.
    Please read this article


    1. it is clearly written in the quran that jesus Christ never died and that he will return !HOW CAN YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO DENY THAT

  2. Sir kindly upload oriy Maqbool Jan's Columns dated 2 and 13 July, 2011. they are related to the topic. these columns publish in Express News. Thanks

  3. Thank you very much...Insha Allah, these will be uploaded soon. Many things are in queue...

  4. @Faqar-e-Ghayoor

    do you care to visit the link I posted above? This article claims that Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Isa second coming is a hoax and based on fabricated ahadees.

    I have read the recent column of Oriya Maqbool jan in which he said that in 2013 Pakistan and India will have a war between them and hopefully Pakistan will won the war.

    Another bay par ki urai hai sufion ne.yeh professor rafiq akhtar jese modern sufi hi hain jo kehte rehte hain ke pakistan kabhi nahi toote ga etc.

    well guess what, Pakistan have been broken already in the form of Bangladesh. Or may be punjabi sufis only cosider punjab as a true pakistan, baqi to wese hi bekar log hain, sirf punjabi pakistan hi asal pakistan hai.

    balochistan bhi taqreeban alag hochuka hai pakistan se, un ko bhi yeh punjabi sufi shayed asli muslaman nahi samjhte.

    reh gaye muhajir, wo to wese hi in ke nazdeek indian agents hain.

    Apna mulk sambhala nahi ja raha or dosron ka mulk fatah karne nikle hain.

  5. Brother,

    I hope, you will believe when these things happen in front of your eyes.

    Best way to judge these predictions, is to see them actually happening.

    Can you wait year 2012 & 2013?

  6. A most awe-inspiring and moitivating piece of information. May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata'aalah make us one of those who participate and witness these events.

  7. Sir column of orya Maqbool dated 9 July, 2011 is very interesting. Kindly upload that column. Many thanks. Sir i appreciate your work. How can i become member

  8. Brother,

    You can contribute by posting any good columns/extracts links here. InhsaAllah They will be included.

  9. @Faqre Ghayoor.... Mere bhai, they have been doing these predictions for last 1000 years. Their Imam Mahdi haven't show up yet. I am sure you are more knowledgable than me and you must have read all history books when so many people claim to be mahdi but none of them were genuine. The incident when Imam Muhammad and his brother Imam Ibrahim khurooj against the Khalifa of Baghdad in Madinah. Imam Abu Hanifa has declared Imam Muhammad as Imam Mahdi but guess what, Imam Muhammad was killed in the battle and Khalifa army entered in Madinah and killed many people. His brother Imam Ibrahim then declare himself the khalifa of martyred Imam Muhammad in Koofa.

    What I am trying to say that these sufis are bluffing this ummah on the name of Imam Mahdi for the past 1000 years. I have no problem waiting either 2012 or 2013. By the way is there any significance for these years in sufis. I knew the mayan calendar has been finished on 21 December 2012, on the basis of that many Archealogist claim that even if the world not finished in 2012, but any other big incident may occur.

    Wallah ul Ilam

  10. Brother,

    First thing we should make clear in mind that Sufis/WaliAllah mostly neither predict future nor they have any interest in it, in fact, these people got to the status of sainthood (Walayat) only when they totally submit themselves to Allah's Decisions & Will (Razi Ba Raza), but surprisingly, whenever they discuss Pakistan, they always give happy news about its Future. There must be some reason behind this, which we are trying to find on this blog by joining the bit & pieces to make a complete picture.

    Secondly, Its a common debate on every forum about the arrival of Imam Mehdi (A.S.) in near future, Many Ahadees Mubarika and other stuff can easily be found on internet, but the question is, Should we wait for Imam Mehdi?, Will he come or not in this era etc etc.

    What should we do now? Where to tilt?

    We think, In near past, Concept/Arrival of Imam Mehdi is best explained by Allama Iqbal in his poetry & writings.

    Please wait for a post on this topic (Imam Medhi in Views of Allama Iqbal). It will be posted in next month, Hopefully.

    Although this blog is not on Imam Mehdi(A.S.) and we never tried to post on him, but by coincidence, most posts seems to point him.

    (God Knows Best & We fully surrender to Him)

  11. Sir column of orya Maqbool dated 9 July, 2011 is very interesting. Kindly upload that column. Many thanks.

  12. InshaAllah,it will be uploaded after next post. These are evergreen columns by Oriya Sahib, MashaAllah.

  13. The Qadiani faith believes and propagates that the arrival of Hazrat Imam Mahdi AHS and the return of Hazrat Issa AHS are all conjured stories. While it is true that Sahih Bukhari does not have a single hadees about Imam Mahdi AHS, but it is generally accepted by Bukhari himself that he has not attempted to compile each and every hadees known to him.

    Qadianis hold Kashmir and Northern part of Pakistan with great religios-strategic for various reasons and were promised by the British a state of there own comprising of these parts. However this has not materialized and never will InshaAllah. That is why Qadianis believe and spread these lies that Hazrat Issa AHS is buried in Sri Nagar and Bibi Mariam AHS in Murree Hills (named after Mary).

    Needless to say that it is all hogwash. Rasool Allah SAW's Ahadees in connection to Imam Mahdi AHS are close to 170 in number if memory serves me correctly, and one of them also says that ONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE IN IMAM MAHDI IS OUT OF THE REALM OF ISLAM!

    It would be foolish to say that Punjabi Sufi's are promulgating these ideas. Stop being insolent and stop depending so much on your logic and intellect. There is some thing called esoteric knowledge as well. Just because you cannot comprehend it, does not mean its not there.

    My Murshid e Pak has also said that greatness awaits Pakistan, and he is not from Punjab. As it is, Allah's Auliyas transcend ideas like ethnicity, these peripherals are the manifestation of a cloistered myopic mind.