June 01, 2011

Umeedon Ke Charagh...(by Syed Anwar Qidwai)

A Hopeful Article about Pakistan Future

English Translation of Predictions Part (Read Complete Urdu Article Below):
Syed Anwar Qidwai mentions views of four Sufi Saints about Pakistan Future in this column, Lets read Important part of this column.

Nation is passing through chaotic & uncertain situation and there seems to be no good news for public. In this condition, God’s pious people become a ray of hope and we find encouragement from them.

1. Syed Naeem Qadri, A Sufi who has confined himself in a house from last 25 years . A public kitchen always remains open and people come to him for prayer. His elder Sufi Hazrat Abu Al-Farh Fazaluddin’s beneficence is stilled continued in Indian Punjab’s city Batala. His father Peer Syed Nau Bahar Shah was Wali of his time, also.
When asked to do prayer and questioned about the future of country in this crisis situation. He replied:
“Nothing will happen to this country. It's in safe hands and it will do progress rapidly. Now all things are happening like this, when a dust storm comes, trees stamp out from roots, walls go down but after this storm, cool breeze will also blow and Blessing of God will also come (Rain), we are facing similar situation, Soon cool winds will start to blow and the weather will become pleasant.”
2. Prof. Ahmad Rafique came to Lahore for a Lecture, when I met him and asked about the country’s future as apparently so much turmoil in the country and there is no hope of betterment.
He replied:
“Nothing will happen to country. A very positive change will come and an era of exemplary development and progress will start in country. Jews and Hindus are not only doing conspiracy against Pakistan but also against Islam. And they are planning to implement zionist great agenda. To stop them, Muslim Ummah needs to be prepared”
3. Famous Spiritual personality Syed Sarfraz Shah even said this,
“It’s not Pakistan or any other Muslim countries turn, but Its America’s turn now, and world’s so-called superpower is quickly moving towards destruction”  
4. Most important Sufi Nazir Ahmad from Madina, his phone call is very encouraging, his voice echoes  in my ear,
“Qidwai Sahib, Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) will do mercy, Insha’Allah Its blessing will come soon, there is nothing to worry, our enemies will be defeated”
Sufi Nair Sahib’s Spiritual greatness and power can be realized with this fact that he has been blessed with a duty of doing cleanness on ROZA-e-RASOOL (PBUH) for a long time and still Yemeni Key Holders do this duty in his supervision in every Friday.

In the end Syed Anwar Qidwai says, These messages from Sufis, gives us a lot of hope and Its my believe that spiritual world is real and true. And the things which they are saying are not words only but their spiritual eyes are seeing a new dawn (sunrise).

 Published in Jang Newspaper 01-June-2011


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    This is a word Hindi people have mutilated, otherwise us proper Urdu speakers still maintain the correct Persian spelling. Another example would be farangi which they now call firangi, thus losing its inheritance chain from farhang or farang which means foreign.

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  4. I want to know about Syed Naeem Qadri. Where we can meet him.

    1. Sadly he has passed away. Was my nana (Nana;s brother, he himself never married)

    2. He has sadly passed away couple of years ago. Was my Nana (well nana's brother, he himself never married)

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