June 04, 2011

This All Is For A Little Time...(Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar)

Era of Sincere Leaders & Ghazwa-e-Hind Hadees

English translation is below.
Extract is from Book: Mawara-e-Sarab (March 2009)

English Translation of Above Extract:

Question:  Is Pakistan not going towards disaster in current scenario?

Answer:  Nothing will happen to Pakistan……It’s a very beautiful country and due to its beauty, its ugly parts are becoming more prominent.  Excellent people from whole Muslim Ummah are living here.  Although All Muslims love to God but nobody loves Holy Prophet (PBUH) more than Pakistanis, so how this country can be destroyed. Sometimes its beauty is stained by small fearful, unthinkable and anti-humanity events but this all is for a little time. If all the tyrants (bullies) of the world join and try to disintegrate Pakistan, they can’t achieve it. This country is come to stay till end times. Neither it will divide nor will it distribute. The war, which it has to fight and definitely, it will fight. Residents of Indo-Pak will fight that war with devotion and when this extreme time will pass then the era of honest, pure and sincere people will come. It’s not that they will not make mistake but they will set the basis of a moderate Islamic society where people will live happily according to the law and God’s that saying will be fulfilled “When you people will return, We will also return, when you will come back, We will also come back”. Then this country will have to get the respect & prosperity and then it have to wait for that time as told by Abu Naeem Bin Hamad in Hadith “Muslims of Hind will first destroy and eradicate Kufar (non-believers) of Hind and imprison their ruling elite and then they will assist the Son of Mariam in Syria ”. This is the destiny of this country. No need to worry. Fear is there, hurry is there but the destination is very stable and glorious Insha Allah and after passing through this crisis time, we will reach to our destination with the grace and blessing of God.


  1. I just want to point out the contradiction what Professor wrote about being split of country. He said Pakistan will never broke.
    Well then what was the separation of East Pakistan?. East Pakistan was separated through a bloody revolution and fight in between Pakistanis.

    Or he may think that only Punjab cannot be split as Punjab and Pujabis are the sole/real Pakistanis. Others are not considered true Pakistanis and they go to hell.

    and FYI all, Baluchistan and many parts of PKP are already out of the jurisdiction of State.

  2. Bro, these are testing times on our nation, InshaAllah in future situation will become much better as Sufis are giving us very hopeful news. IA.