June 28, 2011

Aur Darvesh Ki Sada Kya Hai ! (Amjad Islam Amjad)

Design of Nature and Pakistan Future

Amjad Islam Amjad mentioned Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib's book 'Kahe Faqeer' and some golden words from it in his article today. Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahib many times discussed Future of Pakistan according to 'Design of Nature and Will of God' in recent times. Lets read some excerpts about Design of Nature then read Amjad Islam Amjad's Article.

Extracts from Amir Khakwani's Articles (Read complete at Dhund Mein Lipti Khuskhabri & Namaloom Ki Aaghi

Now above reading can help us to understand Design of Nature Quote in below article.
Below Article published in Express Newspaper on 28-June-2011

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June 25, 2011

The Words of Wisdom (Sufi Barkat Ali R.A.)

Hikmat Ki Baatain (From Books: Maqalat-e-Hikmat)

Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali r.a. was a Sahib-e-Basirat and Ahle Nazar Personality of Pakistan. His famous Maqalat-e-Hikmat 30 Books contain over 12,000 maqalat covering all aspects of Islam. Here some 'Hopeful Maqalat' related to current situation of the country are presented. Download his all books at Maqalat-e-Hikmat

*Sabr Se Allah Ki Rehmat Ka Intezar Kar...Dair Hikmat Pe Mabni Hoti Hai*

Above are from first 6000 aphorisms, In some later post, other important 'Maqalat' will be posted

English translation will be posted soon

June 22, 2011

The One Who Is Coming...(Aane Wala By Mumtaz Mufti)

Wohi Jo Aane Wala Hai...Jis Ke Intezar Mein Sub Baithe Hain

Mumtaz Muft - 1947

Extract from Chapter Shah Kaku Ka Baba, Book: Alakh Nagri By Mumtaz Mufti 
(His conversation with a Sufi at Kala Shah Kaku while coming to Lahore after partition 1947)
Read English translation below

English Translation of above extract:

The One Who Is Coming
Baba (Saint) said, ‘Can’t you see, this country is made for some purpose, it’s not without a reason. Now this Shaking Boat has to carry to destination’.
I (Mumtaz Mufti) asked wittily, Baba, ‘For whom this country is made?’
He said, “They say, throne will be laid here then He will come and sit here”
“Who is that person?” I asked.
 Baba replied, “The One who is coming, The One whom all are waiting”
I am getting out of my patience, I said, Baba ‘Can I say something if you don’t mind’
He said, ‘Yes ask, I will not mind‘
I said, “Neither I agree to these things nor I agree to Saints”
Baba Replied, “Don’t agree, It’s your consent, Agree or Disagree, we don’t impose anything, its everyone’s luck, some agree, some don’t agree” then he stopped and spoke after sometime
“It’s just a matter of time, when the time will come, you will automatically agree with this”.
I reluctantly said “No Baba”
Baba Said, "You don’t know, they are very strict and powerful, when they come to their will, they make others to agree"
‘No Baba’, I stopped him

Page 83 of Alakh Nagri