May 22, 2011

Dua of Ghazwa-e-Ahzab (The Battle of The Trench Prayer)

All Pakistanis Are Requested To Read This Prayer Daily

Below Prayer was told by Holy Prophet (PBUH) during Ghazwa-e-Ahzab (Khandaq) to Muslims when they were surrounded by extreme hardships and enemies. Due to 'Fazilat & Barkat' of this Prayer Muslims remained victorious in that battle.

It is requested to All Pakistanis to read this 'Dua' many times a day, print this or read online, Insha'Allah Once again, God's help will appear & threats to our country will fade away soon. 

Also listen the audio of Syed Sarfraz A. Shah about the Fazilat of this Dua below.
Dua provided by Syed Sarfraz A. Shah (

Please Read Durood Shareef atleast three times before this Dua

Dua Al-Ahzab
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Spirtual Scholar Syed Sarfraz A. Shah recommending this Dua during his lecture, also describing its benefits in difficult times

Other Prayers are also told by Holy Prophet (PBUH) in that Ghazwa. Please visit below post to read a short Dua

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  1. if we look at the geo political and military stage around Pakistan then no wonder Pakistan is in exact situation of ghazwa e khandaq of the State of Madina