April 21, 2011

Fate does not follow any Logic (Taqdeer By Allama Iqbal)

Allama Iqbal's 73rd Death Anniversary (A Tribute)

Today is Allama Iqbal's 73rd death anniversary. His Dream, Pakistan, is facing worst of its times on all axes, and there seems to be no hope for improvement in this situation. but on the other hand, may be, Pakistan is reaching to a point, where Fate directly involves, unfolds its decisions and guides Pakistan to its brilliant destiny because Fate does not follow any Logic (It has its own Logic which is concealed).

This wisdom is found in Allama Iqbal's poetry. His wonderful Poem 'Taqdeer' from Zarb-e-Kaleem gives us hope and hint of working of Fate, also a verse from Poem 'Khizar-e-Rah' of 'Bang-e-Dra' tells us how rival's planning fails in front of Fate. So Future of Pakistan depends on Fate and GOD's Will now.

Fate (Destiny)

Sometimes men who don't deserve, get power and might, 
Sometimes a Person's bright skills remain disgraced

Perhaps some rules of Logic are concealed, 
Fate does not seems to follow any Logic

There is a fact that all of  us can  know, 
World history does not hide it from us
Fate keeps its eye on what the nations do, 
Like two-edged sword can cut through and through

Khizar-e-Rah: (Jawab-e-Khizar from Bang-e-Dra)

The Sky has another well‐tried uproar to bring;
See the disgrace of planning before Fate (Destiny)
This is a good news by Allama Iqbal for us that all the planning of enemies against Pakistan will be destroyed by Fate. Insha'Allah

Pakistan Zindabad !

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