March 14, 2011

March, 1907 Poem Complete (Allama Iqbal Poetic Predictions)

 Suna Hai Qudsiyon Se Mein Ne, Woh Sher Phir Hoshyar Ho Ga

As posted before, a Poem of Allama Iqbal is full of future predictions about East and West written during his stay in Europe (1905-1908).

Here is complete Ghazal below but first read some extracts from Books Zinda Rood (1,2) by Dr. Javaid Iqbal about it.

From: Zinda Rood-1 (Hayat-e-Iqbal ka tashkeli dour)
From: Zinda Rood-2 (Hayat-e-Iqbal ka wasti dour)
Extract from Letter to Ateya Faizi in 1911
Iqbal said:

From: Zinda Rood (Allama Iqbal ki mukamal sawaneh hayat) Part-2
2nd World War started in 1939,  This was the vision of that Great Seer. Pakistan needs such visionaries today.

Some couplets in Poem are difficult to understand and there meanings are still concealed, may be become more clear after few years because some verses are for a Leader and others are for a nation.

*Note: Mai, Saqi, Wine, drinking etc are Symbolically used in poetry,
Wine/Mai (Divine Love/Truth), the Cup Bearer/Saqi (Spiritual Guide/Leader). Drinking (Seeking of truth)

Also read a complete post on Reality of Words Ishq-o-Masti, Junoon, Saqi, Mai, Maikhana, Rind in Allama Iqbal Poetry

March, 1907

Era has come for openness, so Beloved’s Sight will be common.
The secret which silence had concealed, will be unveiled now.

O Cup-bearer*! Time has gone when wine was taken secretly.
The whole world will become a wine-seller* shop, everyone will be drinking*

Those who once wandered insane, will return to habitations
Lovers’ wandering will be the same but deserts will be new

The Hijaz’ silence has proclaimed to the waiting ear at last
The agreements(promises) established with desert’s inhabitants will be re-affirmed

Which coming out of deserts had overturned the Roman Empire
I have heard from the Qudsis that the same lion will be re-awakened

As the cup‐bearer* mentioned me in the wine‐drinkers’* assembly
The tavern’s sage said, “He is insolent, he will be disgraced”

O Western world’s inhabitants, God’s world is not a shop!
What you are considering genuine, will be regarded counterfeit(fake)

Your civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger(knife)
The nest built on the weak branch will not be permanent, stable

The caravan of the feeble ants will make fleet of rose petals
However strong the ocean waves’ tumult(uprising) be, it will cross the ocean

The Lala (a bird), shows its spots to every flower-bud in the garden.
Knowing that by doing this it will be among the Love haters

O Sight! That was the One you showed us as a thousand
If this is your state what will be your credibility?

As I told the turtledove one day the free of here are treading on dust!
The buds started saying that I must be the knower of the garden’s secrets!

There are thousands of God’s Lovers, who are roaming in the wilderness
I shall adore the one who will be the lover of God’s people

This is the world’s custom, O Heart! Even winking is a sin
What will our respect be if you will be restless here?

In the darkness of the night I shall take out my tired caravan
My sigh will be shedding sparks my breath will be throwing flames

If there is nothing but show in the aim of your life
Your destruction from the world will be in a breath like spark

Do not ask about the condition of Iqbal, he is in the same state
Sitting somewhere by the wayside he must be waiting for oppression!


  1. Thanks a lot for the prompt attention to my demand. I feel honoured, and the poem in its entirety says even more IMO on the same topic on which you posted its two couplets.