March 27, 2011

Final and Decisive Battle of Panipat (Okhay Olrhay by Mumtaz Mufti)

Ekisween Sadi Ka Buzurg: Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah (Okhay Olrhay by Mumtaz Mufti - 1992)

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A War with India in near future,  is mentioned in above column, Read its details below.

Syed Sarfraz A. Shah Sahib

English Translation:

Sufi of 21st Century (Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah - 1992) by Mumtaz Mufti
Sarfraz Shah said, Ahmad Bashir, what you want to achieve through marxism, Its actually true face of Islam and that time is just to began. (Note: Shah sahab was not advocating marxism, its out of context here)  Shah Sahab said, although the FINALITY RESTS WITH GOD (God determines time) but I see this, In Nov 92, or June 93, such a  horrible war will occur between Pakistan and India which is agonizing to imagine. Although Atom Bomb will not be used in it but still more or less than 5 lakh (half million) people will die. It will last only for 2 or 3 weeks but when it will be ended, Pakistan Army will reach way inside in eastern Punjab of India, then Kashmir will become an independent  and sovereign country. Eastern Punjab will be an independent country within Hindustan Union which will become buffer state.  My friend (Mufti’s friend) Dr. Abdaal Bella heard that news of War from Ahmad Bashir then he asked Shah Sahab,  Which type of war, you are telling?
Shah Sahab said, Final battle of Panipat (India), tell this to historians, third battle of Panipat was not the Last one. Final and decisive battle of Panipat will be fought now. God has drawn a line at Panipat which will be our border. But for this we have to give the blood of 5 Lakh people (Shaheed). Five cities will be destroyed but then for fifty years Hindustan will not rise his head (surrender of 50 years by India).
Dr. Bella said to Shah Sahab, We don’t need any War. We don’t need victory, we don’t need expansion of country. Tell me when we will alter our inner, we are indulging in the lust of wealth and chair, our moral values are destroyed, our inner is dead.
Shah Sahab said, its not like that, Only upper surface of this milk is poisonous, throw this poisonous scum, then pure milk is present below this. Dr. Bella asked, When we will throw this upper poisonous scum? Shah Sahab said, All this arrangment is staging to change our inner, After this war everything will be fixed. Dr. Bella asked to Shah Sahab, Can loss in War be reduced?
Shah Sahab said: Don’t pray to escape this War, Its in our favor. Without this we will never get stability and Hindu will keep riding over us . As far as loss of human lives are concernd, millions sacrificed during creation of Pakistan,  its not worthless if we again give blood for the stability and completion of this country.

Please see Panipat encircled in below Map 

Tribute in advance to Shuhada by dedicating these verses of Allama Iqbal (from Bal-e-Jibreel)

Men bold and firm uphold the truth And let no fears assail their hearts:
No doubt, the mighty Lions of God Know no betrayal, no deception
  Martyrdom is desire and aim of True believer ,
Not the plunder spoils, Not the rule of the earth
(In the Battlefield of Andalusia)


  1. Interesting thing is....Above book date mentioned 1992, Pak and India were not Atomic powers at that time and Sarfraz Ahmad said 'Atom Bomb will not be used in it'.....So he knew they will become atomic powers one day.....hmmmmmmmm

  2. lol .......november 92 and june 93 lol .....
    ALLAH is THE BIGGEST ,HE knows all the things BETTER than these folks ,...
    @anonymous every one knew we had atomic bomb that time ,its like IRAN thing ,every one knows that iran has CAPACITY of atomic blast but iran does not show it rite ...

  3. he is the first spiritual person to admire the marxism.quite amaing.otherwise all the saints/spiritual persons have condemned marxism,socialism,communism in sever words.

  4. Brother Hussain!

    He was not supporting Marxism, This is not full article that's why I have added a note in English translation (Note: Shah sahab was not advocating Marxism, its out of context here)

    Actually, Ahmad Bashir (friend of Mumtaz Mufti) was great supporter of Marxism. He was discussing this with Sarfraz Shah Sahib.

    I will try to post the complete article soon (after few posts)

  5. @Faqar-e-Ghayoor, plz watch this video of Dr Israr Ahmed in watch he is talking about Maulana Dr Sher Ali Shah

  6. OK, Brother I will see this. Thanks.

  7. Will this war between india and Pakistan occur in November "2092" to June "2093"?