January 26, 2011

Astrologer Prof. Ghani Javed's Predictions (Zulm Ki Fasal Pakk Chukki By Haroon ur Rasheed)

Predictions By An Astrologer Prof. Ghani Javaid



  1. InshAllah 14 aug 2012 27th ramzan :)

  2. Harron's dervish prediction has gone wrong since according to his prediction ,in the beginning of 2011 a new govt should had been formed but its still going on.
    Moreover Haroon's dervish doesn't tell him that there is no roam for democracy in Islam.Rather he and Haroon are in favour a person who has confessed that he used to gamble (bet) on matches and who has an illicit daughter from Cita white,Whose scandals with zenat aman were famous ,who still meets his wife after divorce.
    Whosoever is atrue Wali and momin,he teaches his followers to condemn democracy as it is against Islam and it is system of devil.Why dont these dervish(s) which these colunmists meet tell them that democracy is not allowed in Islam.Dont support Imran khan ,nawaz sharif,zardai,fazl ur rehman,qazi,MQM,Q-league etc?My spiritual guide openly preaches his followers that democracy is the biggest problem of Islamic countries today.By democracy i mean man made legislature and the right to implement the laws of oneself in the name of human rights etc,and putting the Divine Word aside.
    Shame on Haroon.
    Shame on Haroon.
    Although i am against democracy,but lsitening to the neutral analysts and analysing myself i conclude that Nawaz Sharif has done many tasks of progress and Shahbaz Sharif has made Lahore look like Paris as he said.Yet inshaAllah i wont vote either of them and same do i say to you bcoz democracy is against Islam and assisting it is also a crime to me.
    my address is hussainali30b@yahoo.com

  3. Jab tak islam ka qanoon n ahi lao gay,kuch nahi ho ga.Is mulk ki koi hesyat nahi,gumrah logon ka mulk hai.Asal ehmiyat Islam ki hai.Eh kaha tha Shahab ne aur yehi mein bhi kehta hun Alhamdulillah.Khilafat ka niazm lao,Islami Qanoon lao.Phir hon gi tumhari mushkilat khatam.InshaAllah.