January 12, 2011

Jo Allah Ke Noor Se Dekhte Hain (Future of Pakistan By Haroon ur Rasheed)

A Dream about Ziarat-e-Nabi (S.A.W.) and Ghazwa-e-Hind

Published on 19 Feb, 2010 in Jang Newspaper


  1. MAsha ALLAH

  2. subhan allah........pakistan payinda baad

  3. I am fan of Haroon Rasheed, He is such a genious man, Thanks God we have such people in Pakistan.
    He sabel of the truth. And people don't kike him while he always have own observation.
    God blees Haroon Rasheed.

  4. Youth of Pakistan must read all the predictions of Waliullah's and Sufi's about Pakistan
    yes Quran is a constitution of Pakistan
    Pakistan is a noor as stated by late Dr Israr that Pakistan was revealed on 27th Ramazan just like Quran ,Pakistan is a direct revelation of ALLAH for a great purpose -ALLAH revealed Pakistan on a night of power and its protected by divine wisdom of ALLAH -after studying this subject for years i have no doubt in my mind that Pakistan is a divine creation with a specific purpose and Inshallah Pakistan will stay on earth till judgment day

  5. InshAllah, We must pray for our country.

  6. Kindly read the predictions of NAMAT ULLAH SHAH WALI, to know the exact future of MADINA-E-SANI, PAKISTAN, INSHALLAH.

  7. InshAllah Allah Pak kary k hamar ya pyara sa pakistan thk hatho ma chala jy abi tk to jo b aya hy is ny pakistan ko khaya he hy mari duwa hy k allah ab thk kar dy hr din hr chez ki kimat ma azafa hota hy pata ni hum jasy garib log kasy apna ghr chala ty hy,|Azher Malik form (FSD Pakistan)

  8. Surely the principles upon which Pakistan was made is a direct illustration of Allah's Noor. But to call Pakistan the Noor of Allah ? what blasphemy is this ? - Pakistan is a state, not a religious deity. There is no "zawaal" to the Noor of Allah. But we have forgotten our recent history. Pakistan was broken in 1971 and is now decelerating really fast towards intense internal conflicts.

    Please do wonder why is that before taking refuge under the cover of such prophecies.

    Allah gave our own state, "Pakistan", because we, as a nation, at that time, promised Allah to abide by his rules and follow the Quran. And did we ?

    If we do not fulfill our promise to Allah, then surely we seek Allah's anger.

    Such narcissistic behavior has rendered us so inefficient and so ineffective that we cannot even enforce basic justices in our society. And yet we so daringly feel good about ourselves by hearing such prophecies.

    Wake up to the reality that this prediction actually means that we either straighten our business with Allah or prepare to be replaced with those who would come out worthy.

  9. bhai ye Muhammad Aazam kon hy..????????????

  10. bhai ye Muhammad Aazam kon hy...??????