January 12, 2011

Future of Pakistan by Muhib-e-Pakistan Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A.) PTV Interview 1992

Read Book extract below.

Some extracts from his Book Muhib-e-Pakistan (Sufi Barkat Ali) :

The book starts with the quote, "Main Pakistan ka muhib hun, yehi merey kehney ka haq tha aur main ne ye keh kar apna haq ada kar diya,  Ke"

"aik divana aik jungle mein tinkey chun raha tha aur ye keh raha tha keh wo din dur nahi jab Pakistan ki haan our na mein Aqwam-e-Alam ke faisley huwa karein ge - Insha- Allah Ta'ala al-azeez Wama Tawfeeqi Illahbillah."

("...the day is not far off when the decisions of the world will be based on the 'yes' and 'no' of Pakistan")

Heres the video of him saying it on PTV in 1992 (he actually passed away in 97 and not 91 as stated in the youtube video): http://www.darulehsan.net/multimedia...ayer.php?id=33

"Deen tera, dunya teri, mulk tera... ham terey aur tu hamara hai rabbey zuljalal-e-wal ikram!"

He gives a beautiful analogy: whenever a mother beat her child for misbehaving, and the child started crying, the mother’s love could not bear it and straightaway she placed him on her lap and consoled him by offering him sweets until he became happy and playful again. Then he says: “And you my Rab! You are 100 times kinder than the mother. We have been beaten, we await consolation!

“Tu apney Habeeb-e-aqdas (SAW) ki hamesha qa’im o da’im rehni wali nabuwwat o risalat ki izzat o azmat key sadqey, hamari khoi huwi azmat o waqar ko phir sey bahal kar key diljoi farma! Ameen.

“Wo guzra huwa dor...wo chini huwi azmatein...wo khoi huwi rif’atein...wo luti huwi satotein phir sey la. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum! Ameen Ameen Ameen.”

The poem that is referred to in the video (might be a few mistakes!):

“Pakistan Zinda baad, Painda baad

Aik divana sarey jungle mila
Sar-nagu baitha tha tinkay chun raha

Keh raha tha kuch zaban-e-haal say
Raaz tha jo kahl raha tha qaal say

Mazda ho, ay sakananey watan-e-paak
Ho naveed-e-jaan-faza, ay watan-e-paak

Hai muqaddar mein taray ab sarwari
Saray mulkon mein milay gi bartari

Faislay aqwamey alam key tamaam
Din terey ho gey wo sarey na tamaam

Ye sada meri nahi, meri nahi
Ye to hai mansha-e-Rab-bil yaqeen

Mashallah la quwwata illah billah”

He prays: “Ay Allah! Ikhtalaf payda karday in kuffar key mansubo mein ore dagmgadey qadam in key, ore muntashar kar dey jama’iyat in ki, ore ak’heir dey bunyadein in ki, ore taba kar dey bastiya in ki, ore paraganda karday giroh in key. Ya hayyu ya qayyum, ameen!”

Later, he prays: “...terey lutf-o-karam sey terey is mulk key dushmnaan o hasadaan ore badkhawahaan pey tera ra’b tari ho ore teri jalalat in key napaak azaim ko na kaam kar dey! in key munsubo ko mustarad kar dey, in key qadam dagmagadey! In mein p’hut dal dey ore in ko tukray tukray kar dey. Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum, ameen.”

Then he asks Allah for His help against our enemies, naturally in strong words, and the restoration of unity amongst Muslims... victory in every field...Islam’s prosperity.

“Ay merey Allah key deen-e-Islam! Arz-e-andalus sadiyo sey kisi Tariq (RA) ki muntazir hey. Allah karey phir sey aik Tariq aye, jo is ujri huwi basti ko phir sey basaye! Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum! Ameen!”

“Ae merey Allah key deen-e-Islam! Tujhay sidq-e-Abu Bakr (RA) ore adl-e-Farooq (R.A) key ahya’ ki tamanna hey. Allah tabarak wata’ala khazanai ghayb sey is key asbaab payda farmai!”

It goes on like this for a while. There's too many good bits to attempt to include all of them.

He prays again: ”O Allah the Almighty! I beg of You for the sake of the eternal everlasting prophethood and messengership of Your sacred and beloved Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba, the ruler of Madina, the peace of mind, the benign beloved, the sympathetic master, the holy, the perfect, the beautiful, the pure, the Taa-Haa, the Ya-Seen, the Muzzammil, the Muddathir (SAW). I beg of you that the bygone golden days of the faith of Islam reign once again and come in to this world in full splendour.

Oh Allah the Almighty! Listen and grant this supplication!
Allah the Almighty is the greatest, the greatest of all!
Oh Allah the Almighty! May all the Muslims in Your world be united at one centre and may this centre be called Islamistan!

Oh Allah the Almighty! May the Ummah of Your beloved Prophet (SAW) be subservient to Your command and rule the whole world. And may this rule be a Divine and everlasting rule!

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Ameen!”

“Islam haq hey aur
Haq mitney key liye nahi, mitaney key liye aya hey
Dabney key liye nahi, dabaney key liye aya hey
Girney key liye nahi, garaney key liye aya hey

Oh Muslim! Don’t you know that the enemies of Allah have been waiting to destroy you for centuries. Have you not considered how the forces of the world are united in finishing you? But you could never be finished...”

After mentioning the story of abraha and saying he died a dog’s death, he states: “Deykhlena, agar merey Allah ney chaha, isi tara in ka hashar hoga! Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum!”

“...Have you not considered how, when Allah wills, the swallow that is only a small bird is used to destroy elephants! Is that same Allah not present today...?”

(Elsewhere he states: "Oh Allah! Where are your swallows today? Abraha is there, the swallows are not.

Who says they are not present? They are present but are waiting for the divine command.")

He also mentions hindus indirectly and prays: “...hamein in napaak saayo sey mehfooz farma. Ameen!”

He has said elsewhere...

- We will receive strange help in this war that will put the mind to wonder.

- The kashmir dispute will soon be resolved.
-The borders of Pakistan will expand and lost territory will be regained.
-The 15th Century Hijri (i.e. this Century) is the Muslims’.
-History will repeat itself once again.
-I think he has also said the person who will bring about the revolution would be the mujaddid and his (only) khalifa.
-He has indicated new and wondrous discoveries and inventions by the Muslims.
- He has said that there are loads of gems in the mountains in Pakistan, and they will get them when they (the people of Pakistan) adopt a good quality. He also said that the earth of Pakistan doesn’t lack anything i.e. minerals etc...
- He has prayed for the unity of the Muslims and followed it by congratulations: ‘Mubarakan Mukarraman Musharrafan!’. You congratulate on something that has been achieved.

He also said:

“...And this cry for unity amongst Muslims will reverberate in complete enthusiasm and force. It can never be suppressed or annihilated. Nor can it change its course until Doomsday! Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum!

This cry is a universal truth. Every intellectual of any time may he be an Arab or a non-Arab, will second it. Mashallah! Even an enemy of Islam will take this cry as the voice of Allah the Almighty. Mashallah!”

“O sleeping Muslims, why don’t you wake up at anyone’s call? Night has fallen, long shadows have been cast, now the rooster has given its call, that a new dawn is upon us, wake up Muslims, now is not the time to sleep! If you don’t wake up now, then tell us, when will you wake up?”

“O King! Because of the test You have laid upon us, non-Muslim nations have found the opportunity to conspire against Islam. You put us to the test and we failed to reach the standard. People ridicule us and, ashamed as we are, we do not come forth (in to the field).

Today should be the time for victory, not examination.

For what and why are we, the destitute, being put to the test?

We cannot conquer this field. Without Your Grace and Help no one can win. The field has been warmed up. Send Your complete Blessings and Grace too, the complete Grace. Ameen! The field grows warmer still. It is waiting for Help from You. For whom is Your Help? What else is it for, if not for Islam? People are ridiculing Your Islam. Why are You, Your Grace, not growing indignant? Even now, we pin our hopes on Your Conquest and Victory. And we are satisfying ourselves by saying this delay is Wisdom on Your part. It has been delayed too long. This is the Call of the Time which must be heard to at once!

Birahmatika nastageeth!”


  1. Where did he mention that the person who'll bring revolution will be his khalifa?give reference





  2. It seems thatprobably that time has passed from 2001 to 2011 when the destiny of nations was dependant on PAkistan.

  3. Pakistan was the key factor during attack on Afghanistan.Pakistan was asked to send troops to iraq when ch. shujaat was made pm for 3 months or so.But pakistan refused to send the troops.Pakistan was the member of security council of UNO and thus played an important role in decisions.
    This was the period from 2001-2008.
    so "aqwam e aalam ki taqdeer k faislay toh ho chukay pakistan ki haan ya naa mein." is'nt it?

  4. Green eyes man Sufi sab ka khalifa hoga inshallah

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