January 24, 2011

January 14, 2011

Mohtarma Ateya Mojood, A Seer Predictions about a Great Pakistani Leader with Green Eyes and Thick Beard (by Mumtaz Mufti: Alakh Nagri)

 Mumtaz Mufti Met Ateya Mojood Sahiba Around (Year 1960)
English Translation is below

English Translation of Ateya Mojood, A Seer meeting with Mumtaz Mufti(nearly 1960):

Muslim Renaissance:
Once Respected Ateya Mojood (a well-educated and pious woman in Karachi) called Qudrat Ullah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti to visit her because she had some extremely important and extra-ordinary news which she didn't want to disclose in front of others except them.

That day Ateya was in very happy mood, she told:

"In these days, there are celebrations in heavens (sky), Lamps are illuminating everywhere, Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is sitting as Chief Guest and wearing flower garlands, Petals of roses are flying everywhere, Everyone there is celebrating and happy.

They are saying ' the era of Islamic Renaissance  is going to start. Sky and earth will come nearer to each other, Pakistan will be center of this era. then she stopped and told after some pause, I saw, 'Chair of Pakistan President is lying blank. there is black flag on it. A man who gains this place, will be very strict (he will come like a dictator, he will direct and correct our society), his eyes are green, his beard is thick. I am seeing, a bloody war will be fought. We will lose East Paskistan but we will get Kashmir. Pakistan territory will be expanded, we will occupy New Dehli (Capital of India) '
Ateya was very excited that day, she was talking constantly. Shahab and I were listening this silently. Shahab inquired Ateya that certain things, which you are seeing from long time, are not happening, She replied,

Yes, there are somethings which are not happening but the event of Muslim Renaissance will definitely happen, it will happen now or it will happen after 40 years, Pakistan will be the center of renaissance. These are divine decided events."

Read Complete Chapter named 'Ateya' (Atiya) in Alakh Nagri for more details.

Poetic Future Predictions, Mard-e-Qalander Saeen Allah Bakhs (by Mumtaz Mufti : Alakh Nagri)

Poem: Allah Ki Amaan Hai (Future Predictions)

 Aziz Malik
Author of Book: Mard-e-Qalander (Image from Alakh Nagri)

Poem written before partition(1947), Mumtaz Mufti met Aziz Malik in 1955. (Saeen Allah Bakhs died in 1953)

Saaeen Allah Bakhs (r.a.) died in May 31,1953 and buried near Mareer Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Sarkar Qibla Saeen Allah Bakhsh (Bhai Jaan's Mentor - Alakh Nagri Saints)
Mareer Hassan Graveyard- Near Railway Line Rawalpindi

In Mareer Hassan Graveyard, Rawalpindi, the gravestone of "Saaeen Allah Bakhsh RA". Mumtaz Mufti mentions the saint in his book “Alakh Nagri”. Mufti had a spiritual inspiration with the saint, which started somewhat supernaturally and subsequently developed into Mufti’s unassailable love for Pakistan. I reached the place by following Mufti’s first account of visiting the grave back in 1960s. It was heartening to note that nothing from Mufti's description had changed (no formal shrine or other orthodox attachments).
Reference http://www.flickr.com/photos/meemainseen/5797241223/in/photostream/

Letters of Mystics (Babon ke Khatoot by Mumtaz Mufti : Alakh Nagri)