January 23, 2012

Future Predictions by Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (RA) (Complete Book)

حضرت نعمت اللہ شاہ ولی کی 850 سالہ پیشن گوئی

Complete Book of 850 Years Predictions by Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A.) with a lot of explanations and summary of future predictions (at pages 53 to 57) compiled by Nawabzadah Niaz Dil Khan is posted below. Interestingly, it has a suggestion at Page 57 for which this whole blog can provide a wealth of spiritual knowledge about future.

Prophecy Research Center
(A Suggestion for Ruling Elite, Armed Forces and Public)
(See Page 57 of this Book for Urdu Text)
In the end, there is a compiler's suggestion for Pakistan’s present and coming Ruling elite, Politicians, Generals & Commanders of all three Armed Forces in particular and public in general that the Predictions of Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (RA) demand utmost importance and extreme seriousness. For this, it would be a wise and visionary step to develop a separate research cell or "Prophecy Research Center" in G.H.Q so that in the light of these spiritual and divine prophecies (and beforehand intelligence); battlefield tactics, warfare planning, and a multi-dimensional strategy could be developed along with conventional military training and materialistic resources to deal with the challenges of coming time. Similarly, PhD students can select this topic of ‘Prophecy’ for their thesis whereas this subject is open for advance level research by Professors/Researchers.

Admin Note: Above suggestion is exactly in accordance with Allama Iqbal and Jalaluddin Rumi (R.A)'s words of advice and recommendations in their books. Allama Iqbal again and again stressed Muslims to make their vision sharp (A verse from Javed Nama).

در نظر رو در نظر رو در نظر
"Man is but sight, the rest is mere skin;
True sight signifies seeing the Truth.
Dissolve the whole body into sight—  .
Go to gazing, go to gazing, go to gaze (Basirat)"

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  1. Salman Abdul WahidJanuary 23, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    My dear friends,

    There is a prediction on page 22 regarding sher ali shah, now watch this what dr Israr Ahmed is discussing about maulana Dr Sher Ali Shah!!

  2. Dear All,

    Whats your suggestions about 'Prophecy Research Center' or any other similar research center? Believe me, purpose of this blog to give vision to the desperate people and Allama Iqbal recommended such vision, there are hundreds of Ashaar which I can put in support of my argument even from Masnavi of Rumi and it is in accordance with Quran and Hadith (I am talking about spiritual foreseeing, not astrological etc). InshaAllah I will post about this.

    1. This is an excellent suggestion. There is much circumstantial evidence that Jews in particular and Christians and Hindus in general do act on the predictions and prophecies of their scholars. There should be NO shame in developing our national policies and political approach based on spiritual intelligence. If non-Muslims can do the such a thing, why we can't. Moreover, it will help us protect and defend our national interests.

    2. plzzzzzz plz bro where i can buy this boyy plzz any 1 help me in LAHORE

    3. Brother, You download 'Naimatullah Shah Wali Predictions Book' or download pages and print it.
      online hi perh lain, buy kyun kerni hai?

    4. instead of such research center, v should search for the saint like hazrat naimatullah infact they r always there and they new everything with the will of Allah without research but with their spiritual power

  3. MASHALLAH Brother Faqar great job aisa Research Center zaroor hona cahiay

  4. Salman Abdul WahidJanuary 23, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    this is the video in which Dr Israr Ahmed is discussing about Maulana Dr Sher Ali Shah, plz watch it!

  5. Research centre for Prophecies in GHQ??

    Pak Army is the ultimate mercenary army which only kills muslim fellow countrymen. The writer must be a bhola who don't know the pakistan army and it's actions against muslims.

    1. Both of you are ignorant who do not see the killings of innocents by terrorists (TTP and BLA) and blame on PAK Army.
      Shame on you, and Allah show you light.

  6. haha. agar GHQ main research centre ban gaya to sari news awam ko mile ya na mile, sab se pehle US consulate zaroor puhunch jain gi.


    1. baat toh sach hai,magar baat hai ruswai ki.

  7. AWAMI TEHREEK EHTESAAB. naam se to yeh army ke paltu lag raha hai. aisi organizations sirf awam ko ullo banane ke liye bantin hain , in ki nazar khabees fouji elite par kabhi nahi parti.

    lanat on pakistan army and civil establishment.


  8. Lanat on those who curse Pakistan Army and ISI, the only institution running efficiently, effectively, professionally and giving sacrifices on daily basis. On the ignorant who hide under Anonymous names talk nonsense against Pak Army which despite some faults is still pride of nation and us destined to greatness in fulfillung ghazwa e hind event.

    Pakistan Army has committed no such crimes against it's own people as alleged by idiots to confuse And divide Pakistani nation. Here watch this video and learn ;


    1. great bilal bahi ya wo log han jo amrica ka kutta ha to phir pak army ko gallian to dan ga na

    2. What about ordinary East Pakistanis who got caught up?

  9. @Bilal,
    Listen you moron, what do you know about this mercenary organization?. Have you ever experience the pain of those people whose relative has been abducted and then killed after torture by your napak fouj?. You better ask them about your sacrificial institution what they think about them.
    Your napak and western slave army killed and abducted hundreds of muslims and gave them to US forces.

    Well your whole paragraph is a laughing stock but let me quote your shenanigans about your beloved army
    "Pakistan Army has committed no such crimes against it's own people as alleged by idiots to confuse And divide Pakistani nation".

    What a dumb idiot you are, its your army whose napak officers were involved in killing of innocent bangalis, army involvement results in breaking pakistan. Its not people like me who divide pakistan.

    About the video: please don't make me laugh more by watching zaid hamid.


    1. @Anonymous: Firstly, you language shows how much "cultured" you are while presenting your point of view. Indead of replying with logic, you are just laughing because this is the only thing you can do best

      Secondly, you are blind hate for Pak Army compels you to repeat the propaganda of Americans and Indian against Pak Army while sparing the corrupt politicians who have destroyed every institution like Railways, PIA and produced the artificial scarcity of electricity, gas and water while filling their own coffers with dollars from their American Masters and begging for their help just to prolong their stay in govt. Your hate prevents you from seeing the sacrifices made by Pak army for Pakistan and you love for western democracy instead of Islam allows you to ignore every atrocity by corrupt Pakistani politicians.

      Again you have blindly quoted the propaganda of India on 1971 accident but you will never believe another Indian "Sharmila Bose" who has dispelled all the allegations on Pak Army by Indian propaganda machines saying that these are baseless lies.


      Why would we believe your baseless claims when the book by Qutubuddin Aziz clearly narrates the accounts of 170 eye-witnesses of 1971 accident in his book "Blood and Tears" which rejects any such crime committed by Pak Army against the Bengalis . But you hate for Pak Army will make you reject this historical document without a valid logic!!!


      It is the people like you who fall for every allegation of Indians against Pak Army BUT never raise you voice against the cowardly act of invasion of East Pakistan by India without any reason. It is the people like you who stood up with Mukti Bahni instead of Pak Army in 1971 and you are using the same approach today.

      Biased people like you can only laugh at the Zaid Hamid and other patriots because you have nothing to say in reply to their questions and facts.

      Instead of contributing the blog with something creative, you are just spreading your internal filth here and there.

    2. @Bilal and Truth Seeker

      Coco has grievance with Army but I am sure he is a patriotic Pakstani that's why he always comments on this blog (though mostly full of anger :))) ). I hope he will look at both sides of story.

      Its my opinion, Coco will become the Mujahid of Ghazwah-e-Hind. Our history is full of examples when extreme critics return and proved to be the most dangerous weapon for enemies. I am not saying Coco to change his opinion but he must defend and spend whatever he could, for the prosperity of our motherland.

    3. i agree with you in this regard since there is no more powerful and corrupt authority in Pakistan than army.Its a state within the state.In fact the whole state is an army state.
      Bloody fugitives.

    4. PAK ARMY ZINDABAD .....and u shut ur mouth against army plz :p

    5. i totally agree with Truth Seeker......
      Sam Tariq.

    6. I think You are right my friend... And as you see in the book it itself says that india will reach river Indus and at Attock junction they will face resistance from Pashtoon.... That means our dearest Army whose commandant officers go to US for their management courses will lose major part of Pakistan initially which will then be liberated by Afghan and KPK people....

    7. and dear all please don't mind I love Pakistan and was a great fan of Pakistan army but after Lal masjid and operations in tribal areas confirmed that this army is working on foreign agenda... I am 100% sure that our Jawan's are fighting for the sake of Allah but the problem is they follow orders from their seniors and most of them are playing on zion hands... May Allah show us right path... Ameen

    8. Listen my friends. Dont get over excited about army. Just float a resolution that plots, agricultural land and protocol will be taken away from generals and all above grade 20 then u will see the coup next day. They will say national interest has been attacked

    9. What about those civilians who are being killed by BLA morons?

    10. You must be TTP moan who are killing innocent people in the name of your kind of religion.

  10. @ coco

    Mind your tongue. Pak Army and ISI are the only institutions that are patriotic and working to save Pakistan from hypocrites like you. Ye wo log hain jo mulk ki khatir apni jaan qurbaan kr rhy hein. Talibaan khudkash hamloon main kitnay fauji jawan shaheed ho chukay hein. Unhn ny boht qurbaniaan di hein. Aj b jb mulk main koi aafat ati hy, (flood ya earthquake) tu ap log army ko hi awaz detay ho k a kr hmari madad kro. Ap ki civilian govt. kyn nhi kuch krti. Wo corrupt politicians tu in situations ma b corruption sy baaz nhi atay. Shame on such people.

    Aur jahan tk baat hy k Agencies logon ko utha kr ly jati hein. Ye bilkul galat hy. CIA, MOSSAD aur RAW k cooperation sy kuch organisations aur political parties ye kaam kr rhi hein. Aur media walay b un k sath mil kr naam ISI por lga detay hein. Hmaray mulk ye aasteen k sanp hi barbaad kr rhy hein aur ap jesay log in ki baatoon mein aa kr apnay Pak watan ko nuqsaan pohancha rhy ho.

    Hmari agencies walay agr kisi ko arrest krtay hein tu wo solid proofs ki base pr aesa krtay hein. in agencies k officers py b check and balance hota hy, jo koi galat kaam krta hy usy punishment b milti hy. Lekin kuch munafiq log aur foreign aided NGOs mil kr Pak Army aur ISI ka image kharab kr rhay hein.

    1. koi jaan waan qurban nahi ker rahay.buzdil hain yeh log.apne 20,25 log shaheed huey toh maa yaad aa gayi,aur awam k 20,25000 marnay pe b koi action nahi.wah g wah!
      mulk ka 70% budget army khati hai.uss budget ka major portion ka audit bhi nahi hota.inn k bachay a.p.s,garrison,behria,nust aur dusray institutes mein muft parhtay hain.Cmh mein inn ko nawaboun wala treatment milta hai.
      defense housing schemes.retirement pe plots waghera.
      inn ki toh panchoun ungliyan ghee mein hain bal k yeh khud he puray ghee mein hain.
      aur phir b agar koi corrupt hai toh politician .wah g wah.
      abhi thoray dinoun pehle transperency international ki report ayi thi jis ne army ko Pakistan ka 5th most corrupted institution kaha tha.
      i'm sure k agar saray funds ka audit hu hota toh army #1 hoti.


    3. Sorry, are you guys saying that the actions of 100% of the army including its leaders had absolutely nothing to do with the secession of half our Pakistani brothers & sisters? If you learn nothing from that, you will repeat the mistakes, leaving Pakistan as just one individual!

  11. page 48-49
    Writen that attock river filled with blod three times
    1st time in early 1900 British attack Kabul / Afghanistan
    2nd time USSR attack Afghanistan in 1979-87 DEFETED
    3rd time USA attack Afghanistan

    1. might possible ALLAH bether janta ha

  12. i think ghazwa e hind will be fought without atomic weapons .indian army chief recently commented that atomic weapon is a political weapon not to be used in war.it seem evident that pakistan air force will be of no use in this future war since indians will be upto river attock(sind).may be i m wrong but logic suggest so.

  13. @Faqar

    Your previous article 'Aik Rooh Parwar Khat' has few comments and in this article many comments are posted in half day....:) Last article was about knowledge & thoughts, and this article has only one controversial issue about role of army for future planing. We are not discussing whole article but only this controversial point. It proves that we feel happiness in controversial issues and showing our anger against our own people.

    Some of us support democracy because they hate army. Some of us support army because they hate politicians. Some of us support one political party because they hate other political party. Similarly some of us support one religious sect because they hate other religious sect.... It means our support is based on only HATE...

    All Prophets (A.S) built great societies on based on love and peace and I believe Imam Mahdi (A.S) and Prophet (A.S) have come with love and peace. So we are in blessed age and blessed part of Ummah. We shouldn't worry about our future. It has written by Allah, and it will be done exactly as it is written in Loh-e-Mafooz. Not only future is unseen (Ghaib) but our past is also unseen. Allah gives knowledge of his unseen to his messengers and Auylias. So He gave not only knowledge of future but also knowledge of past to His beloved friends.

    Nostradamus predictions are famous and many predictions were true. Destruction of America is also present in his prediction. Is he wali? or Allah gave him knowledge. Not at all. He was a THIEF. He stolen all predictions from Ahadith books. He and people corrupted his predictions and used in many wars. Here is text about his theft...

    "Michael Nostradamus (died 1559 A.D) the so-called ‘French prophet’, titled his Quatrains ‘Centuries’. The western world is in awe of his ability to prophesy. But in reality, he was an intellectual thief and a plagiarist. His ancestors were Jews, who had migrated from Jerusalem (recent research shows that he was Freemason, who had faked his conversion to Catholicism). One of his forefathers was a librarian at the Al-Quds library in Jerusalem.

    Nostradamus mentions in the preface of his work that he found important information contained in ancient books that were passed on to him by his grandfather. Those were, ofcourse, mostly prophecies made by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), taken from the Al-Quds library. Jews had also taken away rare books from the libraries of Baghdad, when Hulago (Halaku Khan) sacked it in 1250 A.D."

    Hazrat Naimatullah Shah Wali (RA) has two sources first is Ahdith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and second his Kashf/Inspirations. Like Dajjal will ride on Donkey. It is also present in Hadith with more detail. This donkey is today jet fighter plan.

    Muslims also misused his (RA) predictions like I read a similar book in 2008, written in 1972, which tried to show Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as 'Maghrib ka Badsha' king of west. In one prediction Naimatullah pridected two 'Ahmed' will corrupt Islam. In a thread some people belonging different sects were discussing/fighting that one Ahmed is Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and who is second Ahmed? they concluded following names of today's renowned scholars... Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Dr. Israr Ahmed.... So they misused his prediction to show their hate. Author of above book also show hate against king Auregnzeb.

    Prophecy Research Center is good idea for future planning but they can also misuse or wrongly interpret predictions as pureness of ego is required for interpretation. This center can be successful if they concern valid and authentic Auylias to understand these predictions.

    1. @Faisal

      Yes Bro, our people love controversies :) , but in this confusion we have to find our path otherwise we all will be lost in this dust. Anticipating this I started this blog and still working. I agree every word of your comment, actually we are lacking spiritual society here, honesty is rare and moral corruption is in abundance........but brother this time has to come, you know this was per-requisite/stage set for a Revivalist/Guide. Once we realize this that time is going to change and everybody needs to re-discover his inner purity (Tazkiya-e-Nafs). InshaAllh things will start to move in right direction after our realization.

      Wrong Interpretation/misuse issue can be solved by taking opinion from authentic Auliyas (Sahib-e-Hikmat people) as you said and a team of honest, unbiased and impartial people can easily do this. Issued between diff. sects of Muslims are minor and of ritual type, we must unite for a greater cause.

    2. @Faqar

      I read two predictions on page 29 which I missed in other books. It is about 300 years period of Mughal empire... "you will never see empire of family of Mughals after 300 years. They will be invisible/hide like companions of cave (Ashab e Kahf) in a cave"

      It gave me clue about time of Mahdi. (I can make mistake as this my interpretation)...

      Mughal ruled over India more than 300 years (1526-1856=330) and according to history Ashab e Kahf lived in cave for 150-200 years. Quran says they slept for 300 years, plus 9, which could mean 300 solar years or 309 lunar years (300 solar years are equal to 309 lunar years). However, Muslim scholars debate whether the timespan given in the Qur'an refers to the actual time spent by the sleepers in the cave, or rather to a timespan being alleged by those who were telling the tale.


      Hadith says the Companions of the Cave (Ashab al-Kahf) will be Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 59)

      Some Islamic scholars said they are dead but some said they will awake in time of Mahdi to help him and then they will die till Day of Judgment.

      If we believe they slept for 150-200 years it means they will help Mahdi after 150-200 years of Mughal Empire.

      1857 + 150->200 = 2007->2057 approx.

      It is our age. One Hadith says helper of Mahdi will be Turk. Mughal Empire was part Ottoman Caliphate. Mughal considered themselves children of Turk and Mongol. At time of Prophet (saw) homeland of Turks was Khurasaan. Know their children are present in Anatolia (Turkey), Iran and Hind.

      1857 + 300 = 2157 around Dooms Day

      It is just my calculation it can be totally wrong. Allah Knows Best

    3. @Faisal, Great research....Disappointed people must learn from Bro,Faisal how to think positive even in the gloomiest of situation :)
      Keep doing your good work, You are among the best to confuse CIA :) now they will start to find 'Mehdi' in Anatolia (Turkey), Iran and Hind :):))), Its much better for them to search Him in spiritual world :D

    4. Yes Faqar... The only reason of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by USA was the concern of USA for the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

      (From Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Kral Karadeniz TV and Kanal 35 TV, 27 September 2009)

      PRESENTER: One of our viewers has said that it is related how the more Hazrat Mahdi (as) was exposed to the oppression and cruelty of the antichrist, the better he realized that this was indeed the antichrist.
      ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, that is in the hadith.
      PRESENTER: Yes. They say, "Are we to understand from this statement that the alleged Ergenekon organization is emerging further into the daylight every day since it is an institution of the antichrist established to oppose the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as)?"
      ADNAN OKTAR: People will better understand the intensity of the measures taken against the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The only reason for the rivers of blood spilled in Iraq, the only reason for the American invasion, in their terms, is the risk of Hazrat Mahdi (as) appearing. They misunderstand Hazrat Mahdi (as) and have been seized by a huge terror. They imagine he will spill a lot of blood. Yet Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not shed a drop of blood. They were unable to find a Mahdi there, and America is now withdrawing. I have already spoken about Afghanistan. The reason for the occupation is a precautionary measure against the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because the accounts say he will come with black banners. Our Prophet (saas) says "Woe to Taliqan." Taliqan means Afghanistan. He says that Taliqan will be occupied in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Our Prophet (saas) knew there would be such a fear, and said so, that people would feel such concerns.


    5. Jewish origin Nostradamus' astrological occultations weren't/aren't true. Most of them are so ambiguous if read in the original languages, that they could fit many scenarios.

  14. I want to say some thing about prophecy mentioned on Page 45. Writer says
    that he is waiting for incident when Muslim will get Arms and they will do some offensive. INFACT, THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. Pakistan did atomic blast on May 28th, 1998. If you find the corresponding Islamic date on 28th May, 1998, You will find it is 02 of Safar 1419H, just after 2 days of Moharm end. But I have calculated this date through some online available calenders (http://www.islamicfinder.org). So there is a chance that actual date on 28th May was 30 Mohrram as there is always difference of date from calendar. Even if you consider this 02 of Safar, then it is quite obvious that Pakistan has planned and deployed the atomic setup in Chaghi in the month of Moharram. It was ready to be lauched at any time. Mentioning of Arms in the given verse definitely points to some critical arms like Atomic bomb. Second important thing mentioned in the verse is that "Muslim will perform some offensive step".
    This actually points to Kargill war which happened just after one year of atomic blast. Interesting Kargil war started on 08 May, 1999 and Hijir date is 22nd Moharram 1420. Kargil war was initiated by Pakistan army/Mujahideen. So it was an offensive act initiated by Muslims mentioned in the given verse.
    This is just what I could interpret. Rest of the Knowledge remains with Allah.
    Taimoor Haider

  15. Watch these videos

    Struggle For Unity Of Ummah And Stability Of Pakistan Seminar in Krachi
    Islahi Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen Has Started To Make The World Peace Full. http://www.alfaqr.net/



  16. @Faqar

    I am not being hopeless or in a negative frame of mind about our country (that ended after i came across this blog) but
    a- drone attacks started again
    b- Mansoor Ijaz not coming (what are its effect on memogate)
    c- Even media sp. Kashif Abbasi in talk with Sh. Rasheed, have turned very pro govt. & questioning the credibility of M Ijaz sans the bb record.
    d- All fiasco of contempt by PM has fizzled
    e- Army took a backseat

    My Q is that what was he need of all this furore for the past two months if nothing concrete came out of it. I need a healthy dose of optimism!!!


  17. @AK

    Its all for the betterment of our future. As you know, there are so many spiritual fortellings/predictions in this blog but these things will appear into the world with physical resources (Dunyavi Asbab) and cause n effect. You can think about it in this way that there is a soul in spiritual world but it needs a physical body in materialistic world to appear as a living entity.

    You have to trust on Allah who is running this world, Allah better knows how and from where to bring change. I again n again posted, situation of country will go on worst until that savior will appear. Its Allah's Order and no one can stop this even all enemies come with their full forces. Allah alone is more powerful than all.

    Mujhe to tabdeeli saaf nazar aa rahi hai, in the end sub munafiq ikhathe phans jaen ge InshaAllah, so cheer up like me. I am very satisfied by observing this situation. Well, A good news for you, I am starting a new blog on Jalal-dud-Din Rumi (RA) Masnavi soon similar to IqbalUrdu blog. Remember Rumi (RA) was spiritual mentor of Allama Iqbal. I love my Saints. :)

  18. Salam to All Brothers.

    i thought this site is best for spiritual knowledge, pls write on the above mention topics.It will be help full to the people whome r away from spirituality.
    that will be a great job .

  19. Salam Alaikum All

    I just want to share my dream which was not complete but just a glimpse.

    I saw people were gathered in a ground like place and looking somewhere. Someone told me to look, I look and saw there are few horses standing and some people are on the horses. The strange thing is the horses are so big that I have to raise my head and can't even see the full horse. The rider of the horses are not visible. Horses color are kind of dark grey or like black. But what amaze me is the size of horses.

    Syed Hussain

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam, I can't interpret dream but one spiritual individual told me that horse and dove represent light and goodness. So your dream is very good as you see giant horses. Al-Burāq البُراق‎ "lightning" which transported the Prophets is also represented by horse. See images in following link...


      Allah Knows Best

    2. See page 215 of this book about different interpretation of seeing horse in dream...


      As you didn't recognize men riding on horses so I think this is best interpretation...

      "If one sees a horse whose owner is not known entering a town in a dream, it means that a noble person will enter that town..."

      Allah Knows Best

    3. Assalam u alayekum !
      this humble person may give his opinion about your dream.The dream speaks itself that
      you are waiting for the appearance of Mahdi alaye hi salam.You are waiting for an age of miracles which will come inshaAllah very soon.
      You have great pain in your heart for Islam and its your desire that May Allah give rise to Islam once again,very soon.(May Allah fulfill your desire.aamin)
      Keep the right path and keep doing the noble deeds and keep intentions to support Syedna Mahdi alaye hi salam ,inshaAllah you will be rewarded.

    4. Faisal and Hussain, thanks both of you. Well I am a gunahgaar insaan and if Allah grant me to become one of the soldier in Imam's lashkar, I would be grateful.

      Syed Hussain

  20. What is the authentication of this book? I think it is more like a propaganda stunt. BTW there is a big propaganda department in GHQ and ISI. Infect they have the biggest propaganda machinery in Pakistan and these types of books are published inorder to justify there mess they cause.

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n6qGg3ZvnM

  22. malik

    ye book lazman lazman parho is ka page number 125 ta 128 bi lazmi parho jidhr ilama iqbal ka mehdiat ke bare me kisi ki ray

    1. Brother Malik pages 125-128 is start of chapter 5 of book which is "Zahoor Mahdi Tarteeb Zamani Key Sath Waqyat key Tanazer Main". It is good collection of Hadith about last events of appearance of Mahdi at Mecca like wars of Sufyani etc. It is not talking about Allama Iqbal.

      Slides 125-128 which are pages 249-255 is about "Allama Iqbal ka Nazria Mahdiat". It is talking about effects of Qadiyaani on ideology of Allama Iqbal about Mahdi. Allama Iqbal praised them and denied Mahdi....

      I think writer commented about Allama Iqbal out of context. In beginning Qadiyaani effected Allama Iqbal as said his son Javed Iqbal but Allama Iqbal changed his views about Qadiyaani. Allama Iqbal didn't denied Mahdi but only said to not wait him ONLY and do efforts. Allama Iqbal denied the thinking of Muslims about Mahdi and Isa (AS) that they will bloodshed and kill many people to control over the world just like Jews think that King Massiha will kill all non-Jews and will give them control all over the world. This type of thinking is present in Muslims too about Mahdi and Isa (AS) which Allama Iqbal denied.

      I think Faqar can explain batter...

    2. @Malik and Faisal

      I checked that link and read that page 249 about Allama Iqbal's view about 'Imam Mehdi'. It is totally wrong. That Verse is not of Allama Iqbal. I am shocked why author added that fake verse (shair) which is not of Allama Iqbal.

      Malik Allama Iqbal ke bare mein galat likha hai, ye shair Allama Iqbal ka nahin hai, isliye agay jo bhi likha hai woh galat hai. Mein aap ko likh kar de sakta hun, ye shair Allama Iqbal ka nahin hai. App IqbalUrdu blog par search kar lain ye shair nahin hai.

      Allama Iqbal ki poems 'Mehdi' par hain, Allah Iqbal Mehdi par yaqeen rakhte thay magar woh kehte thay k saath saath sub mehnat log karain, hath par hath rakh darh kr na baithain. Mein complete tashreeh post kr dun ga.

  23. Oper di gai peshgoyon ka baghor jaiza lenay se aik baat wazih hay ke kam az kam pakistani
    public ko pakistani fauj(jo apnay citizen ko illegal drone hamlon
    se tahaffuz farahm nahi kar sakty) adliya(judiciary jo internationaly badnaam zardari aur
    oss ke corrupt tolay ka kuch nahi kar sakti) aur na'ehl hukumat sey
    koi bari tawaqa nahi rakni chahiay.Hundustani kafir fauj atock tak
    ke ilaqay par qabza karaigi.oss ke baad sarhad ke Ghazi, shumali ilaqon
    ke musalman, Afghanistan ke Mujahideen aur Turky,Iran,china ke help
    aur dosray ilaqon ke musalman pakistanyon ke madad ko aingay aur
    india fatah karangay. Insh Allah

  24. can any one advise me where i can get the English translate book?

  25. AOA to all,
    insah Allah pakistan ka future boht roshan ha n pakistan bana he boht eham maqsad k lie ha....hum muslman soo rahay ha tu kia howa 1 waqt ana ha jub hume jaag he jana ha.....ma ne 1 jaga boht acha words read kiye thay i think shahab nama ma thay....k pakistan Allah ki daig ha esay jitna khana ha kha lo but esko toro na.....reality b yhi k ap khud dekhen jo b ata ha pakistan ko jee bhar k lotata ha or nikal jata ha phr b 64 years se pakistan chalta he aa rha ha....kia ye allah ka karam nhi ha???????? Lailatul Qadar ki raat ko wajood ma ana kia just 1 itefaq ha???? Imam Bari Sarkar k hath ka likha musem ma rakha howa jis ma app ne farmaya ha k en pahariyon k irdgird 1 country wajod ma ae gi jiska name islam se hoga.....kia ye b itfaq ha k pakistan ka darulkhilafa karachi se achanak islamabad shift ho jata ha???????insah Allah pakistan 1 eham role adda kare ga n insah Allha hum sub eski baqa k lie apni jaan ki bazzi laga dey gay

    Sohail Iqbal

  26. very soon in shalla ghazva e hind and cursh all kufur

  27. orang zaib alamgeer k mutaliq app ki psot jhoti han ya ye post jhoti han????jo link nechy dia gia ha?


  28. wooooow kia bat ha mujh ko samjh nahi ay is mian aorangzib alamgeeer k mutaliq jo likha kia app ny jhot likha ha ya inho ny???


  29. http://www.urdupdfbooks.com/2012/08/aurangzeb-alamgir-by-aslam-rahi-ma-urdu.html

  30. Baat theek hai hamin iran afghanistan aur china ki he help sy india pr fattah mily gi INSHALLAH pak army py koi umeed nai ha jo salala k jawano ka tahafuz nahin kr saky siwai ahtijaaj k unhon nai aur kia krna ha

  31. Allah k bad Pakistan ko Army or ISI he chala rhy ha, Govt to America ke ghulam ha, agr Army or ISI na hoty to Govt kab ke Pakistan ko America ko baitch(sell) kr chuky hoty. THINK ABOUT IT.

  32. bil furz shah naimatullah nay so called qaseeda no likha hota tu him his tharay moujuda halat per react kirty?????

  33. Hazarat Naimat ullah Shah Wali (RA) ia a great Sofi of Islam. Inshallah Pakistan future is safe and magnificent and nobody can change it by the grace of Almighty Allah and Rasool ullah (peace be upon him.)

  34. Allah helps those who help themselves

  35. I think, verse 39-40 on page 45 is about Bombay attack. Allah knows the best.

  36. Hindustan You will pay for the blood of Millions of Muslims.Babri Masjid Ban kar rahe gi

  37. How this book was unearthed after such a long time???

  38. I wonder, who unearthed this book after such a long span.